Podcast 95 | How to Rock the Media with Dr. Julie Hanks

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For Dr. Julie Hanks, rocking the media seems so easy. She helps us discover how we can find media outlets that reflect who we are and the clients we want to attract.

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PoP Culture meet Dr. Julie Hanks

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.13.03 PMJulie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD, MSW, LCSW is a self-care evangelist, author, relationship expert, media contributor, blogger, speaker, songwriter licensed therapist with over 20 year experience counseling women, couples and families. In addition to owning Wasatch Family Therapy, LLC and serving as executive director, Dr. Hanks is a national and local emotional health and relationship expert and media personality, and top online mental health influencer with an extensive and engaged social media following.

After speaking to large women’s groups of Latter-day Saint women on preventing emotional burnout for a decade and working with hundreds of women in her clinical practice who were overwhelmed and felt “never good enough”, Dr. Hanks felt compelled to write her first book The Burnout Cure: An Emotional Survival Guide for Overwhelmed Women.

As an award-winning performing songwriter, “Julie de Azevedo” has written dozens of songs, contributed to numerous projects, and produced 10 solo CD’s over the past 25 years. Her most recent CD “Masterpiece: The Best of Julie de Azevedo” is a collection of her best-loved songs.

Dr. Hanks’ most valuable experience has been “in the trenches” of family life as a wife to Jeff Hanks and mother of 4 children. She enjoys sunshine, taking long naps, social media, reading, writing, and eating a lot of chocolate.

Resources from this Podcast

Julie’s Private Practice Toolbox: http://www.privatepracticetoolbox.net/

Rock the Media School: www.rockthemediaschool.com

Help a Reporter Out: helpareporterout.com

Julie’s last podcast interview: https://practiceofthepractice.com/get-attention-media-interview-julie-de-azevedo-hanks-msw-lcsw/

10 reasons to be media savvy


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What you’ll discover in this private practice podcast:

7:01 How one email changed everything

7:20 How to get the attention of Real Simple

14:02 The dance party with Julie

21:01 How to increase your community involvement

28:42 How to determine where to spend you media time

35:04 What Julie’s course is like

39:54 What Julie does when she’s driving + Periscope

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Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC

Joe Sanok Private Practice ConsultantJoe Sanok is an ambitious results expert. He is a private practice business consultant and counselor that helps small businesses and counselors in private practice to increase revenue and have more fun! He helps owners with website design, vision, growth, and using their time to create income through being a private practice consultant. Joe was frustrated with his lack of business and marketing skills when he left graduate school. He loved helping people through counseling, but felt that often people couldn’t find him. Over the past few years he has grown his skills, income, and ability to lead others, while still maintaining an active private practice in Traverse City, MI. To link to Joe’s Google+ .







Podcast Transcription

Podcast 95 | How To Rock The Media With Dr. Julie Hanks

Podcast 95 | How To Rock The Media With Dr. Julie Hanks

Joseph R. Sanok: Counselor, Private Practice Owner, Marketing Expert, And Consultant
The Practice of the Practice Podcast: Small Business Growth | Marketing | Blogging | Small Business

For Dr. Julie Hanks, rocking the media seems so easy. She helps us discover how we can find media outlets that reflect who we are…
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[0:00] Music.

[0:27] Go to unlock your post thank you so much for joining me today while i hope your week is going awesome.
I know most of you listen on tuesdays and we have had so many people that have been binge listening lately i mean it’s just it’s killer it’s so cool,
i mean for us to listen through in ninety five episodes i mean people that i said i started at episode whatever then i went back to number one and listen all the way through.

[0:53] Man what the time commitment you guys are doing is just such a dedication to launching your practice and,
i especially wanna shout out all the grad students out there and people that haven’t even launched a practice yet,
it’s crazy to get your email sent to see how much dedication you’re putting in before you even like have a practice and,
i know that is gonna come back to you just in such a powerful way on the putting in that learning at the beginning the biggest piece of advice though,
is don’t over learn just get started get going hon start taking action on things even if it’s just starting a blog while you’re in grad school you can always do a permanent redirect later on and save all the ceo juice so,
don’t don’t think you have to be perfect to launch cuz if you saw my first website it was ugly.
Speaking of not ugly websites our sponsor this month has been brightervision.com they totally rocked me,
beautiful websites they only do therapist websites there the leader,
and for only fifty nine bucks a month you can get a website and when you look at the cost of hosting website redesign a co worker all the different things to go into launching a website,
such a great monthly deal,
for a private practice website so head over brightervision.com for slash go in and you can get a discount there,
the first handful of people are gonna get a free month for free in illinois that you talk to perry over there and it’s just gonna be awesome.

