How To Stop Sounding Like Every Other Therapist

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Dear Therapist

Stop being boring when you market.

Stop writing your profiles and web copy like you are writing your dissertation or worse yet copying lists from the DSM (you laugh, but I have worked with clients who take their copy when they start with me from DSM lists.)

What is a depressed person seeking therapy needing to hear? Do you really think they need to see bullet points of symptoms? How will the bullet points let them know you understand where they are at and that you have the expertise and skills to guide them towards recovery?

I am not here to mock you, but instead help you find your authentic voice, so you can connect, build trust and move ideal clients towards your amazing practice!

Who is ready?!?

Step 1: Go Ask 3 Friends For Their Honest Feedback About Your Profile And Website Copy! (No Other Therapists)

  • Do they know who your ideal client is from your profile/website copy?
  • Are there terms or ideas they don’t understand (i.e. are you using therapist lingo?)
  • Do they feel understood or connected to when reading your content?
  • Is it clear to them what step they are to take next?

Step 2: Sit And Be Curious With Their Feedback

Ask yourself.

“How do I feel when I think about making the changes they suggested? “

Common feelings and thoughts that arise through this process.

  1. “I don’t’ know what my client needs to hear. “
  2. “I am not sure how to be real and keep a level of professionalism I desire and need to have as therapist. “
  3. “What is an ideal client? I just want clients. They are all ideal!”

These thoughts and feelings dear practice owner are normal and a great place to start.

They are in fact the only place to start making the changes to move your marketing from Boring and Ineffective to clear, confident and connective.

Step 2b: Check Out These Podcast Episodes And Content On Getting Clear About Your Ideal Client So You Can Talk To Them

Jeffery Shaw knows how to attract your ideal clients

Exercise to create your brand persona

Step 3: Pick 1 Piece Of Copy To Rewrite

Schedule a time to get uncomfortable and just start writing.

If you feel more comfortable with talking then do a voice memo and just talk to your ideal client and get those words out.

You connect every day within your practice and I know you can do it in your copy .

Step 4: Edit

Yes, for grammar and all that jazz, but more importantly go back and take out the words the ideas that don’t connect.

I see that DSM phrase or therapist words you stuck in there.

Take it out!

I promise that word won’t make clients believe they should come to you because you are more knowledgeable.

Instead it is going to leave them feeling like your smart, but unsure if you get what life is like for them.

Step 5: Go Back To Your Same Friends

Let them read the new awesome copy you’ve created.

Now repeat steps 3-5 with your next profile, website page or social media post

Go forward and show your therapeutic brilliance with your clear and Not Boring Content.

Naphtali Roberts is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an On Purpose Business Coach. She loves counseling big feeling kids and teens and strategically nurturing business owners to grow their business from chaos to confident, clear, connection. When she is not running her two  businesses and helping her husband with his, she is laughing with her three kids, doing Pilates or savoring a cup of coffee.