Podcast 99 | Know Your Worth an Interview with Jo Muirhead

I met Jo Muirhead at The Most Awesome Conference. She’s a master of helping people to know their worth!

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Pop Culture Meet Jo Muirhead

That's Jo with the purple hair with Julie, Kelly, Miranda, and Me!

That’s Jo with the purple hair with Julie, Kelly, Miranda, and Me!

Here’s how Jo describes her work:

As a Rehabilitation Counsellor and Career Development Consultant with over 17 years experience, I have designed and developed a range of assessments, services, tools and resources to facilitate the return to paid employment for people experiencing injury or illness.

Running an allied health practice opened my eyes to the ups and downs that a business of 1 owner experiences on a daily basis. I was sick of the grind and doing ALL the work; but not seeing the freedom and lifestyle choice that I expected. I was sick of being burnt out as I relentlessly pursued billable hours, outcomes for the sake of outcomes, chased leads and was on a constant treadmill of desperately trying to find clients – then feeling like I had to take on every referral in case there wasn’t any more coming in the pipeline.

Then I figured out what I needed to do. As the demand for my services increased, I’ve built a dedicated team of allied health care consultants who share the values about my work and the values and importance of connecting people to purpose. It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of hard work and tears and a huge leap of faith but now my practice has dramatically increased turnover year upon year while continuing to produce quality outcomes for an ever increasing range of clients.

I am in a caring profession and I care about other health professionals growing their businesses. I now help to empower allied health professionals to grow successful, sustainable and profitable consulting practices while doing the work they love the way they love to do it and without going through the same grinding, hair pulling process that I did.

The more successful, sustainable, profitable and empowered we are as allied health professionals, the MORE we can contribute to our clients.

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What you’ll discover in this private practice podcast:

5:45 The weird Costco story
11:02 How to have someone never run out of work
22:34 Why a specialty always works
29:36 Why tearing up money works
40:40 How to determine what to do yourself and what to pay people for
48:02 How to have a conversation online
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Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC

Joe Sanok Private Practice ConsultantJoe Sanok is an ambitious results expert. He is a private practice business consultant and counselor that helps small businesses and counselors in private practice to increase revenue and have more fun! He helps owners with website design, vision, growth, and using their time to create income through being a private practice consultant. Joe was frustrated with his lack of business and marketing skills when he left graduate school. He loved helping people through counseling, but felt that often people couldn’t find him. Over the past few years he has grown his skills, income, and ability to lead others, while still maintaining an active private practice in Traverse City, MI. To link to Joe’s Google+ .







Podcast Transcription

Podcast 99 | Know Your Worth An Interview With Jo Muirhead

[0:00] Music.

[0:29] Well welcome to session number ninety nine.
Do you remember where you were at in nineteen ninety nine when i turn to new years it’s sunny and giving me a sweater for christmas this is zero one zero one zero it’s coming.
Is a great today is the twenty fifth of december and i have six days to where the structure until it is obsolete.
Are you back in nineteen ninety nine i had turned,
twenty one just a few days earlier than that and then the new year and so i was down in chicago and i was,
amazed at the drink prices in the big city and we went out to navy pier with the closest hundred thousand friends it was,
crazy people are tipping over outhouses there is this in the car the people flipped it was just like when,
did you listen to the world did not end and that is a good thing cuz i think the lifespan post nineteen ninety nine,
it has been pretty darn good so hope you’re doing awesome today it’s a beautiful day here in northern machine just dropped off my daughter at preschool,
she’s been so pleasant in the mornings we found this bike great routine and life is just it’s just good it’s rolling along and i’ve been taking fridays off and,
so about to enter into a long weekend i know that you probably listen to this on tuesday.
You know i record these obviously don’t recording live and tuesday mornings so yeah life is good so today’s sponsor.

[2:02] It feels like it more than just a sponsor cuz.
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And actually in session seventy one i interviewed howard and heard a lot of the back story of simple practice and.
Just really cool things of overcoming fear as can the theme throughout so if you go to practiceof thepractice.com/sessio71.
How we talked a lot about the development simple practice and his desire to create something that was great and that serve people well and.
Yeah i just love hearing those back stories when people have just truly amazing products they’re offering things are doing it just makes is.

[3:38] Turn to promote people that are just doing really really good work.
Which brings me to my friends join your head set your day go in your head is on the show,
i met joe through the most awesome conference she was are,
can a conference spokes person there she helps keep people on task she did keynote.
And joe is a rehab counselor down in sydney australia she also does career development counseling consulting and has over seventeen years of experience.
She’s demonstrating designed a range of assessments service tools resources and just is a great,
coach for people that are in private practice she takes sublime and just help the real estate understand their worth to know their worth,
and what i love about joe and seeing her in person is that she calls it like she sees it and she just says no you shouldn’t do that.
Stop suffering about that put your time into this and it’s just like boom she just nails it,
and it was awesome to get to know what we’re talking one night after calvin attendees had left and just hangout at the house.
As we’re chatting with you have to be on the podcast and in so finally were able to with our schedules make it happen.
So without any further ado i give you the one the only the never replicated joe moorhead.
With joe in your head welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.

