PoP 216 Ideal Client 4 of 5 How to Talk About Out-Of-Network

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Attracting ideal client

Today, Joe Sanok speaks attracting your ideal clients, part 4 of 5, how to talk about out-of-network.

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NOTE: This podcast is for people who are currently growing their practice.

How To Talk About Out-Of-Network

Bring up the following points when having a conversation with a potential new client:

  • Ask what they are you looking for in counseling and whether they have been in counseling?
  • Pitch other therapists
  • Ask when they would prefer to have a session
  • “We consider ourselves an out-of-network practice. This means we don’t bill your insurance directly. Some of our clients are re-imbursed 100%, others aren’t. We want you to know this ahead of time.”
  • Go into details about how the payment process will work when they come for their session
  • Understand what vocation people are involved in. For example, if they want to become a pilot, they may not be allowed to if they have a previous history of mental illness. Make sure they understand this.
  • Discuss the rate on the phone and mention this and all of the above in all paperwork

Useful Links:

Ideal client webinar: https://practiceofthepractice.com/idealclient

In-take paperwork: https://practiceofthepractice.com/paperwork

Strategy session: https://practiceofthepractice.com/strategy

Previous podcast in this series: https://practiceofthepractice.com/session215

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 216 Ideal Client 4 Of 5 How To Talk About Out-Of-Network

[0:00] Attracting your ideal client to fill up your ideal practice is the essential component to growing a successful practice,
if you are ready to grow your practice more on should head over and download my free webinar are it’s over at www.practiceofthepractice.com/idealclient,
we’re gonna get is gonna get the exact methods on how to grow your ideal pe.

[0:26] Through attracting your ideal clients so they can be full and that you can grow exactly how you want to again that’s www.practiceofthepractice.com/idealclient,
we would love to have you connect with us through that weather.

[0:38] Music.

[1:02] Today is the day of the revealing to us the exact script that i use that works benefits.
And it’s not gonna be great for you to go back to to memorize to have your virtual assistant go back and listen to.
Really this is the exact script that we use with mental illness counseling that i’ve had tons of my consulting clients use and the health of get a good eighty to ninety percent conversion in regards to out of network benefits cuz we just,
educate people and out of network benefits and we talk honestly about it.
And if that helps people make the best decision for their family and sometimes that’s that they want to go out there insurance but more times than not it’s that they want to work with the expert that they have decided to work with,
know before i raise certain doing out of network benefits i used to work at a place in kalamazoo that group practice.
Awesome practice dr larry beer is the owner and i interviewed him.
My episode fifty somewhere around there and just a huge group practice insurance based on there is nothing wrong with taking insurance a lot of times on my pre-consulting calls are strategy calls with people,
they’ll say,
i know you’re against insurance and i’m not i’m really not there some communities that really you have to take insurance to thrive in private practice.
There’s also some communities where there’s certain kind of focus areas you want to work with.
That really are on insurance and so if you can do that in a user-friendly way,
that doesn’t make to big of an impact on you than that’s awesome and if you missed the series in insurance.

[2:34] Else in pigeon is the practice of the practice consultant who helps people and insurance to their practices of that something that you’re doing go through her de courses totally free you can go to practiceofthepractice.com/insurance.
And that’s gonna allow you to sign up for five de course.
Allison’s insane the awesome stuff you looking adding that to her cheer practice you connect with her and you consult with her she is just incredible.
But if not if all you do is private pay then we need to know how to talk about that on the intake phone call and when i moved back to traverse city.
He was it was tough at first i didn’t know how to talk about why i didn’t accept insurance other than i had been accepted on the panels.
Of over time i developed some skills around that really helped me understand someone actually do certainly a role play with myself of this summer was calling mental illness counseling.
I should have like sound effects ring ring but what’s causing this is joe.
Hi i’m calling wanna get some counseling for me and my wife.

[3:42] Okay what’s going on with you guys will it mess the may then can i go into the issues like his we’re gonna do it as a row of myself.
So i ask you what you looking for a counseling have you been in counseling tell me more about the situation.
So then i feel like there’s some connection there i would then say.
So i have gotten in one certification for marriage counseling which is based on forty years of research as well,
based on your situation i think steve also could help you reach your goals and then we also have marilyn and nicole and sarah so i might,
pitch one of the other therapists as well talk about each of their skill sets.
Then i move into what day of the week are you looking for so they see saturdays and sarah’s gonna be the only option if they want you evenings then i’m making the option if they don’t care then i might be an option so then.
We got that emotional connection that we’ve heard what’s going on because the therapists with that expertise so yes we can help.
And the day of the week works so it’s important to make sure that persons of it from the front and then this is how i talk about out of network benefits.
I’ve been saying we’re actually our intake coordinator says were considered an out of network provider which means that.
We don’t directly bill your insurance company so it’s really important for you to talk to your insurance company to find out your out of network,
benefits we’ve had clients that have had one hundred percent reimbursement we’ve had ones that had zero reimbursement.