[2:24] So today i have the amazing dr julie hanks back on the show her podcast interview was one of the most listened to podcast that i’ve ever done and it’s one i reference,
all the time,
because she gave such great advice in regards to have a private practice with the other counselors so without any further ado i give you dr julie hanks,
julie walked back to the practice the practice podcast thank you so much joe it’s great to be back here oh my gosh like i love having you on and so often i go back to the previous interview i did with you your whole.
Thing about how your hand picked counselors to be in your practice so you able to hand people off,
i use that all the time with my consulting clients in my own time of.

[3:12] Really be helpful that just makes the lights of the same class is that was it works haha does only one over anyone building a private practice with extra clinicians like it is an essential interview and,
so many people still wanna top downloaded interviews so thanks for doing that and then when you back.
I’m excited in the beginning no so i was texting you just asking her how her rock the media school launch was going and if there are still spots and,
we are just texting back and forth on that and she had some open spots me so why don’t we get you on the podcast and talk about.
How do you get in the media because that like when you are the most awesome conference that’s the thing i think most people resonated with and since may,
holy cow look at that cohort of people that are the most awesome conference centre kill it i know and that was what you two hours of training is not yet so.
I love it i love it i’m also giving their names to people to go we got an interview this person has been so and it just it makes me so excited for especially like to have six weeks of people to.
Really what’s up this is what you need to say this is how you can buy them back so i guess i want to just hear some of the stories from the most awesome conference people that,
like any that can come to mind are examples because,
so often if we had julie’s like this big rock stash is super cool of course of the media but people don’t understand how their people the most awesome time.

[4:43] Is that i had never sent an email to any media anybody and they running killer things within like,
a day late but we had some part of my workshop with people had to send an email pitch to someone some responded to help recorder out some followed up on.
Other opportunities immediately i wanna gas log on this website or whatever trying to get out the media social media and even like.
With our people are getting responses so i taught him how to respond to,
help recorder out there is a very specific way to respond gets results it in my you know my experience is so cool so i can think of the biggest,
yes one recently and was born get something pretty big i feel like,
yeah was she leaned against the tv yeah i don’t even know if anything i should have anything to do with that was awesome i will,
yeah so sending it to you now back from help reporter let’s just looking and talk through what would you do then so help recorder out what is that i know you talk to little bit about in the past yeah what’s her back,
so that has been,
the most helpful thing in terms of my building my media presence i started several years ago and i just whenever i see something that is you coming with in my wheelhouse i,
i should offer response and so it’s basically reporters and journalists from all over that are submitting to candidate interview.

[6:16] Someone on x why or z system of a lifestyle summer business there’s all different categories so i keep an eye on that and respond and you never know,
who’s your actually responding to see if they can put their names adopt anonymous if and i have had some really great opportunities to that,
for example a i one of the anonymous ones i responded to was a wall street journal journalist,
who invests in this interview ended up using my publishing my picture with the comic is crazy not just respond to this little thing and then that,
interview it was on.
Help stop people stopping stop pointing was kind of that have you help people stop whining and then that ended up like with a fox and friends national interview and still it still lives on i just, real simple called in air article about stop pointing because i was called in the article,
two years ago on my dash to do it i’ll funny decide nothing about real also when i was in like a flight to europe they had like these magazines you could pick whatever and the cover and real simple is nice i’m reading it and,
like i get really real simple and then like something clicked require all these articles and women and then like i was like all.
I get it like this is the magazine that like i’m not their target audience they love it if it wasn’t maybe you are just so dies the like fashion and stuff off of my houses.

[7:55] It’s going to some good stuff simplify in all areas are yeah so does everything article like to the quote your new the other article or do they reconnect with you know they.

[8:08] Didn’t reconnect they connected they found me because,
probably for key words research stop whining and that article comes up and then things come on my website and like the.
Can you about how your ideas for helping kids,
she’s an adults stop whining and so it was a brand new interview but my guess is that she found because i have whining as a keyword i have a lease to.
What street journal and anyway so that’s just an example of how i want to maximize that.
And then now i build relationships with jules where i don’t really pitch anything anymore people regularly.

[8:54] Contact me cake will be about this and they just keep coming back so it’s great cuz i’m not having to do these pictures that may or may not.
Get responded to yet so tell me about like what was your practice like before you started taking the media seriously and then you start doing this more intentionally like what happened over that see year to after your more intentional on it,
yeah you know so my it also coincided with the,
economic recession right so i started just before was it two thousand eight or nine anyway.