[5:09] Thank you so much mrs that he was just thinking about you actually and it was saturday morning.
And it was called aussie bites,
can a flat screen comes up and like it was going to text you a picture of it cuz i do all seems really eat something from cosco it just flex seal and got,
cause a bit of a new phenomenon for us i think most about going to cost going.
Wow that’s it yeah so well i’m really glad to have you on the podcast you first met,
most awesome conference weekend to kinda before that a little bit that’s for your to finally meet in person and just wanted to have you on the show today so welcome.

[5:54] Thank you what a wonderful why don’t we just start with who is joe tells a little bit about your story and then we’ll just springboard from there.

[6:04] So i’m jim you ahead i’m speaking to you from the blue mountain specifically so isn’t the internet and amazing can it.
Can i have a fifteen year old son he is awesome,
and i am married for the second time and my husband is awesome to i’ve lived in the blue mountains since nineteen ninety four and i know many of your listeners will think nineteen ninety four is like,
the dark ages but i only just graduated from university been there,
i have a degree in health sciences i made today much ninety three bill attention counseling and rehabilitation counseling actually is an american,
on phone and it’s was born after the second world war when you we had returning service personnel coming back and coming back to work was difficult,
and those with a disability handicap trauma issues and knows lots of physical therapy to help people transition back into the life that there wasn’t a lot of assistance with fucking social issues difficulties with communication and relationship,
but then also economic issues and how do you actually access the workforce so i’m rehabilitation counselor i have my own clinical,
this is cool purple car which means purposeful people mean and how do you come up with the name.

[7:26] Really the case of the i never thought that i was going to be doing this i went back to clinical work,
when i ran out of money so i have a fairly long burnouts story with excellent at being outs in my clinic work.
I was very good at it overwhelming been out of the two things i would say i was queen of that nation and i had taken a bus of out of the what paper work force again for about six months you supple of my savings trying to learn how to.
Traits that you with options market unsuccessfully so.

[8:02] Yeah thanks none of the year i donation that’s right because i was trying to get it to a my time and like,
let’s just keep it so i went back to clinic work as a way of having some income to feed my son because of the thing on home at the time and it took off really cool,
because i was very focused on doing the work that i love to wasn’t gonna do with that didn’t love cuz i figured that if i’ve tried to just work with clients that i enjoyed then maybe i wouldn’t been at this much fun so,
the name actually came up as that made from a developer proprietor limited which is a company.
It was for tax purposes so my mom and i which setting to use to call her pretty much everyday when i was working and see with,
see i need a business that what am i about what am i doing here i need to come up with a business name and i said what do you about that i really love connecting people to a sense of purpose that’s why most of my clients.
Get me it’s everyone just wants them to functional,
the tip of my clients are looking for six sets of what do i do now that was broken i’m not broken anymore with my sis benefits so i came purpose the people that’s what i’m about and then she what will you should call your company purple color,
i went and i will see that,
that’s kind of the story that’s a whole that’s cool you can use that color integration some of your marketing as well and but it’s got a dinner meeting,
i love you said that you’re the queen of that nation when you are talking about.

[9:32] Because i think most us citizens of the president of that nation in scotland it’s different material like just go to an allergy there’s with you lunch purple co and then what happen.

[9:49] So i don’t paypal and then i went and bought a copy of that i have a business now i’m gonna go back and get another need to actually generate some income and once it.
Cuz i was working is what we call the sole trader if he can you can t that happen to a point and then it then it becomes cost prohibitive,
from income tax point of you to do that suffered for two years i was just working as a sole trader and then the company needed to,
then i put the car and during all of that time i had never had a problem with referrals i never had a problem with wake up if anything i was continuing to take on too much work then,
i was doing some consulting to a similar rehabilitation practice helping them with this clinical supervision aids and for some reason,
they just practice justified that one of the thing you clinician state they didn’t need in that practice anymore and i was like,
you have to be to me she’s like one of yall most incredible assets she gets,
people back to what most people would just put on the too hard basket so she was told that information at ten o’clock in the morning by four o’clock that afternoon i porter it’s my practice wound.
And she’s never run out of work he says he’s been with me since two thousand eight and some.

[11:04] He is just being an amazing person to have around and then as we both baptize let’s continue to grow cuz is still on the tools as okay floats continue to grow i would just take,
expressions of interest from other therapists preferred rehabilitation counselors or psychologists who have worked in the space before,
and now i have a team of seven wall well until.
In australia is it similar to the us in regards to how health insurance works or private pay or tell us what exactly have a quick few australian listeners and so.
How does that work and what model did you use for reimbursement have.

