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How can owning your worth as an expert help you to be a great podcast guest? Why should you pull back from relying on script questions in podcast interviews? What are some valuable tips on being the best podcast guest?

In this repurposed podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Christine McAlister about how to be an amazing podcast guest.

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Meet Christine McAlister

Christine is a business coach for high-achieving women all over the world who want to quit and stay out of their 9-5s, replace their incomes, and make 6 figures running online businesses.

She helps her clients overcome self-doubt and get the clarity and focus they need to make progress toward their dream life.

Her superpower is uncovering who you really are. She helps you get clarity on your unique zone of genius, the confidence to get visible and share your talent with the world, and the clients who’ll pay you to help them change their lives.

Visit her website. Connect on Instagram and Facebook.

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In This Podcast

  • Being known practically
  • Effective pitching to a podcast host
  • Christine’s tips for being an amazing guest

Being known practically

Address your own collective: the ways that you are in “your jar” and not reading your own label.

4 love languages of the high achiever:

  1. Impostor syndrome
  2. Overwhelm
  3. Self-doubt
  4. Procrastination/ perfectionism

Obviously that’s a joke, I believe humor makes things a whole lot more accessible when we’re dealing with our inner stuff but … we have to be sold first on at least some of the ways that we know more than the average person. (Christine McAlister)

Be aware and be sure of what you know as the expert in the room instead of constantly deferring to someone else.

To be known practically comes from standing secure in your abilities, and building a name for yourself around the good work that you complete from your own skill set and knowledge base.

We won’t take the action to connect and be seen with people if we don’t first take on the lens of having something valuable to share and feeling like we have a mission to share with the people who we’re going to be talking to as hosts and to their listeners, and understanding that we are going to get to create a long-term relationship with these people when we show up in this way, that it starts with owning our inherent expertise. (Christine McAlister)

Effective pitching to a podcast host

A common mishap that many business owners make when they are working on marketing their business through writing blog posts or any copy is that they write to themselves instead of two their audience.

This is the same for when you are a guest on a podcast, it is necessary for you to engage with and speak to what the host is saying, instead of talking about only what you want to talk about.

If we’re sitting down to write a pitch, we need to be thinking about what does the host want, rather than what I want? (Christine McAlister)

How can you make the pitch about the host, and in service to the host and the work of their podcast?

Tips for being an amazing podcast guest

1 – Get comfortable with a conversation:

Try not to become too reliant on receiving questions scripts to prepare before each podcast interview because it is important to remain confident in handling an unscripted conversation.

2 – Send a gift to the host afterward:

This is not very common, but it is a gesture that is letting people know that you are not just there to be promoted to their audience, but that you want to foster a long-term relationship with them.

3 – Leave a personalized review on Apple Podcast (previously known as iTunes):

This is a valuable gift in a currency that podcast host cannot purchase for themselves.

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Meet Joe Sanok

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