[9:29] That’s really started hitting it and what happened wasn’t my heart just grew exponentially during the worst economic,
time that we have seen in recent years yeah and the only thing i was doing different than then,
anybody know why is.

[9:52] Consistent media and social media presence and connecting all of that together to build trust with my local and the local communities and then it be on that and so.
For a private hey.

[10:10] No contracts nothing hipster for private cash pay only practice to grow from for a service to.
You know close to twenty and that’s like a huge red what pretty times that for twenty job,
let’s see england to that was probably fish.

[10:33] Buy to seven years ashes to knock down your adding three or four people year depending on the year,
and two more locations to and from your location yet on my dash okay and then rinse it wasn’t,
you know it’s kinda this experiment that actually work is fun happens when i try it and yeah so then it and,
You are you not seeing clients now in your private practice to do make the shift recently ass yeah i guess in december i retired from clinical practice and basically i am,
doing your mentoring private practice consulting and training therapist at work in my practice and then i’m doing.
Primary content creation i’m working on my second book i’m writing gas logs and blog articles and do tv interviews and,
like that’s it built into this thing where i am that’s really what i’m loving right a lot of time and it is so.

[11:37] I had i had no idea that is what of all the sweet is,
i am really really enjoying it well and i think you know one thing from getting snagged the most awesome conference and just like sitting around after everyone would leave just hearing your family story to look for some of us it’s like.
Entertainment or as media it’s like so boring but it’s like your family gets together and you have a different,
dynamic you have a dynamic that yeah death encourages this and this is very natural extension of who you are so maybe i.
I think it’s important as you’re watching back to media school you’re not just it now you just decide here and then it happened that you do,
i’m the whole package when it comes to like teaching about the media so maybe take his back like tell us about,
is there a mutant ninja turtles so i grew up in la,
almost everyone i knew was in the entertainment industry and my dad was producer capital records he’s a musician composer and,
my uncle is the original leonardo on the turtles my one of the most impressive things in your family it from your leonardo in your,
totally not clifford i’m.

[12:52] And let’s see my grandma and her sisters were one in the big band era and they ended up having a tv show for a couple of years in the late sixties.

[13:03] Anyway so now that i just thought that was normal.
But when you’ve got color bangs with the little later not but so he heated acting different things like that so,
my grandpa had.
Clark gable the anyway just kinda crazy so so fast forward and i have a lot in the siblings agreement everybody is,
entrepreneurial creative expressive in some way and it’s a thing as part of our family culture to.
Put ourselves out there like to take that risk of being visible and now with that comes a lot of opportunities also a lot of,
chris is okay so that’s part of it but i kind of interested in that world and i also have a performing songwriter career for the last,
best was three years and.
And so i’ve we had a dance party the other lucia like this did you ever remix of your song let it,
hi just like what are you trying so i i’m used to putting myself out there are.
Perform spoken concert all over the country for.
Nothing is stressful solely stressful but it’s part of what the norm for me when i really think it’s important for people to understand about,
working is you don’t have to do tv you don’t have to like.

[14:40] You don’t have to do what you wanna do this may be an alarm for six but i don’t wanna be doing what you’re doing what you don’t have to,
please don’t at least from don’t do it what if you focus on really building key relationships with your local media,
that speak to your ideal client in your community like,
that’s awesome and if you just like doing radio and you be the therapist go to radio interview person and i will teach you how to do that how to build those relationships who to contact how to get invited back how to become a regular,
so it can be the biggest party it could be you don’t have to put your face or even your voice out there there’s nothing,
it’s over such important points because there is the one and where it’s like you know you can go super big tv cnn all that but even just like being on local radio or,
guest blogging for local therapist like all of that is gonna give you closure exactly or pitching regular call my helped a lot,
or at least a handful of people at most awesome conference about that i,
okay where are you like what are your ideal client reading what website to the going to let’s get you a regular convo on you on target for what your passion is in your big messages,
to the world and so you can i think that’s really important you do not have to do things that cause you in give you panic attacks are you can take it small or as big.

[16:14] As big as you like and you can start small and then can i go back to the course and do it again with the difference,
the light in my eyes so so i think me is like a case study like i didn’t have the hardcastle i can get some,
great benefit taking a break so right now i’m on local radio every other week like as a column therapists that,
they give me full like i can just decide what i wanna talk about it right for our local newspaper once a month,
it’s me that’s the only paper really know the machine that i mean there’s other ones but they’re the ones that the medical marijuana stuff and i don’t really wanna be like associate with the,
papers cuz it’s not your client so got that going and then kind of your blog once a week on my own site so where would you take me or would you encourage me if i wanted to expand from the seven people that are working and,
mint ones counted twenty over the next couple years yeah so what i would do is adding to that so,
so part of what i love to teach us how to connect all of those pieces so it’s not just like you do a radio interview or you do those hearts are you posting all those radio interviews on your website.

