Podcast 96 | An interview with Mindfulness and Pregnancy Expert Nicole Elliott

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For Nicole Elliott, mindfulness doesn’t end in the counseling private practice, it’s how she lives her life.

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PoP Culture meet Nicole Elliott, LAPC, NCC, CYT

NicoleBioPic-278x300Operating from a holistic approach, Nicole assists clients in understanding their suffering and discovering their inner strength through acceptance and choice. Her methods are informed by Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. She employs mindfulness-based techniques, including yoga and meditation, to help individuals connect to their body, mind, and spirit. She addresses a wide range of issues, but focuses on anxiety, depression, emotion recognition and regulation, existential and spiritual concerns, and communication in relationship.

Nicole also has a passion for working with expectant mothers through the emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy and childbirth.  She integrates individual and group therapy with prenatal yoga, breathing exercises and awareness techniques.  These methods assist clients in working with fear, anxiety and pain during pregnancy, labor and early parenthood.

Nicole received her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University, and her BBA in Marketing from Georgia State University. She is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in Georgia, a National Certified Counselor, and a certified yoga and prenatal instructor in the Pranakriya yoga tradition. She teaches yoga and meditation in-studio, as well as inpatient and outpatient settings. Nicole has also received training in Maternal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International, and mindfulness training through the Atlanta Mindfulness Institute.

Nicole is under the direction of Megan W Broadhead, LPC and the supervision of Kenyon C. Knapp, PhD, LPC, NCC.

Resources from this Podcast

Videos that Nicole really likes

Here’s the link to Postpartum Support International that Nicole mentioned for Perinatal Mental Health:

5 Tips for including Mindfulness in Your Practice

Nicole’s great article on “5 Mindfulness Tips for Therapists

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What you’ll discover in this private practice podcast:

  • 4:52 A brand new calculator I’m working on
  • 9:43 How Nicole’s brand changed through yoga
  • 12:10 What yoga does for compassion
  • 16:26 How to take yoga off the mat
  • 27:57 How to reduce burnout
  • 35:16 The one thing that happened that I didn’t expect
  • 39:31 How Nicole broke the rules
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Podcast Transcription

Podcast 96 | An Interview With Mindfulness And Pregnancy Expert Nicole Elliott

[0:00] Music.

[0:26] Glad you’re here people you for a section ninety six it was a rainy weekend here in traverse city.
But a wonderful weekend non the less we had our traverse city micro brew fast and,
david brothers played at it and it was awesome and i use periscope to live periscope out some awesome bluegrass bands and,
tasted a brand new ipa can your north of north canada whole wheat from the north pole north of toronto it called flying monkey mac wondering if ben from use might have tasted it but it was delicious it was is good solid ipa and,
had some good times my girls my daughter lake and it’s almost one years old when your one year old,
and lucia is four and we just played a bunch over the weekend and i,
move to a basement project and it just on my gosh like what a good weekend,
is hard to come back to work but i love it i love doing this i get paid.
To talk to you to help you grow to help you rock out private practice and,
last week you heard from julie hanks the good doctor julie hanks,
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[3:37] So glad to come on as a sponsor it’s really exciting and jane the visionary from there is just an incredible lady and so super glad that she’s involved here at the practice the practice podcast,
man what a what a wild month that spend can you believe august is now over.
School has gone back for some folks kids and some kids are still headed back to school all sorts of things going on.
But it is time for ski move forward hampshire gonna get more referrals this month i’m sure in october you can get more,
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it’s just there’s a ton going on and it you know like you gotta work smart yeah look at where clients coming in where’s the money coming in what’s feeling you up.
So like for me talking to you right now this is something that fills me up,
being creative coming up with things like the most awesome conference fills me up sometimes doing that monotonous on going,
i am not the best at it so i don’t look at what are the things that only i can do that only joseph can do and then outsource everything else cuz i don’t do that,
i’m burn out not to be as affective and helping you grow,
you’re not gonna be able to help all these people that you want to help your family’s gonna and up nineteen of the mortgage than that,
i can just go down this path forever if you just if it just went down so i am gonna keep doing work i love sleeping to work the you of,
well gideon coffee’s kicking in human second and another set.

