Exercise To Create And Understand Your Brand Persona

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Exercise to create and understand your brand persona

In this video I’m going to share with you an exercise that will help you get into the mind of your ideal client and understand your brand persona. I learnt about this exercise from Kelly Higden who is another coach for private practice owners.

What To Do In This Exercise

In this exercise you have to think about your ideal client, really get a sense of them, give them:

  • A name
  • An age
  • Some stressors

Then think about them the night before they pick up the phone or send you an email to start counseling at your practice:

  • What would they write in their journal?
  • What would the vent to their friend about?
  • What would they Google when they’re searching for something, so for example maybe they just got in a big fight with their spouse, they might type in ‘does my spouse love me’ or maybe they’re frustrated with their kids they might type in ‘what to do when a five-year-old is having a tantrum’.

That then gives you an idea of the kind of content to create and the way that you speak to your ideal client. When you think about that moment right before they pick up the phone, right before they send that email, it helps you get into the head of your ideal client.

I’ve seen so many clinicians that have leveled up when they’ve done this, they’ve changed the way they write on their website, they’ve changed how they blog, they do more Facebook lives and they connect with different people in their community so that they’re able to see what their ideal client sees.