LLPC: 8 steps to becoming a LLPC after graduation

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How to Become a LLPC in Michigan

A note from Joe: After you graduate with your Master’s degree in counseling, it’s hard to know what to do. Trisha Short, MA, LLPC recently graduated and joined my Traverse City counseling practice. She’s kept a list of everything it takes to get a LLPC in Michigan. In Michigan, we have a limited licensed professional counselor license first. During the two years post-graduation a LLPC has to be under LLPC supervision. As a LLPC Supervisor I’m always looking to help new graduates with the changing process in Michigan. Here’s what Trisha has to say.

LLPC: 8 steps to becoming an LLPC after graduation

By: Trisha Short MA, LLPC

Congratulations! You did it! You made it to graduation and are off to begin your counseling career. Before you can begin… there are a few more steps to take before you can begin practicing. The full process from Graduation to your LLPC takes about 6 to 8 weeks. Follow these steps and you’ll be there in no time!

The 8 Steps…

Step 1 for Becoming a LLPC in Michigan: Begin Paperwork

Go to the following website and print off the forms for Counselor Full/Limited application. CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION


Step 2 for Becoming a LLPC in Michigan: Complete your section of the Application:

There are step-by-step instructions. They can be confusing but you’ll make it through. Complete the three-page “Application for Licensure as a Counselor”

As a new graduate; you will apply only for the Limited Counselor License. On the application, there is an item asking you to “provide a description of your professional counseling experience.” This section should be left blank. It is intended for later use when applying for your full license (LPC not LLPC).


Step 3 for Becoming a LLPC in Michigan: Find a Supervisor

You will need to have a clinical supervisor in order to obtain a limited license. According to Michigan law, this supervisor must hold the LPC license and have training in the function of supervision.

The name and license number of your supervisor must be included in your application materials. This supervisor must provide you with clinical supervision from the very beginning point at which you receive the LLPC until you either forfeit the LLPC or upgrade it to the LPC license.

Cost: average $100-$180.00/hr (save by joining a group usually a split of the hour fee…8 members max usually)

NOTE FROM JOE: Check out for supervision options


Step 4 for Becoming a LLPC in Michigan: Complete Your Disclosure Statement and Submit Application:

Again Michigan law requires that a licensed counselor furnish a Professional Disclosure Statement to all prospective clients before engaging in counseling services. The online application packet will identify specific content that must be included in this statement. Be certain that your statement includes all required content.

Among other items, you will see that this statement must include the name of the LPC who will be supervising your 3000 hours of post-degree experience along with the following statement:

“I agree to supervise (insert your name) for the required post-degree counseling experience.” Additionally, this statement must be signed by the supervising LPC and must also include his/her license number.

Now add your Disclosure Statement to your application forms from step one and submit it, along with the appropriate fee (around $75 at the time of this writing), to The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs office, Board of Counseling.


Step 5 for Becoming a LLPC in Michigan:Fingerprints

All applicants are required to submit fingerprints and undergo a criminal background check (Even if you recently have had them done for other employment). Instructions are included in the online application packet. The Fingerprint Agency directly sends your results to The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs office to be added to your file.

Cost: around $60.00

Step 6 for Becoming a LLPC in Michigan: Send Official Transcript

Arrange for an official transcript of your graduate education to be forwarded directly to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs from your school’s registrar. Have the transcript sent directly to the

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs office, Board of Counseling at

P.O. Box 30670

Lansing, Michigan 48909.

Cost: around $10.00

*Tip- It takes a good two to three weeks to receive your official diploma in the mail, you can order official transcripts ahead of time to be sent out as soon as grades are final and your transcript is complete.


Step 7 for Becoming a LLPC in Michigan: Send Certification of Counseling Education Form to your University

This two-page form is included in the online application packet. Complete Section I of the Certification of Counseling Education form and send it the Head of your Counseling Program. They will process this form and forward it to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs on your behalf. *Tip: Call and check on it’s status a week after you send it. Often it is sent to the registrar’s office before being sent to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs office, Board of Counseling.


Send NCE Scores (optional): If you have taken and passed the National Counselor Examination (NCE), arrange for the examination agency to forward an official copy of your scores directly to the Michigan Board of Counseling at P.O. Box 30670; Lansing, Michigan 48909. Passage of the NCE is not required for the LLPC, but you will need it in order to upgrade to the full license as a professional counselor (LPC) and can submit the scores now.



Traverse City CounselorTrisha Short, MA, LLPC is a Traverse City counselor at Mental Wellness Counseling. She specializes in infant mental health, early childhood and families. She is is a LLPC in Michigan and is under Joe Sanok’s LLPC Supervision.



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