PoP 110 | Mom and Business Owner Balance an Interview with Alison Pidgeon

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In this session, I interview Alison Pidgeon all about business, marketing, private practice, and how to also be a mom in the midst of all that! One of my favorite interviews ever!


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PoP Culture Meet Alison Pidgeon
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Here’s how Alison describes herself:

I am a solution focused counselor who loves to help people achieve tangiable results during the course of their work with me.

I have been working in various aspects in the mental health field since 2003. My work has covered inpatient units, day hospitals, specialized behavior modification programs for children, and outpatient settings.

I graduated from Immaculata University with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology in 2007 and in 2009 I earned my license as a professional counselor (LPC) in the state of Pennsylvania. I now serve as a supervisor for other therapists who are working on earning their license.

The best part of my job is watching my clients learn and make positive changes in their lives. Everyone has a fascinating story about this journey we call life and I’m humbled to be able to hear them. My goal is to make everyone in my office feel comfortable to tell their story, no matter their religion, creed, ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation.

Fun facts about me:

1) I have traveled to 21 countries on 5 continents.

2) I have 2 boys, ages 1 and 3 1/2 who keep me pretty busy!

3) If I didn’t become a counselor, I probably would have been an interior designer.

4) Baking and cooking are my therapy.

5) Ever since I was a kid I wanted to run my own business, so having my own private practice is a dream come true for me!

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 110 | Mom And Business Owner Balance An Interview With Alison Pidgeon

[0:00] Music.

[0:28] I am so glad you are with me on my gosh.
I get so many e-mails from people talking about this podcast and facebook posts and twitter and instagram and try to stay pretty active and all those.

[0:40] And you all are awesome i especially want to give a gigantic shout out to all the grad students because,
you are incredible and i’m gonna be doing an episode just for us can be a solo show coming up in a few.
But you guys like if i had the foresight to like look ahead and think about what,
no it’s out there rising grad school i would be so much further ahead than where i am now.
And i think it’s so incredible the people that are in grad school right now but are thinking about these things i was just on instagram the other day.
And there’s this whole hashtag gets counseling students or something like that but there was so much activity around and i was just blown away and i’ve been trying to figure out,
how to better use hash tags and engage with people and build an audience and create authentic content so but i created a video of if you go semester by semester,
through grad school what you can do each semester and i have infographic to if you go over the practiceofthepractice.com/grad-school.
There is a video there were walk-through exactly what you can do semester by semester and then i can download the infographic there too so if you’re in grad school.
Head on over practiceofthepractice.com/grad-school and you will get an awesome video and awesome infographic and what you can do every single semester.

[2:03] Good for your to far in let’s talk about greater vision i know the best sponsor a lot but it only reason i let them do as much as i keep hearing amazing feedback from people.
I’m amazed that in january so i just a couple days here they’re gonna be offering their websites for thirty nine dollars a month this is,
crazy you have to jump on board and get in because the website you get there i mean,
which easily be thousands and thousands of dollars to any other desire but they have figured out such a great way to streamline their system you get an individual person that works with you to try to develop your website make sure it captures your tone.
Pick up pictures are gonna convert and it’s just it’s so awesome being all the best practices there listening to what therapy consultants are talking about.
No perry every month sends email at all these people and there’s a link for can some of my best content.
It’s amazing to see how well run a business that is so head over to brightervision.com/joe.
And starting january this app for thirty nine bucks a month it’s not so there is no excuse to not have a beautiful website at those prices.

[3:15] So life is good here in the us and our household white and amazing two thousand fifteen.
I want to take just a little bit of time to reflect and two thousand and fifteen.
And i’m the man injured introduce you to the amazing allison page and the first let’s talk with two thousand fifteen so,
a number of years so this would be my two thousand two on some guy friends of mine i decided that we are going to go down to nashville for like,
tonight’s road from kalamazoo and we laugh like really late at night and we stopped at this bar on the way.
And we said it was in december and we walk through every single month of the year and see what happened in january what happened in february it took like so long but it was so fun to reflect in every single aspect of it.
I just have this memory of school we didn’t have a place to stay the first night in nashville and so we are going to sleep in the car.
The car got really warm and so we pulled over into this feel be proud are sleeping bags so we all like get sleeping bags and the next morning we wake up and were in a call the sack in the middle of a neighborhood,
and there’s all these guys like surveying the land and there’s the four of us just laying there not sleeping bag so,
totally random story that was really funny and awkward and just.
It’s such a fun time in life i need to be on national television accidently i was on the top,
ten most wanted count down or something like that was like this country music show and i had i don’t like country music those of you that do i’m glad you appreciate something that i.

