Podcast 109 | Hollywood Therapist David Silverman

The Hollywood Therapist

In this session, I interview Hollywood Therapist, David Silverman. His counseling and coaching helps those in Hollywood to get more out of life. David reveals exactly how to attract your ideal client.


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PoP Culture Meet David Silverman

counseling private practice consultant David Silverman Here’s how David describes himself:I’ve been interested in practicing psychotherapy since I was about ten years old.   I was in family therapy for years because my brother was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  He was wrapped up in rituals, like washing his hands over and over.  I didn’t think he’d ever be able to change.

Then he did.  He got better.  It didn’t happen overnight, but his life changed profoundly. I watched therapy create a miraculous recovery. A therapist managed to give my brother his life back.  It was pretty inspiring.

So I studied psychology at the school with the most distinguished faculty in the country, Stanford University.  Every professor I learned from was known for breaking new ground in their field.

So I graduated from Stanford with Departmental Honors in psychology.  I took part in a progressive program at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto.  I learned to use evidence-based methods to treat anxiety, depression, compulsive behavior, and veterans experiencing  psychotic symptoms.

Before opening my private practice, I worked at BAART, Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment, working with addicts, using alcohol, cocaine, crack, and heroin.  Many clients were dual diagnosis, with bipolar and addiction, or schizophrenia and addiction.

After that, I worked with the California Victims of Crime Program over a six year period, and still do.  I treat PTSD trauma sufferers, using cutting edge methods, Trauma-Focused CBT and EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.

EMDR is used by the American Red Cross and the World Health Organization.  Its considered the most efficient ever developed for trauma victims.  When earthquakes and tsunamis occur in third world countries, teams of EMDR practitioners are sent in to treat the victims.

I also treated families and individuals Open Paths Counseling Center, using  humanistic methods to deal with individuals dealing with addiction, depression, eating disorders and in couples counseling using witnessing, validation, mirroring, and unconditional positive regard.  I worked there for several years as well. I have worked at Venice High School, counseling students in need of therapy, many of whom had addiction problems, and eating disorders.

I found the work both inspiring, challenging, and gratifying.

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The Pomodoro Technique

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Podcast 109 | Hollywood Therapist David Silverman

[0:00] Music.

[0:07] This is the practice of practice podcast with joe sanok session number one oh nine.

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[0:27] Well i’m joe sam actor host i hope you are doing just absolutely fabulous today.
It is a cold drizzly day in northern michigan but it’s not snow so i hope all is well for you this december.
Holy cow it’s already late december and two thousand fifteen is wrapping up so many things that.
Just are going on before i tell you a little bit about my end of the year can wrap up.
Why don’t you just tell you about brighter vision so brighter vision makes amazing websites and i’ve been getting e-mails from so many people then switched over to doing websites to brighter vision and thus far.
And not that i expect them to drop the ball,
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Get a website to them if you don’t have a website if you have a beautiful website then there’s no reason that you should complain about not having clients cuz you need a beautiful website and super easy now.
So i’m just like the end of the year two thousand fifteen and i’ll talk a little bit more about this in the next episode but.
Holy cow what a busy year like i left my full-time job for full-time private practice and consulting we had the very first most awesome conference in may.

[2:03] We watched so many of those people just to amazing incredible things getting keynote sending therapists and each one and leaving their full-time jobs is just,
it’s just down right amazing to see this thing that we created to have lunch so many people in to the field that they want to be an and that,
they’re doing amazing marketing and learning the learn so much business and it just keeps going so i feel like this thing that we all started kelly marie and julie and i started.
Has really taken a life of it’s on become something more than the four of us could have just created and are on.
So at the end of the year something just to think about before we dive into the interview with david silverman.
I want to just remind you that you need to be looking at your finances on a few big purchases usually accountants recommend that you make those at the end of the year ss the reduce your tax liability look at what expenses you have coming up.
Macau close you are to your tax bracket cuz you know i was looking at it and if you’re a dollar over you’re gonna pay significant.
Yo if the most awesome conference is a good fit head over the mostawesomeconference.com you could buy that ticket now have a new two thousand fifteen money you could spend money and taking people out to eat to connect with them,
there’s a lot of ways that you can reduce your tax liability and so you should probably be meeting with your content.
In less you just can’t on the side not doing a whole lot i think having account pretty early on is pretty darn important.

