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Are you thinking about refining your marketing and brand strategy? What are some creative top-tips from a professional about how to create a relatable business? Have you tried adding video to your marketing?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Lisa Noble about brand strategy and identity for your private practice and few things you need to be aware of.

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Meet Lisa Noble

Lisa M. Noble is a Brand Strategist and Web Designer, she works with female therapists and entrepreneurs who are eager to build and grow their client loads.

Lisa specializes in brand and marketing strategies to help her therapists get the traffic and marketing pieces to running a private practice.

She started this business because as a professional web designer working in corporate she learned that a website with no strategy behind it is just a pretty brochure. In that role, Lisa got an insider’s look and saw exactly how to create strategies that help businesses grow and make websites that convert sales.

For over 15 years Lisa has worked with business owners, therapists, and private practice owners, confused, and frustrated about how to move forward with their businesses so she knows exactly what works and what doesn’t!

Visit her website. Connect with Facebook and Twitter.

In This Podcast

  • Current changes in the marketing world
  • Professional or personal?
  • Are you kickstarting your brand?
  • Brand identity

Current changes in the marketing world

In the current shift in the marketing world as far as therapy there has been a significant boost in telehealth, and a boost in the number of patients that have become comfortable interacting with their therapist through telehealth.

People are having an easier time making the decision to go into therapy and what that does is it opens the door for therapists to get on video, on their social media channels, on their blog posts, and doing more [online marketing], [because] it helps people to actually get to know them. (Lisa Noble)

When therapists make use of online social marketing, it enables their clients to get to know them a bit better and understand how the therapist conducts sessions, which work they do, how they can help the person, and so forth.

Because most of the world has gone online due to the pandemic, as a therapist, this is a good time for you to become more adept in online marketing because that is where your ideal client is at right now.

Professional or personal?

Some business owners are unsure about how to structure their videos: professional or personal? The current trend is more personal however because at the moment people want to work with “people”, not with your “business”.

Making your content more centered around who you are and how you help, as opposed to how successful and great your business is, is how you attract the customers that will connect with you.

[It’s] about showing personality, not really [having] a whole plan sketched out, just kind of talking … and showing who you are as a person, showing your regular movements, how you are on a day-to-day basis, I think that’s really working for people. (Lisa Noble)

Are you kickstarting your brand?

1 – Pinpoint who your ideal client is:

The most common mistake business owners make is leaving the category of your ideal client too broad, or working with every type of client that comes in the door.

If you have a specialty, it is better for you, and often for your business as well, to work with the clients that fit your specialty.

2 – Create your website for your ideal client:

Think about the psychology of colors, how would the colors that you like feel and look to your ideal client?

3 – Think about the images you use, how you combine them with your colors, the thoughts that you write that tie in these two elements:

This all creates the mood of your website that will attract your ideal client and repel the clients that aren’t a fit.

4 – Be aware of your website functionality:

Make sure your website loads correctly and quickly because people have short attention spans and will leave a website rather than waiting for it to load.

As far as repelling someone, you don’t want to necessarily waste your time or your manpower on the person who is not a great fit, somebody who is totally not going to be your client. If you guys won’t be a perfect fit, you want to show … [on] your website who you are … so that when people come to the site, they get a feel within minutes as to whether this site is for them. (Lisa Noble)

Brand identity

You want to and should create, a brand style guide that encapsulates every aspect of your brand. This helps any future designers that you work with to know exactly how to handle the design and marketing aspects of your business.

Your brand style guide contains the exact colors you use and where, the fonts, the social media post templates, your logo, and so forth.

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