[11:46] Nice question okay so we have universal healthcare he cool maybe.
And space to clear it is a standard of healthcare that everybody who is mr new president,
is this the taxes pay for that it’s the most used healthcare system in the country but i didn’t you know we have limited resources we have a growing population,
all the population of the less than the size of california just something that takes up then it’s so,
for me as a rehabilitation counselor my health sciences degree is not recognize,
by universal healthcare by medicare for reimbursement so i never had a choice to go down that pops to keep,
it’s not fair as in psychologist from my team we could shoes if we wanted to get reimbursed for medicaid that’s right the terrible.
But there any terrible because people think that that’s all you can shots month it at that so we have this universal healthcare system i might come out of working in for,
pretty far right side fighting a lot of working out new stuff about health system is about being the state that i live in on a lot of work with the federal government agencies idles that and a lot of work inside because business that,
all of that is about helping people return to work following injury illness and trauma so it was more comfortable for me to get back into that space.
That being said it’s we have insurance game see so we have workers compensation we have motor vehicle accident on sat payee we have a federal government insurance because none of us states do the same thing but.

[13:22] Yeah states yeah that.

[13:26] I made a decision most of those insurances don’t serve anyone well.

[13:33] And you playing with everybody’s conflicted so workers compensation is very much about getting the piston back to work quickly,
thoroughly terribly and is very very persistent so if you’ve got a broken it will take six weeks to recover in six weeks and one day you will be back at work,
hey people don’t operate like that so i found that system incredibly frustrating and very.
The devaluing,
my clinic looking to mess so i started to specialize in what is cold income protection and life insurance which i think you guys cool disability not sure but we will i what apt by company,
basically since fifth grade of insurance company so you can buy a policy thea.
To install yourself against injury illness and disability but it’s insuring your income and that’s okay income protection insurance.
So essential say seventy five percent of what number should three disability income if you experience a health event so that could be anything it doesn’t have to be related to what could be any health events.
As a value add to those policies insurance company wrecked recognize that,
rehabilitation helping people recover and return to work is a great way to get them off claim with basically these insurance companies what you of claim and paying premium again.
The beauty for me is that this particular set up only attract people who are motivated because rehabilitation and therapy is.

[15:11] It’s not compliant striven it’s not compulsory.
So you are on the clients on the of it take to file when they are interested in returning to work so i’m not working with,
clients that i found let you tracking through mud trying to help them there they potentially can.
So that we can i do a lot of work in that space and these huge potential in a study for that here’s well i’ve actually got relationship with a canadian company and the family lots american company at the moment cuz i would love to break into the,
community property state of va is that would be fun so we at the other.
I do a lot of work with private clients as well so people who come to us he go i don’t wanna be with a government agency and i have built packages to help them and they basically deliver those that i just.
Is that they and what percentage of your practice reduces the private pay what percentage is the insurance side.
Yeah the insurance i would be ninety percent okay.
It certainly the biggest part of the business so for australian it wanted to get into that model what recommendations would you have for them.

[16:20] Do good work that is that perception here in australia that.
Lights off is expensive and the cost rain and we need to change that perception so,
people expect to go to physio therapy at north him for about an not get it to people expects the psychological therapy at new lithium and it is part of the problem full.
Conditions in private practice to try to fill that me if so the best marketing you can do is actually,
say this is your time efficient cost effective,
so let’s spend six sessions together let’s that the call that the beginning and let’s make sure that we working threw towards those goals even if you need more time than that it’s about helping people understand that this is not,
going on for sure we expect you to get it and i think.
The more we can have those conversations with people but this will serve ourselves and then when not your dealing with clients that will never get better to.
Now when you are the most awesome conference you talks your.
Able to talk to us about knowing your worth about really just valuing yourself i think that was really just powerful talk for a lot of the folks that were there and really motivated,
tell us a little bit about discovering your own worth maybe and then how that transition and the teaching other people their worth.

[17:41] Okay no no you with hashtag know you with a i,
for me it has become so apparent in the park for you since i’ve been mentoring other clinicians in private practice is how quickly we go to this place all of its comments that all my clinical knowledge and skills are common sense.
Everybody knows the stuff they for it’s not with anything else and i know for me when i was in my last corporate job all,
no i was managing at national probe provider of rehabilitation services and i just looked around the frame and i sold these incredibly amazing people who caught mostest degrees and was so,
competent young competent they would have incredible expertise that they will be brought down to this level of what i call chilling been.
Do you know where your hours out the door do you work til you out that little that was not okay it was not compassion and that,
led to a culture into an environment of being really to evaluate my stuff my knowledge my skills who i am missing with anything,
wake up call happen for me when i behaved in a way that joke that i didn’t like i believe somebody and that was never suppose to be apart of might and anyone who knows me will know that bullying just doesn’t fit right,
and i had to walk out of that environment pretty much resigned the next day and went what’s going on here,
so that acting out behavior from may was actually maybe a cry for help fight i’m not being value to i don’t know if.
Say is this for use of you know the journey of starting a business which is.