[4:56] For some reason can’t appreciate the closes i get is johnny cash but the person was like guess who’s on the show today it cleaned s and i didn’t know what to do it sounded like a disease i go clean s.
And it but i got to me this clear this guy and we actually ended up being the front row center cuz we’re the most attractive now the price on the people that,
were younger i just any wait holy randomly and of joints are gonna keep telling me about this trip to national cuz was awesome even though it has nothing to do with the podcast.
We toured the saturn plant down there is incredible we went to look at old fort that had like.
I’m they like when you put the metal in the fire and then they blacksmith thing i mean it was it was really fun trip for like a three day trip.

[5:45] So two thousand fifteen only cash so january,
sorry still and my family medical leave act working like twenty hours a week at my job so i had a baby in september of fourteen,
little lake in and so i did steps down to twenty hours a week to test out this private practice thing,
and so in january and february i was still like constantly running the numbers to the point that my wife was like stop running the numbers you can be fine if you leave your full-time job.

[6:17] But i want to make sure i have the security to provide for my family my wife doesn’t work outside the home she works a lot inside the home.
But pay for health insurance all of that like there was such a huge stress earlier in the year i know tons of you have these,
part-time purposes and you dream of leaving a full-time job.
And i was so risk averse cuz i didn’t want to take on debt didn’t wanna have to go to family and say he.

[6:43] And then i finally had that conversation with my boss and i propose that i get paid my full-time salary and work half-time,
thinking well model three that out there and choose gracious and said there’s no way we can do that and so i put in my notice in march first i left my full-time job.

[7:02] And i haven’t looked back since it’s been incredible if you look my monthly income reports every month it’s just,
and through the roof i had my first twenty thousand dollar month in two thousand fifteen which into thousands fourteen i’d the first ten thousand dollar month so,
pretty incredible in a year was able to go from ten thousand dollars in a month to being,
insane to twenty thousand dollars in a month being insane i mean it just blows my mind that you know i brought in twenty grand in a month but not so so online using a coffee and they’re not.

[7:41] Lol so then let’s see moving in to april two thousand fifteen,
really gearing up for the most awesome conference our food truck bailed on us.
Didn’t give us our money back we had to almost go to court we actually ended up having to have lawyers get involved get our money back.
But it left us with the most awesome conference with these fifty people that we had to feed,
and no like all the food trucks are full and so kelly and randy just busted honey to figure out how to get a different food truck each day so they,
they just killed it and then in may we had the most awesome conference and i flew out to la jolla,
gotta like me julie hangs in person for the first time we only talked on-line to that which right now i can’t believe it like just how much we grew as like the four of us as friends in that long weekend,
it just feels like there’s some my closest friends now in business friends to,
so we have that and then we stayed in and see diego for next week and my brother and his girlfriend at the time or maybe she’s fancy of the time hung out and it was fun to just chill with them.
Gotta see ceo as an incredible town went to the zoo.
And then we had traverse city in the summer in traverse city mean beach town brewery town wineries galore,
some might call it the napa valley of the midwest it just has a weird ring to it.

[9:14] So here all summer enjoyed the water can slow down a little bit of an master taking fridays off,
work four days a week slowly kind of service they were on my schedule to be.
Consulting client continue to grow during that time which opened up more time for me to be able to than blog and podcast and do the higher level things.

[9:36] Started outsourcing more really and when using virtual assistants to take things off my plate so that i can focus on a higher level stuff and then september i think i had six or so consulting clients come on,
incredible to see them all my word of the week i had one lady that just told me that she’s up two hundred percent on someone else was averaging like five grand a month and now they’re averaging nine grand a month.
Oh yeah in july lunch the how to become a consultant podcast and then kinda moving through the fall,
when i took that time off to go out west for that conference for the summit conference with john got an.