[6:03] Yes it is delicious ground coffee that my coffees usually ground anyway.
Nicole elliott is on the show today’s she and i have been on-line friends for a while,
she’s been in my radar for a long time she’s always waiting in line from like a wellness per,
and let me just tell you a little bit about nicole she operates from a holistic approach and assists clients in understand your suffering and discovering their inner strength.
Two acceptance in choice she is all sorts of different methods of western psychology eastern philosophy she plays mindfulness based techniques including yoga and meditation she hasn’t been says yoga right in her counseling sessions.
And it’s all to help connect with the body their mind and their spirit.

[6:50] She dresses a wide range of issues before this is mostly and anxiety depression emotional recognition regulation,
and then existential and spiritual concerns and then communication and relationships are she’s done so much stuff but she’s never been on the podcast before so without any further ado,
i give you the one the only thing never replicated nicole elliott well nicole elliott welcome to the practice the practice podcast.
Hi jones and say to be here ah this is awesome i know the we have can connected on-line number of ways and you comment and share in.
You’ve been on my radar for a while and then now we are connecting in the podcasts welcome and we are,
we go let’s start with who’s nicole elliott like tell us a little bit about kinda what you do professionally and then maybe we can dive into like what led you to that.
Yes i am service i work in a semi private practice setting in atlanta georgia and is in a great.

[7:51] Yoga mindfulness meditation into psychotherapy specifically to deal with anxiety depression and trauma,
mental health issues that’s awesome we he just brought in a counselor here mental illness counseling,
andrea terry who she is a stand up paddle board yoga instructor and so people this paddle boarding and yoga and that’s just that’s contrition you’ll get to and from tavern the practices system really cool to see that person she brings in.
Yeah that’s great yes go ahead and just i’m really excited to see people i heard your interview a couple weeks ago about the news headband yeah,
hearing conditions bringing bees the answer of alternative,
holistic reminded treatments and therapies really exciting for me yeah yes how did you get into yoga and counseling that’s not everybody’s path,
but like,
what you there well for personal reasons about ten years ago i started doing yoga and really exploring ways to call my mind ways to deal with things i was dealing with at that time and it just,
open up this.
Amazing sense of calm and peace and well-being and that has sort of carried into other aspects of my life so about.
Or five years ago and i decided i wanted to be a counselor it just made sense to me like this is who i am as a person and do yoga and meditate these are the things that are benefiting me and.

[9:25] It’s very important for me to be genuine and authentic as a clinician might have that because seamless between who i am as a person so that life can work doesn’t seem separate,
yeah so like and you not going to like all the issues your dealing with ten years ago but like what was like,
what was your brain like before yoga and meditation and then information like this i would have handled this way but then after medication and yoga i find myself handling it this way,
great i use to have a lot of anxiety centered around travel,
and is like driving or getting on an airplane or a cell in your and writing some ways i had all the worst place to go and just about traveling new york exactly so,
that was you know a time where i really i was coming face-to-face with the things that kind of limiting,
and it was really closing off my world you know to not feel like i could you know approach to things and handle them and is having panic attacks and just sort of shutting things off.

[10:32] But after doing yoga and learning a lot of deep breathing exercises which to go we call honey i’m in meditation learning how to greek whatever is happening in the present moment with.
So kindness and kind of stepping back and not identifying with like i am anxiety are in an attack like this is just something that’s happening can i experience this nonjudgmental e and kind of.
Rephrase your relationship to what’s going on so that i was listening to a podcast with this camera bell had another speaker on with them and he was talking about,
not identifying with your anger when your traffic and the middle of our national cherry festival we have so many people coming out and like just drive and then loses podcast that yet like of.
I am not my anger and i am not my.
How did the shift happen uses me and re fit yeah that resonates with me or took some kind of light who that’s different than what i thought about the past.

