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Which mindsets get in the way of marketing? What is the lifetime value of your clients? How can you optimize your time to make marketing a priority?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok discusses the 5 simple marketing techniques every practice needs to master.

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In This Podcast

  • Unhelpful mindsets to shake
  • How to find extra time to do marketing
  • The five simple marketing techniques to master

Unhelpful mindsets to shake

  • “Only I can do it best”: there are many people out there that can do it better than you, which is good! It allows you to do what you are good at too, so let them, and don’t be afraid to let go of that control.

If you’re thinking, “Only I can do it best”, that doesn’t allow you to free up time to do the things that are even more visionary, even more, impactful for your business.

Joe Sanok
  • “If I market, I am sleazy”: marketing is the communication between the service and the buyer. There is nothing inherently sleazy about marketing. What makes it sleazy is how it is done, and you can do it well in a more wholesome and genuine way.
  • “Marketing is only for extroverts”: introverts are often the best marketers because they are good at forging one-on-one relationships, and that alignment in the network often yields the best results.

Marketing is not only for extroverts. In fact, I would actually say that those of you who are introverted probably have the upper hand because you’re going to be better at doing those individual connections.

Joe Sanok
  • “Marketing takes a lot of money”: you can market successfully for very little money, in ratio to how much business that small investment can bring in for you.
  • “Marketing is only for big companies”: not at all! It is the way that you bring your business into the community. Strategic marketing that is aimed at what you are trying to achieve makes the effort more direct, successful, and easier.

How to find extra time to do marketing

  • Schedule some of your sessions back-to-back so that you end on time.
  • Do part of your progress notes in the session with the clients.
  • Block out every minute that you are working with a timer to strengthen your discipline.
  • Itemize your to-do list by importance and impact.
  • Hand off tasks to an assistant.
  • Try out a four-day workweek and take off your Fridays to push yourself to do what needs to be done in four days!

The five simple marketing techniques to master

1 – AB testing: this is where you have two similar things with one major variable that is different and you look to see which works best.

For example, you put $100 into Google Ads and $100 into Facebook Ads to see which platform brings you the best return on your marketing investment.

2 – Return on Investment and Lifetime Value of Clients:

What’s lifetime value? It’s exactly how it sounds; how much money over the lifetime of that client working with your practice will they bring into your practice?

Joe Sanok

In a bigger example, you might spend 1000 dollars investing in paid advertising – your investment – and your return on that is a bunch of clients that sign up with you for a few years of treatment.

Those few clients’ lifetime value was definitely a worthwhile return on the investment that you made into that paid advertising.

3 – Pay per click: 80% of buying decisions are informed by a previously seen paid advert. You need to understand how those Facebook and Google Ads work so that you can understand how they work and support your business overall.

4 – Content reuse: it might be easy for you to come up with content around your specialty, but think about all the ways that you can reuse content across the board instead of starting from scratch over and over.

So if we do something on Facebook or Instagram and it gets [a lot of] shares … we want to look at how we can do that more. How do we amplify that?

Joe Sanok

5 – Networking equals marketing: the more that you network authentically, the more that people are going to refer to you. Network with other clinicians that work in and around your niche.

The more that you can be networking, especially with people who don’t see your niche or that are full from your niche, those are the people that can help fill [your practice] up.

Joe Sanok

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