[10:16] And took some time to just holy unplugged.
Give me a good sense of kinda what i enjoyed and what i need to pull back on and i realize that the how to become a consultant podcast although i love it was so much work and draining so much time,
that wasn’t converting into money so i have some people that joined the consultant school but a lot of those people were people that are the new me it was.
And i think i learned a lot by doing that podcast and i don’t regret it at all but really can i think the end of the year here is been refining process and that really was validated through that survey that you guys did.
Set at fifty one percent of you.
Either haven’t started a private practice or have just started a private practice and so in two thousand sixteen i’m gonna continue to make content right how to start a private practice because,
half of you that but those of you that are growing those of you that group practices fear not.
I will still have marketing and business and all sorts of other stuff so as we come to this year and for me.
I think the biggest feeling that i have for two thousand fifteen is gratitude that.
My wife was so encouraging for me to leave my full-time job,
gratitude that you keep listening in gratitude that my family is healthy for once.
Holy cow like my mom had a couple surgeries but every year really since two thousand eleven.
We have had some in our family dealing with major medical issues whether it was my mom’s cancer or my daughters both having her issues.

[11:53] This year my daughter had her surgery i had cancer there for a bit and ps three years cancer free now and so it feels like.

[12:03] Like there hasn’t been any major medical for a while and i’m knocking on wood mentally cuz it just feels like wow like okay,
it’s amazing when your brain isn’t consumed by just like family issues and family stuff how much easier it is junk done wow so that was more than i expected to talk with all of its own solo show by,
we still have an interview with allison pigeon so allison is the solution focused counselor,
who loves to help people achieve tangible results in during the course of their work with her she’s been working in various aspects of mental health since two thousand and three,
and how workers cover inpatient units day hospitals specials behavior modification program for children and outpatient settings.
The best part of her job she says is watching claims learn to make positive changes in their life.
And what’s really cool is that on her website and her about page is where you can find and i have that in the shots also,
alison some fun facts about are shoes travel to twenty one countries and five continents quote they were pretty close there think she might of done me a little bit.

She has two boys ages one and three and have to keep her busy definitely connect that if she didn’t become a counselor super would have been an interior designer.
Baking and cooking are her therapy and ever since you are the kitchen light to run her own business and have our own private practice is a dream come true for her,
i absolutely loved interviewing allison’s cell without any further ado i give you the one the only the never replicated allison pigeon.

[13:41] Allison pigeon and welcome to the practice the practice pa.
Babies here yeah i’m really glad to have you here and i think what i love about your story and the bit the body shared with me.
Is it so much like i’m sick every member of my audience either ben where you’ve been or they are where you are and so let’s just say with who are you and baby how do we connect.

[14:04] Okay so i have a practice for counseling in my,
hometown dyslexic anything sylvania and i just started in february,
i work with millennials that’s population three liter house that you can see here property and solution focused therapy and i just hired someone to come work for me,
everything is sept where he grew less than a year which is exciting.
Yes so let’s start there because a lot of people say like when do i add someone to my practice and i have my own thoughts on that how did you decide that was time to add someone to your practice.
So my goal quickly after starting was running for practice because that was my background i ran out the clinic in so that was very familiar turf trooper me of being a boss managing all.
Um and still a which is the easiest way to go about it.
And really get somebody you just want to work very part-time have used my thirty missing office was very low risk for me.
Because honestly i’m still paying rent and i am still working myself and paying all those cost whether she’s there or not.
So essentially he cost me is like you this psychology today profile but i have for.
And the rest is expenses anyways so like green because she’s so part-time she not relying on.

[15:40] My business to pay her bills she from looking at like i can start slow and build up.
And hopefully than me the agency where she is mark cream or but it just seem like,
it was when situation is very low risks when doing when the questions i get from people is will,
why would i bring someone to have like a steady flow of clients yet like why would they even want to join me so that your saying will,
because she’s taking the risk of renting a space in katakana test the waters at a win-win host you claim that to her in regards to counter what you provide shit,
yeah so i look like jean are going in different,
so she can i claim that her liver population in she doesn’t have a clear and sandra therapy she works really young kids like three in which i don’t do.
So i was like well for online from totally different populations and my printer on yeah is simply not competing for clients,
well that’s what instrument once counseling is kinda each of the seven of us have had a different specialties and so i always looked for where the gaps in so early childhood there’s not a ton of early childhood therapists in northern michigan so,
but with john coming on like that was great cuz now we have no birth or rebirth to age seven and then we have sarah that does a top and it’s like,
all long everything has a specialty yeah so how did you structure and it should be to attend ninety nine how do you start your payment and all that.

