Monthly Round Up Of Posts: September 2017

September monthly round up of posts

This month’s round up of posts includes another great mix of blog posts around how to start, grow, and scale your private practice. Whether you are a mother running a private practice, or your struggle with networking, there is something here for everyone! We also ran three podcasts with Chris Lochhead who has some invaluable tips around how to set up a private practice that stands out from the rest.

Top Stories

Starting / growing a private practice

5 Helpful Tips For Starting / Growing a Private Practice

“I’m excited for you because if you’re reading this you’ve got the entrepreneurial itch, or have pulled the trigger and you’re doing it! AWESOME! I’ve learned a lot since then and hope to share with you five things that I have found to be helpful in starting and growing my practice.” – Nathan Hansen

Motherhood, Money, and Private Practice

“How did I start? Like the lyrics of a famous Frank Sinatra song, “I did it my way”. I started my solo private practice, Maternal Counseling Services, with the notion that I was going to craft my practice. Furthermore, I knew that I wanted flexibility and to be able to provide impeccable care, while allowing myself the opportunity to make mistakes. I forged this journey with M&M’s in mind. Not the candy… but rather, Motherhood and Money.” – Ciji C. Gamble

4 Reasons To Get Out and Talk

“Something I have learned along the way, and as I began to build a private practice serving children, teens, and families, is that talking is a great way to share information.

I’m not trying to be flippant.

Talking to groups – from four to 400 has taken my business from a one-man-show to a six-clinician practice! I speak to PTAs, school staff, local professional organizations, small and large mom coffee clubs, and more!” – Amy Fortney Parks


Listener Q&A about private practiceListener Q&A About Private Practice | PoP 241

In this episode, Joe addresses questions from listeners. From questions about when it is the right time to start a private practice to what you should be doing in Grad School to prepare to go into private practice, this podcast is filled with resources to start and grow a private practice.


S. Frances Robbins Joined the Air Force at Age 42 | PoP 239

S. Frances Robbins takes us through her journey of joining the air force at age 42, spending ten years working for the military, and then deciding to build an online private practice. She is a qualified nurse and has written a book on how to improve sleep / overcome insomnia. She provides tips and advice on how to improve sleep hygiene along with how she went about setting up her online practice.

John Clarke Has a Private Practice Workshop and Some Questions | PoP 242

In this reverse podcast with John Clarke, from Private Practice Workshop, Joe gives tips and advice on how to market your private practice. These include how to incorporate storytelling in your marketing, how to determine what phase of private practice you’re in, as well as how to determine your ideal client.

Christopher Lochhead Wants You to Play Bigger | PoP 243

Christopher Lochhead has been an entrepreneur since he was 18 years old. He is well-known for his book, Play Bigger, which offers some incredible insights into entrepreneurship. In this podcast, Joe chats to Christopher about his story and some insights into his book and experience as an entrepreneur.

Christopher Lochhead Wants You To Stop F-ing Up | PoP 244

Christopher Lochhead provides invaluable insight into how to successfully market your business in an innovative way known as ‘categorization’. This involves setting up a unique category by identifying a problem and marketing how you solve that problem. He also speaks about the importance of entrepreneurs and avoiding competing with others.

Christopher Lochhead Wants You To Level Up Your Practice | PoP 245

Christopher Lochhead speaks further into categorization, i.e.: creating a unique category within your industry / niche that prevents you from competing with others and results in you standing alone and setting the standard. This, specifically with regards to finding a niche, identifying a problem, and learning to differentiate yourself.

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