[19:16] The best self development mostly but don’t mind mother just when you think you got it down then something happens and you like all.

[19:28] When i come from we dealt with that went back in nineteen sixty and sailing from yeah a week haven’t.

[19:37] I started to watch what was happening with a health professional side my it and business people that i,
and i understood that we as health professionals what the value that we have to give to our clients we give them their lives back.

[19:54] People come to us when they’re broken and hurting and traumatized and scared and incredibly vulnerable.

[20:03] We give life back and when i got that side of a p finney of holy moly no one else does that messages cut from one ipad,
repair the tissue or six a bonus and i’m not degrading statements but just trying to help you understand but the person back together and then they go surgery with the fix this,
the lights yet we me like the sentence is paying this incredible person who’s done this molecular thing yet they don’t really have much follow up with that person going hard and with the ones that help that person,
cope with the pain on a daily basis manage their finances on a weekly basis minutes that changing dynamics and the family will that change that happened in that role because they’re not the bread winner anymore and we give people,
permission to actually recreate a sense of self now what’s that were if your clients.
Yeah and i think be able to frame it to your clients to see i do individual counseling i just a family counseling,
me so often i work with consulting clients that that’s what’s on their website and i do counseling,
but when you really start to look at what are you providing i love that idea.
Yeah yeah i’m we don’t have to be everything to everyone i think that’s the other mistake we make we feel that we have to provide,
everything to everyone i truly believe that specialize ice and it’s gotta be the way of the future because we copy everything to everyone.
So what is a clinicians the do you want to be everything to everyone how do you help them figure out what their specialty is.

[21:36] Who is s et down you find that they really do have a passion for something quite specific so people will come to me and say i want to save everyone,
it’s like awesome so you know what with children adolescents teenagers young adults and elderly people fantastic and then i usually look at you ago.
Oh no i think you got a case of those ones which ones,
i don’t wanna work with the elderly okay that’s really cool probably best we know that now before they start coming for using working with the elderly it’s,
i need to go i don’t really wanna with the teenagers either but i can use myself as the perfect example of that are in christ working with the,
i am way to old now i’m forty three and i just come across as a mother a mother figure to them and they speaking a language i don’t understand.
The water out and yet but if you don’t that’s a you tube really wanna work with people twenty five to forty five to,
we can start working started a building some sake around that so what are the things that you get most inspired about what the thing when you awaken with a client what makes you go michael would do this for free and then we can stop going when clients,
i have a transformation moment when they realize they can do something when they realize that they don’t have to stay stuck a week,
plants in the fall with the right so you into transformational coaching a transformation account flick that’s what you want to specialize in i think the fee comes up with the,
the guy that they won’t get clients if they become too specific and i challenge that.

[23:11] Because when you and i go shopping to do we go into a store and one of its the absolutely everything on the shelf and then,
choose from absolutely everything on the shelf will you miles no i don’t think i know that i don’t like cargo jeans i know that on baggy jeans i know that i want skinny jeans that are of a darker color.
I got a imac and where does the other jeans yeah overalls probably not over all maybe a bluegrass festival.
Maybe not hot it’s like this well isn’t that would be for this sick in jean your overalls purple hull have only got option.
How do i set the time so getting people off track is your place we walking distance because specialize years.
So what would anyone else shopping so that they could that’s essentially what happens now for health professionals people come and.
Why would the eighth want to choose someone who says i hope everybody with everything now i as a new nurse,
woman in her forties is gonna go i don’t want somebody who helps everyone i want somebody who helps me with exactly the issue that i’ve got a problem with i wanna know that your expert in and take care that you went to university for four years so that i.

[24:35] What i wanna know is that you’ve gone on to do other things and you can vested in yourself and you’ve invested in your learning so that you can help me with my specific problem.
I mean if somebody had a blog post about.
How forty three year olds can raise a teenager i imagine you would probably be more into that person and someone said i help everybody.
Yep absolutely and of the parenting thing is a really interesting piece from me because i was a single mom for a really long time but i’ve had.
What recourse eight k custody he said my son has lived with me full time since he was two.
He’s now fifteen hundred so i don’t parents in very different lee and the havoc that that’s the.

[25:18] Use server amber alert for a missing child,
i’ve never heard my phone make that sound i make sure what is going on and,
look i did that what you gonna do one thousand i have had the fire drill beautify your jewel in the middle when my counseling sessions here once simple.
Well i’m going to send mute i don’t know if it’s gonna do it again but i was like that so all the pull out that video for you tube you wanna watch,
that is funny because you actually quite great as well as the fuse in the sound and never heard percent but will is my computer breaking down there anyway.
So shared custody who what is the whole parenting pays the.
We have people who would be prepared to speak to win professional women in their forties who love the children but have done parenting different lady.
Then i’m gonna be apart of that i’m gonna wanna know if those people because that’s my,
yeah so how do i bring a new husband into that relationship who has children and in my case grandchildren yes i’m a step grandmother that we eat but that’s okay um.
How do we do that and how do we then relate to the to my son’s father he now has a different family as well so for me in normal parent single what people consider to be you know the nuclear family that doesn’t use me.

