Monthly Round Up Of Posts: April 2018

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Monthly Round Up Of Posts: April 2018

The month of April has been jam-packed with helpful content on how to start, grow, and scale your private practice. The top-performing article for this month ‘Where to Spend or Save When Starting a New Practice’, check that out below. Over and above that, we’ve shared many of the questions and answers from the Next Level Practice community. You can also recap the podcasts from the money, including one with Kasey Compton on how she started a three-million dollar practice in three years, as well as with Earl J. Wagner who works within Google’s artificial intelligence unit.

Top Stories

Where to Spend or Save When Starting a New Practice

Where to Spend or Save When Starting a New Practice

Starting out in private practice, there are many things to consider. Most of which mental health practitioners did not learn when in graduate school. From running business financials to marketing a new business, there are tons of ways we can drain our pocketbooks. It’s great to have a vision for your practice’s future, but equally as important to be financially smart. Starting up a business can cost a lot upfront, so making the most of your time and money is essential.

Marketing and Networking Play Therapy Services: 7 Top Tips

I remember when the economy was in a serious slump. One of my colleagues, who sees only adult clients, commented on how his phones had stopped ringing. He went on to say that he suspected it was because people were moving therapy services to the bottom of the financial priority list, given the sluggish economy. I responded telling him that my play therapy practice was actually burgeoning during that time. Together we concluded that, regardless of financial hardship, parents will always find way to get help and support for their children. That’s good news for play therapists!

Private Pay in Private Practice

If you don’t already have a very clear niche, I would make sure that, when you’re talking to people, you’re very specific about, ‘This is who I work with, this is how I help’. Hopefully, that’s something that will make you stand out, compared to the other therapists. Because, I’m sure there are lots of therapists who are just generalists who take insurance and the ‘average’ person who’s struggling with depression or anxiety who wants to use their insurance and doesn’t really see a need to self pay.


Kasey Compton Started a Million Dollar Practice in Three Years | PoP 290

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kasey Compton about her journey into private practice. Although Kasey initially backed out of private practice to join a group practice, she eventually went back and went on to build a million dollar practice in three years. In this podcast, Kasey shares what she focused on in the first year as well as how she goes about onboarding clinicians.

Back Pain, Travel, and Our Brain | PoP 291

Joe shares his story about dealing with back pain throughout his life. He relates this to gratitude, both in and outside of business. Joe also gives insight into upcoming podcasts relating to focusing on lifestyle, over and above just making money. Often, when we’re in the hustle of business, we forget to appreciate the little things in life and fine joy in them.

Google Artificial Intelligence and the Enneagram with Earl J. Wagner Ph.D. | PoP 292

In this episode, Earl J Wagner shares his journey of how he became involved in developing the assistant side of Google’s artificial intelligence. He also speaks into his interest of different world views and provides invaluable insight into the enneagram, nonviolent communication, and spiral dynamics.

Dr. Steve Taylor is One of 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People | PoP 293

In this episode, Dr. Steve Taylor speaks about spiritual awakening. He speaks about the difference between being spiritually awake and asleep. Dr. Taylor also mentions the three characteristic qualities of being spiritually awake.


How to Save Time and Not Lose Money

In this bonus episode, Joe Sanok provides some valuable tips on how to save time (and money). These include: sprinting, hiring a virtual assistant, raising your rates, filling your time with tasks when you have a cancellation / break, and putting systems in place. Part of these systems could include MeetEdgar, which automatically posts your social media content. By visiting, you could stand a chance to win a year of MeetEdgar for FREE!

Before You Go…

  • Networking in Private Practice
    So some of the other mistakes I see people make is not taking the opportunity to go out and network and make connections and develop relationships with people.
  • Should You Have a Ghost Writer?
    I’d make the edits and approve them before they go live. I think it’s fine if you have some pretty basic content.
  • Should You Have Professional Testimonials on Your Website?
    I think that’s fine on your site, but I would much rather have them do a Google review. A Google review is going to be the best use of that recommendation.
  • How Do You Get Client Reviews?
    Most codes of ethics don’t allow us to directly ask for testimonials. But, there are a couple of things that you can do.
  • What is the Correct Way to Share Content Online?
    So, you want to be careful of having too much duplicate information on your website. You don’t want to copy more than a paragraph.
  • Can I Use That Picture?
    The use of images within the online world has become almost unavoidable. With the rise of social media and blogging, it’s difficult to tell a story and captivate your audience without using images as a visual medium
  • How Do You Teach Group Therapy Skills?
    Within a private practice, when you have a group practice, you want to view your 1099 contractors – which is what I have – as colleagues, not w2 employees. In most group practices, what you’re trying to do is develop them as colleagues.
  • Using Yelp in Private Practice
    My opinion of Yelp is that it seems like not the first place people would typically go to find a psychologist or a counselor.
  • Marketing in Print Publications
    I was just kind of talking about, in general, the mistakes that I see people make in their marketing, especially when they’re first starting out.