Meredith Kallaher Shares 3 Secrets to an Effective Facebook Ads Strategy | MP 71

How can you get past the new iOS update and still convert clients through Facebook? Which aspects of marketing should you outsource to your designer? What are some top tips on utilizing Facebook ads?

In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks with Meredith Kallaher about 3 secrets to an effective Facebook ads strategy.

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Meet Meredith Kallaher

Most businesses are born from the skill, creativity, and experience of a passionate person who develops a high-value offer for many and often dies because they only whisper the availability of the offer to a few. Meredith Kallaher helps business owners develop and implement marketing strategies that optimize for-profit and meet their ideal customers where they are. She helps new and seasoned entrepreneurs effectively communicate the value of their offers and move prospects along their customer journey quickly.

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In This Podcast


  • Starting to incorporate paid traffic strategy
  • Working with Facebook and the iOS update
  • Meredith’s advice to private practitioners

Starting to incorporate paid traffic strategy

The people that aren’t ready for digital advertising … if you are brand new and you haven’t proven your offer yet, using Facebook and Instagram ads is a very expensive way to prove out an offer and I wouldn’t recommend that. (Meredithn Kallaher)

However, if you are a practice owner that has 10, 15, or more clients that have said ‘yes’ to your products and services, then you are ready to try out Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can come up with something great for your clients but if you do not know anyone to serve your product to then you may be wasting your marketing finances by marketing to anyone who will listen.

The truth is, if we don’t have a proven offer to model our ad strategy after, we don’t know who to offer that ad strategy to and we have got to spend a lot of money testing audiences … and it’s just expensive. (Meredith Kallaher)

It would be better to offer your products and services organically on Facebook or Instagram first before paying lots of money to get ads that you have not yet tested the products for. Notice who is responding to your offer when you market organically before you start paying for ads.

Working with Facebook and the iOS update

1 – Use video view strategy: finding your ideal clients who will watch at least 15 seconds of your videos

  • It can be any type of video, even videos filmed on your iPhone with you talking about your practice. It can be you filming a TikTok video, or a looped Boomerang.
  • When your ideal client does watch one of your videos for 15 seconds or more, you as the owner gets tagged and notified that this person has watched your video.
  • Once 1000 people have watched your video, you can serve them a new ad with your offer of a free product or service to get started.

2 – Optimize for conversions

  • You have now offered your free product or information to your growing ideal client base.
  • You now ask Facebook for leads.
  • You send your new ideal clients to a simple landing page on your website. If you don’t have a website, you can set up a free landing page for them to retrieve your free offer with them having to opt-in with their email address.
  • Now you have their email address and you can now work with them directly.

3 – Purchase campaign

  • Using Pixels to track your audience and seeing how they interact with your online presence.
  • Currently, this is not working well with the iOS update however Facebook is working on alleviating this issue.

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Meet Sam Carvalho

Samantha Carvalho DesignSam Carvalho is a graphic designer living in Cape Town, South Africa, with over five years of experience in both design and marketing, with a special interest and experience in the start-up environment.

She has been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016 and has helped over 70 therapist entrepreneurs take their practices to the next level by enhancing their visual branding. She loves working with a variety of clients on design-intensive tasks and is always up for a challenge!

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Podcast Transcription

[SAM CARVALHO] Do you need help building your brand? Feel like you don’t even know where to begin when it comes to marketing your practice online? Whether you’re a seasoned condition with a website in need of a refresh or you’re fresh out of school needing your very first therapist website, Brighter Vision is the perfect solution. From building a brand and designing the perfect website to reflect that, to helping you rank higher with search engines, they’ve even created tools to make online marketing simple that are specifically for therapists.

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Welcome to the Marketing a Practice podcast with me, Sam Carvalho where you’ll discover everything you need to know about marketing and branding your business. To find out more about how I can help you brand new business visit And if you’d like to see some examples of my design work, be sure to follow me on Instagram at Samantha Carvalho Design.

