A Guide To Making Your Private Practice More Welcoming

One of the best things you can do is make sure you have a welcoming private practice for clients both new and old. A practice that feels cold and sterile could have the opposite effect on your clients/patients. This guide will help you to make your practice more welcoming so you can get the results you want: 

Choose Your Seating and Furniture Carefully 

Confrontational seating is a huge no-go for private practice. You don’t want two seats directly opposite one another. This forces direct eye contact and may feel threatening to some people. Having chairs facing towards a window or at least in a less confrontational position will help. Keeping furniture to a minimum in other areas can give a cleaner feel, too. 

Select The Right Color Scheme 

Having neutral colors in your private practice, whether therapy or medical, can be a good idea. Neutral doesn’t have to mean harsh and cold. Natural lighting is a must, and this will bring life to the room. Natural lighting also has the ability to put everybody in a better mood. 

Getting The Decor Right 

The decor in your private practice should be as soothing as possible. Many people might not show it, but they could attend your practice with anxiety about what’s going to happen or what they might be told. Plants and artwork can be nice touches to add and be very comforting to somebody who feels anxious. 

Ensure The Best Customer Service 

The waiting room should be kind and attentive to all who sit in it. Greeting patients warmly is essential and will make a huge difference. Make sure they are kept in the loop on waiting times, too. 


Making sure your private practice is always productive is another important thing to bear in mind. Not only the productivity of your staff by using things like the physician burnout survey, make sure you have things like wi-fi and small tables for the patients or clients who might want to get some work done while they wait. This will make longer waiting times far more bearable. 

Include Perks 

Adding a touch of luxury to the space, such as a fridge with bottled water, complimentary coffee, and even healthy snacks could make a huge difference in how welcoming your private practice feels. It’s little things like this that will keep people coming back again and again, and get you even more people book in when they hear word of mouth recommendations

Have A Kid Friendly Area

Many people may be forced to bring their kids to appointments. They may be stressed as they wait for their name to be called because of this. Having a kid friendly area will help those stressed out parents and ensure they are as relaxed as possible for their appointment. 


Whatever services you offer in your private practice, the above advice will help you to ensure your clients feel welcomed every time they visit. Is there anything else you might do to create a more welcoming environment? 

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