Monthly Round Up Of Posts: July 2019

Monthly Round Up Of Posts: July 2019

We hope your July was filled with some amazing progress, that you reached some goals but that you also managed to take some time to slow down and reflect.

If you are not yet fully caught up on our blogs and podcasts, make sure to schedule some time to dig right in. In July we looked at how to market your practice, self-care tips and mistakes people make when starting a counseling practice. If you need some help setting or raising your private practice rates, make sure to listen to the podcast!

Top Stories

How to Market Your Private Practice

How to Market Your Private Practice

Marketing is about helping the right people know that you exist and turning away the wrong people. That’s it. Say your work is focused on affair recovery, that’s who should be contacting you, not couples who are about to get married. 

I’m going to cover the most common myths of marketing your private practice and the three things you have to understand to be a Master of Marketing.  

8 Self-Care Tips Every Online Counselor Needs to Know

Working from home can be a practical solution to improving the balance between your work and home life. I was ready to give up the eight-hour workday, the rush hour traffic, the after-work trips to the grocery store, all for the luxury of working from home… or so I thought

Counseling on the couch can also bring a host of struggles, including long hours, headaches and neck discomfort associated with excess screen time, limited social supports, and a lack of separation between work and home life. Combat these struggles by implementing the following self-care tips.

Ask Kelly Higdon: What are the Mistakes/Successes when Starting a Counseling Practice?

We look at common mistakes counselors make when starting/growing a private practice, things successful private practice owners have done right and when counselors should consider adding clinicians to their practice.


Marisa Peer says that I am Enough | PoP 381

Ever feel like you’re not enough or are you helping client’s who feel this way? Not sure what to do, how to move past or deal with those feelings? Want to find out some actionable steps you can implement?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Marisa Peer about being enough, dealing with rejection and believing in yourself.

Dr. Marie Fang is Helping You Build Private Practice Skills | PoP 382

Are you just starting a practice and have some unanswered questions? Within your own marketing, are you being consistent with your branding? Want to hear from someone who is passionate about helping others in private practice?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Dr. Marie Fang about building private practice skills, some things she did wrong at the start of her journey and what she learned that has now put her on this successful path.

Where to Take Your Wild Child on Vacation | PoP 383

Do you have a strong-willed child and are planning a vacation but not quite sure where to start? What are some activities that are appropriate? How can you get your kids involved in the planning of your vacation so that they have something to look forward to?

In this reverse podcast episode, Megan Chapa interviews Joe Sanok about where to take your wild child on vacation, how your influence can determine the tone of the trip and some do’s and don’ts.

How to Set Your Private Practice Rates (and How to Raise Them) | PoP 384

Are you still struggling with figuring out how to set your rates? Maybe you want to raise your rates but are not sure how to do it. Want some inside info that will help you do both and make sure you are getting paid what you are worth?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to set your private practice rates and how to raise them.

Why Slowing Down is the Key to Growing a Practice | PoP 385

Does the thought of slowing down and stepping away from your business leave you feeling nervous? Wish there was a way you could just shut down without having to worry if everything is running smoothly? Not sure how slowing down can benefit your life and your business?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about why slowing down is the key to growing a practice.

Three Stages of Private Practice from Solopreneur to CEO | PoP 386

Which phase of practice are you in? Wanting to grow but not sure how to do so? Want to know what you should be doing at each phase of your practice?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about the three stages of private practice from solopreneur to CEO.

Before You Go…

  • Doing it for Myself: My First 30 Days of Private Practice
    My practice started abruptly. You can learn about the birth of my practice in my last article here. I’ve heard that the first few months of a business are the hardest. The first month was difficult for me. I had operating procedures in my head that had to be adjusted when I needed to execute them. It was different having to rely on myself for all of the scheduling and billing responsibilities instead of delegating some of those tasks to others. Speaking of billing, that was something I’ve never done before. How was I going to do that when the time came? What about marketing? I had a lot of questions which would mostly be answered by trial and error.
  • Ask Kelly Higdon: What are Some Marketing Ideas for Private Practice?
    We look at where does content creation fit in, how do you announce that you’ve opened your private practice, do you recommend getting a Yelp listing, suggestions for doing an event to market your practice and how do you market a group to gain clients?
  • 5 Common Challenges to Growing Clinically as a Therapist in Private Practice
    As therapists, we spend years learning and studying as we go through the process of school and licensure. It can be a challenge to keep learning after we get licensed. I know many therapists along with myself who have the desire to keep growing clinically. However, there are a few possible challenges of growth.
  • Allow Technology To Help Your Practice Grow
    One of the things that entrepreneurs will always tend to do is try to find the best way to make things easier to manage and run. That is where the issue of technology comes in: you might as well use whatever tech is out there in order to help your practice grow better. In this post, we’ll look at some of the ways that you can do this so that you can hope for a more established, more successful practice in no time.
  • What is a Marketing Strategy, really? (3 of 3)
    In my previous posts (part 1 and part 2) I discussed the first components of a marketing strategy for private practice: thinking about your interests and goals, your target audience, and your brand. In this post, I write about the last element of a marketing strategy, the so-called Marketing Mix, which is essential to transition between strategy and action.
  • How Starting A Private Practice Killed My Social Life, And What I’m Trying To Do About It
    After 10 months as a solo practice owner, I decided to take the big leap of starting a group practice. I was on an entrepreneurial high—seeing opportunities, calculating risks, making big decisions, and full of ideas. Exciting times! I was transforming a vision into reality.
  • Different Self Care Ideas For Business Owners
    If there’s one thing I know, owning a business is no walk in the park. It’s more like tripping in a pothole and getting back up, over and over. So it’s vital that the ones taking care of the business are taken care of themselves. Heck, we preach this often to our clients, don’t we? We ought to follow our own medicine or at least try.
  • Our Top 10 YouTube Videos for 2019 Thus Far
    With nearly 2000 subscribers and over 280 videos published on YouTube, we are committed to sharing with you innovative ideas to start, grow and scale your private practice.
  • Our Top 10 Instagram Posts for 2019 Thus Far
    Our Instagram feed is a mixture of inspiration, positive affirmations as well as business advice for starting, growing and scaling a practice.  We also showcase our podcast guests, amazing events and free resources for therapists and counselors in private practice. Whatever it is you’re after, there is something on our feed for you!
  • Ask Kelly Higdon: How do You Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?
    How do you define your lifestyle first and then structure your business around that? When envisioning your day in business you have to get a sense of what you want your life to look like. Think about what excites you and energizes you!
  • Ask Kelly Higdon: How do You Master Client Profiling and Client Acquisition?
    We look at focusing on getting ideal client versus the pressure of needing to fill up your schedule and how do you identify your ideal client and then how do you attract them?

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