[26:52] Right so so as people start to know their worth in the state oh yeah okay i wanna specialize i give it like,
where do you take them next after that to then maybe experience that were so i know it and then like get how the then experience they were there charge more like what do they do after they know it.
So the first thing i get most of my consulting clients to do is book a holiday up so i know that sounds sweet by,
must conditions have not taken out proper holiday in a really long time and when i talk about a holiday i mean they will be no social media posting you will be connecting with whoever it is you having to,
it’s for a really long time and you’re going to go somewhere and just be still and it freaks people out,
but then they thank me the ball is it to,
i’m gonna do to actually give yourself permission to take five days off is quite phenomenal so what that actually forces people to do is look,
clinic like the cancellation rates look at all of the things that is stopping pay with from being realized this is not always about the dollar coming into your bank account the devil that’s leaky holes in the,
that is your business this yeah that’s it so be on just the money from leak what are some of the holes.

[28:08] But not following cancellations not having a rebooking policy not having a refund policy.
But that’s all of them that the back into that the follow up and spending too much on stuff you don’t need to be spending money on your lazy taxes what the from a portable.
It’s currently my lazy tax i have five unused credits in order to know i’m spending fifteen dollars a month on something i’m obviously not using,
i’m not a line of people doing that all the time it got the main thing not using away posting they thought they would get to one day or they find out for it and mail.
Email order it on the series that i haven’t set up yet.
This is amazing what people will spend money on as opposed to getting to know themselves hater.
Oh yeah i think i’m either lazy tax to.
There’s so many of the things that i talk to people on and the auto responders a bigger on the i intend to do this and then they sign up for fifteen or nineteen dollars a month and.
They just don’t even pay attention to it.

[29:14] Then it help once people understand where money is leaking from the business and what they could do this quite simply plug those holes i thought single profit in that is that the think,
that is a really crucial foundation for helping people see that what that’s like we’ve actually,
is this money was throwing away so weak and i have done that before i’ve torn up a five dollar note and flushed down the toilet to help people understand that the verity of the problem.
If people don’t have that going on in the business and it ray because most people today wouldn’t be coming to people like you and i’ve that code it’ll sold it sure.
Then i usually get people to go through a quite a specific text exercise that you can take people through the help of my cat way they,
with i feel comfortable charging i always get people to increase their rights and he,
from all the reading you an item we know we need to be increasing rates every twelve months and i know that statement probably just make somebody want to tune it from its a little bit but real every single october and november.
I sent an email to my clients that says on january first the rates are going up to this,
right now is open roman time for your health insurance flexible spending account health savings account feel free to plan ahead if you don’t have one of these like it’s a standard email i send every october november,
any old clients they’ve got they got every year and so the use of its going up every single year and.
I think you’re exactly right in your in weather it’s consulting work whether it’s counseling work yeah anything absolutely all out.

[30:44] Everything goes up every it’s just that the way of the world so our insurance policies go up every,
quite extra directly sometimes the cost of living goes up every year of it expenses go up every so if we is there piston clinicians don’t match that and how we ever gonna afford to put food on the table.
Right rear would be making less than the year before because of francisco up.
That’s right i don’t i understand to help professionals never went to university to make a million dollars that from thing that came.
Sorry for the business use culture whatever we all that i’m still on the five dollar note thing he spent five dollars and not flush it down the toilet.
I’m guessing that the are a doll,
yeah i know it was working for you guys at the moment yeah okay it was worth it for the way that would i think people do with a hundred dollar a night in a,
my mom likes it without hundred dollars yeah i’m so we all studied,
because we wanted to help people all studies because he wanted to make a difference in the world we’ll study because when its leave a footprint on this well that’s a,
in a better shape that it was when i arrive regardless of whether that was the concert but why else would you study any sort of self-discipline,
but if we haven’t gotten our food is always basic needs met but the things that we can actually work,
is this within a wiring all the time about how local food on the table have left pay my bills this week will this room be available next week with that’s consciously going on while you’re in therapy or not it’s still there and still about area and i don’t.

[32:28] Know anyone who is able to detach themselves well enough from that to serve the client whole-heartedly well it’s still.
Stuff going on in the background for themselves if you out there that’s also my congratulate you but then i think you should know you with some of your saying that if you,
are raising your rates that you’re probably gonna be.

