Monthly Round Up Of Posts: May 2018

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May Monthly Round Up of Posts

In the month of May, we witnessed the exciting start to the series ‘How I Grew My Practice to a Waitlist in Six Weeks’. This is a series of blog posts you definitely don’t want to miss out on! Over and above that, we featured the reverse podcast with Joe as the guest on Entrepreneur on Fire. We also interviewed several other interesting people on the podcast and repurposed content from the live Q&A which takes place in Next Level Practice.

Top Stories

How I Grew My Practice to a Waitlist in Six Weeks

How I Grew My Practice to a Waitlist in Six Weeks

I’ll never forget the moment that my Psychology Today profile went live and I publicly announced my practice to friends and family. The fact that it was only two months ago helps as well. I was terrified to say the least. Would anyone even want to see me? Who am I to start my own business? When starting your own practice, there is no one else to hide behind. You are the face of the business, literally. I had a lot of fear in the few months before I launched, and used that as my fuel to grind, grind, and grind some more.  Instead of letting that fear stop me from moving I used it as my fire to ignite!

How I Grew My Practice to a Waitlist in Six Weeks: Support Network

In my last post I discussed how niching down was vital to me growing my practice to a waitlist in six weeks. With my determination to succeed, and newfound niche, my phone continues to ring with new clients. Looking back with the first couple of months under my belt, the best thing I did for my practice was investing in a good support network.

6 Necessary Mindsets to Succeed in Starting or Scaling A Practice

There are clear distinctions in the minds of those who reach their business goals and those who don’t. If I could summarize what I have learned from the business owners and entrepreneurs I have worked with over the past decade, who have succeeded in their ventures, this is my take-away.


John Lee Dumas is an Entrepreneur on Fire | PoP 294

This episode is a reverse podcast with John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire. In this podcast, Joe speaks with John about his story and what he’s learnt in his journey from starting a private practice and then moving into consulting.


Lifetime Value of a Customer, Ideal Clients, and Getting more Clients with Harvard Professor Sam Mallikarjunan PoP 295

In this podcast, Sam Mallikarjunan discusses his journey of trying to find a chiropractor, personal trainer, and massage therapist. In the process, he realised how bad some of their conversion processes are. As such, he gives invaluable advice on how to improve this through blogging and by understanding the lifetime value of a customer.

Sheri Fitts Says That Fortune Favors the Fast | PoP 296

Sheri Fitts started out in graphic designer when there was a ‘shift’ in the design world. She’s always been comfortable in computers. Sheri then started working for a financial services firm and created materials to teach other people about money. She then started selling these materials and, therefore, moved into sales.


Jeremy Zug Wants You to be LEAN | PoP 297

In this episode, Jeremy Zug goes into the details of what it means to make your business LEAN. This includes 5 fundamental stages, which he maps out practically. Jeremy also goes into the various LEAN methodologies. By the end of this podcast, you’re bound to know how to transform your practice to a much more efficient practice.

Robin Waite Wants You to Have a Fearless Business | PoP 298

In this episode, Robin Waite takes us through his story of deciding to do business fearlessly. Now a successful business consultant, he also provides invaluable tips and advice on setting your rate as well as how to go about financing your marketing strategies. Take his FREE fearless business course, consisting of 20 modules, to become a business expert!

Stacey Brown Randall Wants You to Grow Through Referrals | PoP 299

Stacey balances work and home life by constantly readjusting routines as her kids get older. She also has important boundaries that she sticks to. Stacey landed up doing what she is now due to a business failure. She learnt a lot from the failure, which helped her ensure that her second business was a success.

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