[3:37] I met with michael yesterday and with my book keeper my wife my wife is my boat keeper cuz she’s way better with keeping track of all that and i am.
And it’s really important think through those things and to evaluate where your money is going and to set financial goals so that money is actually leaving your practice and coming back to your family because that’s super important so.
Like i’m switching over to an s corporation in two thousand sixteen that’s gonna save some tax liability,
and filing that way and work with my account on that i would have no idea how to do that and,
with all the special forms and he just sends me everything is good sign when you to sign and send it off so today we have david silverman.
He is the writer on hollywood therapy blog for psych central he studied at stanford and also did filmmaking at us see he has a prior practice three specializes in therapy and coaching for,
creative professionals with addiction anxiety sex addiction couples problems and trauma and am really say to have me here today so that any further do david silverman.
Well david selling welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.
Hello june with the yeah really glad to have you on here we were emailing back and forth i’m just a little bit about kinda what your private practices like and some of your specialty areas but what if you start with how you got into counseling.
Where go when i was in high school wasn’t kid that’s pretty much what i want to do.

[5:16] Get into it for a bunch of reasons to my brother wasn’t counseling our family that counseling will play and.
Get some pretty interesting to me i read about it in the high school kids and now.
Where to school and next lose your manager.
When i was away at school started writing like short stories and things and operating on.
To tv shows in the screen presence things tonight and it up you see seminar.
On excel how was working tv show as a writer so.

[6:01] You have a career shift from starting in counseling and wanting to head that direction so how did that happen we just can’t wait for may be casually writing to then find yourself working for a tv show.

[6:13] Yeah you were decided in advance more meet some short little homes.
When i plug it uses the most to see if i can get in there’s a pretty big the august at the time is one of the better schools in.
Set was at the masters level at that point in america.
Weather guy uc reverses serious what do you want to be.
George lucas or compla never somebody was gonna lease oscars so everything games interested in timing seems me a heads-up.
Mystery for tv shows that reduce the risk of specs option ninety nine for a section.
We are gonna start to pitch a working man jefferson’s december way back or yeah.
Then we solar first couple of days and then somebody.
On a show like the words again for about us all xe ra for the.
A good fun time position working on the show one day at a time which back in the eighties.
Is hannah groundbreaking show about a single woman raising two daughters by herself so does.

[7:48] I was like christianity yeah to my gosh the tv show about that lol bubbles lol so that’s.
That’s almost like a lot alike me know how else to explain it and.
The sting pretty good and the right places right home and it was a lot of.
What is something you also took the time to just work on your craft you know you didn’t just say you must have some talent of their inviting you into that program and so you took the time to build that craft as well.
Right i did something ugly that so.
You the best on your help session classes of course house me writers.
Broke us that this is something that.

[8:43] You have to come do it to learn it is one of those things just keep working at.
Ends and today i work with writers out to get them.
To get into the professional writing place so how did you go from riding for tv shows to doing counseling.

[9:07] What’s an interesting story because tv on for a long time all.
I was just reading a blog i read the book is plug for a hundred there be for six central.
What i didn’t take on topics about people in the industry in the psychology what’s going on with them.
And those is about how to create a career longevity but reinventing yourself as an unhappy and we.

[9:39] Well after the kinds of jobs like we went from bitter big joke shows like working in the in the jefferson’s to.
Two big men to women show was bad again single mom that.

[10:03] Hello so you can re-invent ourselves after while we’re doing innovation jason dark or.
Animation like south park in the things like one where he works with probably when some of the people you carry.
There’s a bar husband how will she learn.

[10:32] But my heart is so robin williams all this great stuff is the anime.

[10:40] And the back my head somewhere else what the bulb going to therapy.

[10:46] And there’s room with my life is guys name was dennis palumbo and hidden something.

[10:55] You written on welcome back kotter and so had written agree from script for the.
One race go forward and it was really fun and using.
Suddenly stopped riding in speaking with airbus mr reading a publishing books and.
The second religious friends can earn the writers and actors that some apply the cat.

