A/B Testing on Your Private Practice Website

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A B testing


If you have ever had trouble choosing  a logo or color scheme  for your site, A/B testing may be a great solution. A/B testing is a method of testing design elements, placement, or wording to see how successful they are.

There are two ways to launch an A/B test. If you have a website designer, they will set your site to randomly show one of the the available options. If you are designing your own website, set equal length times to show each design. Your analytics will show which option produces more successful results. You are not limited to two options, like the name of the method suggests, but keep in mind that two options will be the easiest to compare.

If you are interesting in improving your site, here are some ways A/B testing can help:

Increase Email Subscriptions

If you have a subscription box on your website, changing the color or phrasing may increase the number of people signing up. See if including the number of people currently signed up for your newsletter will influence people to join in.

Make Your Home Page More Effective

Rearrange the elements on your home page to guide your viewer to a specific page.

Determine Which Pictures to Add and Where to Add Them

Adding photos to your website will make the site more personal. A professional photo can increase your credibility. If you are unsure of what photo to add to your site, or where to place it, A/B testing can help determine which option generates more leads.

Determine the Need for Testimonials and a Testimonial Page

Testimonials act as a form of “social proof”. Adding testimonials to your site can make you more appealing, but pages solely devoted to testimonials are typically unsuccessful. Test both a scattered testimonial option and a concentrated testimonial page to see which is more successful.

Choose a Landing Page

If you are giving away free content, the design of the content’s landing page may determine how many downloads or email sign ups you receive.


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