PoP 155 | Marketing and Advertising Day 4: How to Do In-Person Networking

Marketing and advertising tips by Joe Sanok

Andy the attorney.

Do something that moves the needle forward, what’s authentic to you.

Flow of email-coffee-office visit- referrals.

Speaking at doctor’s or church offices.

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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.

Podcast Transcription

Pop 155 | Marketing And Advertising Day 4: How To Do In-Person Networking

[0:00] Music.

[0:23] Joe Sanok host live here in the radius and it you building in downtown traverse city.

[0:30] Heat up the center of practice and the practice culture i’m so glad you guys are here today thanks for tuning in this week we have been having an amazing week learning all about,
today is day for tomorrow we’re gonna be talking all about building a marketing plan.
And so i am going to today tell you about a few different things and tell you about.
When i was a really awkward teenager and the moment that literally changed my entire view of being.
I guess open and not pushing through the.
My talk in the attorney we’re gonna talk a little bit but the flow of marketing in moving the needle forward and then we can talk about speaking,
to doctors and church offices so we cover a lot in the grass in person not working and the first all week i’ve been talking about brew your practice,
which is this great event that allison per your jane carter and i are putting on down in asheville north carolina in september twenty ninth and thirtieth.
Head over to practiceofthepractice.com/brew if you want to learn more about it because if you wanna continue to grow your practice if you’re starting a practice this is an event that’s gonna speed that up for you.
Let’s talk about.
What were talking today in person not working so first i work at a boy scout summer camp this summer going into my with my senior year my junior year.

[2:00] He was the summer going into my junior year harley remember of high school and i want to say.
Yeah that sounds about will know i had a ponytail so it would’ve in the summer going into my.
It’s my senior push of us up for it we see your time sorting through my brain either way i can drive i was a high schooler.
I was nervous so workers boy scout summer camps the very first day of training were in besser lodge.
The lodge that has been there forever has the giant moose that you kiss the moose me i gone to this boy scout summer camp become an eagle scout.
All of that through all of my kind middle school and high school years i no longer had braces.
I kinda growing into my nose and it been rather large earlier in kind of puberty well you know what’s so there i am at a boy scout summer camp.

[2:56] And i’m on staff and i look across the room and there are two girls that are on staff at summer.
And this one girl rachel i thought was rather attractive and i thought to myself.
You know I’m not the kind of guy that talks to girls like you know I’ll let her come talk to me.
And I looked around at all these other Boy Scouts and I thought to myself.
You know what i think i might be at least above the fifty one percent marketers the coolness in this group.
So what do i do is stand up and walk right over to our and i say hello my name is joe.
And she says hello joe my name is rachel and we stand we talk about how she’s from downstate and we talked about how hers stepfather is the director and her mom’s gonna be doing have the craft area and,
and she has a brother down state we chat for five minutes until you know they say you know everybody back to your tables while we go back to the table and she’s a table and this one guy can whispers me too just went up to a girl and talk to our.
For my entire life up till that point me i would be extroverted at home in a house with a group of people that like a soccer team and the boy scouts.
Or in different art class is where i knew that i could thrive i would definitely be who i was.

[4:38] That to me was the complete turning point for me where I realized you don’t have to actually be confident.
If you pretend to be confident you can actually do a lot more things that if you just wait for things to happen.

[4:58] Excuse me I decide to go to this morning networking event that’s at this attorney’s office in the middle of the National Cherry Festival.
And I live this networking event I go to it.
But I just feel so out of place you know and like okay I’m going to fake it till I make it.
Look up to the sky and I said hi I’m Joe I said hi Mandy.

[5:22] I’m returning your sweet talking and i realize we have a ton in common with some friends in common he likes going water skiing with his family i like going sailing.
We start talking breakfast in fine we have even more in common.
So right around that time I was in the midst of switching offices from subletting,
another counselor to having a 4 Office Suite.
If so who do i contact a contract in d with that has another one of the attorneys that’s kind of an expert on lisa’s.
Look over my lease to make sure that everything looks good and then when I have other paper,
I need to look at like my 1099 contract but I was going to be selling a Mite non-clinical contracted of selling.
And used for my office he was the one that i went to.
Why because for one we have a lot in common we talked I knew him I knew he was going to be a straight shooter,
other than him because we had the most substantial conversation and the,
you want to think about what’s something that moves the needle forward what’s authentic to you in so that might be that.

