Is Blogging Worth The Time?

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Is blogging worth my time?

When people ask me how to blog, it’s often filled with fear, anxiety, and worry.

What is a meta description and SEO?

Most practice owners get super overwhelmed with all the talk of blogging. Terms like “meta description” and SEO are super scarey.

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimizations, basically how well Google knows to rank you
  • Meta Description: That short 2-3 sentence description of your blog post when someone Googles you
  • Blogging: An often terrifying act of sharing your thoughts that paralyzes many practice owners.

Is blogging worth your time?

Imagine that your private practice was fairly full and you spent 26 hours writing 26 blog posts. That’s a weekly blog post for half a year. If you’re charging $100 per session, that’s $2,600 in “lost” revenue if you could have filled those spots.

If your average client comes 6 times, they are worth $600. That means that to make up that $2,600 you would need to get 4.33 clients as a direct result of your blogging.

If your blogging has appropriate SEO, links to posts internally, and has a well written meta description, it almost certainly will help you rank higher. Also, it won’t just be for those 26 weeks. Those posts will perpetually tell Google of your relevance.

This next free article is all about how to blog and exactly how to do it.