Most businesses are born from skill, creativity and experience of a passionate person who develops a higher value offer for many and often die because they only whisper for the availability of the author to a few. Meredith Kallaher helps business owners develop and implement marketing strategies that optimize for profits and meet their ideal customers where they are. She helps new and seasoned entrepreneurs effectively communicate the value of the office and move prospects along their customer journey quickly. Hi, Meredith, thanks so much for joining us today.
[MEREDITH KALLAHER] Hey Sam, thanks so much for having me.
[SAM] So we always kind of just start with finding out a bit more about our guests and how you got to where you are now. So can you share a bit about your backstory?
[MEREDITH] Sure. Well, I recently about at the end of 2020 started my own marketing practice. So like many of your guests, I’m a solopreneur as well, but I’m not a young chick. I’ve been around a while and had many different jobs. So I started studying accounting and got my CPA here in the United States and I worked for what was then the Big Six. I started with Coopers & Lybrand. It became Pricewaterhouse and now there’s four, for you guys that are a little younger, for big accounting firms and I that for six years and did not love it ever. I really just did not, working for the Big Six and auditing was more high level and I like to say that I love to do the accounting, that they don’t pay very much for. They’re like debits and credits and calculations, not the big picture accounting like we were doing at Pricewaterhouse.

So when I had my kids, I have three kids that are teenagers now, they’re, 17, 15 and 13, but when I had them was about the time I left PWC and I started just sort of an entrepreneurial journey doing different things. Like I had a baby announcement invitation business, I sold women’s clothing out of my home, that was part of a franchise. I actually owned a couple of franchises. And most recently I owned a magazine that I called The Scout Guide that’s in 60 cities here in the United States and we advertise for local businesses. So I actually live in Miami, Florida with my family and so I advertise great local Miami businesses and it was so much fun. I loved meeting all the local business owners. I had a few private medical practices in the book and I really learned social media marketing because we printed out advertisements for these companies and we also did kind of influencer type marketing.

As I was doing that, I really learned a lot about social media and when it was time to just not be a franchisee anymore, I mean, God bless that business model, it is an expensive way to make a living, being a franchisee, and I started learning more about different advertising opportunities for local businesses because that’s who I was really supporting with my franchise. I found paid advertising, paid digital ads, Facebook and social media ads and this light bulb sort of went off. You know, I realized that, oh my gosh, a podcast, or actually Rick Mulready, he had a podcast called The Art of Paid Traffic, he said, Facebook ads are all about the numbers. And this sort of light bulb went off for me when I was like, I know numbers. I’m a CPA.

And I just realized it would be a really good fit for my background. And it was so I went and studied, took a few classes, got a certification in digital ad strategy and management and just dove in. And it was great because I was able to go back to a lot of local businesses here in Miami and then a course creator community that I know, like online courses and say, hey I could see who the ads would work well for. And I already had the relationships built. So I was really able to hit the ground running and help these businesses manage paid advertising campaigns. So that’s my story.
[SAM] Awesome. Yes, quite a journey, but I see, yes, you’ve had a lot of experience in a lot of different areas.
[MEREDITH] For sure. Yes, and I think it’s serving me well. I’ve been able to just develop knowledge. I think that comes with age and experience, knowledge and understanding. And I really feel like I’m in a good place to use my education and just expertise and help businesses out.
[SAM] That’s awesome. So I know that a lot of people probably listening and actually me included Facebook advertising and kind of paid advertising just in general can seem a bit daunting. And I think if you aren’t kind of sure where to get started or as you say, hard to get the most out of it, it can be something that you just rather avoid. So when would you suggest is the best time for a business to, or when would you say a business is ready for a paid traffic strategy?
[MEREDITH] This is a great question. Thanks for asking, because the people that aren’t ready for digital advertising, or when I say Facebook or Instagram advertising, Facebook owns Instagram, so I mainly specialize in Facebook and Instagram ads, but I often just call it Facebook because they’re through the same platform. They’re both through the Facebook Business Manager. Yes, so if you’re brand new and you haven’t proven your offer yet using Facebook and Instagram ads is a very expensive way to prove out an offer. And I wouldn’t recommend that, but if you are a practice owner that let’s just say you have been at least three months or at least 10 or 15 patients or clients have said yes to your offer of service of whatever it is like $300 an hour for six weeks, or when you have, and that works and you’ve been able to consistently offer that, and not everybody accepted, obviously, but people, some people accepted the offer you have, then you have a proven offer and that is a person that’s ready for Facebook ads.

