Anxiety And The Coronavirus: 3 Tips For A Better Pandemic

Anxiety And The Coronavirus: 3 Tips For A Better Pandemic

If you weren’t already anxious, it seems like maybe the coronavirus could’ve given you a solid push into the anxiety department of your life. Of course, we can’t change that the virus is here nor can we change that the toilet paper is not here, but there are a few things that we could do that might help us get through this in a more calm way. From a calmer place, we have more ability to make hard choices if need be and if that’s not what happens then we will be more able to enjoy what may be a forced sabbatical for some people.

Here are three easy things you can do to make the coronavirus era we’re in less stressful and help reduce your anxiety:

1. Choose your company and your conversations wisely.

If the conversation you have seems to be exciting you in a way that doesn’t feel good then that might be a conversation or a person that isn’t going to benefit you to spend time with. Sometimes we see aspects of people we love and respect the very most when things like this happen that just means this is not the time we’re gonna spend time with them and we need to look for other people to get us through.

2. Don’t isolate yourself. We know that when we isolate anxiety and depression and cognitive ruminations get much worse.

Although there is a recommendation for social distancing because it is 2020 we have all kinds of options for human connection that doesn’t involve having to be in the same room. If we find ourselves poised to create social distancing we would do well to bridge the gap with social media and virtual platforms so that we can still have the people we love and care about in our lives.

3. Limit the conversations & media that you take in about Covid19.

Get the information that is important for being informed and then stop. Use your attention for things that make you feel thankful, playful, connected or things that make you laugh. These four things that I’ve mentioned are very specific and are backed by research to help reduce your stress and also our link to being healthier physically. Stress has an inverse effect. Protect yourself- not just from germs but from excessive fear.

And as always if you need more help get more help. North Boulder Counseling has online counseling which means you can speak to a very well-qualified effective therapist and is not the usual bargain online counseling.

Together we can do what none of us can do alone.

Gennifer Morley MA LPC became a counselor after years of working in the medical profession. While on the path to becoming a nurse practitioner, she realized that the aspect of medicine she most appreciated was supporting patients when they faced significant changes and challenges in their lives.

With years of experience and research, Gen has created an approach to counseling that effectively combines evidenced-based therapies with a down to earth approachability. Gen is well informed and easy to talk to. She frames therapeutic concepts in ways that make them meaningful and helpful to your personal experiences.

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