[32:49] If the ball thing your probably gonna be a worst therapist because you’re gonna be so worried about the money or not so worried about just making an.
I’d like to actually say that and then i know it by controversial and people what like me for product really talents listeners to think about if you knew that you could turn up to your client sessions every day.
I knew that you had more than enough money to live on that your family was taking care of that your time was taking care of that all you had to do was turn up and be the therapists how different would your therapy practice pay,
i reckon they would be big changes cuz i know for me i leave that life i know how different it is for me now when i turn up to a therapy session and,
all i have to do is be with that client in that moment much better results and would love for people to go to the show notes and put your comments in there and i’ll give you the shirt off at the end of the show,
say whether or not you agree with that you think that would go saying is is what you agree with cuz often times we don’t have as much of the discussions i think we could so.
Okay so people know they were saved answer to implement their worth where the people after that will helping people understand that.
If you so real with to yourself then you’re showing the value of life to clients,
it’s so once we get focused and understand what out with these we actually role model that’s why clients of people who continue to discount think that they doing a client the client five.

[34:23] I actually want to change that and say,
you bro modeling to your clients in that particular instance yes they might need to start at twenty dollars a session but why should they still be paying twenty dollars a session after twelve months of therapy leaving six,
surely you’ll therapy should help them understand that was so that they could be paying forty sixty hundred dollars by that,
yeah i know i’m using money a lot but it is the biggest exchange of value of with that we have shown the multi needle about that a law is.

[34:54] So
If we role modeling this to a client them we are making a massive impact our clients take this information that we’ve role model to them it goes to their families.
This thing goes into the communities this thing goes into the bigger community thing to the state we can actually change nations.
If we help people understand the value and they with now not ever consultant wants to change a nation that’s cool.
What’s up but about eighty percent of your clinic fulfill eighty percent of your time is full then you need to be starting to back off the questions what do i wanna do next,
because if you wait until you’re a hundred percent full you’ll just bounce right back down to about seventy percent and then you just keep hitting the seal polemic problem,
so you just going to bring back cycle of that to much work to do have enough to do but miss work today and have been affected.
So when you get about eighty percent full you gotta stop building a plan on what you gonna do next so a lot of their purpose built a multi therapists practice that’s not.
The only option i know a lot of therapists who wealthy because of that but tell you what learning spanish paypal is a whole new skill set and.
But then it got information products we’ve got some information products probably the easiest way to live each time and money um start doing stuff that’s fun.
I’m invest in property got whatever it is that you need to do to help you build so wealth is probably the next states that you gonna do it in something that.
It’s interesting cuz trying to make money for the sake of making money does not sit well for health professionals with.

[36:27] Will let you tank it for you personally when did you decide okay i wanna start consulting in nyc how did you make that jump because i think a lot of people don’t know their worth be on just the counseling session yet lot of times how did the gt.
What pushed you to do more consulting people coming off the.
I actually brand six week program at that stage getting people out of employment.
Into self employment for six weeks and it was basically double your salary so we double.

[36:59] So i take people who are coming out of sixty thousand dollar you sell reason in six weeks the new in the next twelve months that be making a hundred twenty hundred and fifty.

[37:09] That’s that was easy we just did that.

[37:12] Then i went thru people need to know about the stuff i have something to contribute he had come from an informant way a for couple poses way it was hostile and toxic and revolting and i thought i don’t want to build that,
if i had enough opportunity to influence people said i need i don’t have to put up with that how was with that they.

[37:33] Well if that was going on as well i learned about information products i started selling my.
Products so they’ll basically additions to the services we provide it so i built resources workbooks,
public training has taken from me in a really big way particularly around my clinical work so i now run as a joint venture with another call lake how to do the work that we to,
the market is just so nasty if i wanna be famous the pioneer in the later in the field i would be the expert your.
By the way to demonstrate your expertise but training everyone right yeah.
So the evolution of my consulting it with something again i kinda fell into and it’s only in the last two years that i’ve really started to put some to,
definition around that and i now run of that specific training modules that people can to and then i run what’s called in the next ninety days which is based,
building and i need a plan what do you need to it safe and that’s a lot implementation assistance cuz that’s where people get stuck,
i just had implants yet so when you running the cousin should some people quit double your salary holy counting said that,
i am in the title of people might be listening thing joe why didn’t you ask a follow up question i’d love to know double my salary that’s not easy for me would just like media handful of quick tips on the people can do to start,
to double their salary well number one you need to increase profits,
what’s the easiest way to do that too is actually get really fees around the time most people don’t realize that time is.

[39:10] Money when your selling sessions you’re feeling,
time and when you for sure way you time playing around on social media are calling it wack it’s not work it’s you can’t fill that and yeah,
but seriously if you’ve got a dedicated marketing strategy and a dedicated plan fine but then you’ll only be doing fifteen minutes of social media posting that when you.
Yeah or you use to like me to add your or hoot suite or something else to help you automate a lot of that.

[39:41] So you got it he’s around times the number one is increase your prices number two is get really fees around the time the third thing you need to be doing is looking at how you can leverage yourself so what can you be doing so the easiest way to do these,
is what are the five things that every single client you see heston are.
There will be five things that every client you say you’re always teaching you going over again and again and again and again.

