Monthly Round Up Of Posts: October 2017

Monthly Round Up Of Posts: October 2017

This month, we interview four private practice owners who are running multi-six figure practices. They reveal how they got to where they are today and what they learnt along the way. We also take a look at how to win clients at every inquiry as well as how to confidently build a practice and whether or not blogging is actually worth your time.

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How to Win Clients at Every Inquiry

How To Win Clients At Every Inquiry

People looking for counseling have been struggling. You know this. 

Have you stopped to think about all the barriers between a client’s decision to get counseling and that first actual appointment? Overcoming the stigmatization fear, figuring out finances, the dreaded search, and then hoping a therapist will call back. It’s especially frustrating for a client to actually get to that first session and find out it’s a bad fit.   

As clinicians who want to help our ideal clients, it’s equally frustrating.

How To Confidently Build a Private Practice

Today, I’m going to share with you a little bit about how to confidently grow your business. This is mostly aimed at people that have a private practice, as health care professionals. But, honestly, it connects with pretty much any other business that you’re talking about. I also wanted to let you know about a new email series that I have just written up. It’s 22 pages of information, but it’s broken down into three very clear parts.

Midlife Grad School Grad Goes For Brass Ring

I have been given the opportunity to be a guest blogger for the Practice of the Practice website. This is an honor I’m really excited about, as it gives me the platform to talk about my journey into Private Practice, that started even before I went back to school in mid-life. This will be a 12 part series (one article a month), that will break down my experience, both the wins and the losses, as I have come to be where I am today. I am in no way at the end of the road in my pursuit to have a successful private practice, but I feel I have learned a lot in short time and hope to be of service to you, the reader, as I take you through these experiences with me.


Next Level Private Practice | PoP 246

In this podcast, I launch my series on leveling up your private practice. I explain why it’s important to scale your practice as well as what the three stages are of this. This is an introductory podcast of what is to come in the weeks ahead.


Dr. Mark Mayfield on How Nametags Made a Multi-Six Figure Practice | PoP 247

Mark Mayfield speaks around how he started his, now flourishing, group practice and how he moved into having the mindset of a businessman. He shares the way he structures his KPIs as well as general tips and advice on how to grow and run a group practice. This podcast forms part of our series on interviewing owners of multi-six figure private practices.

Eric Connor is Making Six Figures Running Groups | PoP 248

In this podcast, Eric Connor speaks about how he has grown his solo private practice to where it is today, a six figure business. He emphasizes the importance of networking as well as how he developed the concept of running therapy groups. Eric goes into detail about these groups and why they have worked out being a very profitable venture for him and his practice.

Ginny Mills Did W-2 Instead of 1099 & Here’s Why | PoP 249

Ginny Mills speaks around how she grew her group practice by making the decision to employ W-2s instead of 1099s. She also provides information around her developing ‘Parents Through Addiction’ program. Ginny shares what motivates her and how she has grown her business to the six figure mark.

Sherry Shockey-Pope Started Creating Systems & This Happened | PoP 250

In this podcast, Sherry speaks openly about how she grew her group practice to the six figure mark. She touches on why specializing is important, how she wrapped her mind around business administration, and how her and her colleagues set up a business plan. Sherry also chats to Joe about how to prioritize being happy while running a demanding business and various side projects.

John Bowen Discovered 6 Key Drivers Of Success | PoP 251

John Bowen, although not part of the counseling industry, is a super successful entrepreneur who now provides invaluable tips and advice to other business owners. He has written a book including six drivers of success. These range from ensuring excellent customer service to building your business around the kind of life you want to live.

Before You Go…

  • Is Blogging Worth The Time?
    Imagine that your private practice was fairly full and you spent 26 hours writing 26 blog posts. That’s a weekly blog post for half a year. If you’re charging $100 per session, that’s $2,600 in “lost” revenue if you could have filled those spots.
  • Stages of Change into Private Practice: The Contemplation Stage (Part 2 of 5)
    Coming out of denial is a gradual process. It was like having an addiction, an addiction to allowing other people to be masters of my fate, as well as picking up the subtle messages of others that there was no way I could do private pay in Albuquerque, New Mexico – basically a Medicaid state.
  • How To Grow Your Private Practice With Email Marketing: Beginner’s Guide
    Marketing within the medical community comes with a set of unique challenges. This is due to the fact that confidentiality and consideration for your clients can limit your access to social-proof content. Depending on your field, clients may feel uncomfortable providing testimonials or public recommendations. And, it may even be unethical to ask in the first place.
  • How Much Money Can a Counselor in Private Practice Make? September 2017 Monthly Income Report
    People often ask me why I disclose all this information? To me, I am inspired when other people are open and honest. Then I can learn from how they succeed or fail. My hope is that this helps others to grow in their businesses!


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