But if you just come up with something you think could be great for clients, and this is what I see a lot, not necessarily with therapists, but maybe I don’t know, with like just an entrepreneur and they think they have a really great idea but they just don’t know anybody that they can serve the value to, or serve the offer to they think, “Oh, I know. I’ll just pay Facebook to find some audience members for me.” But the truth is if we don’t have a proven offer to model our ad strategy after we don’t know who to offer that ad strategy to, and we’ve got to spend a lot of money testing audiences, and it’s just not a great way. It’s just expensive but people who do it, they just have to spend a lot of money to do it. And it would be better to try it organically on Instagram or Facebook first, or just email your friends or the parents in your kid’s class, or just check with a few people to say yes and see how they respond and see who’s responding. Like what type of people are responding to your offer?
[SAM] I think that makes a lot of sense. So as you say, don’t try and build your audience through paid advertising, rather have a bit of an audience first that you’ve kind of grown organically or through word of mouth or whatever the method may be and then kind of take it to pay advertising.
[MEREDITH] Right. And truth is though, Facebook ads are, and Instagram ads are great for building your audience, but only if we already kind of know where to start. So if you’re at zero, we don’t know where to start, but if you’ve got 10 clients already, then we would look at those clients and see if there’s any similarities within like their demographics. Like you don’t have to tell me their name, are they all men, are they all over the age of 50, are they all under the age of 30? You know, do they all live in a certain area? And what’s really fun with Facebook and Instagram as is we can start testing out demographics. Like, do they all like to fish, for instance? I mean, you wouldn’t know that, but we can start testing different audiences with ads. So it is a great way to build an audience, but not from zero.
[SAM] Okay. So can you share some, so obviously now you’ve kind of given some insight into when a business would be ready to start, and I think that’s really useful, but kind of once a business is ready to start, can you share some secrets around creating and implementing effective and profitable Facebook and Instagram ad strategies?
[MEREDITH] Yes. And it’s kind of important right now to really look at what secrets and strategies are working currently, because recently apple had a big update to their privacy settings. Basically it came out with the iOS 14 update and that update just wreaked havoc on all digital advertising, because the deal is when it was released and started sort of populating in mid April of 2021, people could easily opt out of being tracked. Like they, and it’s not just Facebook and Instagram, but any app that you download from apple, you basically give permission to be tracked now where before it was just a default that we were all tracked and we could opt out of. So the assumption is most people are going to opt out of being tracked, and when that happened, it’s really Facebook and Instagram ads really relied on the tracking. It was great for small businesses.

We were able to see, like, if people went to your website, we could then feed them an ad and the way we knew they went to your website is because Facebook was tracking them. So there is some secrets that are working well now, even with Apple’s update. And by the way, Facebook is just now, they still haven’t figured out their best practices now with this iOS 14 update. So it’s going to be interesting this year. I think we’re going to see a lot of changes. I mean they’re a huge company. They’re going to make this work great with the Apple update, but they just haven’t quite done it yet, but there are ways to work with the update. And one of them is to use a video view strategy.

So when you’re starting out with Facebook ads, you pick an objective when you start an ad campaign. That’s what we call it. We have a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign, and you pick an objective of your campaign. And they can get overwhelming. There are like 16 different objectives that you can choose from, but a lot of them are awesome when the tracking was there. But now that the tracking is not there, some of them aren’t so great. So the video view objective is still awesome because we’re not asking Facebook to send people off of the platform. You optimize for video views. So let’s say you’re a therapist and you’re just starting out and you know that moms that are 40 to 50 years old that live in Miami, let’s say, because I live in Miami, that like to shop at whole foods and do yoga are your ideal clients.

