Business Accelerators | 5 ideas that will shift your private practice

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business accelerators

I’m usually not that into the newest business jargon. Saying “pivot” instead of “changing directions” just kind of sounds dumb. With that said, finding ways to accelerate your business is essential to growing a private practice. Here are some mental shifts that I had to make in order to grow quicker. One of them I’m doing right now.

You are worth more than you know

I recently wrote about how I don’t have a waiting list. Part of this shift is realizing how much you are worth as a counselor. Just because an insurance company pays $62.05 does not mean that is all that you are worth as a counselor. I’m fully aware that many if not most insurance contracts require you to charge a specific amount. Thus, transitioning off of an insurance panel is often better in a graduated manner.

Think about all the careers that get paid more than the average counselor:

  • mechanics
  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • furnace repair
  • massage therapists
  • business consultants
  • the list goes on and on

We’re helping people to change their lives, it should be worth something!

Building a website

Whether you build your own responsive website or have someone else do it, having a quality website that you can manage is going to fast forward any business. Development of a website can be as complex or simple as you want. Clear web presence and activity, helps potential clients to learn about you and trust you before they ever talk to you or your staff.

Hire a consultant

I’ve recently had a few people hire me as a private practice consultant. You’ll see this reflected in my next Monthly Income Report. I had done a number of project-based consulting gigs with counselors in private practice, but I really figured out how to do a comprehensive package that provided a clear return on the investment.

Through the process of putting together these proposals, I realized that I wasn’t doing what I was asking others to do. In order to grow quickly, they had invested in me and my expertise. I had wanted to do everything myself, figure it out, and be a “self made man.” Recently I hired a website designer to help me grow and expand my brand. Immediately, the mental stress left and I could see that the benefits were far reaching!

Eat More

To accelerate my business, I eat more. I take people out for lunch. Setting a goal of one meal a week with a potential referral source, collaborator, or community member is reasonable for most clinicians. I am always amazed at how I quickly my investment returns in knowledge or actual referrals.

Say “no” more often

It seems counter intuitive to say “no” to new clients. Yet, when another clinician could serve that person better, it helps build your trust with the clinical community and with that client. Knowing your limits will help you to focus on what you enjoy and are good at. Also, clinicians tend to refer back and forth more when there is a sharing of trust, which is demonstrated through a referral.

Creating Business Accelerators

As we learn and believe that we’re worth more than we currently believe, build a website, hire a consultant to save time and speed things up, eat with others more often, and say “no” more often, we’ll see that our business is being accelerated.

Thank you for Tres Adams for being my personal editor.

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Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is a licensed counselor and owner of Mental Wellness Counseling in Traverse City, MI. 

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