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Dr B Craven Has A Super Huge Mega Practice

Are you dreaming of starting your own group practice? Not sure about how to get started? Keen to hear from someone who did it and is successfully running one?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Dr. Beatriz Craven aka Dr. B about how she started a group practice and what her ‘why’ is.

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Meet Dr. Beatriz Craven

Dr Beatriz Craven aka B is the lead psychologist and practice owner at Modern Therapy in Houston, Texas.

She is a Texas A&M trained psychologist and creative at heart. She comes from a highly diverse background that has fostered a sense of empathy and openness that is tough to beat. Dr.B can quite literally talk to anyone and find a way to connect to them. She has a special place in her heart for creatives that are making their own way, highly ambitious people, and entrepreneurs which is why in addition to therapy, she also specialize in executive coaching. She understands the wild ride that comes with extraordinary work and independent creation from both a professional and personal lens.

Find out more about Dr. B on Facebook and Instagram.

Dr. B’s Story

Dr. B was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Houston when I was 8 months old. As an adolescent she struggled to find her voice and confidence while she navigated the world as a highly creative female who was encouraged to follow a very specific life path. Her authentic self struggled beneath dresses, body image issues, and rules about how to be and behave. Be confident! But not too confident. Voice yourself! But don’t be so loud. Sit properly! But don’t be stiff people don’t like that. Shame ran rampant as she apologized to make room for herself as she was: passionate, overwhelmingly curious, highly intuitive, insanely wild with Love for the world. Dr. B dedicated her life to creating a unique space for people like herself: folks that wanted a secure, nonjudgmental space to learn about themselves and get the most out of life.

In This Podcast


In this episode Joe speaks with Dr. B about how she started a group practice and all the sacrifices that comes with it.

Starting A Group Practice

Give yourself a grace period to figure it out. It’s 100% putting yourself out there and responding to the things that aren’t working.

When Dr. B looked at expanding and hiring people she had to look at:

  • Her true vision
  • Qualities and characteristics in an employee
  • Whether the potential employee’s values were aligned with her’s

Private Pay VS Insurance

Freedom is a really important part of my work and values. Having the space to operate without it being impacted or limited by insurance is what’s going to allow me to do my best work for my clients.

Growth And Passion Projects

You have to stay super focused. That doesn’t mean you can’t have side projects but you have to be clear about the placement of those things.

It took Dr. B a year to fill her own schedule with clients then she brought on an intern and someone who worked on a contract basis. During the 2nd year she started a passion project called Human HQ.

Getting Through A Tragedy

Life happens to you and there are certain moments where you have to go into acceptance mode and keep going.

Dr. B lost her mom when she was in graduate school, this was the biggest turning point in her life and made her realize that she can’t play it safe anymore.

The Here And Now

My focus is how I can bring together a quality group of therapists that are just going to kill it.

Currently Dr. B has a a team of 7 people with a goal to have a team of 10 at their current location. When looking at things that are important to her she looks at whether her team are well taken  care of and whether they are in a place where their caseloads are healthy and robust. Cash flow also allows her to make decisions as next steps she can take with her business.

Things That Helped With Scaling

Stay true to yourself, stay true to whatever it is that pulls your passion.

  • Have a strong marketing strategy (content creation, knowing your niche and how you communicate your mission and passion)
  • When hiring it’s really important to find the right fit and keep the focus on the team
  • Take the time to have a clear vision and your why

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