[17:26] No they shouldn’t all be on the website with a little blurb,
because that is social proof of expertise look joe is that you know the person in michigan to go to what area in northern southern northern michigan that’s why so.
Are you treating so you put it on your website every single one you tweet you posted you put it on google plus you whatever social media right so hundreds and hundreds thousands of people can.
See your name.

[17:59] And see that somebody else is presenting you as an expert and that is so valuable i don’t think there’s understand how valuable is for,
a news caster who has not transferred,
begin date in your community to say now here’s john cena in a bubble buster talks about this by mistake does that make sense of your maximizing those.
Media hits because we really that the easy thing is just doing that.
The interviews or the q and a is a whatever on but the other is maximized that.

[18:39] Interview to build credibility to build a presence to build trust it’s really not building trust with your community.
Okay so really just like the content creation is great but make sure really link it all together rights of that,
everyone on there should be a blog post with no answer this question about this you know shelley’s marriage and parenting this a the child who is starving school and whatever the summary as to put,
put that in there and close the mp three of the interview so that’s one thing i always ask for that,
is there a link or asking to post its a video posted online send you the mp three i always get the interview,
in your hands so you can use that and re purpose that serves say they don’t do that on your podcast or even record it like.
Is that what else can i do with that i don’t know of a recording and posting anywhere steve multiple are in this is really really small know it’s pretty big.
But also part of what you can ask for because i’m assuming you’re doing this for,
in a pay big bucks to do this year i running okay it’s look at a lot of their people to come and pay to be on there were is like there be still like you your younger content come on and we can not get paid to do it,
exactly so great but don’t pay for don’t pay for anything.
Like that of because people can smell that it’s paid for it to down talk shit so basically what you say you’re providing a service for free you’re not having to pay to be honest but.

[20:17] And you want to make sure you’re maximizing that exposure so it may be that if you continue to do it this frequently that you say.
Part of what i need from you that would really help is an mp three within twenty four hours after each interview so i can post it i will link to your website i will,
right so it’s actually helping them okay.
Great stereo have medium crystal to host listen to this to be like the very idea is so get your content in raw form that you can re purpose and use and then link back to them,
because then you expose them to an international audience that they might,
you are a lease for people in your community minimum so is it worth getting that mp three transcribed like the next level thing or is it in me and would that help.
In my eyes i mean i’ve never done i just getting summaries because at this point i just yeah i don’t know if i wanna even managed someone who’s.
Doing that the back of the really cool and what also you could do with that transcript is not posted with mp three.

[21:31] You can re purpose it into a blog post that is where,
i want a video right you take that same continent because you re start it off is brilliant ideas really it help you minds blown across the singer,
no heat like out of control with like too much information to,
so you can take each of those and do a q and a blog post so that one hour interview could be potentially what seventy six,
lock this share it easy to have so i factor in the philippines whose rd transcribing for me and is handed to get more work and he doesn’t uploaded now to wordpress and some and i could just have him do.
Totally and then to see how to take that one interview and you’re doing that straight in your reaching some people but if you put it on line and then you share it you social media,
and it’s good stuff and people will share it people will comment about it then you re purpose the same content in different forms,
so that’s how it looks like i’m just writing every day all day because i’m re purpose saying.

[22:41] We don’t really good interview with us you know i did a interview friday magazine like o’clock do tv segment on that same topic or is right so.
Not everything has to be like this or shattering brand new idea it is really taking good ideas and then putting them in different forms that will help build trust and credibility and that is what makes people,
painful feet to see you is there no you and i trust you and i like what you have to say.
Wow okay so that’s my thanks for taking friday and consulting with me live do you are so welcome that’s yeah you could take that so much.
Abby in beyond where you are and his sin to feel that trust with a guy is gonna say i’m often with my consulting clients.
We’re talking about media social media and online presence because they all go together to like the same thing in my mind how i will say.