[11:39] You know what i think it is done it take some time to really resonate with me you know i think people,
when people hear the west yoga here in the west is not what yoga was,
intended to be its more physical exercise which is great like any reason that takes people to yoga is awesome but i’ve seen research that shows that people who go to yoga or for physical exercise.
They wind up continuing at practice but not for the physical exercise but because of the other benefits that they’re getting like,
increase compassion self kindness call them in a decrease anxiety decrease perceive stress,
so it does take the things kind of happen to me as well it’s like i went from one particular reason and,
this whole other beautiful things started watching in opened up for me to say,
commission or a client says he want i want those benefits that you just listed on can i go every other week to go and have that benefited and he still like every day twice a day like what’s is there,
a magic number can is best practices that a.
The best benefit you’re going to get is a thirty to forty minute.
Practice a minimum of four times per week in,
obviously the more you go the more benefit you’re gonna get there was another study that showed,
pregnant women who had a history of depression who were going to prenatal yoga class is the more yoga the chuck the more.

[13:17] Benefit they saw so yeah,
let me think i’m there so much that you know just even just getting out and like meeting new people and lasts,
outside of in the social side of it as well that and okay,
so when i hear medication like until i had my muse i was like,
i’m thinking doing it right like what am i doing wrong if this like i’m just sitting here like right what are some tips for you the clinicians or teaching our clients how to start meditating if they don’t have access to it news or something like that.

[13:48] Exactly cuz with yoga you gonna class and you see other people do,
are staying for a year you’re doing something you have an instructor to have we need the class and show you the postures that with medication it is a little bit more obscure kinda like.
Okay i am sitting here.
I’m paying attention brad is this when answers aren’t using the traffic flavored with exactly um so what,
what really say and i think you even mentioned someone of your podcasts that were not human doings working and being on it so,
practicing meditation is about just being my.

[14:27] Your task is to sit and read if that’s the type of meditation or during there are.
Copious amounts of new and different types meditation but she that type that i practice and use of my clients in particular is a lifeless space meditation.

[14:44] So you’re sitting.
Focusing on your breast on any time the mind starts to wonder right you know that like a squirrel traffic douche,
come back to the grass and it’s that training of the focus training of the attention is where you really get the benefit on,
and the mind is going to wonder where human no even if you have to bring,
your focus back thousand times in a minute you know that’s the practice that’s the point,
i’m reading this book called the wisdom of no escape and it’s there is a sexual they’re talking about breathing and meditation and how there’s this one flustered forgot the name of it but they said that.
Every time you exhale it’s like you have the opportunity to die and that was it like if he never be back in like that the end and yeah the holy meditation practice was like that,
this moment is seriously all you have at all,
and in that breathing they wanted to just focus on this could be done in this life and this one of them as well like i’ve never even liked every breath is like,
death and life happening there exactly and what better way to take us out of our mind and out of that story that we constantly have going on and she know ruminations bring it back to the present moment.

[16:04] So when your like living life i can not doing yoga uniting medication like how do you bring yourself back to that moment because i know i get like i have these innocent of this service is an and we all have that how do you bring yourself back.
No warning action of a blog post about this on my website it’s about bringing yoga off the mat practicing yoga off of the map so to speak and that’s,
does take time to sort of understand.
How to bring in to practice you know there is there something that you get to your yoga practice just like through counseling you know there’s these insights that you gain that you know kind of pop up,
to read some certain point it’s like oh,
yeah i got this really amazing piece of you know something clarity or insight and this is a perfect time to use it you know.
When your in the middle of all of the females or stuck in horrible traffic,
you play to traverse city that you’re in italy and to atlanta i have plenty of opportunities to not identify with anger and you know the check in with your body you know these are things that i use,
in section if so he’s dealing with anger issues worked on and it’s like notice what’s going on with your body are your shifts clench is your job clenched now are you rocking back and forth are your feet tapping and.

[17:36] It’s the little things that you can bring some present moment awareness to that will give you use like oh i didn’t realize that my first this for clenched my shoulders are on my ears.
Medium anxious maybe i’m angry sometimes we don’t understand the emotional first sometimes it’s the physical q it can be vice versa but yeah that kind of puts together the whole mind body thing yet why.
I love the idea of having some rhythms in your life to just can give it structure and like give you just use and so like looking at your body posture and others have a trigger of a post it note your card remind you that or whatever,
what other reasons do you find a helpful to keep you centered calm like not going back to ten years ago self.
Or i think it’s really important you set boundaries with technology as well cuz you know,
yeah yes kind of unplugging from all of that and really you know.
Grounding yourself think about your five senses no like if you’re ever like we lost in order for you your buried in your computer like.
Take a step back what can you see what hes now what can you touch wait to taste you know that.
Really grounding yourself into the experience that you’re having an early because that’s reality yeah so when you see boundaries and technology looks like,
what is that like me like what we’re all different points in our dps evolutionary yes we are what for you what is that look like for me some your clients what might that look like is there for steps may be different in your next steps.

