John Bowen Discovered 6 Key Drivers of Success | PoP 251

John Bowen's six drivers of success

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with John Bowen about the six drivers of success.

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Meet John Bowen

John Bowen is co-founder of, a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs dedicated to accelerating their success while making a difference in the world. Three days a week, he hosts the Accelerating Entrepreneurial Success podcast featuring revealing, in-depth interviews with today’s leading entrepreneurs. A lifelong entrepreneur, John is also founder and CEO of Financial Advisor Select, an organization dedicated to helping successful individuals and families make informed decisions by introducing them to top vetted financial advisors in their communities. He is also founder and CEO of CEG Worldwide, where he has helped hundreds of financial advisors build simple and elegant wealth management businesses that make them indispensable to the right affluent clients while improving their profitability and enhancing their lives.

John Bowen’s Story

Many entrepreneurs end up building a business that they hate because it compromises their quality of life.

“I’ve learned the power of pain and pleasure and, I like the pleasure part.”

In This Podcast


John Bowen, although not part of the counseling industry, is a super successful entrepreneur who now provides invaluable tips and advice to other business owners. He has written a book including six drivers of success. These range from ensuring excellent customer service to building your business around the kind of life you want to live.

John Bowen’s Six Drivers of Success

1. Nailing It

Providing an unprecedented customer experience.

2. Scaling It Up

Set up a steady stream of clients. Find out who the gatekeepers are that can refer you. Set up one of the following arrangements:

  • Revenue share
  • Joint business development
  • Curating ideas / best practice

Offer free services.

3. Organize It

Put systems in place so that the above two processes become repeatable. If you leave for 90 days and you come back and your business is running better than before you left, you have a great business! Clients look for the following from your business:

  • Character
  • Chemistry
  • Caring (empathy)
  • Competency
  • Cost-effectiveness (value)
  • Consultative

4. Monetize It

Many business owners only focus on their top-line. But there is a difference between revenue and profitability. You have to design your business to take care of yourself first so that you can serve your clients.

5. Create It

Build your personal wealth. Ensure that you have liquidity and are able to take care of your family / contribute to the causes that you care about.

6. Live It

Constantly remind yourself of the vision of your business.

“One of the most important things we, as business owners, can do is say ‘no’.”

Stay focused on the life you want and build your business around that.

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