[11:35] So if it’s interesting how your you a can i had this mentor this person you look up to you and then he.
Make that jump and a kind of reinvigorate something in you that have been there for a long time before you kind of took this other path is in do you just jump back into school,
to become a therapist or did you like can i have many for a while before you really took some action good wording for all that all will always.
Tune in radio app and reset so south park and.
So you at some point during his decided to go back and get my degree.
A car is it good on the twelfth december two braces will.
Then it got degree and seven point and the writers guild newsletter which the industry newsletter goes out to screenwriters and.
Search for his life in the post so i started.
Looking around for what to write in that style in sex central so that’s what read the blog there.
So what’s the tummy little to no that you read for psych central so why,
let’s tell people little bit more about psych central that maybe are familiar with it so you what psych central why do you see that as can when your first places that you started writing.

[13:05] Yeah six iphones really think the must have.
That’s when forty eight hundred lockers never stop to tell over interesting images.

[13:22] So that’s the people about creativity on their tuition find interesting so.
Yeah i approach them sexually brand and kelly had.
Mentioned to it’s a group of us.
We work with a marketing class with the business school boot camp red metrics litre thick and they said they’re gonna start writing for this.
For sex and to my server and just put together a blog writing sample and send it to them and.

[14:04] And they said that so it pretty interesting angles and has been spent a lot of interest rate of.
Always interesting things from in hindsight i just realize how difficult all these things were to do you have to go into.
Room in touch to see your technology or her hey so we’re trying to laughing eight o’clock in the morning and noticed someone who really stressful things so that the.
What’s the other my head.
You know what some of the tricks i learned along with a something different counselor now to no avail i.
With that kind of performance and to.
And also just been writing blogs about how to process works of people feel comfortable walking into a room like that only to those.
That’s the one i always gonna be something going on in hollywood that you can talk about from a psychological for,
it’s like you’re always gonna have fodder whether it’s in a pitching whether it’s okay angle your taking our who knows you not the year.
Yeah blog that’s kind of your gossip block but it’s like you’re being able to,
think through how are you successful in that arena and what are the psychological techniques that you can implement i mean i’m sure that there’s no ceiling to that type of writing is.

[15:38] Yeah there’s a appears on everything box that were about in.
Some people lisbon in the actress who passed away recently did a call as soon as.

[15:56] Mackenzie childs why work with when the time who ended up writing that.

[16:03] Non-fiction the fire fear her story was pretty amazing.

[16:13] Turn the certs is it the where she was actually having sex with your father with.

[16:22] She was having to smoking hot water father at twelve on least really scary things and.
Where she was into drugs in a drug house there shoes using cocaine.
And shit into eventually got fired for it to learn to talk about how she shut up her womb before being on the today show things like that and then you can about.
All the stuff we keep thinking about it and.
And i will contact or since we were together in and out more about what’s going on with her and she’s part of a great organization call writers in treatment.

[17:10] A big which is in the organization these great creative people so so what year did you start reading for psych central.
What’s the,
about last year’s game soon as he starts this new way to get yourself out there to tell me about your practice how to house the impact your practice hose that helped in regards to just acquiring clients.

[17:38] It’s been it’s been agree with me and writers especially from.

[17:46] It looked i put the blogs and there’s a million lol facebook groups about.
Is there rain or their screenwriters or there’s a ten minute novelist group which i find very interesting will that we think will break and they write you notes for pages.
And they’ve actually been quite welcome fuse how so.
The ants in there and i’m talking about things about house offers him a rejection things like that so how do you sign on the,
you know in facebook early dinner wherever it can come across as really spammy if you just jump into a group and then say come to my counseling services how do you avoid coming across as spammy in those groups while still.
Helping pictures of a little bit.
Right now i’m just put the articles out there and it’s good advice is research in the topic for will.
Rejection i mean some people think about the first group.
As this is the one that’s good do with me track chevy or share and make memories of dollars and everything on this one script.
Hello you just get put that much pressure one thing its like to the eggs in one basket so.
What you have to start thinking about is working on lots of projects and having projects to stages.