So we are going to go try to find people that will watch a 15 second video about your business, or excuse me, we’re going to any link video, but we want to find people that will watch at least 15 seconds of the video. Now I know some of your listeners might not want to, like, I don’t have a video. You guys, it can be any type of video. In fact, like videos filmed with your iPhone work really well right now, but it could be you just talking about your practice, “Hey, I’m Meredith. I love to help women with their teenagers. We talk about blah, blah, blah.” And you’d tell them the value that you offer. Or it could be you doing a silly TikTok dance with your teenagers, or it could be you doing a Boomerang in your office that then maybe you loop. Boomerang’s only like three to four seconds and you can use your iPhone, even the software on your iPhone to loop it longer.

It can be really anything as long as it’s a video. And then you use it in an ad and you tell Facebook you want to optimize for video views. So they use the parameters that you give them and they go find women that are likely to watch your video for at least 15 seconds. And when a woman does or man, but I remember my example, we said the ideal client was a woman, when it does, it tags them. It says, “Meredith,” if I’m the business owner, “Sam watched a video for 15 seconds.” Well, what’s cool is, so the secret strategy is you start with a video view campaign and then you run that for about two to three weeks. You can do it. I have my clients do it for $20 a day. So if they were running it for two weeks, they spend 140 times, $280 on that .

nd then once you have a thousand people watch it for 15 seconds, which you will, you can serve them a new ad with your offer to then come work with you. And there’s a step in between. I’m going to come back to, but after two weeks you serve them a new ad. And what’s cool is you serve the people that watch the video for 15 seconds and Facebook will let you create a lookalike audience. And what that means is they’ll go find people that are similar to the people that watch your video. Isn’t that cool?
[SAM] That’s awesome.
[MEREDITH] And keep going. But I thought I stopped. I’ve got some more, there are more parts to my secret strategy, but maybe I’ll stop for a sec. Do you have any questions about that video view piece?
[SAM] No. I think that was a great walkthrough and I think what’s so cool is that we know that video is so powerful at the moment. It’s definitely I think, in terms of content, it’s definitely where the trend is hitting at the moment. So I think that’s so clever to kind of use it, as you said, to just create a bit of an audience that matches your ideal client and to then serve them your offering. I think that’s really, really cool. And thanks for kind of walking through it so clearly.
[MEREDITH] Yes. And then let’s keep going from there because the offer that works best is a free offer. And you probably like, but, “Wait, my clients want to make money.” But the deal is, these people are still basically a cold audience. I mean, not the people that watched a video. We like to call them warmish. Now they met you and they watched a 15 second video, but this lookalike audience, even though we see strong, great results with lookalike audiences, they’re still technically cold. They’ve not seen you before. They just have characteristics that mirror the people that saw your video. So next, what I want, like your audience to consider is to create a free piece of a value offer that’s free for your ideal client. And you guys, it does not have to be very like complicated or beautiful.

It doesn’t have to be an hour masterclass. The easiest thing to really do, and they do well, your ideal client or patient would like, this is just a free PDF with information that you think would help them. So in this strategy that I wanted to share with your audience, you start with a video view campaign, you find target audience that likes you, and then you go offer that target audience a free piece of great value. Like I’m suggesting just a freebie of, it can be five questions to ask your potential therapist, to know if they’re right for you. That title is a little long, but it could be, what does well, sometimes are the negative side, like five red flags a therapist isn’t right for you. Or if you have, you counsel teenagers, how do you know that your teenager is ready to talk to a therapist or anything?