[19:15] Sure you are in our clients to talk about like using social media in ways that are not,
beneficial to your mental health for serving in any sort of way i can ask a question like how is this serving you know if it’s in,
sitting down and writing an email you never connecting with you like this is something that serving me but if i eat and catch myself and i’m in the middle of like,
ten quizzes about what harry potter character would i be like that serving me and can i then in that moment be aware of my action,
and shoes and now.
Which was an american serving me is serving me well and i think even just like and how we market or private practices at that liquor mean,
so you know i’m on twitter instagram facebook controls and i have to figure out.
Where do i put my time in and some even just looking at our analytics like i know that face books like the number one feed for practice behind that is twitter and pinterest pretty equal,
yeah i put so much more time in to twitter that i do end up interest and so yeah well.
Why my position to twitter and i don’t really like twitter human brain thirteen i’m and like i am doing this cuz like,
other people are doing and being all my twitter friends sorry like you know the truth now but if it’s like,
for me personally it’s not like i feel like filled up when i go on twitter but there’s something about like instagram like i think is beautiful but it doesn’t serve my practice but,
personally i love it like yeah yeah even evaluating that it seems like that would apply as well.

[20:50] Translate when you turn off your technology of any rhythms around that so i also have an almost four year old daughter and this is this thing to where it’s like okay,
no how much she’s use technology and how much you know do we want this to be a part of her life so.
When i think my husband and i we got rid of cable tv will rabbit ears of flaked.
We are really focusing on again what is serving us late can can we shut it down once the task at hand don now instead of mindlessly like facebook lol get no just,
losing thirty minutes now yeah i just the other day our daughter she’s ten months old lake and jean somehow grabbed christina my wife’s phone,
and she is sitting in a high chair because she just finished eating some like pumps or something and she had and was like looking at it like it was like she knew what to do with it was,
main part of it’s like there’s a whole different generation is a lot value that comes from that like i don’t want holiest be like off the grid all this and has a great way of,
hi like also i don’t want them to think that like this is an extension mommy and daddy all the time to exactly yeah and you know what other things can we choose to do,
when we are on it now like,
can we tap into our families a little bit more can we read something that’s gonna benefit sing me want to email together for a walk in our neighborhood out.

[22:23] Yeah just yesterday a friend of my daughters was having a birthday party and the party was just under a mile away.
From our house and usually i would’ve just drove over there at like tonight we’re gonna walk and selling walks down by the water through the marine was just like,
such a slow pace and she is like held hands and walked my phone was in my backpack and it was one of those like this is summer this is like being a father and.
That would happen if he just jumped in the car turn on the radio got there in half a minute and then drove home,
exactly and even with walking this is another way that you can practice meditation and mindfulness so you never people it’s like which is i don’t think i can sit on a cushion for half hour or an hour however long which,
you can have,
it’s my fault movement data mindfulness practice or where is practice and of itself you can practice walking meditation you can practice mindful eating,
no not to make everything my fault so that there’s this neck mindfulness you have saying no,
really to get to the heart of what this practice is why you’re doing it what it means and how it’s enriching your life,
yeah so.
Not work with our clients around using mindfulness is so what the session look like for you are like what might be a tree and,
plan your work with anything you know i’m into trying this mindfulness yoga thing like what should we do and what the weather for,
clinicians i’ve never even considered us like.
Where do the stars to the no sure on you know i am a certified yoga instructor so i can actually like.

[24:01] You know he was nielsen’s in my office will share exactly like what’s you know that has happened to me actually done movement in my office in honestly for some,
for clinicians not a certified yoga instructor maybe just suggesting to your client no-show,
would you want to class not with me but yeah lego taking classes to come out probably not but i just adjusting like,
you know this is something you know you can look at the benefits of yoga and be able to save and this is what you’re gonna,
ho can receive from doing yoga i wanna see jessica taking a class on it for myself definitely like,
we live in some stuff hey let’s try this posture would see how this feels in your body and also with meditation pretty much.