[7:05] Hey I have this practice I’d love to talk with you about what you’re doing I know,
in a small claims i’d love to hear more about what kind of work you doing.
Maybe invite them for coffee or invite to bring coffee or tea or kombucha over to their office.
So then I have a sense of your office and you have a sense of their office and then when you get that first referral from them,
that’s where you wanna go above and beyond you wanna if it’s appropriate,
they mean what a summary of their doctor they might wanna summary if their pastor usually wouldn’t,
send like a summary to a pastor but I’m if you have permission you might write them a thank you note without saying the client’s name in the thank you note.
Or you may you know if it’s an appropriate call,
but thinking about could I write a thank you note could I do a follow-up phone call what’s appropriate without violating confidentiality.
And then from there just continuing to.
So i think the hardest group though to break into often are dot,
I wouldn’t recommend trying to connect with churches cuz they’re going to ask you typically about y,
search for band and if it isn’t somewhat similar,
they’re usually going to try to find a Christian counselor one that’s kind of a little bit closer to their denomination,
but it’s not always the case of not universal for every single church but for most churches i would say that tends to be the case.

[8:49] The first question is what insurances do you take which being able to talk about the is really really important.
Because if you can’t talk about why your private pay and how you handle that with clients the doctors now,
i refer to use the same something like i’m out of network provider for most insurances what that means is clients will pay up front.
And then seek potential reimbursement most of our clients receive partial or full reimbursement for our services.
So i was the first starting with a phone call to the office manager and asking to speak mr to the office manager the person in charge of referrals.
The calling then either leaving a message or talking,
have A9 person counseling Private Practice I’d love to talk with you about any gaps and services you have or how we could have referrals back and forth.
Are we have that in-house okay that’s fine too until you make that phone call introduce yourself then I would say ask if you can swing by in person.
Finding out if there are things that different pharmaceutical reps will bring like today bring,
donuts do they bring muffins do they bring something for the staff.

[10:22] That can go a long way to spend 20 bucks on muffins that you bring in for the front desk so you might bring that in maybe you bring in a jug of fancy coffee from Starbucks or from other you no local coffee places.
I’m bringing some brochures and then I would ask what’s the best way to talk to the doctors about.
What i’m doing here muslims consider what we’re doing here mental illness counseling.
Dulce last Thursday of every month that’s when we have different speakers come in we are booked until November but it looks like this Thursday last Thursday of January we could have you come in.

[10:54] I’m oftentimes they are booked far out and they also expect you sometimes to bring lunch and so you wanna know that you’re investing yo hundred or two hundred dollars in to food for that group.

[11:05] Being very focused on who you want to attract so if you don’t do Diabetes Care you’re not going to reach out to an endocrinologist.
If there is not really a band for say i care on you can reach at opthamologist you know working mostly the primary care physicians that you know are prescribing all sorts of psychotropic drugs and often times don’t have that training in that.
And so its church is gonna be a little bit can someone model but i would say reaching out an email in the head pastor directly introducing yourself if you attend a church thing that within it,
talking you know maybe an email a little bit about your past churches you partnered with,
and more you do that the easier it’s gonna be in so i would say kind of reaching out and going to the flow of just like we talked yesterday going from awareness to trust partnership,
it’s gonna happen naturally within those networking relationships.

[11:59] Who we have covered a lot this week so tomorrow we’re gonna talk about how do you wrap all this up in the one big marketing,
plan because it’s really important that you have an overall plans so tomorrow it’s going to be marketing plan.
Turn over the practice of the practice that come ford slash brew if you’re growing a practice if you’re starting a practice.
Having people your practice go check out all the different things that were gonna be having at through your practice.
Is going to be amazing about head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/brew for more information.
Thanks so much for letting me into your years and it’s your brain you guys rock kentucky tomorrow.

[12:34] Music.

[12:42] Thanks for the band silence is sexy and women we like your music and this podcasts act right act thirteen information in regard to the subject matter covered.
Is gonna understand me the host for the gas or the publisher rendering legal accounting clerical or other professional information if you need a professional.

[12:58] Music.

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