So you set that up in a conversion campaign. So in the first campaign we did a video view campaign and the second freebie campaign, I’m going to call it, we’re going to optimize for conversions. And then that’s what you select when you set up your campaign. And when it says, what type of conversion, you’re not asking for Facebook to find you purchasers. You’re asking for leads. So then that’s the campaign you set up and Facebook just walks you right through it. You’ll send them to a simple landing page on your website, which most websites, if people have websites they have a place where you can set up an opt-in. If not you guys, there’s a lot of. If you don’t have a website, you can still do this. You just go to, is a great, easy place and you just set up a landing page. You guys that gives away your freebie. And what you do is once they take your freebie, you then get their email in exchange, and then you email them and you offer them your services there.
[SAM] That’s awesome. Again thanks so much for the walkthrough. And one thing I wanted to add, and what I’ve kind of mentioned before is obviously, I’m available to design any PDFs that you guys want, but aside from that you can also use That’s a great kind of free resource where they have a bunch of predesigned templates for all sorts of things, social media posts, and I mean, flyers, everything, but also for PDFs. So as Meredith said, like, it doesn’t need to be anything crazy or super design intensive, but if you head on over to Canva and you want to maybe just put some of your main points into the templates that they have there, then that’s a really easy way to do it.
[MEREDITH] Yes. I can attest to Canva that graphic design is not in my wheelhouse, but I’ve been able to, I mean, I looked how you shout out to graphic designer. What I did for my business was, and what people might like to do with you is to create a brand. I had a graphic designer help me create a brand guide and come up with the colors and she did a logo and she even gave me some like little pieces of this, I’m a graphic designer, like beautiful prints. She gave me that would go with my logo. So then once I had my brand guide that a professional put together for me, it was easy to use Canva because then I said, ‘Oh yes, she said I should use this color and that color and this color. It’s also easy to use Canva without your brand guide. But I just mean, I feel like my look now is very consistent because a professional came in and helped guide me on where to start.
[SAM] Thanks so much for saying that. I feel like I’m a broken telephone on the podcast always saying that. I always say that I think the two things that you should definitely outsource to a professional designer is your logo. And exactly that is your brand style guide because that kind of thing sets you up exactly as you say it for you to then take it over yourself and ensure that everything still looks consistent and still kind of at least starts from that professional standpoint.
[MEREDITH] That’s right. And yes, it’s really, it’s paid off for me. Like I mentioned, I started my own practice at the end of 2020, and that’s what I did. That’s where I invested. I found a graphic designer. We hadn’t met yet, or I might’ve found you. And yes, and it’s been so helpful and it just took so much like worry and Ang stuff, does this look right together, does this look professional? I just really was able to, I felt like I could fly with her help in that.
[SAM] That’s awesome. Well, well done for doing that. So do you have any further kind of strategies or secrets around Facebook, Instagram ad strategies or could we move on to something else?
[MEREDITH] Yes, we could, but this might be a great place for me to mention too. So for your freebie, when I was thinking about our podcast, I thought what might be helpful is I just sat down and brainstormed freebie ideas for your audience. And I came up with a hundred, 100 ideas for a freebie that a therapist could use for her ad strategy. And yes, I put it together on my website and if anyone would like to grab that freebie from me, it’s a little meta, it’s a freebie about a freebie, about freebies. It’s a hundred freebie ideas for therapists and it’s on my website, and then it’s just backslash practice for your followers.
[SAM] That’s so awesome. Thank you so, so much for doing that. I know our audience will appreciate that hugely and you guys definitely going to check that out. That obviously takes the effort out of you having to think of something to give away. So that’s really great. Thank you so much for that.
[MEREDITH] And there’s one more, there’s one more about the Facebook ad strategy just to round that out and then is, you guys, you can stop there and it will work. Some people that are newer to ads do, they give away their free value, and then they make an offer via email to work together. You know, that’s when they ask for an exchange of value, your services for money. But you can also run ads for that third piece. It’s just as you grow, I can’t imagine unless maybe a therapist has a group practice or a group program, where she really is running quite a few patients through her practice monthly, then it might make sense to then go ahead and do a third type of campaign.