[40:09] Does five things can become your fist information product you can set them up as a video series as a workbook not in a book on talk about something people pay money for.

[40:20] So i am using a video series would that be through like a website or would that be something that’s a tangible product or.
Yup you can i started of with tangible products i would put them onto a cd and put them in the post and send them out to people because the whole idea of trying to learn how to do that online terrify me.
But in a position where i can pay people to do that let’s face it shrunk email people love getting chunky mild these days because we don’t get anymore unless it’s from an insurance company if your bank.
Right right.

[40:52] To actually get the makes up but so because of the dvd player at the end cuz from landing of everyone has that most max don’t even come with him anymore so yeah,
so it’s at and t drip feeding that information as well so you don’t give it not on the third one and give it to people all wants you want to give them time to consume the information,
and build community around the products of people sharing the experience it’s not just a,
who’s going to training with just sat there and fremont designed out and had some dissolve moses it’s expectation of training,
it is that’s not very satisfying for me as a consultant as a therapist counselor it’s just i want people to take my knowledge and do something with it so creating community around your information on your expertise as well,
so i’m,
it’s not just about the physical products about the experience of that product and that’s something you to brilliantly is you give people this amazing opportunity to connect and this amazing opportunity to experience you that’s very real,
and that’s just really need my,
oh thank you thank you wow that’s such great information is in regards to just the capitals first steps and.
Counselors so frequently don’t even take the time to stop and say what am i doing here,
and it’s like okay raise your rates what are you doing on a regular basis and create a product or on that and if they,
imagine every year you increase your profits by ten to twenty percent.

[42:23] Within the next year’s you be doubled and you do i think you could do it easily in six months to a year but most people don’t even take the time to plan it out.
That’s and that’s the problem people to take the time to plan it out so when i was running at six week program was a plant brake one week these things that was without the web site the other way and because he,
i am being on offline marketing be offline marketing but online marketing is still catching up so none of this required website,
investment and twenty one ask about the offline marketing for sure but it’s like when i think about even just the last year i just had my monthly income rip.
For july two thousand fifteen and in one year with three hundred twenty some percent growth.
And it’s just like you know when you when you’re tracking it when you’re intentional and your focusing in on it and any of the people that i’ve been listening this year know that my two goals are,
one to increase my consulting clients that’s my practice is the practice school and then and mental illness counseling is to fill up my other clinicians because of their full that’s time that i don’t have to spend doing director the,
and for those two things in general like i’m gonna just focus and laser focused on those two things and,
shocking both of them are ahead of schedule when he now that you are in a totally offline marketing look what were some of the things you do with that.

[43:46] Talk to people,
so as there has been a silence then the condescending to me always and there’s a whole thing that allison career did a few weeks ago in a podcast interview that was about basically.
Were counselors know how to talk to people why we got it not getting like it i’m not gonna say exactly the same thing so.
We had a developer pull we know how to build confidence we know how to listen we know how to attend we don’t have to be present we do this every day we just need to take those skills and apply it to people who want to give us money.

[44:21] Your referrals will leave the money or you know it’s basically friend building you know if you just need to know people get so check status of the whole concept,
yeah and you talk to but i don’t i don’t encourage anyone to sell cuz health professional hate the concept of selling and i spent twelve months learning how to become a thousand person id direct sales it co cooling sales by vomited productive,
the morning for ten days learning to do that it’s not like.
Let’s do it now i’ve sold kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door in college so i have vomited in my mouth as well.
But that’s just a pool fit for me because that’s not who i am and how i work with clients but we still clients in it we still client the process we so clients goal with family all the time trying to get a two year old child to do something you’ll selling.
lucia daughter she has many opinions and yes selling bedtime every single night i become a much better salesman after having a daughter,
and lake in our baby is she’s just started have our own opinions to so yeah i can cure that the parents become good sales people.

[45:35] If so how to convert that into a conversation with a prospective client is just have a conversation yeah.
What is the biggest made and help solve that problem so it’s not i’m gonna give you thirty for free it’s like wow it sounds like,
you are really struggling with managing symptoms of depression that’s really devastating only know that depression is growing we know that in two,
buy twenty gonna be one of the leading causes of illness in this country is spent so many years working with pay,
cool to learn how to manage depression and even get rid of the course of depression in their life is that something that would be interesting to you.
Yes that’s the purpose that would be awesome if that’s what you do absolutely but we have.
Rules and guidelines in this country i mean i can actually provide you with therapy right now what i’d like to do is offer you,
consultation with me at no obligation it’s gonna cost you ninety box twenty six point and not without make sure i’m the right person to work,
with you had that sounds with the therapist for ninety bucks that feels like a no risk to me if you could help me get rid of my to press yeah.