[19:20] And then they can get away from this thinking that is one project is gonna make it.
So you so rejections do you have in i have lots and lots of other things going for you in it and that’s the way most writers producers are in.
In hollywood today they got lots of different irons in the fire some other than that so you put the device out there people.
Mr interact like they may just.
Comments on the blog in you’d we still discussion i don’t really push the.
The fact that a coach in to therapy right.
It’s it’s it’s on the blog at the bottom of the bleachers sure.
Sign up too much flour know that they make sense and i think that’s good advice for people that are in facebook groups are linked in groups or whatever groups are in,
is it just off a really good content offer blog post that are relevant to the conversation and then,
you at the end we’re bio is or where ever it appropriate you you can put links to what you’re doing and then people if they want you they’ll click on that but it’s not just like in their face like you come to counseling with david.
Write you notes buy as the number ending kelly always say it’s about building relationships.
That’s the most people responsive those and always pm me on facebook.

[20:57] You know you love about room projects and so no.
Listen sometime this summer stuff to read i’ve read in some comments and i think there.
So so when you’re working with people from hollywood have always irons in the fire how do you help them,
like focus cuz if you have ten different things your working in me you might be half way done with a bunch of like how do you help people organize multiple projects that think that,
that’s true counselor sue you know we could be spending time on twitter we could be blocking we could be hate shaking hands with doctors we could be to all these different things to promote a private practice like how do you help people,
horny and i’m here’s the thing is working right now read all yeah it’s easier for me to prioritize to help them or is.
Given that i am been through this and i know the trouble from but still working on a certain kinda projects.

[21:59] It takes place during the civil war what’s gonna gust hundred million dollar.
And if god wanted projection me cost nine to ten million that’s a romantic comedy.
Imma takes place current they think the compressor it isn’t terms of practical with but they’re more likely to sell.
Gotcha so they would look at and where can i get the quickest return on investment where the other folks don’t have to invest so much in the movie or the show.
Right yeah yeah changing rules of my students from a lot of money on movies unless they are guaranteed a big pay back like that’s some nice equals.
So ladies and remix position of factor in that you know.
This or me money or less when it becomes book like fifty shades of grey and owners are huge audience out there for sure so they’re always minimize interest such as two people from.
That’s the reason i got made was sensors and it’s now if you are reading for an.
So that way with you may end up with a great screenplay at the end of the day but i just can’t give them some practical guide and sometimes just time management general.
Really wasn’t that recently too there’s is some interesting.
Programs there’s there’s getting it done it’s a program that some of these developed.

[23:36] Then a lot of executives used to prioritize and get things done.
Six different projects it just helps you.
Sort and prioritize things yeah it’s and when procrastination tuesday some interesting things out there.
So we did this great research on.
Humanistic apartment or the switches is santa tomato timer the fan in the kitchen.
I am doris italian for for tomato with a lot of twenty five minutes was the was the perfect length of time to be working on some.
And then take a break.

[24:27] Is reading this book right now called talk like ted and they look at the science of ted talks and they’re talking about why you know an eighteen minute ted talk is ideal for help people sort information and how people tend to,
start over verbalize and after that you know eighteen to twenty five minute mark.
And they can’t can get to the point so it is paid based on some research why ted talks are so so influential in such a short period of time.
Right right turns out that if you if you write as if there was any good for twenty five minutes and.
When you take a break you get a lot more done sitting around being overwhelmed is so secrets like breaking things into manageable.
Chunks instead of staying at the blank page and think right this whole screenplay.
If not you talk about having to break the sun into outlines.
Twenty two ec three the certain thing tops let it sort of like,
you know the half hour before you and i got to skype i was working and doing some editing a podcast and i said to myself i wanna do the intro and conclusion of two podcast of the music said it all added in the half hour,
it’s like the work that you do will fill the time that you give to it and,
magically i got to podcast didn’t half an hour and we’re as if i give myself two hours to do probably go back through and tinker with and that the deadline just can help you get so much more done in a short period of time.

