Monthly Round Up Of Posts: February 2018

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February monthly round up of posts

In the month of love, our top stories were to do with selling play therapy services to parents in private practice, how to optimize your Psychology Today profile, and deal with your money issues. On the podcast front, we ran a series of ‘Five Fierce Females’, which you don’t want to miss! Be sure to take the time to catch up on any content you missed which aims to help you start, grow, and scale your private practice!

Top Stories

Selling Play Therapy Services to Parents in Private Practice

Selling Play Therapy Services to Parents in Private Practice

If you are a therapist in private practice providing play therapy to child clients, you probably are quite familiar with how important it is to gain trust from the parents of your child clients for success in meeting your treatment goals. It is equally important, for the sake of your business, to effectively sell parents on the promise and process of your play therapy services.

How to Optimize Your Psychology Today Profile

Q&A was part of Next Level Practice, the most supportive community for therapists starting a private practice.  In this video, Joe answers the question on how to optimize your Psychology Today profile.

Why You Need to Clean Up Your Money Issues

You and money are in a long-term relationship. The courtship started years ago. Perhaps you have early memories of begging for arcade coins, or taking out trash for two bucks a week. Locked up images of Mom and Dad fighting over it, Aunt Suzie slipping you some when no one was looking, or friends using it to make you feel inferior. Maybe you’re always chasing after it, worrying over it, thrilled to see it when it shows up, or have terrible guilt about accepting it. You might avoid it completely or feel oh-so-secure when it’s around. Like it or not, you – yes you – are in a relationship with money, and it directly affects your business.


Jeffrey Shaw Knows How to Attract Your Ideal Clients | PoP 277

In this episode, Jeffrey Shaws provides an overview of his book, Lingo, which seeks to help you speak the language of your ideal client. He mentions the 5-step process on how to include empathy into your marketing. Jeffrey speaks directly to therapists about how to market themselves and their practice.

Dr. Angela Johnson is Chasing the Mind Series 1 of 5 Five Fierce Females | PoP 278


In this episode, the first of five episodes in the fierce females podcast series, Dr. Angela Johnson speaks about her journey into private practice. How she gained the confidence to take the leap and overcome imposter syndrome as well as the other challenges associated with starting a practice.

Anna Lindberg Cedar has Dealt with Some Trauma Series 2 of 5 Five Fierce Females | PoP 279

In this episode, Anna provides some insight into her profound experience working with torture survivors and several other NGOs. She also speaks around how she came to start a private practice focused on avoiding burnout. Anna shares some tips around how to properly take care of yourself, as a counselor, and ensure you don’t burn out.

Live Consulting with Joe and Melissa Dohse Series 3 of 5 Five Fierce Females | PoP 280

In this episode, Joe provides live consulting to Melissa Dohse. This is a prime example of what it’s like to consult with Joe, but also gives insight into Melissa’s stage of private practice; what she’s struggling with as well as a discussion on how to overcome these challenges. Joe looks at the low-hanging fruit and focuses on why Melissa wants a practice that thrives and how she can go about getting there!

Rachael Norman’s App Helps with Out of Network Benefits Series 4 of 5 Five Fierce Females | PoP 281

In this episode, Joe speaks with Rachael about the app she created to assist patients with making claims from their insurance companies. Rachael runs through the reasons why she decided to create this app as well as what the process was in building the app.

Dr. Andrea Maxim’s Practice is Scaling Quickly Series 5 of 5 Five Fierce Females | PoP 282

Dr. Andrea Maxim owns three private practices and is now a coach, author, and speaker. She shares her journey on starting a private practice and how she scaled her business to where it is today. Andrea shares key things that she took off her plate to grow her business.

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