Why Your Business Will Fail in the Next 10 Years

Why Your Business Will Fail
Here’s the Bad News: According to numerous sources only 4-30% of businesses will be open in ten years. That means that ip to 96% of businesses will close in the next 10 years!
If you’re hoping to do full-time private practice, that’s really scary.

How To Succeed in Business

The Good News: We know what great businesses do over and over! There are three commitments they make over and over:
  1. The Commitment to Value: Successful private practices look for value. In this they understand what a new client is worth, what speeding up learning is worth, and the value of getting more done in a year than those around them.
  2. The Commitment to Invest: Successful practices invest financially, in their learning, and in their team. They’re always looking at leveling up their knowledge to act. They set aside time to work on the practice. As well, they invest in collaboration to they don’t have to start from scratch.
  3. The Commitment to Review and Decide: When a practice is just starting, it’s easy to put off reading another book, attending a webinar, or pulling the trigger on paying to learn shortcuts and hacks. But effective businesses review the value, see how with will return on that investment and then they will decide.

What you should be doing

If any of these apply to you, I want you think “YES!” in your head:
  • I want my practice to be bigger next year than it is now
  • I value learning from others
  • I believe that others have information that will help me grow
  • I want to improve my lifestyle and not have to work so hard
  • I don’t want to stress about money
  • I would love to see how great I can make a business
Did you say “YES!” to some of these? Are you ready to start and grow your practice with the support of others?
We’re starting another supportive cohort of 50 people who we will:
  1. GROUPS: You’ll get placed into a small group of 6-8 people who you’ll meet with monthly and you’ll get an accountability partner.
  2. TRAINING: I’ll be personally training you through live webinars, Q&A, and online trainings so you can learn exactly what to do next in starting your practice.
  3. RESOURCES: Every month we’ll be giving away hundreds of dollars in free stuff to you. Things like logos, feedback, consulting, and more to help you grow faster than any other practice in town.
If you’re ready to ensure a strong practice that lasts, request your invite to the next cohort of Next Level Practice.

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