[17:12] Yes if you ninety nine and i got your,
teamwork your cool eight c my lawyer and is having to make a little bit to fit my purpose is a seasoning in us sixty forty split and my,
forty percent covers the rent and marketing and using the electronic health record now the state of things to prevent that the infrastructure and giving the name out there things like that on you and then,
i rent just doing therapy showing up and doing that is what she gets for her six percent.
Is it awesome will take it back to like how you started your practice because when we’re talking a few minutes ago before we started recording he said it wasn’t exactly how you prices starter for,
acts now is love like and i wouldn’t call it a failure story but like a while earned a lot from my own me and michael stupidity story you know,
ago we learn allowed to use our own trial and error to take it back to you when you lost your practice and how it happened and maybe some of the things you would’ve done different.
Jerks because my cherry television production and it’s a much more concise way of saying what i was going to say,
so essentially anything about thirty years i had.
What is right is internship for a very large nonprofit mental health hospital system in our area,
and over the course of the years worked my way up to being a director to audition programs so in addition to.

[18:43] What was happening rear the years is that may two children so graduations this year so time that.

[18:54] I

[18:55] Was director of this clinic i had and hundred dollar in cash yep that’s it quickly became way more for your job and my job tonight and i didn’t.
Really think about leaving but i miss having those late aha moments one day when,
my son was on a little early coughing is he was sick and i’m with him of course in an,
i am in the morning just realized there were so many things that were books that they were meeting all the stopping,
yeah i could have tried every single thing that the schedule was so tight with an impossible and so i sent him to daycare.
I like honestly little bit and sixty day care i have to work in icing and has me thinking like.
What happened to your fish.
I need to be home with my son is six he’s the with his mom use to you wanna have to hurt you see doesn’t want to be a teacher in his miserable.

[19:59] And this is from when i was like i gotta do something different this is,
german hits the yes cash isn’t it amazing how kids just reshape the hallway you see the world yeah,
yeah it so that then what you do.
Yeah seven this is lay around thanksgiving time is your surgery thinking about it and my husband about it and.

[20:23] Bye chris is my game i notice is this a managing or a left my job like completely like there was no backing out or anything like that is like your and.
So basically mother january to get my practice together.

[20:42] What is totally stressful is for people when the kids and then.
I may go to sleep together and will is snow get insurance companies stephen so.

[20:57] Then the rest and i mean it’s pauses your,
say someone does have a month to launch a private practice like an ass maybe not ideal but,
like one steps would give them like okay week one in january and this week to in and maybe like maybe don’t know exactly what it was like what did mr that january cuz i think that’s super like important stuff.
So i could you say no i got can the insurance companies and.

[21:30] I don’t think i did much sexually okay maybe through together.

[21:36] I’m sure aids oh i just replaced to have an office gotta have an office yet so i actually ended up going to.

[21:47] My daughter my director james you season your office your grant me to say yes will.
Yeah reasons i am renting space for my character was he and i had this little office and what causes sorry like a printer in my filing,
but it is very is everything to start the house please starts and probably a gas coming from around it.
Being with a character being with a doctor like start you off with kind of a built-in referral system because but they’re not seeing clients and so,
maybe like alison’s right there in a down the hall if you see a therapist right yeah of course of february rolls around and then what happens.
So you’re around and i told my clients from my job and some of them have to say to me say it was seven clients in their coming everything we because the words are,
furnace in the middle of the room every weekend so i just might like.
You working in the marketing listen to classical gas and.
No it is yeah looking for a day care of my time where i was giving myself a crash course in business and is,
hey you repair practice so what were some of the tools and resources and podcast that how,
does yours and.

[23:18] May the has a was always under dreams when this half asking that’s the meaning very valuable from gary and jack are low here i’ve tried to get him and the power,
i guess so many times and he’s just such a,
superhero rockstar yeah my husband disney junior’s feel in a cell,
yes just lever seems not able to stephen was in jail and when i was a thirty to recognize.
Something to get ricky over and over and different castlevania for team usa and i was thinking like okay that must be super important to repeat it like five times across the different platforms,
make sure that thing will wanna put like a big star next to it you just said because i think that’s so important to listen to,
things beyond just like this podcast of your counselor listen to this podcast that of course i want to keep listening but,
if you’re listening to other marketers are listening to people outside of our field,
then you can just do exactly what you’re saying alison and that’s like okay these things keep getting repeated these things keep working for people right now,
even people other than joe are saying this i guess i should probably do it and so i for me listening to non therapists like i love melbourne and selling the couch and like using awesome work,
but i wanna listen to people that are like outside of our field to really say okay what’s going on across all marketing costs all of business there trans right now.

