Monthly Round Up Of Posts: August 2019

What an amazing August it has been and we hope that you are continually working towards your big goals, whatever they may be.

If you were at all wondering how to name your private practice, how to get your ideal caseload and how to start your paperwork off right, you are in for a treat! In August we focused on all these things to help make sure that you are focusing on what matters most in your business!

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How to Name a Private Practice | Step-by-Step

How to Name a Private Practice | Step-by-Step

Today I’m going to take you through that process:

  1. Who are you as a clinician?
  2. What do people experience in your sessions?
  3. Who is your ideal client?
  4. What URLs are available?
  5. What name feels really awesome?

Starting Your Paperwork Off Right in Private Practice

Starting up a counseling practice isn’t actually that difficult- maybe you pick a name, get a business license and open a business bank account, order some business cards, sub-lease from a colleague and get a phone number. You set up your website and an email account and you’re good to go (psst, if you want a serious breakdown of these steps, check out Joe’s video about starting a private practice here).

Lo and behold your first client schedules an appointment. Your excitement is suddenly overshadowed by terror- “Do I have all the right forms? Is it okay to email them the forms? What do I have to talk about in my first meeting with them? Does someone have some templates for me?”

The Secret About Your Ideal Caseload

The better question to ask is “What kind of schedule DO I WANT?” Because, the real truth is that if you set good boundaries from the beginning, your ideal clients will work within those limits.

If you stretch yourself thin trying to accommodate clients by working late nights and weekends, or by seeing ten clients per day, you will quickly come to resent your practice just as much as you would an agency job.


Cedric Bertelli Knows How the Brain Makes Wrong Predictions (and How to Change That) | PoP 387

Is your ideal client someone who has been through a trauma and is struggling to transform the negative emotional patterns that have been created? Are you aware of the concept of emotional resolution?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks to Cedric Bertelli about how the brain can make wrong predictions and how to change this.

Why You’re Not Getting Referrals And What You Can Do About It | PoP 388

Do you know where all of your referrals are coming from? What if you have tons of clicks to your website but the phone is not ringing. Want to know what you can do to make sure you are doing everything possible so that people can be referred to you and you can get booked up?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about why you’re not getting referrals and what you can do about it.

The Five Numbers You Have to Know in Private Practice | PoP 389

Do you know who makes the most money in your business? What is the ROI on your marketing efforts? When looking at exactly how many hours you work per week, what would that bring your hourly rate to?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about the five numbers you have to know in private practice.


Tom Libelt Escaped Communist Poland and Wrote 5,000 e-books | PoP 390

What are the reasons you choose to make certain decisions in business? What are the traits of some of the most successful people? How do you take a story of struggle and suffering and turn it into a success?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Tom Libelt about his escape from communist Poland and how he started his journey in entrepreneurship.

Megan Chapa on How To Make A Business Out Of Your Passion (and a story about people who dress up like Mermaids) | PoP 391

Do you have some big ideas that you just don’t have the time to work on? Where are you focusing your time? Want some tips on how to get started on making your passion a part of your business?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Megan Chapa about making a business out of your passion.

Should I Start Another Business for Consulting, What About Liability, and Extra Trainings PLUS more Q&A | PoP 392

Wondering whether you should work on building your own private practice and branding under your own name? Do you need to start a separate business from your counseling business? How should you deal with no-shows?

In this solo podcast episode, Joe Sanok answers some of your questions.

Ask the Expert Clay Cockrell on Online Counseling | PoP 393

Where do you start with online counseling? How do you market yourself and find clients? What are some of the logistics involved in online counseling?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks to Clay Cockrell about the opportunity of counseling online, how to start your online counseling practice, and some valuable tips on how to make it work.

Before You Go…

  • The Button Every Private Practice Website Needs
    What I’d like to discuss is a button that I normally don’t see on many websites as much as it’s needed. When those who are seeking services are navigating your website, they aren’t necessarily interested in clicking the “I’m Ready” button just yet. It’s likely they aren’t sure if they even want to move forward with you. This is where another button could be added to your homepage. A very special button.
  • Q&A: How to Generate Leads, Business Location, & Marketing Events Ideas
    We discuss the fastest way to generate leads for a new clinician, opening 2 offices when starting out, how to distribute marketing content for events and setting up a practice in an outlying community.
  • Networking to Grow your Practice
    When you are first starting your private practice, the to-do lists are endless, and on top of that, it’s important to get out there and let people know you exist. The reason you need to get out there is that you will be able to fill up your practice and is one way to let people know you are there to help them. And of course, a great way to build your practice is to have good referral sources. These referral sources can be a doorway between you and your ideal client.
  • How Training My German Shepherd Puppy Enhanced My Empathy Skills
    Katja turned a year old on July 12, 2019. In the last year, I have re-learned the skill of empathy by reading her cues and learning that good dog ownership means engaging in self-care and ensuring that I make decisions not only for myself but for my family, including our puppy, Katja. This work allows me to better explain the concept of empathy and how, with a bit of training, empathy can be learned and practice for a more fulfilling life.
  • 3 Things To Consider When Choosing Business Tech
    In the modern world, it is nigh-on impossible to run a business without significant investment in technology. Tech is the driving force behind businesses these days, covering seemingly every aspect – whether it’s finding new customers online, processing orders using customized software, or managing payroll, the influence of tech is never far away. 
  • Doing Time Evaluations in Career, Relationships, and Life
    Maybe you’ve done a time study at work. Or you’ve said to yourself, “I’m only going to work on the yard for an hour, then take the kids to the beach.” Or you set a goal to workout a few times a week. Consciously or unconsciously, we often are evaluating the return on investment (ROI) for our time.
  • Q&A: Business Feedback, Best Camera Lighting, & Teletherapy
    We discuss when to act on feedback from colleagues/friends on marketing material, website, which webcam to use and my thoughts on teletherapy.
  • Q&A: Online Marketing, Business Mistakes, HIPAA Compliance, & Marketing to Expats
    Which online marketing platforms should you focus on, how do you maintain HIPAA compliance and how do you market to expats?
  • Q&A: Business Location, Student Loan Debt, & Marketing Management
    We discuss choosing the right business location, how to set up a practice to pay back student loan and look at all-round marketing system for $400 p/m.

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