[23:45] And,
okay so i work with a lot of people and i for the first time they get on my website on the go to private practice to box dot net click on consulting they will pay they will send me their goals and i will call them or skype them at that time is awesome so i,
why did you why did you pay me money before you even talk to me why did you hire me.
And tell me well i’ve been reading your blog for three years i do have to say i’m in your private practice what’s facebook group you know i see enormous at like i.
So basically they tell me that i have served them for several years already like i have earned their trust,
even now i don’t know i don’t know them to recognize the name right they have seen,
we regularly on social media posting things that serve them and help them build the practice i’ve been sharing your resources and other people’s resources that i trust like that’s exactly the same thing and why a client,
would hire you and pay,
out of pocket ceo jeff flake has the point where we just said about how you share my resources i’ll share yours and you kelly marie and the four of us have done a lot to promote each other.
I think what’s what is applicable to a small private practice is look at the people in your town,
the media can dominating private practice and connect with them like start sharing their work start connecting with.

[25:16] Sam can they’ll then open up an audience that’s this different maybe the audience that you would be open to interest or private practice and i,
and when you connect the dots influencers that a few steps ahead of you it helps you grow as well.
Exactly and some people are totally not.
Not respond to that yet and you know what that’s okay like when my philosophy is there is no such thing as competition like if we elevate our field it helps everyone.
Grow the pie instead of fighting over tiny sliver of snow twenty five you know how so i always use the analogy of sushi you know like five years ago ten years ago most towns have maybe one little sushi place but then it’s like as people started to,
discover how delicious sushi is like it never even smaller city has multiple sushi places and they’re not fighting over the competition they’re just popping up all over the place,
right because there’s people that value it,
and that’s my philosophy there to it that brings me to another social media mistake that therapist will make in a with blogging and sharing things on line is,
it really.

[26:29] I don’t share more my foot is sixty percent other people’s stuff forty percent my stuff because.

[26:38] You know that’s social media is about networking and sharing and having conversations not about.
Treating our lease of white people to go to for therapy they ask you have to serve them become known as,
v trusted person in helping new parents and your gonna curate all of the best stuff yeah on to your resume washington post for disease control all these like a thirty-eight of places,
your local community is this our new dentist maybe share links to a local women’s birthing center if that’s your argument it it doesn’t have to be limited just to our field and it.
Do not let it just your content right because that’s not the point and people.
Can’t tell whether you care or not and that’s the number one thing is like it people wanna know that you care and when they do that they will.
They trust you know hire you and i really do care and is not like pretend to care i think about my tribes.
Every day several times a day this you know her taxes they would love this oh i’m sure this great love article by joe cuz you know which is or stick it out there so helpful my some thinking about.
It because i care yeah,
one thing for sure and return on investment calculator i just launched i really appreciate that oh no problem see that’s it’s like this is awesome.

[28:09] I’m like messing with bed and yeah i have another one and work is like since so many people responded to it i contacted the code or in eastern europe the hell,
me with that and so he’s now putting together how to leave your job calculator see,
plug in all the things from your paycheck to be like how much after making private practice to make an order using an my gosh i love,
i love that your brain works differently than mine is like i just.
The yeah that’s awesome yeah i’m a big picture you’re like you’re so good with those details like ten things down so thank y’all think you so i just had a question that oh so.
I often talk to people that i’m doing consulting with and they’ll say something like oh i need to launch a pod,
depression anxiety whatever their specialty is by the only serve people locally they know that way to serve people internationally and nationally,
maybe you could talk a little bit about can knowing your target market and then choosing what you their social media or regular media you choose based on your target market.
Yeah and that is that so important work actually go over that comes up the first week and really focus on like okay what’s your message who are you trying to reach and one medium for social media out or on-line outlets will,
well get you what you are looking for yet so so if you are,
looking for local clients.

[29:42] It’s you want to focus your media efforts locally okay shocking like it is so awesome that if you want a national park as but that is not gonna reach.

[29:55] Your immediate goal of keeping your practice open and building trust with your community.
So i was rather than you national park as i was starts speaking to your ideal client in your community,
where are your ideal client re gathering get your face in front of them with your message your passion start writing for the,
the top local websites news outlets where ever your ideal clients are reading are going you’re gonna be in front of.
Impressed visually in person and that’s where i really start if you’re looking for local clients yet.
Notwithstanding of you’re trying to do consulting or something it’s more national or international and focus on something that does that in the media.
Right right and that’s why when i started logging on private practice i ie,
i didn’t use like central because that’s they have an international audience and i wanted to talk to people all over the world in your not just therapists in my city,
right so yeah so depending on who you’re trying to reset and inform which media outlets local or national and then specifically which ones in your community and then how,
then there’s different ways to approach.
What’s so yes i wanna talk more about rock the media school because i feel like the story behind it is fun and everybody’s.