[24:52] And so he’s so smart you did that so early on.

[24:56] Thank you you’re welcome so that i mean like was is launching a private practice you know you may and a lot of people think okay i have this forty or fifty hour week like job with the hospital system and,
i’m lost his practice and have all this time for my kids but then the reality of like running your own business can hits and it’s like just as much work sometimes or more.
Like what if i sue for people like that you found in that time that how to find balance help you can get a good rhythm so you are just going from one fifty are we job to another fifty are we job,
yeah i think you because i left so quickly and didn’t have a key symbol is the have a lot of free time on my hands so that helped republic using into it i see the kind that is,
making yourself reading before but i feel like.
It’s a lot easier now for me to have sitting the kids and work because like,
lately i am retired and eventually come home in the city taxes then when your happy and doing work,
i am seventy years after the event i have to be working today and see like you know i can’t get a little time here and there i do it that way yet,
works for me office and the,
and how do you structure that time to think a lot of people look like the start up its not what i work and now i have an hour bother napping like.

[26:26] How do you know what you’re gonna do during those chunks of time.

[26:30] What is the question yeah i think becomes something for some become very intuitively a thing for me if i have a couple of systems of becomes pretty intuitively to break down the systems but,
and maybe does for us is hard to figure out what you do but,
there’s some people are just like okay i could do a million different things right now and they’re like paralyzed by the options in front of them,
yeah i think for me it is very is like getting presents billing and then my suv so i get them back just seeing the county and then i can you know.
What is the check from the bank or whatever so hester louise seen city clarion and the second thing is marketing,
is she has called me to schedule your first appointment at oracle american citizen last week and,
something happened call organizing kinds of things and if the kids down for their calling me back the other thing sounds like,
first things to do things i have to do with like money right now slick cashing checks like putting in claims that i get paid.
Make the second thing is potential money is looking new client and then like the third thing is so hypothetical money which is like marketing and getting new clients but it is that kind of the following maybe.
Yeah anything to do with the,
left accounting making sure my books are not something you periodically that doesn’t even happen like every day,
so what point you think they start to explore your having like a book-keeper having someone answer your phones or maybe won’t.

[28:06] Like how are you deciding where you’re gonna spend your time long-term vs okay eventually i think i take this off i thought.
Yes that’s really in the,
we met on the way this thing’s out actually have somebody approach me from my old employer is industrial workers and i love to have some extra hours.
Is there anyway he call me and does he answered so you never met before yeah,
so i think that me start somewhere scene mean it’s just like a couple mins couple hours you know.

[28:45] Send me the link i get out of doing some data entry piece of things.
And the post office for stamps in one thing i started doing after i can get pretty busy cuz in my full-time job and my part-time practice for a while,
is it paid someone to check my messages in the morning at ten thirty in the afternoon at like two and then i think was like,
i’m so three times a day should just checking messages make phone calls scheduled people and my appointment,
i thought i was gonna lose all these people cuz you know if there is working on connect with anyone have that like initial conversation.
But when i can of like systematized and said here like if someone is having this trouble talk about these skills of mine something in this trouble talk with these girls,
it was amazing how like i’d be at my full-time job an ceo of my gosh i have two intakes are scheduled it last me fifteen bucks every person that are my messages.
Great so that that’s cool is trying to evaluate how you’re gonna do that how are you gonna decide like when or how you’re gonna look structure that.

[29:48] Yeah does this morning so i know sometimes you,
weather in the grand you but she has a job so i think her instead of is possibly asleep but you know as far as like,
you know she can work from home because my hr is already so she just logged in and in and quitting there for me and.
Set office from looking at the pieces didn’t go in the theme of our projects that i need help with,
yes it’s use is there a best okay do you like them in your life alive and is doing.
Oh my stuff next muni four is using this hour to do my billing and office on a street it’s very cranky and very old-fashioned,
i was using your schedule to do my appointments which i am having a hard time getting them,
you have to fly from june last week for example there nc can see immediately like okay i have been having this person and then whatever is.
I am what church did was the,
drive so now what with their history things on the computer and it’s really nice it’s freezing on time cool.
So then i guess it’s actually family balance thing any other tips for finding balance as you have a practiced think that’s an area.

