Handing Over Duties to Your Virtual Assistant

Handing Over Duties to Your Virtual Assistant

There are many different tasks a virtual assistant can provide for you and it’s important to keep in mind that these will probably not be able to be done by a single person. Virtual assistants tend to have a specific skill set and if you are wanting to hand over a few varied tasks then you may need to hire more than one person.

These are the different tasks a virtual assistant can help you with:

  • Administrative tasks: answering phones, scheduling, data entry, etc.
  • Insurance-related tasks: following up on problem insurance claims, verifying benefits, etc.
  • Marketing tasks: Newsletters, designing marketing materials, social media, blog writing, copywriting, etc.
  • Bookkeeping/accounting tasks: categorizing transactions, reconciling your books, etc.

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Alison Pidgeon

Alison Pidgeon, LPC is the owner of Move Forward Counseling, a group practice in Lancaster, PA and she runs a virtual assistant company, Move Forward Virtual Assistants.

She is also a business consultant for Practice of the Practice. What started out as a solo private practice in early 2015 quickly grew into a group practice and has been expanding ever since.

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