[31:25] He hear about all these new e courses and blah blah blah and it’s sometimes hard to figure which one should i do should i do business global cafe director media scotia do the consultant school like,
we all are can’t,
flight we were just talking with julio is it kelly and in julie we’re just kind of chatting right after you’d had your media can a presentation was awesome conference who,
and kelly and i were sitting next to each other during someone else’s presentation and we were just like we are we more excited about,
talking about julie’s rack the media school been sitting in this presentation so we can disappeared and just what the fuck established if we could just like,
help julie what we and it was so supportive when i tell the story about in that in that i was a participate in that class next year and the presenter said you know.
What’s your property and i said well i’m considering doing this like i’m,
rock me the course and then everybody just turn your yeah yeah would you hate number okay let’s go let’s get is don’t let the doctor be.
Your intelligence gets out okay how many weeks admitted in was so fond so fast all so,
so that wasn’t coming very beginning stages of it and i’m sure that some things have changed or adapted as to like what it’s going to be so,
don’t tell me where you’re at with it now like what’s with the user experience gonna be for people that are part of rock the media school cat yeah so.
Is going so like how it’s gonna be late half the verses in it also somebody after his podcast the sign up for it and then like what happens next yeah okay.

[33:03] Great so what when they will expect is they will be added to a private facebook group that’s,
actually it was open up to dance i am working on my,
mr the newsletter for the people sign up what can start that before the course starts on september seven up and then on the seven the first video will,
go live on the e course platform and will be accompanied with,
sam additional pdf downloads and specific action items so this is not just watching you like that’s nice i am i want people to actually do things that week.
Related to the lesson.
And then you’ll be able to reporter asked questions on friday regional every friday for six weeks a live q and a based on that content.
And okay what worked what didn’t and then it so that will be us that also the archives of people,
unable to attend like they can send questions and i’ll answer them on the call and this so in,
within that you’ll be action on the facebook group i’ll be posting,
resources examples of good pitches whatever people can post looking up this interview or,
look i did this professor just my first blog post or whatever it is she will be sharing and supporting each other in that interface that group throughout the.
Six weeks so for people that may be are interested in watching the course what’s the platform you’re using for your videos and like with the technical side of it.

[34:39] Yeah so i’m using zippy courses to when you were press website and then i will probably if i am still working on the curriculum and actually the first cohorts gonna be helping me develop it.
Because i’m gonna see what happens and then he what’s really interests of income next to just gonna have to take the course that,
did you see helen is so stating that so smart because then it’s the people that are there saying this is what we need from you julie,
like help us be successful right now rather than you just guessing and then them being like that was really need is just,
so i’m actually going to record the training is the week before based on feedback,
and have that i don’t really be customized to the people in that says durant more interested in how okay have these interviews already had or re purpose them will spend more time on that.
If they’ve never done the interviews will spend more time on how do you actually.
Get your foot in the door how do you prepare for it there so many ways we could go when i can.

[35:42] Probably do a video every week for year on that’s all is not really wanna watch the participants to.

[35:50] To get what they want out of it yeah that’s awesome so.

[35:55] So i cracked media school and how you getting people right now to join the choir different ways just for the people that are like when you julie’s do it doing a little bit about just the marketing of it cuz i think that’s helpful,
get the behind scenes yeah yeah for sure so i.

[36:12] I told the participants at most awesome conference in may that i was gonna do it and.
Couples like okay can you send a pic elie right now i’m in like i cannot wait and i was so that was that was great something i post.
I just been posting regularly about it and,
my pay is the group i’ve been logging on the related topics and kind of say hey here’s where information about me in school i’ve been tweeting about our meet graphics about it,
yeah lot of social media setting up to my private practice toolbox lists inviting people to,
to check it out i a,
offered who this is kind of a funny story so i offered i thought you offer free fifteen minute,
laser coaching q and a about media for people who have questions about media and about the school and so i didn’t want okay it’s this thursday.
Open up the slot well i inadvertently opened up that slot for every first.
Like seven thursday and so i got filled out for like two and a half we move i was like oh my gosh we are anyone so listener it was really fun to play from home and i cash,
and i got to talk to people who were just so sweet and like we’re able to,
he verbally say thank you for for helping me and i did this and it worked again i love the facebook fruit is always rains were those people those are people pretty purchasing the the rock new school not just people who have questions about it they.

[37:49] If they were sure what was for them saying.
Yes just like always resident nurse come first serve would you recommend that as a yes approach to someone has an e course like to do that as a way to help people make a decision.
Yeah i loved it um it from i would totally recommend doing it as a group thing but for me,
and where i have to wear my summer has ben that was actually easier sure take more time to do it then take the prep time to treat the the word out about it basically i sense.
Email to my list and with an like.

