Monthly Round Up Of Posts: June 2019

Monthly Round Up Of Posts: June 2019

In the blink of an eye half of the year is gone and we hope it’s been an amazing 6 months of 2019 for you!

We covered quite a bit in June as I discussed 4 Questions to Ask in Your Private Practice, and also looked at how to avoid the summer slump. Over on the podcast, we jumped right into how to get things done, spoke with a business attorney about how not to be sued and looked at marketing strategies to adapt even if you are an introvert.

Top Stories

Avoid the Summer Slump in Private Practice

For many private practices, they experience a “summer slump.” Summer is a time when people go on vacations, spend time away, and may feel better because of the weather. As a result, many private practices experience a downturn in clients.

Should You Take Medical Insurance or Go Private Pay?

Should take insurance in your private practice or should you go private pay? Whatever your private practice is, it’s a big decision whether you want to go the route of private pay, which I did in my group practice or if you want to go the route of insurance. Each side has its own pros and cons.

How to Set Your Business Rates

There are a couple of things that I recommend to get the most out of your private pay clients and I don’t mean just squeezing the most, but to have it be fair for you and fair for them. Now you’re going to have private pay people no matter what. Even if you’re an insurance-based practice there are going to be people that voluntarily choose not to build insurance. It’s important for you to know how to set your rates and how to make that fair.


Getting Things Done with David Allen | PoP 376

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with David Allen about how to get things done, clear your mind and focus better!



What is Next Level Practice? | PoP 377

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about Next Level Practice, what it entails, how it can benefit you and what you can do today to sign up!



Lori Gottlieb is a Current NYT Bestseller of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone | PoP 378

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Lori Gottlieb about her current bestseller, how it all came about and what you can do if you also want to write a book.


Scott Reib is a Business Attorney aka How to Not Be Sued | PoP 379

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Scott Reib about how not to be sued, mistakes small business make and why it is in your best interest to have an attorney on your side.


Juan Santos is an Introvert and He’s Good at Marketing | PoP 380

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Juan Santos about being an introvert and the marketing strategies he implemented to grow his private practice.

Before You Go…

  • What is a Marketing Strategy, really? (2 of 3)
    In my previous post, I shared some thoughts on what marketing is about and discussed the first component of a marketing strategy. In this post, I share my thoughts on two more components: thinking about your target audience (aka niche) and about your brand.
  • My Leap: Thrusting Myself into Private Practice
    I want to have my own practice and work for myself. I want to maximize my earning potential and work with my ideal client. These are some of the statements clinicians make when identifying reasons why they want to start their own practice. I’ve made all of those remarks and then some. There were moments where I got caught thinking about my future practice and what it will be like instead of establishing the foundation.
  • Systems That Save You Time in Group Practice
    In our practice, we have found several systems that work to streamline our business and save us time. Every minute wasted, is money lost. I have worked with our Directors to create systems for our practice, allowing our clinicians to do what they do best…therapy! I want our clinicians to be able to spend their time doing therapy. Any non-clinical hours, I want being spent with family, friends, etc. Essentially, I’m working to create a system where things run smoothly enough so our clients are taken care of, our clinicians can do what they love to do best, and our Directors can do what they do best in their support roles.
  • Where to Spend Your Time in Your Counseling Practice
    How do you spend your time in your private practice? Where do you put your time in? What is the most effective use of your time?
  • How I Have Optimized My Website
    If you are creating your own website or have hired someone to do it for you, here are some things to consider of how your website can help you optimize your time and make it user-friendly for your potential clients.
  • 3 Tips on Outsourcing Billing
    As your private practice grows, you may want to think about bringing on a biller or hiring a billing company. This may especially be helpful if you have a practice with multiple clinicians. Outsourcing your billing will free you up to dedicate more time to building your practice through networking and marketing, as well as more time to attend to the administrative tasks of running a practice. If you’re a solo practice owner, it’ll give you more time to focus on your work with your clients.
  • The Importance of Vision
    You’ve heard the same thing over and over again: “Think big, dream bigger,” or my favorite, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” Yes, they have their importance and have defined vision and purpose for many of us, but there’s nothing wrong adding a few more practical steps.
  • Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar
    You want to work with more of your ideal clients, right? That’s awesome, but who are they? Who is your ideal client? What is the pain that people are dealing with that you love helping?
  • How To Make Your Private Practice An Authority Source Online
    Some say that authority is the secret to finding more clients and improving your business. I’m inclined to agree, particularly when it comes to private practices. Think about the type of business you’re running; it’s all based on services. People come to you for help, and you provide it to them in your own unique way.


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