Moving Forward when Exhausted | FP COVID-19 Bonus Episode

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Moving forward when exhausted

Where are we right now as exhausted clinicians and business owners? How can we find balance and surrender? How can you move forward even though you are feeling stressed and exhausted?

In this podcast episode, Whitney Owens focuses on the experience of the therapist and business owner during this crisis.

In This Podcast


  • Where we were four weeks ago
  • Where we are now as exhausted clinicians and business owners?
  • Where we are going and how do we get there
  • How do we find balance and wholeness during our stress and exhaustion?
  • Surrender and trusting the process
  • Accepting this phase of life and giving ourselves more grace
  • Listening to ourselves

Where we were four weeks ago

For us, it was the weekend at the start of Spring break for the kids. I called up a few friends and had discussions about how serious this was. I spoke with 2 of my friends who were doctors and they said that I had to close up my practice for in-person sessions and move over to telehealth. It was a lot to take in, but then I went into ‘go mode’ as I went about figuring out how I was going to set this all up. I was excited, hopeful and had some fear creeping in.

Where we are now as exhausting clinicians and business owners

It’s almost this weird paradox. because this is a time where life has slowed down, so why am I more tired and overwhelmed?

I am more tired than I have ever been in my entire life. Having children, being a practice owner, having my side gig as a consultant, recording podcasts and keeping my marriage intact while we are also doing all the juggling of therapies and school for our kids…. The combination of things at home I find to be the most difficult.

This is over and above the stress of being a business owner. I think about how many clients are coming in, how much money is coming in, am I going to be able to pay my employees, am I going to be able to pay myself?

Where we are going and how do we get there

We can only take people as far as we’ve gone.

I truly still believe this can be a good season in our lives, but you have to handle it the right way! No more doing what everybody else is telling you to do, or what the guilt within you is telling you to do. This is our moment to be changed and to be different and to deal with stuff in our lives.

  1. Surrender – let go of all the things you tell yourself you have to be, trust the process and trust in God. Do the disciplines of prayer, reading the word, being in community with others, gratitude and being quiet.
  2. Accepting this phase of life and giving ourselves more grace – you don’t have to do everything perfectly
  3. Listening to yourself – if you don’t want to do it, don’t force yourself to do it

How do we find balance and wholeness during our stress and exhaustion?

Listen to your soul and what your soul needs right now. Take things off your plate if you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed. It’s okay to rest, its okay to not work so hard. Because you are taking on so much during this pandemic. When you slow down and listen, that’s when you can really care for yourself, your family, clients, and practice. This is a great time to work on your business and get a lot done, but don’t do it unless it’s what you really want to be doing.

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Meet Whitney Owens

Whitney Ownens | Build a faith-based practiceWhitney is a licensed professional counselor and owns a growing group practice in Savannah, Georgia. Along with a wealth of experience managing a practice, she also has an extensive history working in a variety of clinical and religious settings, allowing her to specialize in consulting for faith-based practices and those wanting to connect with religious organizations.

Knowing the pains and difficulties surrounding building a private practice, she started this podcast to help clinicians start, grow, and scale a faith-based practice. She has learned how to start and grow a successful practice that adheres to her own faith and values. And as a private practice consultant, she has helped many clinicians do the same.

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