Monthly Round Up Of Posts: February 2020

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Monthly Round Up Of Posts: February 2020

We hope you are working hard towards achieving your goals but also taking some time out to breathe and gather your thoughts so that you can find some inspiration to keep you moving forward. If you are working towards a big idea such as public speaking, then the series of podcasts on public speaking will be a great lesson for you! And if you are thinking of selling your practice, then you definitely want to go through the blog and take notes on the ‘How I sold my practice’ series which we also have videos on our YouTube of.

May the next month ahead be the most wonderful and successful month!

Top Stories

How to Be Social on Social Media: 4 Expert Tips

How to Be Social on Social Media: 4 Expert Tips

Think of social media like a digital party you are hosting. As the host, your mission is to keep the conversation flowing, to keep things fun and lighthearted, and to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

If you were going to host a party, you would need a plan, a guest list of people to invite that share similar interests or connections, and an open mind. Social media success relies on much of the same. Instead of planning party games and menus, you can plan your content, timing, voice, and conversation.

Preparing to Sell Your Business: 5 Steps You Have to Nail

We are talking all about what you need to do to prepare your small business in order to sell it. These are 5 steps that you have to nail well before you decide that you’re going to sell your business.

How to Scale a Group Practice

If you’re ready to go from being a small group practice to a mega group practice this is exactly what you have to do.


JP McAvoy on How to Level Up a Local Business Through Podcasting and How to Prepare to Sell a Business | PoP 432

Have you ever thought about expanding your business beyond your practice? Ever wondered how you could level up your business through podcasting? Maybe you are thinking about selling your business, what do you need to do?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with JP McAvoy about how he stepped outside of traditional law, how a podcast is helping him grow his business and reach more people as well as how to position a business to be sold.

Milana Leshinsky Left Ukraine and now Teaches Simplicity Entrepreneurship | PoP 433

Are you marketing in a way that just does not seem natural to you? How can you find out which marketing strategies suit your personality? Are you ready to discover your marketing superskills?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Milana Leshinsky about finding your marketing superskills, marketing strategies and how to uncover your natural marketing style.

Richard Villasana is Reuniting Kids That Have Been Separated from Their Parents | PoP 434

How much do you really know about the foster care environment? What is it really like for children who are in the system? How you can help make an impact in these children’s lives?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Richard Villasana about how he helps reunite children with their families and how you can help make an impact.

Corey Poirier on The Speaking Program | PoP 435

What is a good story made up of? How do you level up through speaking and how much can you charge? Are you looking to brush up on your public speaking skills?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Corey Poirier about public speaking, how to use it build an audience and he shares some tips that you can start using today!

Grant Baldwin The Successful Speaker | PoP 436

Are you keen to dip your toes into public speaking? Do you know who your audience is and what topic you would address? How can you establish yourself as an expert and get paid to speak?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Grant Baldwin about his 5 step roadmap that covers everything you need to know and do to ensure that you become a successful speaker.

Holley Mignosi on Social Cues to Use in Public Speaking | PoP 437

Do you have great content to share with your audience but you feel that you’re somehow lacking great stage presence? How can you use body language to come across as highly charismatic while doing public speaking? Is it possible to advance your speaking expertise so that you can increase your impact, influence, and income?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Holley Mignosi about how she helps speakers master the art of body language and neuroscience of charismatic communication so that they can maximize their influence, eminence, and income.

Lorianne Speaks on How to Get Booked At a Conference to Speak | PoP 438

How can you get booked at a conference to speak? How do you stand out to conference and event planners?  If you want to approach an event planner to speak, what is the necessary info you need to provide them with?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Lorianne Speaks about tips for new speakers, how you can get booked to speak at conferences and what marketing materials you need to have.

Start a Group Practice with Alison Pidgeon and Whitney Owens | PoP 439

Are you wondering whether to start a group practice? What does it entail and does it fit into the vision you have for your business? Should you hire W2’s or contractors?

In this podcast takeover episode, Alison Pidgeon talks with Whitney Owens about all things relating to starting a group practice, hiring people and setting rates.

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