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Katie Englert started Practikat

Are you starting or growing your private practice? Struggling to find resources for your practice all over the web? Have you ever heard of Practikat before?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Katie Englert about how she started her group practice and how her creative outlet came into being and is now a game changer for therapists.

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Meet Katie Englert

Katie is the owner of Compass Counseling and also the co founder of Practikat. She opened Compass Counseling, LLC in Paducah in 2013 and partnered with A. Charisse Gough and Lindsey Lanham to open Compass Counseling of Owensboro, LLC in January 2015.

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Katie Englert’s Story

Katie earned a BS in Family and Consumer Science from the University of Kentucky in 2005. Upon completion Katie worked as a Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent for the University of Kentucky while pursuing her MAE in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Kentucky University in 2009. Since, Katie has worked with individuals, couples, and families with mental health and behavioral needs in a variety of settings including traditional outpatient, intensive in-home, group, school based counseling and clinical management.

In This Podcast


In this episode Joe Sanok speaks with Katie about how she started and grew her group practice and how she is currently growing Practikat.

Starting A Practice

I knew that I needed to stay on budget and I knew that I was going to bootstrap a lot in the beginning.

Katie started approaching doctors and asked if they had space she could rent. She ended up renting a big oversized closet and paid per hour for using a separate room when she saw clients.

As Katie got busier she brought on an intern and outgrew this space quite quickly and moved into a 4 office suite. Soon she also had to bring on a full time clinician.

Company Culture

It’s important for me to create a culture where I liked to come to work to everyday.

Within Katie’s practice she highly values the the vibe of her company culture.

A Creative Outlet

Before Practikat existed I could not find everything I needed for my practice in one place.

Katie had the idea to create a space where therapists can buy and sell stuff they need for private practice.

Launching Practikat

We really focused in and started developing some key relationships in different areas and niches.

When Practikat went live, Katie and her team chose Facebook as the platform to create awareness around this new business.

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