[24:54] Every man i would say definitely every major city but probably pretty much every city in general is gonna have some,
place where they’re holding meditation groups on,
yeah we have several it go to and on his new summer morning these traditions are a little bit more secular,
but going to that and kind of seeing what that community is about and for myself a lot of times i’ll just do in session like after like a this is,
this is something that we try are you comfortable trying it out for couple vaccine oh starting small to like just awareness of breast.
And the building up to like five minutes meditation,
the session or you know if someone feelings get overwhelming emotions are overwhelming like a let’s take a minute just sit with this year,
i want what exercise you sometimes in sessions is to just take like twenty to thirty seconds to be aware of one of the senses yes so for like,
thirty seconds to shut your eyes and just be aware of how you feel and then like what you hear and it’s amazing how,
especially with hearing you realizes like in layers of like okay i hear this is my immediate and then it’s like oh i didn’t even realize there is that siren like,
ten miles away and zach,
and i think that’s the one that i see especially with my teenage clients that have a hard time sitting on the technology dishes are low this whole world is around me yes exactly is it’s not just like you know.

[26:27] Rectangle here in front of my face that’s not right,
the world is so what clinicians in south carolina sounds like can meditation yoga amazing for you personally where can we start as people that are serving others.
I’m if you look for a program my channels stay stress reduction work for short and bs are it was developed by john cabins and,
i’m in,
this has been an amazing program in here in atlanta after the atlanta my phone was institute they have some and the sr courses for the community as well as specifically for psychotherapist,
no i saw the study that was done in santa clara where they used and the sr specifically for grad students.
Who were training to become.

[27:19] I hope the professionals are therapist and teaching them the skills yoga meditation mindfulness in order to,
what the hell prudent compassion fatigue.
Or not and year because they were showing a lot of especially new and younger clinicians you know they’re not.
Fully licensed can work in private practice other working is no inpatient settings or community settings that yeah so.

[27:49] The conditions this and he said it is for self care and is extremely important on a subpoena perhaps for,
paris is pretty high it’s so no really why how to take care of ourselves and i think i think most counselors understand that but you know,
practicing meditation or practicing mindfulness evening session like how can that,
open this up and allow us to sit with some pretty intense stuff sometimes without feeling overwhelmed without you know connecting to it too much,
sure so within the mindfulness based stress reduction leveling to that show nuts and gas by driving or working out.
What are they doing yoga other within this they what are some of the principles of that people could you without even going through the course like start implement in their own life.
Sure it is an eight week course and you are doing.
Some form of mindfulness meditation or yoga.

[29:00] At least five or six times every week for about forty five minutes to an hour so you know if you’re interested in getting these benefits like,
maybe start taking a yoga class a couple times a week.
Maybe start sitting and doing some meditation at your house a couple times a week and sort of slowly integrate this into your life because like i said before that other study so that you can get benefits from it in thirty forty minutes,
four times a week and you obviously the more you do it the more benefits you can receive but yeah i’m finding there’s,
what’s the difference services which i’m having my website where you can go and listen to guided meditations not medications something that’s kind as new to you in a while make sure you during your a,
doing guided meditations can be very beneficial to start and can’t get into the practice on there’s an amazing website called do yoga with me and it’s all free yoga videos,
that’s you can get on your computer so there’s a lot of.
You can do is bails you can email it to me not from the shots on the night they can just hear on that one spot on so like.
I think about people that say i’m so busy they may have a full time job an upright heart in private practice like i can do yoga four times a week forty five minutes i don’t get kids and get this like.
What is it that they were like my debit in a stylized about that like what would you say to him that i completely understand the ones you know to.

[30:38] This is not something you wanna add to your list of like i have to do you know,
yes something and you want to do so that you get out of bed and this is something a look forward to that you,
make the time for it right it down in your schedule an inch now and even if that looks like waking up and taking now.
Three minutes five minutes to just leave you now sit on the edge of your bed and just breeze.
Keep coming back your breath when an amazing way to start your day not get out of bed and there’s a series of you now seven yoga postures that you do.
My take five minutes run out there so many like ten minute yoga videos i would like just have him ten minute yoga and ten minutes in a day is like such a small percentage of your actual day,
right you see ten minutes even to just start with something it it’s pretty amazing when you do that,
exactly and yeah exactly not to feel like my gosh it’s if i want to start doing this i have to automatically send on a meditation cushion be there for an hour she know you know start with what.
It feels right to you and you know once you start seeing the benefit of it.
You wanna more more ice for five minutes he like haskell so great experiment that the for ten hangout and just see how to.

