Day & Night: The Flow Of Work Shouldn’t Stop

Day & Night: The Flow Of Work Shouldn't Stop

A busy office is a sign that things are going great. You have lots to do, such as fulfilling customer orders, talking with your various suppliers and handling customer complaints. You’re also emailing your partners, meeting with clients and distributors etc, are all signs of a booming business. Employees make this magic happen. Allow your company goals to become a reality and move one step at a time closer toward growth and expansion. It’s in your interest to give your employees the best tools they could possibly imagine. This will help them get their job done more efficiently and more thoroughly. There is no such thing as clocking off anymore as the world of work, also comes home with us. That’s not to say that we never switch off which can lead to burnout. But we’re never too far from performing the duties of our role. So whether it’s day or night, the flow of work shouldn’t stop because a business that never sleeps, never falls behind.

Managers and Access Permission

The role of the manager is to lead a team of individuals. For a particular project, managers will decide who should do what and go where. For example, they will be in tune with who is a senior member of the team and should be leading a section of people that work in his department. This could be a marketing employee that has been with you for many years and is given the responsibility to oversee a junior marketing employee. The issue for the flow of work arises when you all go home. But there is possibly urgent work that needs to be done. What if the senior employee isn’t available to fix something and the junior is? Well, managers need to give team members access to work at almost every level. You can do so by sharing documents on Google Documents, giving specific access to files in the task management software. This way you can ask an employee late at night to change something if it’s urgently needed and not have to rely on only a small number of people who have access.

Increasing Fluidity in the Legal Department

Perhaps one of the most important departments in any business is legal. The people who work here perform general administration such as drawing up employee contracts. However, they also have a responsibility to draw up serious legal documents that protect your business in such manners of liability, damages, and apparent undelivered results. The very senior legal advisor in your business will work closely with you to continually update and change your contracts and terms and conditions text in your documents. Using corporate templates a junior employee in the legal department can simply click on the latest versions and have them implemented into the text. You don’t have to send around a copy of the most recent versions, because with access will always be using the latest copies.

Keep the flow of work going, no matter what the time of the day or night it is. Give access to junior employees so that if an urgent situation arises you can ask them to fill in for a senior member.


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