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What does it take to create a workplace culture? How does the culture inform the business? Can you bring the workplace culture into remote-working?

In this podcast episode, Alison Pidgeon speaks with Karyn Ezell about how to create a workplace culture.

Meet Karyn Ezell

After 20 years in corporate human resources, Karyn began her private coaching practice, where she helps entrepreneurs and executives with the people side of the business. She combines practical, real-world expertise in building and leading organizations with a deep understanding of how people act and interact in the workplace.

Karyn has a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in organizational behavior from the California School of Professional Psychology. Karyn is based in California and serves clients around the world.

Check out her website, connect on LinkedIn.

In This Podcast


  • The workplace culture
  • How to maintain the business culture when people are working from home
  • Tips for new business owners

The workplace culture

We talk about team and hiring people and the culture of an organization and all those three things work together … the basics of mission and vision, the culture, it all works together: the policies you adopt, the procedures you put in place for your business, all of that together supports and becomes the culture. (Karyn Ezell)

The policies and values that you base your company around will guide how you hire people, how you fire people, how you handle tough situations, and how you interact with clients: when you use them correctly.

Your values are not for marketing purposes, you can and should use embed your value system into your business so that you grow your business around the values, instead of bending the business to make it look like it has them.

Your practices reflect your values, your mission and your vision and then the values, mission and vision are reflected in the policies, it’s all together … and you can’t separate one from the other … and it’s creating [what] it feels like to work here, how do we work together? How do we succeed? What are our norms? (Karyn Ezell)

All the individual pieces such as your policies, your values, your mission, and your vision come together to inform and create the culture as a whole, and the culture is what is going to propel your business forward.

How to maintain the business culture when people are working from home

There is still much to learn as many businesses were thrown in the deep end as to how to switch from office-work to home-work, and what that entails for the cultural shift.

There is a lot more to figure out before remote employment becomes much more of the norm. (Karyn Ezell)

Something that remote working is teaching businesses is how they can reinvent themselves to continue providing their services.

Many businesses have had to learn how to be flexible and adaptable, and in many ways, this skill is only a benefit to be added to the skillset of the company.

Tips for new business owners

The main mistake new business owners make is that they do not delegate early on enough, which leads to them often misuse time and money to complete tasks that they could easily delegate out.

Therefore, Karyn recommends that business owners start delegating out early: get your experts together and let them cover the bases that they are best at while you work at what you are best at.

Bringing in people doesn’t mean that I’m not still operating in my zone of genius, I am, and they are operating in their zone of genius … and having a team is the only way you are going to grow your business because there is only so much of you to go around. (Karyn Ezell)

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Meet Alison Pidgeon

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