[38:27] Sixty seconds i surrogates over five years just filled up really fast and what okay that do ge they did this for two and half weeks in what sizes and joseph lee something like.

[38:39] What is the cause i’m like i would love to talk to julie this is about russia either me and the difference it was the life of us so yeah i it was great and.

[38:52] I was able to tell people like it now i think this is the.

[38:57] The course for you right now there some fundamentals and i refer to people to kill ear and does it count like okay we need to get your practice up and oh yes,
you know if you don’t really have all the pieces together yeah website yeah then rock me school is not for you but if you have a website and you’re on a lease to social outlets,
and you have some kind already then this is totally free yeah well in a i don’t know if you even on periscope of human using periscope at all for anything you now i have.

[39:31] And i so i can not have this be my face is.
My shiny new toy right now cuz i have to focus on the media and i’m finishing my second book at you now like i’m just but i have used it,
and i actually have used to put it on the dashboard of my car was driving and i just resting like well what’s there to speak about diving up,
is it yeah and i’ve done some leak when my families together seeing my extended family like will we periscope since,
now the first thing in my news i didn’t know you supposed to hold it over and yeah for everything is better does better hurry.
So yeah i’m saying is i i really am.
Such a tech nerd yeah i’m itching to dig into i see some of you may mercedes and you like she wanna get into it i got i got in,
that’s not good that’s a good lesson of saying like there’s always something cool and new that you can be put your time into.
And is it in for me right now it’s one of my rd doing that kind of like your saying with content trying to figure out that but can the doubling up and not create new things so,
i was already recording earlier today i was recording my how to become a consultant podcast the intro and outro,
for sean stevenson’s week when he’s like this is got like the number one podcast and how things got amazon top book and all these things but.
And the little just periscope while i’m recording this anyway and then i would just talk to them about okay now i’m dropping in drop box from eva to do this and this and this.

[41:09] But i i do it maybe once or twice a week and i want to do more but just so much other stuff to do to you just pick and choose and i think that’s where.

[41:18] On pizza where’s ferris for a particular get overwhelmed because not only do we have ethical concerns and everybody’s hyper aware of inch,
i need directions and your relationships with social media and all that kind of stuff but so we have that in his with his sister so many platforms they’ are cool tools there so many is it hard to really,
out of focus that is so that’s why the first week of rock to me in school were gonna or focus on what’s your what is your passion wire on this planet why did you choose this,
what do you want to save people who do you want to set up and then how are we gonna get there and once you get that really really really clear it’s easy to find the media outlets like always obvious i need to contact yeah great,
what is it like something periscope that you have the world that can watch you like if you just wanted to local counseling is probably not the best use of your time,
i’m looking for global consulting work with and and maybe a better use of your time and that’s why i think that,
yeah things like interesting facebook for most therapists is gonna be more their target audience than twitter or maybe on instagram or some of the other ones but it just seems like.
Figuring out who you’re trying to attract,
just doing that and saying no to all those fun things that you could be doing now it’s and i am the worst i i have i have seeing the objects,
syndrome so bad because i just i love learning and i love new things affect us yeah honey i’m so that so you so can i just sold in what you just said is.

[42:55] That’s so important to identify which social media outlets will reach to you wanna reach and it’s the same principle with traditional media.
And then how to leak whatever your focusing on a traditional medium speed speaking your community or whatever getting out there how to link that to your social media yet and so it becomes this little early web that’s being in.
Building trust angry people back to you as a as the trusted resource in your area of expertise when it.
The yes i agree with you and,
i also forgot at the beginning of this to congratulate you sensor on the show last year and now dr julie second reading on that you’re all gonna say that is in a house in hopes that has been,
yeah that’s been a big change size up is funny i reserve dr julie hanks website years ago what is i was like i’m,
i know to do this at some point and i don’t want anybody that is paying for just to have it there and so i just recently switched over to that julie saw console,
wealthy to that but yeah like okay like a permanent director something yeah so anyway i been re,
damn i love doesn’t kind of stuff so it’s kinda stupid to let you all at you congratulate me yet i know that a lot of the stuff that you wouldn’t,
congratulate yourself publicly and you know they does amazing work and cause of every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want them to know.

