Monthly Round Up Of Posts: September 2019

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Monthly round up of posts_September

Wow! September is done and dusted, just like that. We hope that it’s been a productive month of making your dreams happen, whatever they may be.

In September,  we focused on how HB 4325 will reduce access to mental health, the truth about social work licesensure and how to start a private practice in one day! Take a look below at our top stories, podcasts and more.

Top Stories

HB 4325 Michigan counselors


  • What is HB 4325?
  • Where is all the conflict coming from about HB 4325?
  • Why does HB 4325 matter and how does this impact reimbursement?

By now, you may have heard about an intense legislative battle happening right now in the Michigan legislature over the Licensed Professional Counselor’s scope of practice. There has been a lot said about this bill and its interactions with the proposed LARA changes.

We are hoping to outline for you the apparent conflict that is happening, what HB 4325 says, and the impact this legislation has on your practice and overall reimbursement.


The Truth About Social Work Licensure and Out of State Reciprocity

From A Military Spouse That Moves Every Three Years

Have you ever wondered what it is like to go to graduate school, complete 2000 hours of supervision, and two years of clinical experience, take a national licensing exam and finally get licensed as a clinical social worker; only to have to move every three years? As a military spouse, I have been licensed (or attempted it) in three states, so far. I have also supervised three clinicians that are also licensed in at least two states. Spoiler alert: it’s a gigantic pain.


How to Start a Private Practice in One Day (almost $200)

When I wondered about how to start a private practice, it took forever! First I had to figure out what to do (which was a ton of time) then I had to actually do it. There were people that gave advice, but it was so confusing. Maybe it was because there aren’t as many resources out there, but it seemed like such a huge endeavor to start a private practice!


3 Key Tips to Up Your Game as an Online Therapist

Being an online therapist can be a very rewarding career. The ability to work from anywhere gives us a sense of freedom that cannot be ignored. With this freedom and serenity of our home office comes the responsibility of continually looking for ways to up our game.



Practice Of The Practice

Tommy Griffith did SEO at PayPal and AirBnB and now teaches entrepreneurs how to make e-courses | PoP 394

How do you turn your side-gig into your full-time gig? What are some of the basics of understanding SEO? And how do you launch big ideas such as an e-course?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Tommy Griffith from ClickMinded about all things SEO and how you can scale your practice online whilst giving your clients the most value.

Practice Of The Practice

Joe Chapa on Moral Philosophy and Just War Theory in Military Trauma | PoP 395

Is war morally acceptable? How can we better prepare military people for war psychologically? How can therapists be of more value to their veteran clients?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok dives deep into conversation with Joe Chapa about the complicated and debatable topic of war, military trauma, the moral question marks that surround it, as well as unpacking the ‘Just War’ theory.

Practice Of The Practice

Holly Chantal on Setting Yourself Apart | PoP 396

How do you find your voice and message in private practice? How do you take the next step when you’ve outgrown your initial business goals? And finally, how can you market yourself and your big idea successfully?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Holly Chantal about how to stand out and find your unique voice within your business as well as how she aligns her clients with their next stage of business growth.

Practice Of The Practice

How to Raise Your Rates | PoP 397

Why do you need to raise your rates? When should you raise your rates? And how exactly do you raise your rates?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about why you need to raise your rates every single year, and how to do it, following from the Practice of the Practice YouTube series.

Practice Of The Practice

Michael Ceely on How to Hyper-Niche | PoP 398

How do you find your hyper-niche? How can you combine your passion and your practice? What are some of the steps to take?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Michael Ceely about finding your hyper-niche, combining both your training and your hobbies and becoming an expert in a very particular area.

Practice Of The Practice

The five most common questions I get on leveling up a private practice | PoP 399

When should I level up my rent? Should I add clinicians? How do I rank higher on Google? Can I make more money? How do I leave my full-time job?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about the five most common questions he gets asked on leveling up a private practice. Here he discusses rent, clinicians, Google, money and time.

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