10 Things Counselors Need to Learn from Chipotle and a Scarecrow

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Chipotle recently launched a hauntingly awesome video about a scarecrow that is part of the factory farm establishment and chooses to launch his own farm to table business. The premise is simple, but the visualizations, Willy Wonka “Pure Imagination” music, and lack of overt marketing makes the stand against factory farming the real “product.”  As well, they take it a step farther and incorporate a game that is available in the iStore: Chipotle Scarecrow.


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 Check out the commercial, start-of-a-movement, marketing genius, video:

It is amazing, there are so many things that we as counselors can learn.

What we can learn from Chipotle

1. An idea will engage people more than a product.

2. Partnering with unexpected businesses will increase interest and engage new audiences.

3. A feeling of darkness, followed by optimism mirrors human emotions.

4. People want hope…and good food.

5. Marketing takes time if done correctly, but that shouldn’t slow us down.

6. We should find unexpected ways of promoting a better human condition, that is the nature of our work isn’t it? Why did a quality fast-food company do this and counselors have not?

7. As counselors, we need to be WAY MORE CREATIVE!

8. We often limit ourselves by what has been done, rather than thinking about what could be done.

9. Creative and engaging businesses are promoted by people that have not investment in a company.

10. We need to stop being lame and start being awesome! Let’s follow best-practices, while also not just going along with the mainstream!


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