[26:10] Right that’s that’s my and i found that one to be interested in the research into.
I found there’s apps there’s probably hundreds pomodoro technique abs and what they are mostly it’s the little timer’s that have tomato double the.
And thanks for all of a min then it work like you know like you’ve got a deadline and then to breaks and so.
Did you ever ward also yeah,
well i am moving can the show notes to your blog and then also maybe your favorite one of those getting it done type apps sell david tell me,
what are some more kidding strategies that you are continuing to do that help you grow private practice clients that sounds like,
can a creating relationships in in facebook groups is the big one and being can have a tremendous value in those facebook groups writing blog posts any other marketing things that are working really well for your private practice right now.

[27:15] Let’s see what else is working be getting some good word of mouth.
I’ve been like a say advertising in right magazines.
There’s more and and some other make it make since the reach writers.
Some to try to appeal to the novelists and it’s the people’s wall.
My grandson world.

[27:50] The nationals green writers association that were writers block.

[27:57] And there’s another one.

[28:01] How to get rid of the jobs in this in the studio system like there’s a river.
The job in becoming a story allison’s the guys who read the screenplay is hot and they.

[28:19] They are the ones who.

[28:22] It ran a short synopsis for producers too busy to do this and then break it down.
Enter the three of structure and looks at the pacing the dialogue the characters issue plot all this stuff in the integrated and the.
Also you get a pastor recommends and that’s the truth replaced to learn a lot of business.
And it’s also a place where you going to meet people who could be important in your career your.
Possibly this cost you in it watch the person remind movie directed on job that and.
Well sounds like in the same way that movies and movie producers try to mitigate the risk in regards to find the things there are to kinds of established with,
psych central it was already established you jumped on their on facebook you joining groups that are lost and what it sounds like you’re not creating a lot of things that are brand new but instead can adding value to communities rd exist and.
Is that accurate summary of may be part of your strategies then we’ll sells for the.
What’s like what i’m doing and then the seminars to tell customers that for.
Yeah i just had actually gotten quite a few comments on the claim her interest so.

[29:58] And what super stations were in indiana very clear natural mean you writers in hollywood or yeah that’s very clear,
can a group that you can target to sew david solomon tell me if every counselor in america we’re listening right now,
what would you want them to know this is a question i was and interviews with would you like counselors across america to now.

[30:21] I would actually like them to just realizes so many approaches.
And so many ways to help people and it’s not overlook the fact.
At least you suck at one modalities percent and just hoping to consider so many things to do.
Thanks again dr busting through but there’s no this nero linguistic programming is all these great movies things can i think.

[30:58] It’s something doesn’t work for a client my phone something else that really does and i think more people should be open to.
Making those kind of choices tell the people your working with.
Wonderful david silverman how can people connect with you if they if they wanna connect with your blog with you.
Well it’s two tickets for the blog witches hollywood there be at six central and um.
If it is not using the find out there and they might learn something interesting.
Create in level two and the shyness to of your driving or running or doing dishes or whatever your doing why you listen to this podcast.
David silverman thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be on the practice the practice podcast has a wonderful time out there in hollywood.
Alright thank you so much and thanks again for having.

[31:52] Music.

[32:15] So this episode is actually going live on my birth.
Twenty second of december so actually listening to and probably watching the new star wars in imax three d we finally got imax here in traverse city.
In star wars three is gonna be the first movie i’ve seen there and support so will always.

[32:39] What is the quick side note so i can i think they look at the past fire looks like the tie fighter and so.
Whenever i would certainly put a pastor in my kids mouth when they’re little i would go to dan dan dan dan dan dan dance and now whenever i do that.
Like that the music.
Both of my girls are really excited to associate with that the past in a compound is coming and so it’s really funny that their father is this like background music associated.
So exciting in two years into your brain i hope you’re december holidays with every celebrate are going fabulous or have gone tables for will go fabulous and just so awesome to spend time with family friends and.
Have a great time and keep up the amazing work you guys do you are an incredible bunch thanks for letting me in tears into your brain and head over to greater vision dot com for such go.
To get thirty nine bucks a month for your website super awesome right packages of.

[33:48] Music.

[33:56] This podcast designed by acura thirtieth information and get the subject matter.
Is given with the understanding that the host publisher of gas surrendering legal cutting clinical or other professional information in a professional should find one and the music today was by sweet play in silence.

[34:14] The standing order have an awesome.

[34:18] Music.

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