The Benefits of Collaborating With Your Peers with Christy Pennison & Stephanie Korpal | GP 182

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GP 182: The Benefits of Collaborating With Your Peers with Stephanie Korpal and Christy Pennison

How connected are you to your peers? What are some of the benefits of being in a community and conversation with other practice owners? Have you been thinking about how to connect with other private practice owners?

In this podcast episode, LaToya Smith speaks about the benefits of collaborating with your peers with Stephanie Korpal and Christy Pennison.

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Meet Christy Pennison & Stephanie Korpal

A photo of Christy Pennison & Stephanie Korpal isc captured. They are co-founders of the brand new “collaborship”, The Practice Collab. Christy and Stephanie are featured on Grow a Group Practice, a therapist podcast.

Christy Pennison & Stephanie Korpal are co-founders of the brand new “collaborship”, The Practice Collab. Both Christy and Stephanie are owners of group practices with multiple locations. Through what was first a purely professional relationship, but now has become a best friendship, Christy and Stephanie have found deep meaning and elevated work through the dynamics of working in community. The Practice Collab aims to help practice owners tackle their to-dos; gain clarity on next steps; experience community; and have fun in the midst of it all.

Visit the Practice Collab and connect on Facebook.

In This Podcast

  • The long-lasting benefits of bravery
  • Find an accountability partner
  • Connect with other group practice owners

The long-lasting benefits of bravery

Stephanie and Christy met in the Next Level Practice group back in 2020 and knew each other from their sessions with Joe and the team.

Later, they decided to meet and work together as accountability partners to help one another develop, grow, and build successful practices. Stephanie and Christy got through their initial fears and now have one another as friends and business partners.

Now, they both have a deep friendship and a sense of encouragement and compassion and help one another to become better versions of their business selves.

To pinpoint the idea of taking that chance of … how great an accountability partner is, of reaching out when you need support and help, and not letting fear stop you.

LaToya Smith

Find an accountability partner

Whether you join a community like Next Level Practice and Group Practice Boss that are offered by Practice of the Practice, or you can network and find therapists in your area, meeting your peers can be an essential aspect of your future success.

By getting to know your fellow therapists, you can help one another by referrals and bouncing questions back and forth. Even better, you can connect and become each other’s accountability partners.

Being able to just collaborate in that space, we got so much [more] done than we would’ve been able to do alone, ever.

Stephanie Korpal

Additionally, being a therapist can feel lonely, especially when you are a therapist running a group practice. Having an accountability partner is to share those burdens with someone that has first-hand experience, and empathy, and sees what you are going through.

A lot of [private practice owners] struggle with the same things that we do. They struggle with this feeling of overwhelm or [doubt] … you can really get to a place of burnout if you’re not in a community or you don’t have a space where you have a space for collaboration.

Christy Pennison

Connect with other group practice owners

Work with your peers, because when you:

  • Increase collaboration
  • Give and receive compassion
  • Reduce comparison

You can then run a successful practice. Get to know your peers because it will help you to feel secure, supported, and aware of what the playing field is like – not to fight against them, but instead to realize that you can work together.

As soon as you meet another group practice owner, it’s like, “Hey, I see you!” And it takes off so quickly, and it’s just one of my favorite groups of people to be around.

Stephanie Korpal

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Meet LaToya Smith

An image of LaToya Smith is captured. She is a consultant with Practice of the Practice and the owner of LCS Counseling. LaToya is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

LaToya is a consultant with Practice of the Practice and the owner of LCS Counseling and Consulting Agency in Fortworth Texas. She firmly believes that people don’t have to remain stuck in their pain or the place they became wounded. In addition to this, LaToya encourages her clients to be active in their treatment and work towards their desired outcomes.

She has also launched Strong Witness which is a platform designed to connect, transform, and heal communities through the power of storytelling.

Visit LaToya’s website. Connect with her on FacebookInstagramStrong Witness Instagram, and Twitter.

Apply to work with LaToya.

Email her at