[46:43] Well i love the sleet played that out for us so we can actually kinda feel that conversation would be like is so often we talk theory we talked,
oh yeah i do this month ago hundred eighty that and then often times consultants are like well you have to pay me for the house i’ll tell you the wires in it like in,
we just got a just quick side note so friend of mine just sent me this,
blog post with a cut rate for the huffington post as a local is it wanted to do that and like skeptical and i’m reading it and point one was why you should write for the huffington post there’s always millions of blah blah blah.
Point you was right really great contact no kidding okay there is like posing point three was the email the editor the great contact.

[47:25] To email the other the don’t have it listed anywhere so click here to download the e book,
oh shocking the book cost money and it was just like you just give me nothing and sl anyway i think that we’ve got.
What we gotta change that perception of selling and that’s where i think of health professional getting hung up now but this is just a the free thing that you gonna sell me stuff from.

[47:49] That has worked with the traffic and conversion summit here and it which is hilarious cuz that i have never considered myself to be and it’s not knock it out but seriously internet marketing is a conversation.

[48:00] That’s all i want for three days is how to have a conversation on-line as well it’s like pizza got thrown around but i ignored those about the color it’s about the conversation so.
Helping people to,
i understand that it’s not that complicated nt mystifying it you don’t need all those build the muscles have a conversation from the five,
people in your area that you want to work with five people that you would love to receive referrals from and go to become the friend.

[48:29] Yeah it’s so.
To give them something first like lets just reverse this whole perception of files be generous it’s not that hard to pay for a cup of coffee.

[48:41] Why.
It’s funny you say that someone invited me out for a cup of coffee a day initiated it.
My brain for the entire time what would you do heroes to hear okay i don’t mind giving that away i don’t need to like sell to a guy to do consulting,
and then when the bill came.
They’re like doing this together separate there like someone we just separated out and i just wanted um like i will never sit down with you again like you cheapskate like you could at least pay for the coffee.
Yeah that’s all they can you text incredibly disrespectful yeah.
Especially when you’re the one initiating it yeah it’s what you want to do that with your friends right like,
eww you so why would we treat people that we want them to give us referral so we want to build some sort of collaborative relationship,
why would we treat them like that but it’s not hot to pay for a meal it’s not hard to pay for a cup of coffee if those things are beyond the,
and then find ways to bless people not just of it.
If it the coffee one always works for me its good coffee and i’m a bit of a coffee snob so the coffee one always works for me i am i know people who have done simple things like.
I’m but to the flowers of your from the bottom just the thoughtfulness.

[49:54] And act of generosity will speak sorry much more than the fantasies bills and whistles website yeah when you think the whole know your worth.
Also knowing what a new client is worth so if that person refers to a person that pays a hundred dollars for ten sessions that’s a thousand dollars for that five dollar cup of coffee.
And so is even just understanding what is a new client worth.
It makes it so much easier like let me just get this lunch fell like it’s towards fine so yeah do it,
if every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want to know from australia to the mountains of america all the way over to spain and back over to you the guy that the great australian coast.
So wow sorry my head just went to travel itinerary was like nevermind that’s anyway.
So what i wanna school to get a handle on his that we are not tolerated we are not just needed.
F clinicians we actually necessary we give people their lives back and once we can get that.
Oh in that and stand up and say it’s been i think we will see a revolution in health care because as soon as health practitioners stand up and take notice of their with.
The health system will have to take notice of us a health outcomes will improve.
It’s just gonna happened the ripple effect is going to happen so if you just think that you’re tolerated because you’re a counselor.

[51:29] You’re not you just think your necessary because you’re a social worker at your not your taxes even necessary people need what you have to give.
That’s what i want some joe so in people and get a hold of you they want to file your work connect with you what’s the best way for them to connect with you.
The best way is to come over to the gym your head up call i have a website that the bus was the commode australian financial mountain,
you at the dinner on my birthday festivities in november two will be in fifty which is a beautiful city so what information is on the wed from very excited to announce susan again,
say that it’s www dot join you ahead.
Calm and new head is in mary you i hate see eighty and joey stay and have only two emotions bowls of.
So thank you so much for being on the show and for hanging out becoming my friend really glad to have.

[52:29] Thank you to play businesses in family and displays two little girls.

[52:34] Music.

[52:55] Give yourself a professional not sure the yourself so that you can serve your clients even better so head on over to practice of.

[53:04] Music.

[53:09] Question about cigna see a link to support.

[53:12] What were oracle’s just cover the manual to help you that would be awesome gonna have the link to our is podcast interview that.

[53:21] Also i would love to have a couple hours people talk about the impact of practice is made.

[53:33] Order to show practiceofthepractice.com/session99 to make the clicking on the speed.

[53:40] We just and record a message it’s super easy your phone your computer and they all built-in mikes after a high-quality i see she sold five people say how their lives change next.

[53:53] Can we share those.

[53:55] Hundred episode one of very special guest probably the most special most amazing best i could ever have.

[54:06] Can we use this visual and service cost to fix it interferes into your brain.

[54:17] Music.

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