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A photo of Kristen Edmiston is featured. She is a business owner, entrepreneur and writer. Kristen is featured on the Practice of the Practice.

Do you need a whole new approach to your goal achievement? Which habits can help you realize your dreams? What is the power of One?

In this podcast episode, Ashley Mielke speaks with Kristen Edmiston about goal achievement and The ONE Book.

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Meet Kristen Edmiston

A photo of Kristen Edmiston is featured. She is a business owner, entrepreneur and writer. Kristen is featured on the Practice of the Practice.

Kristen Edmiston, MBA, BScN is a former pediatric critical care nurse, turned healthcare executive, then business owner and entrepreneur. It was her nursing and leadership roles that required compassion, empathy, and critical thinking, blended with her strategic and analytical skills as a business consultant and coach that brought The ONE Book concept to life. Through her experience and observations, she realized that business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders face very similar challenges and she knew there was a common solution to “the overwhelm” that so often gets in the way of reaching our Excellence Potential. The answer came together as The ONE Book.

Visit The ONE Book website, KEA Consulting, and connect on Instagram.

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In This Podcast

  • The Origins of The ONE Book
  • The Structure of the ONE Book
  • The meaning behind the title
  • How to use the ONE Book
  • Kristen’s advice to private practitioners

The Origins of The ONE Book

Kristen has always had an interest in trying new things – and she often took on more than she should have. Kristen had to develop a variety of tricks and strategies to keep it all going.

Kristen’s philosophy of task management is all about simplification.

If you simplify things, then it can be done. Even really hard things.

Kristen Edmiston

During the pandemic both Kristen and her clients’ business models all had to shift – and a lot of small business owners found themselves struggling. One of Kristen’s clients approached her and asked how she manages running businesses and being a mother. When Kristen explained her system, her client suggested that it should become a book.

I’ve got this system that I’ve been using, typically with a bullet journal, and I have certain pages for certain things… and when I feel like I’m in control of my time, my money, and my energy, it’s easier.

Kristen Edmiston

The Structure of the ONE Book

The One Book is based on six excellence potential habits:

  1. Organization
  2. Prioritization
  3. Creativity
  4. Storytelling
  5. Visualization
  6. Reflection

The book opens with some background to these six habits and then leads into a reflection on your goals, your values, and your why.

The subsequent sections are broken down into twelve equal parts, one for every month… and there’s a calendar at a glance… You start at the beginning of your month … and then there are a series of exercises where the habits come into play.

Kristen Edmiston  

There are focus exercises and creativity challenges across the book, helping you manage your focus and express your creativity. The goal of the book is for you to do these activities on a regular basis, and implement these six habits into your routine.

The meaning behind the title

I talk a lot about the power of One. Maybe it’s that one first step that you take going forward. Or it’s keeping everything in one place, having one book that you use, and that makes it more simple.

Kristen Edmiston

The crux of the book is the idea that if there is something you can do to help just one person, you must. This is the power of One. If you help one person, it can have ripples far beyond that moment your share with them. This resonates particularly true for therapists.

How to use the ONE Book

The ONE book is designed as a year’s worth of commitment.

The way I structure my use of the book is I have a practice on Sunday where I sit down and I fill out my sheets for the week ahead and it helps me get more grounded and clear on what’s going to be happening so I can be more proactive than reactive.

Kristen Edmiston

It’s designed to be used as a reference book. If you need inspiration or just a reminder of how far you’ve come back, then you can flip back through the pages of the book.

Ultimately, though, the book is a personal journey, and so it’s yours to decide how much time you commit to it.

Kristen’s advice to private practitioners

You don’t have to have it all figured out. Give yourself the grace and space to live into the head and the heart of your business.

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