Welcome Chi Upsilon Chi Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota!

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counseling private practice

counseling private practice

Welcome Chi Upsilon Chi Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota!

This is the first time I have partnered with a student group to offer information and FREE things! I’m so excited for this partnership!!!

If you’re not from CSICUC that’s fine too, welcome!

First things first, on Cyber Monday (December 2, 2013) I’m giving away my e-books Practice of the Practice | A Start-up Guide to Launching a Counseling Private Practice and Mental Wellness Parenting | A remarkably simple approach to making parenting easier. Plan to get it for FREE that day, just click on the above link.

counseling private practice

What you need to know

When I was in my graduate schooling no one told me about marketing, business, or how to run a private practice. I learned great clinical skills, theory, and implementation, but no one ever taught me about marketing, creating a budget, or other essentials to be successful in private practice.

These skills aren’t only essential to private practice, but they are needed skills in non-profit work, government work, and just about every arena of counseling!

You should know a little bit about me before you go trusting me. My name is Joe Sanok. I am a licensed professional counselor and limited licensed psychologist in Traverse City, MI. I am one of the founders of the SAIL Champion and Muster Project programs.  I also consult with Red8 Boatworks and clinicians in private practice.

I am a keynote presenter on a variety of psychological topics.  I consults with small and medium-sized business owners on marketing, use of social media, and clinical approaches, www.PracticeofthePractice.com.

Lastly, I own Mental Wellness Counseling in Traverse City, MI and have authored several books including, Mental Wellness Parenting | A remarkably simple approach to making parenting easier.

With all that said, I launched this website to push myself to learn more about marketing and running a business. Since I started intentionally working on these issues I have hired two counselors, started a supervision group, and have grown my part-time income by 400%.

Basics of the Website

Most everything is free on this website.

I fund it primarily through affiliate links and I only recommend things I use and I let you know when there is an affiliate link.

I try to focus on really good content that you can use today!

The world is changing!

If you’ve been paying attention, you know the world is changing in several key areas:

1. We live in an era where anyone almost anywhere can create and sell a product to anyone almost anywhere in the world. This is good news for us “little guys”!

2. Small businesses have access to technology that can shape, compete, and market in a way that is on par with large businesses.

3. Counseling needs are growing, expanding, and ever-changing!

Now is the time for us to use these advantages to help us serve more people, grow our income, and create a career that fits our lifestyles!

As a student, what can you do?

There are so many things that you can do as a student that will make a lasting impact on your career. Below are five tips of things that you can start doing today that will forever affect your trajectory in your career:

1. Read the entire “Aspiring Clinicians” section of this website. It is aimed at students, clinicians, and professionals that are growing in the field of counseling.  The most popular article in this section is The Bartender Counselor.

2. Listen to the Podcast: My podcast is the #1 ranking podcast for counselors in private practice, it recently out ranked The American Counseling Association! To listen to podcasts CLICK HERE.

3. Check out these popular posts:

4. Start a website: By starting a website now you can start building your SEO (how you rank in Google)
5. Join my e-newsletter for the 5 Tools I use everyday! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


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Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is amazed how much fun it is to help students in business and counseling! He helps angry kids, frustrated parents, and distant couples at his private practice in Traverse City, MI at Mental Wellness Counseling. Also, he is the author of Mental Wellness Parenting | A remarkably simple approach to making parenting easier. To link to Joe’s Google+ .


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