How to embed a video into a WordPress blog post

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Knowing how to embed a video in a blog post is an essential skill to help rank higher in Google. Google ranks you higher when you insert YouTube videos. Google owns Youtube, so they want to help promote themselves.

Why you need to know how to embed videos

So right now, I’m writing this blog post, “5 Ways to Rank Higher in Google” and I’m going to be including some videos that I have on my YouTube channel in that. I wanted to show you quickly how to embed a video into a WordPress blog post.

This is super important super important because:

  • Google wants to have blog posts that are very helpful to people, and they’re going to rank you higher if you have videos or images or things that are interactive within your blog post.
  • Rather than just have content, you want to have videos, you want to also have kind of a list. Use your header 1’s, header 2’s all around your keywords.

How to embed a YouTube video

So I’m going to take this video and it’s called, “How to Use the Google Keyword Planner” and I’m going to go to share, embed and then I’m going to copy this. I’m going to do ‘command+c’. That’s how I do copy.

Then over here right now, I’m in visual. What we’re going to want to do is go over to text. So you’ll see all these crazy HTML. Just put in where you want it, pop back and then the video is there.

So if I go to preview, it should show me what this looks like. Let’s try it again. So that you have my image figured out. Let’s scroll down. Then the video is right there, ready to play from the blog post.

And that is how you embed a video into a WordPress blog post.