[32:04] Yow regarding your life with i think it’s like anything any change were trying to make and are our own lives or clients liza’s take a small reasonable step that you know exactly eighteen like.
Every year my wife i say how can we be more ecological so when you’re that was we’re gonna start composting so okay just do that,
they were and make sure we always recycle everything and it’s like well past that point but if we took it all in all at once like we give up that was just such a lifestyle change,
exactly and there’s you know there’s others formal.
My phone is practice which is sitting on a cushion meditating or doing yoga there’s an informal,
mindfulness practice which is how do you bring that present moment awareness in,
enjoy your day to day life at several points during the day you know like a good a good example is my clients is like when you’re brushing your teeth.

[32:56] Just brush your teeth and when you’re taking a shower washing your hair just wash your hair.
Now like all in all of these little things or part of your day-to-day routine you’re going to do anyway.

[33:12] Start doing some of those little bit my family when thing i did is funny be at the brushing your teeth thing cuz i was trying to like become more mindful and also like i heard all about like brain waves and like connecting your path is different lee,
yeah i said to brush my teeth with my other hand yeah hand there’s no way you can think of anything but rescue team leader non dominant hand it’s exactly can’t exactly,
yeah me one little change just like okay i need to fully focus on using my left hand to brush my teeth and exactly yeah it’s it’s pretty amazing,
what make of everyone see every counselor in the world were listening right now like what would you want them to take away.
Oh and one every counselor to take away and no.

[33:59] One to find ways to bring this into your life.

[34:04] Even if it’s just like you said brushing your teeth or you know when you sit down to have a cup of coffee before your time comes and just bringing some.

[34:14] Cool awareness the moment and tapping into,
you know what is what is this experience what is this reality and know-how how can i bring that.

[34:28] Into my session how can i should our clients cuz it’s a really beautiful thing when you start to touch that,
in what consciousness that’s awesome well nickel how can people get a hold of you if they wanna connect with you more learn more about.
Well this mindfulness fuse during yes you can reach me at atlantawellnesscounseling.com that’s what’s taking a practice sheet and there i will actually have some tips on how to bring,
mindfulness and meditation into your everyday life and your practice if you go to atlantawellnesscounseling.com/joe.

[35:07] Awesome so again that’s atlantawellnesscounseling.com/joe can he be some awesome special tips there for all of your listeners.
Thank you so much for being on the show today this is wonderful it was an absolute pleasure to install the work your doing and look for canon following your career and see what happens next.
Wonderful thank you every day is it.

[35:28] Music.

[35:40] In pregnancy as i had hoped but that’s okay,
you know that on my website and maybe if there how we can working something about like you no benefits for turning a mental health yeah as well in.

[35:56] Reject you wanna talk a little bit more about that.

[35:59] Like could jump back into the area so we had an american funny to get my ass just cuz i think i think that that’s so.
He did that so important and deserve like non medical things that pregnant women can do it just now what are one hundred percent okay so then.

[36:21] Welcome back to program the coal we totally forgot to talk about.

[36:26] Pregnancy pregnancy mindfulness and all your whole other specialty like the whole thing angles up for just a couple minutes about that sir discount on as content so not only do you are a,
do yoga and meditation for you know the basque community here but i also specialize in and carolina mental health so perilous like all surrounding pregnancy and childbirth,
you know there is a wide.
There’s a wide range of issues that are affecting women and men during pregnancy and postpartum we can just hear about postpartum depression but you.
Ten to fifteen percent of women may experience depression anxiety intrusive thoughts pst.

[37:15] And have a cd you can have postpartum psychosis this is the one that one media kind of tends to blow up and that’s not how hard depression are there’s a difference.

