CE Podcourses with Lisa Mustard | POP 878

CE Podcourses with Lisa Mustard | POP 878

Are you looking for more fun and effective ways to earn your CE credits? Do you love learning via listening? How can podcasts become a tool for learning and earning?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about achieving easy, professional, and effective CE credits with Lisa Mustard’s podcourses.

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Meet Lisa Mustard

A photo of Lisa Mustard is captured. She is a LMFT and podcaster. Lisa is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Lisa Mustard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in South Carolina. When she turned 40, she had a wake-up call. Lisa was tired of going through the motions of her life and career as a therapist and wanted to pivot her skill set and do new things. Yet, she didn’t know what those things would be, so she began testing out ideas and business opportunities. Some were busts, while others were successes!

Her Midlife Magic for Moms Coaching Program helps midlife mamas who are family-focused move through midlife challenges with ease, find joy, have happier relationships, and experience better emotional health.  The Therapy Show With Lisa Mustard helps talk therapists learn clinical information and skills, introduces them to others who are doing incredible work in the field, and teaches them professional development and much more. 

Visit Lisa Mustard’s website, listen to her podcast, and connect on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

FREEBIE: Need CE Hours? Say hello to Podcourses!

In This Podcast

  • Who should or shouldn’t start a podcast
  • Lisa’s podcourses!
  • How to market a course
  • Coaching versus Counseling
  • Lisa’s advice to private practitioners

Who should or shouldn’t start a podcast

There are pros and cons to any situation, and the grass will always look a little greener on the other side. However, you need to be realistic.

  • Will starting a podcast be something that adds value to your business and the lives of your audience?
  • Do you have the time, capacity, and finances to launch and sustain a podcast until you could land a couple of sponsors?
  • What would be the goal behind the podcast itself?

I don’t think you should start a podcast if you don’t have a clear direction for it … if you want it to be a hobby, then go for it … but if you want to use it as a way to grow your business then definitely have a plan.

Lisa Mustard

Lisa’s podcourses!

Lisa had a brain wave when she noticed a need that needed to be met. With some patience and a creative rest period, she decided to come up with Podcourses.

With an expert, Lisa will record a one-hour-long podcast episode.

It was really important to me that the therapists or anybody out there could listen to this information without having to pay for the knowledge or the information.

Lisa Mustard

Afterward, if the listener liked the content, they can go over to Lisa’s website to purchase the podcourse – a self-study course – where afterward the listener can take a self-evaluation quiz, and receive their certificate of completion for one CE contact hour!

How to market a course

If you want to create continuing education courses but don’t want to go through the hoops of getting the NBCC credentials because it’s just more time and money, you can always consider partnering with someone that’s already credentialed!

[If I were you] I would look to start networking with like-minded people. Talk with them, see how they are promoting [their work] … my podcast is a huge marketing arm for my courses, maybe you want to consider starting a podcast? But you definitely want to have an email list!

Lisa Mustard

Your email list may seem outdated, but it is a golden field of connectivity. Once your course is ready, email your audience and offer them something small to try it out, like a 20% discount or something along those lines.

Additionally, there are classical options for marketing, like Google Ads, blogging, SEO, marketing on Facebook groups, and so forth.

[Marketing] is something that you should start thinking about now before you even start your course … like I said, the fun part is creating the course and the harder part is getting it out there and having people know it exists!

Lisa Mustard

Coaching versus counseling

Counseling focused on healing and recovering from the past. It gets you from a place of feeling stuck in the old ways to a place where you can safely feel present in the current moment. From that place, coaching becomes possible.

Coaching is not about processing the past, and it’s not about processing trauma. It may come up, but it is not the focus. Coaching is forward-facing and takes a person onto the next level of their personal or professional lives.

I think you just have to define what your life-coaching framework looks like, and then you have to be … aware of when you are working outside of it.

Lisa Mustard

Lisa’s advice to private practitioners

Stay open and curious about new opportunities, because when you do, new good possibilities will present themselves to you along the way.

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Meet Joe Sanok

A photo of Joe Sanok is displayed. Joe, private practice consultant, offers helpful advice for group practice owners to grow their private practice. His therapist podcast, Practice of the Practice, offers this advice.

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.

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