[5:14] Sweet everyone should get into a situation where you don’t know what to expect we want you to know what your benefits are ahead of time and then you’ll know can moving forward,
so the way it works is you go to your session with your commission at the end of the session you pay with your credit card check or cash you get a receipt and on that receipt there’s a section for with cold a c p t code and diagnosis code.
And so if you decide that you’re going to submit this year insurance and we would put the claim down there as well as insurance code for your diagnosis.
No one thing about diagnosis is that the becomes a part of your permanent medical record and some people feel uncomfortable with having a mental health,
diagnosis to get reimbursement and that’s totally up to you we can talk about the pros and cons with your therapist of having a diagnosis.
You can always use are flexible spending account or your health savings account to have a health savings account or flexible spending.
Oh that’s great glad your employer gives you a thousand dollars a year.

[6:09] So some people don’t and then i might say with this of you may wanna talk with your counting about because then you can use pretax dollars to save,
whatever your tax bracket is in regards to your medical costs so that could be a good option for you that your account could walk you through.
I’m and then i may go into a lot of people now have a really high deductibles on their health insurance anyway you know your health insurance deductible is so.

[6:33] For our family personally our health insurance deductible is i think it’s thirty eight hundred dollars per person and so that what that means is unless i have a major surgery that’s plan this year.
Then i’m gonna have to pay out of pocket hundred percent up to that deductible anyway except for a couple of things that primary care visit.
And so that means that your insurance company can decide who you get to see or you can decide who you get to see in regards to,
which ex what you wanna have hope your marriage.
So there’s another factors that i don’t use in every single conversation but having a diagnosis so knowing that.
Even right now lol politically gun rights owners are you oftentimes,
worried about losing their gotten so if someone is worried about getting a man to help diagnosis you’re not gonna use fear but you just monies information so they fully know it,
i know that for example locally here are maritime academy,
candidate oftentimes need to have a federal background check and get ruled out from jobs if they have any mental health diagnosis,
was really important to understand if someone’s going to law enforcement for going into fire if there gonna be in maritime.
On the other pilot there’s certain laws that sometimes preclude them,
from those jobs if they had depression diagnosis and anxiety diagnosis in so just hoping people understand that,
is really important the other side is that realistically most people have a pretty high deductible now and a lot of people don’t even reach that deductible each year.
And so they are going to be paying for their counseling whether it’s with you or whether it’s with someone that’s on their insurance company though there are some cons to that yes it doesn’t go towards their deductible for working with us.

[8:15] They make a higher rate over all and that’s when forming so when making sure they understand the ins and outs of what i did not work is and then.
We talk about it there we talk with the rate on the phone as well when we send the email with the intake paperwork with the rate they’re and we reiterate that we’re out of network providers and our intake paperwork,
what you can get over practiceofthepractice.com/paperwork.
That’s where we have signature right there that is we understand that your out of network provider so that person’s been told.

[8:48] On the phone been told the email they also signed off on it in the session so if for some reason they find out that their.
They have no idea what benefits i feel terrible i feel bad for them but.
If they haven’t taken the time after time is walking through it the economy that decision as well.
That’s how we do it and i think it’s really important for you to have a clear script maybe even write it out maybe transcribe it make sure that you have that clear script how you talk about out of network benefits.
Also if you haven’t had it over two hundred.

[9:24] To practice of the practice that count for such ideal client sign up for that webinar that’s all about attracting your ideal client.
As well i mention strategy sessions and free consulting sessions if you apply for one of those.
You can go over to practiceofthepractice.com/strategy and you can apply for a fifteen minute time for us to talk about your practice to go from thirty k two hundred k or,
fifty k two hundred or three rd at the hundred handset stealing that would be awesome to meet with you to talk about how to grow your practice.
Thanks so much for letting me into yours and into your brain tomorrow we’re talking about and violent and via all around your branding and the five digit.

[10:06] I appreciate you so much have a great day talk to.

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[10:16] Special thanks in advance ounces sexy for that intro music in this podcast is designed after her kid information regarding the subject matter covered was given to understand the need of the host the publisher of gas surrounding legal accounting clinical,
or the professional information that professional the family to.

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