[44:31] Okay me a little bit more specific about i don’t know about the thing about the media about.
Or in that it does i got i got it is the media getting out in the media is not about.
Yes like self promotion.
That’s the biggest thing i hear i’m just not comfortable a self promoting and make it is not about self promotion it is about taking your passionate your message you’re calling,
two more people period,
that’s what it’s about and that is the most exciting thing that i’ve learned it from is nice but like i got this are it’s about,
oh my gosh i get to share what i’ve learned with,
what what is the readership of western journal or readers digest or when i’m on it up like i get to talk directly,
two thousands of people possibly millions of people on a regular basis through social media and media about what i think is important and will it reach their life and make a difference for them,
like that is mind blowing we’ve never had the opportunity to have an audience of millions to share,
our passion ans in our message that we think will help heal and bring more joy to people’s lives it’s so exciting.

[46:07] I just love that framing of the media because so i hear the same thing all the time like i’m just not an extra but i’m not self promoting a but it does say like what’s the message as a counselor that you wanna give the world,
here go do it one else could you do this lights at such a great point well dr julie hanks if people want to sign up for rock musical with the best way for them to do that and if they wanna get ahold you with the best way for them to get in touch,
yeah i guess a walk immediate school dot com is where you can get all the information about it and you can sign up and get in touch with me private practice toolbox dot net.
You can reach me there and then this is another part of my regret i am dr julie hank’s on all social media now.
Yes except for google plus that’s the only one but everything else twitter pinterest facebook.
Instagram so i have a quick question about yeah so do you lose your followers when you do that when you make a name change now so.
I am well.

[47:15] No to hear this is a really good little mini lesson on twitter if you think you’re gonna become a doctor or you think you’re gonna change using reserve that name on twitter i’ve had that just sitting there so because i.

[47:29] Re have it i can release julie underscore hank’s and keep the same account and change my name to dr julie hates and is the exact same account,
okay is that you have to reserve it and that if it open already you have to reserve and then do that or can you just switch it up just you can.

[47:50] We can switch it but.

[47:52] If it’s not open your sc your luck right so you so i had to release my one first like okay this is and then drop the other one in there is a chance someone can pick up.
Yeah i just didn’t want anybody to get dr julius twenty that was,
what i was gonna be after i can officially be at the sell out but yeah i had like can i ask you.

[48:16] I only train transfer like eleven thousand five accounts to it yeah i wanna be consist,
i didn’t do when i first got on social media i didn’t realize how important that was to be consistent with your handle.
Yeah and that’s where i am i’m thinking about switching everything over to just be jo sana aq,
given its my consultant stuff it’s my to become a consultant the practice them to on this counseling like so that probably gonna becoming the future do you sell,
so i learned a lot from us house house what twitter handles without losing your,
thousand dollars a year ago well that usually hangs thank you so much for being on the show hoping we can fill up the rest of rock to me at school there’s only a handful of spots there laugh so i go over direct me to school dot com and,
learn from the media guru herself and i thank you so much yeah and it’s gonna be fun to hang out next may at the most conference two is not your email was like it was,
what are the highlights of this year so far away josh appropriate like i still i still talk about people pneumonia.
Your kiddos official conference in kc like it wasn’t it was it was mind blowing,
yep just wondering what happened with that whole cohort from the first year and like this is not gonna be hard for us to like feel it up next year,
seems like everyone’s like i’ve made so much more contacts money and flashes off of that today’s its crazy cell,
no way sweet well i’m sure we could talk for hours and hours but we have other things we have to do so.

[49:50] Unfortunately fortunately to measure of usually have an awesome day okay you to.

[49:57] Music.

[50:07] So excited about with julie is helping us discover and how much she revealed that high-pass is awesome to see people doing good work.
Doing work the species more and more people and.

[50:20] Me and her work with back to school is considered also again go to rock’s new school that will have links to all the stuff in the show notes that.

[50:30] Just dot com forward slash section ninety five and i also mentioned in there my new e course they said the consultant community and was also its other things coming out.

[50:44] The results will that calm that is going to be for the applicable to private practices as well so feel free to swing by the consultants will that.

[50:53] Well i’m in paris cooking at home lately you find me on there at joe’s and not in again so much greater vision for being sponsors for the show preservation dot com for slash jo if you’re looking for a website.

[51:07] Better with stage for the course i mean i cant take them the roast out so thanks so much all for living in two years into your brain that i am just so excited to have such a supportive community.

[51:21] The judge just revolutionizing private practice and i i feel like i get so much more out of this than you guys do so so much for that.

[51:32] She said that sells is sexy or sorrow for music in this podcast is designed accurate thirty two information.
I’mma get to the subject matter covered is going with the understanding that the host the publisher the gas or.
Well frankly anyone else is rendering legal accounting clinical or other professional information you need a professional you should go find one.