Monthly Round Up Of Posts: July 2017

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July monthly round up of posts

Below are the top stories, podcasts, and other blog posts from the month of July 2017. From comprehensive guides on how to use social media tools and become more productive, to lessons learnt in private practice, you won’t leave feeling disappointed. Missed some of this month’s podcasts? Take a listen below and review June’s income report.

Top Stories

Social media tools

A Guide On 3 Invaluable Social Media Tools (With Screenshots)

When it comes to social media management, a lot of us are in over heads. But, we don’t have to be. This is a comprehensive guide to social management. Including the design of your social post (in this case for Facebook) and posting of it. Included is the mention of some of the best social media management tools and social media marketing tools. After this, you will be on your way to becoming a social media guru with no sweat!

Five Things I’ve Learned In My Fifth Month Of Private Practice

For me, still no clients… so that’s been two months now. Trying not to freak out and remind myself that it’s a process and you just gotta keep marketing, blogging, and speaking. Some practices take time to grow… right? This month I’ve been focusing on things I can control like building a social media plan, getting new photos taken, and taking some time off to relax!

How To Improve Productivity, 25 Comprehensive Tips

There are two, somewhat obvious, ways to improve your output. One, increase the number of hours you spend working or, two, work smarter. Productivity improvement is the definition of working smarter. Here are 25 tips to achieve just that.


PoP 230 | 17.76 Ideas To Grow Independence In Private Practice

Published on the 4th of July, we take at a look at what it means to be ‘independent’ as well as how to encourage independence among your counselors and within yourself! We’ve included 17.76 tips to help you achieve autonomy in your practice and in your own life.


PoP 231 | Sam Carvalho Knows Marketing

Samantha Carvalho, Chief Marketing Officer at Practice of the Practice speaks about her journey getting involved in working with Joe as a Virtual Assistant. She also shares some valuable tips and advice around marketing your brand and creating strategic designs. Also, find out more about how you can outsource Sam for your Private Practice’s marketing / design needs.


PoP 232 | How To Use Pinterest With Daniel Fava

Daniel’s website page views increased by 1000% in just six months after optimizing Pinterest. He takes us through his journey of coming across Pinterest and then using it to transform his business. He also provides valuable tips and advice around how to optimise your Pinterest for business!



PoP 233 | My Wife And I Almost Separated

Having been through a lot in a short space of time, including almost separating from my wife, I speak in this reverse podcast about everything I learnt from many a bad situation. I also speak about the fear of failure and how to overcome this and move forward towards your purpose.



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