So we’ve done, the second type was the conversion campaign to free value, but the third type, and this is where it gets a little sticky with iOS 14, but Facebook is going to figure it out. Because what would happen is we’d want to set an conversion campaign, but this time we’re maybe sending them to book a session with you. Or it could be a third ad to book a call with you, possibly. But the reason why I mentioned, it’s funny with iOS 14 right now is we would pixel people, so on your landing page and there’s all kinds of YouTube videos. It depends on what software you use, but they all will tell you. And it’s really pretty easy. It sounds crazy because pixel is a new word for some people, but you just put the Facebook pixel on into your landing page software, and then Facebook starts tracking them. And then we can create an audience of all the people that went to your landing page, of your email list, of your Instagram audience, and then serve those people, that third campaign, which is a purchase campaign. But for those people that maybe are solo practitioners that just see one-on-one patients just doing those first two and then offering people that took the freebie, your services through email that might be enough. But I didn’t want to leave off that last third campaign that could work.
[SAM] No, perfect. So, but as you said that pixel tracking kind of isn’t working correctly, right?
[MEREDITH] It’s not. I just hate to not mention it because, I mean, we being the Facebook ads managers, community that speaks to each other, we just think Facebook is going to come up with a way fairly quickly to alleviate that problem. There is something called conversion API. I think we don’t want to get into explaining too much, but if you look at your landing page software, you see if they have an option for conversion API tracking. That’s when your server talks to Facebook server. Anyway, it’s an alternative way that we can track visitors to our website. And it works for some people, but yes. So when you listen to this podcast and you’re ready for Facebook ads I would just sort of see where we are with iOS 14 and pixel tracking before you spend money on it.
[SAM] Yes. And if you’re listening to this and pixels and API sounds like another language then definitely again, if like the time that you’re listening to this podcast, I would say, just reach out to your web developer and they’ll also be able to know or help with kind of that kind of language for your website.
[MEREDITH] Definitely.
[SAM] Great. Well, thank you so much for sharing those three secrets and that kind of strategy. I think it’s definitely a great starting point for my audience. And again, be sure to get hold of that hundred freebie ideas for a therapist. We’ll definitely have that link available in the show notes, but it’s over So Meredith, if people want to get in touch with you, for you to them out with their ad strategy, what is the best way for them to do that?
[MEREDITH] On my website,, I have a ‘book a call’ button in the top right corner and hopefully all over the website. So I’d love to talk to anybody in your audience about their business, and we just book a free 30 minute call to go over your business and how a digital ad strategy could help you. Also I love to help businesses with conversion, copywriting and Kajabi build outs, which, if you decide to go with a Kajabi as your website host, then yes, I could build out anything for you on that platform. But I’d love to help. And I’m there on my website and I also like to hang out on Instagram and my Instagram handle is my name Meredith Kallaher. So I am there for you.
[SAM] Awesome. And then we’ll again, have all of that linked in the show notes. And just so you guys know, just before we jumped on this call, Meredith was actually telling me how she’s worked previously on kind of Instagram strategies for doctors and people in private practice. So she definitely has experience with our audience and with the field that you guys are in. So definitely reach out to her if you’re looking for help with your paid ad strategy. Meredit, if every private practice owner in the world were listening right now, what would you want them to know?
[MEREDITH] I’d want them to know that congratulations on being out on your own, first of all. Like it is not easy to jump into your own business. I know that firsthand and so I’m proud of you, I see you and keep going. And I think that as far as marketing goes, after you get your brand guide and your logo set up, then keep working on that proven offer. Like keep tweaking it. Don’t give up. If you think that, what did I say, oh, a one-on-one, one hour sessions for eight weeks, at $300 a session or, just throwing numbers out there, but if you think that is perfect and people aren’t accepting it, don’t get discouraged. Just change it and keep trying different offers until you nail it. And you’ll get there. I mean that you have something to share, but it does take time to tweak the offer for your ideal patient to hit the money. I don’t know if I say that right. So I would keep going. Don’t give up because you’re going to get, you’ll find something that works for sure. It just takes a little time.
[SAM] Awesome. Thanks so much Meredith. And thanks for all the input that you’ve given today and for being on the Marketing a Practice podcast.
[MEREDITH] I appreciate you so much. Thanks for having me.
[SAM] Thanks again to Brighter Vision for being the sponsor on this podcast episode. Remember to hit over to to see the special offerings they have available for you.

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