Doctor Referrals in 4 quick steps

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Counseling private practice doctor intro letter
Counseling private practice doctor intro letter
Attached is my intro letter that I use for physicians. I have found it to be most useful as something they plan to hand out to their clients. When I first started my practice, I sent letters to physicians, referees, and judges. I had fancy postcards done, business cards, and letters that explained who I was. I got zero referrals. I have found that having a couple great referrals is the best way to kickstart a practice. Here are the tips that have worked best to build those high quality referrals.
1. Start with who you know.
Do you have a pastor? Doctor? Specialist? Dentist? Start with people that already know you. Those folks are in the best position to be great referral sources. They just need the handout that you provide. They aren’t going to say, “I have this friend, here’s his/her number” and write it down.
2. Describe your ideal client to them in detail.
For example I see, “Angry kids, frustrated parents, and distant couples…and just about everyone else.” My referrals sources now have a starting point as to who I see. Then may then call me and say, “I have this kid in my practice, he’s not angry, but boy he’s got anxiety, can you help?” Then I’m not longer the “angry kid therapist” but the “kid therapist”.
3. Collaborate
Ask your clients if you can collaborate with their physician, get a release signed, and work with them. Make their job easier because you are in their client’s life.
4. Make sure your branding is clear.
Do you see how my footer, website, and letter all use similar colors? Even if it is only in color, do something to tie it all together. It makes it look like you have your stuff together.
I hope this serves you well. If you’re looking for more resources or want to join my e-newsletter, check out the homepage:
Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC is the owner and a counselor at Mental Wellness Counseling in Traverse City, MI. He has built referrals by connecting and collaborating. He enjoys having breakfast with other professionals.