Juan Santos is an Introvert and He’s Good at Marketing | PoP 380

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Juan Santos is an Introvert and He's Good at Marketing | PoP 380

Are you an introvert? Do you struggle to market your business because you are not comfortable with putting yourself out there? Want some key tips on how to market your business whilst still doing things that make you feel comfortable?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Juan Santos about being an introvert and the marketing strategies he implemented to grow his private practice.

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Meet Juan Santos

Juan Santos

Juan Santos is a bilingual licensed professional counselor with a private practice, Santos Counseling PLLC, in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He started his private practice in 2014 right out of grad school.

Find out more about Juan on his website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Juan Santos’ Story

Juan was born in the Dominican Republic but has lived in Greensboro, NC all his life. He utilizes a blend of approaches with the focus always being on the client’s goals and ambitions. Mr. Santos is the author of “Life Without Stress“, “100 ways married men remain emotionally connected” and “Parenting education for Hispanic families”. He has spoken and presented for local news stations that include 102.1 along with providing therapeutic presentations for community agencies and local universities.

In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Juan Santos about being an introvert, marketing strategies you can implement even if you’re not comfortable in big crowds of people and some mistakes he made.

Being an Introvert

You’re the type of person where you need to pull away from the world in order to regenerate yourself.

Juan finds himself in the middle of being an introvert and extrovert. When he understood this about himself he found it helpful to find this connection and realized that he can’t always be the person to throw a thousand business cards in the air. He tried to find strategies that connected to his introvert side.

As an introvert, you connect to writing, to being problem solvers, to researching. You’re looking at your clinical practice and saying how can I market myself without pulling to that extrovert side. If you engage in practices that connect much more to that extrovert side, you’re going to drain yourself.

Marketing Strategies for Introverts

  • Utilize a blog instead of going to public events and speaking in front of people.
  • If you don’t want to do the elevator speech every time you go to a conference, you could instead, create a little video that speaks about who you are, your specialty and niche. This is a one time template that can be used over and over that can be sent to your referrals etc
  • When attending a conference go with the mindset that you want to build one or two genuine relationships. Make a genuine connection.

Challenge Yourself

Acknowledge what you want to do and see how you can break that down into what’s comfortable for you.

As an introvert:

  • If you want to speak in front of people, connect with a group of analysts so that you’re not there by yourself.
  • Do webinars or podcasts

As an extrovert:

  • Wind down, focus on researching and problem-solving


I wanted something a little bit too fast, I was too ambitious, I needed to slow down, look at the actual steps that I needed to take.

  • Market yourself in a way that is genuine to you
  • Do it when you have energy, desire, and interest
  • Be mindful of how you interact with a marketing approach
  • When you go to events, try to take time to figure out what you need to do allow you to be comfortable there
  • Utilize your core skills
  • Keep track of your energy meter

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