[37:26] So you know there’s a lot of talk about where,
where she’s women work stressing me sometimes be treated with another there getting bounced from their primary care tomorrow we go in and back again and maybe a pediatrician,
no i don’t think that there is a lot of communication and dialogue about you know how to treat these and how to screen for depression anxiety and you know,
what resources are available today and.
Well yeah so when you’re working with a woman that’s pregnant or postpartum that what are things that you look for.

[38:04] Well you know you have a wife who was pregnant i set,
um start your hormones shish to your body is constantly changing or growing another human being so things are are really going to be sort of exaggerated when you’re pregnant but no,
where is it like someone who is not her if she,
feelings of sadness or pay feelings of anxiety are okay but it’s the generation and it’s very is what you need to look at two really evaluate,
do i need to get some additional help especially after you have the baby the blues are extremely common but again,
what’s the generation what’s the similarity ends you know what kind of sport do you have what kind of support are you are you getting.
So say there’s clinician out there that they have a client that’s pregnant,
but they are trained in like specifically helping women that are pregnant are dealing with like what should they know.
But obviously you educate yourself and whatever kind of clothes have you got use to working with but flatly what which of the know about working with women that are pregnant it’s like,
first steps for them,
is there there’s an amazing resource postpartum support international medical weight websites,
cuz resources on our website for professionals as well as for clients and there is.
Resource there where you can find conditions that are specifically trained to treat women who are pregnant and postpartum.

[39:44] They also offer certificate training in maternal mental health which is something i did what parts for international but i’m using cognitive,
based therapy on my phone space cognitive therapy is extremely,
official and again taking into consideration but like a more holistic view.
What kind of sleep is she getting windows all new mothers,
the owners don’t sleep very mother that is true what you know the nutritional penetration sheeting is she experiencing severe morning sickness can she.
Now keep food down and you know if she on bed rest ceo to take into a lot of different considerations in what might be changing her life how.
What’s this transition from not being a mother and having a mother how’s that going for you.
So really have evaluating just that whole like everything going on is yeah exactly.
Awesome thanks for doing some bonus content here knowing your website you have a lot more information and we’ll link to that the show announces well so i’m actually let you answer the question again it every counselor in the world were listening,
what would you want to know about post partum and pre-birth death to,
not shy away from treating women who are pregnant and postpartum if you know we want to reach out and connect with some other colleges in your area that are specifically trained in history wanna go online and get some training in this.

[41:22] It’s it’s fantastic and more women are really need the support now there is.
I think they’re still a stigma about what is postpartum depression and in you know can women recover so yeah just,
i can be there be there to support an awesome you the first person ever got an answer that question twice on the same thing really huggins has been in the show twice he get answer twice in different episodes to look at you two in line,
yeah i really don’t is constantly real that but thanks so much for being on the show and will see connected and talk to you soon.

[41:57] Music.

[42:09] Oh dynamic sexy while i was editing this i just talked to gina who is the one that.
Runs the national association of counselors in private practice and he gave me it even better landing page for your,
and so if you go to privatepracticecounselors.com/joe again it privatepracticecounselors.com/joe for special go.
And then the promo code first one hundred so the first one hundred people are going to be hundred bucks off a membership it’s gonna be awesome and idling so that the shorts again.
And so now it’s our practice of the practice that come ford slash session ninety six on you guys go check it out this this association is just gonna be really cool.

[42:53] And the other quick call to actions i did a podcast interview or no interview is the podcast is all about nepal about two months ago.
Clear be brought in together over four hundred dollars to help nepal and thanks so much for just being a part of that and for jumping in and just thinking about nepal.

[43:15] And lastly episode one hundred is right around the corner and i want to hear your thoughts on why you love this podcast i would love you to record that over at speak life dot com.
Ford slash practice of the practice.

[43:29] You guys rock to me in two years and into your brain and have a fabulous federal sweet cf.

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[43:50] Special thanks in silence is sexy and live your during dot be like your music you guys rock in this podcast design right after thirty to information in regards to the subject matter covered his game with the understanding of the host.
Or the per share all for the publisher or the guest surrendering legal accounting clinical or other professional information you need a professional filing it is guy walking in pink shorts next to my building.

[44:15] Pretty cool these pink shorts and tshirt mens here in traverse city pink shorts on and you’re hearing this.

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