[31:23] Lot of us entrepreneur’s get stocks this like always more to do there’s always these ideas and it’s fun for most of any of the stuff on face up do not think,
but like for me it’s on monday morning comes i’m like ready to go and how do you like,
phone that in there like can pull back a little bit when you with your family saying that just thinking business,
yes it really hard reset the one thing we,
i am using is like really i was like,
this room three hundred in all your house then stops and i was like well with you like i still can’t believe she’s like i don’t get distracted by the pains in any good ideas,
so it is like pulling yourself back in rising like with maybe you’re very slowly and focus on,
nothing really just use like.

[32:22] There’s no such thing as in my finger pretty bad ass you know i think like the work it is your answer me like the house for gets neglected and i have to suddenly,
same brand as it is couple hours like,
do dishes or whatever is like the house isn’t a disaster and you know of a source so it’s always just like this is,
going back and forth between like this day needs attention now it’s yours more like a slow then a light back,
yes like it i think the third has really helped me is using mindfulness.
So i can make it so easy to be on the phone company the engineering client agrees that stuff on the restroom is blinking kids from a community,
my full attention to them so that that’s me hurting i try and it was going like.
It’s almost like you don’t realize how much you can be slippery slope familiar there are many like you got arena back and then lightly that is how it’s for me.
I just took twelve days off and.
Awesome with who tiring to be the one in a four year old non stop peeing and have a greater appreciation for my stay at home wife.
Yeah but i think what really realize was you know i spent so much time on certain things that are ideas that like i kinda miss the marks like the whole how to become a consultant podcast and like that full can of.

[34:01] Thing i think i realize that was fun to do but the amount of time i put into it,
isn’t what my audience wanted you know like they want like private practice stuff and so i’m moving forward like really figuring out what is it that the audience wants and how do i focusing more on that one thing,
and lasso and when i feel like i think i wanted you and it’s just like i think it is concert retooling and re examining where you spend your time yeah.
When so many can a quick tips for how to grow private practice we’ve had a cover the balance side but now you’re like you added somebody like what are some of those tips for how to sustain a private practice,
yes i think this is mentioned anywhere near is about networking is or is you to deliver it doesn’t for me since the huge thing to you may not,
always know what the outcome is gonna be but good things to come like.

[34:59] For example i went to a networking event that was just anybody from any kind of business that was in doctors it wasn’t healthcare professionals ants,
i need to know what was gonna come of it i just went because it isn’t working and i want to get my name out there and i ended up,
will a profile magazine coming week so,
that’s really saying because i’m not open now my you know all of my business news and you seem so it’s really something,
so il just going after the things that are general business networking as well as the one on one business networking,
yeah i need some good contacts it,
i very seriously doubt rosemary forms a little supervision for which is really helpful is leslie,
so what is there is huge and if so how do they the only rings for answering my gosh and,
trip if people don’t know if you just drop me an email you can get six months for free and i’ll make a referral for you and yeah from has been such,
thing i did the math just yesterday and email from someone saying i can’t afford thirty bucks a month for psychology today.
And i did the math if their clients for hundred dollars per session and they came an average of five times i think it was.
Sixteen months every sixteen months you’d have to get one new client and like.

[36:32] Like whoever is saying they can’t afford that if you get one new client sixteen months like yeah that’s probably not working for me any calls but yeah i’ve gotten way more than that for psychology today,
yeah i do it’s slipper thirty dollars neither yeah for their,
yeah what are some like dreams that you’re going after you there in your professional life and personal life cuz i think that you so much of that over laps and,
we are stuck with that is where some dreams or hopes in the future here for us,
yes my nigga good size group practice me to not do is necessary and you are the more of the day-to-day running of the business part because in this process i realize much i love,
the whole business aspect of things in just a day today.
Yeah business and meeting people and marketing and all that good stuff so.

[37:28] I would like to build it up to where i’m making sixty years and on leave from here to there to there.
Yeah i don’t want to be using more of the box kinds of beans because i think that you know our plans really need is to provide a different teams then what.
Can a traditional secondary provide now and you know like i’m counseling and use that and a total of about the news,
yeah apparently she has been taking his amazing up there,
hey i can print practice and just get and the more like cutting edge kinds of things,
yeah i think especially like millennials who’s your kinda target market like there,
they’re looking for something that is unique and catered and a little bit different and i think they also open to different therapeutic modalities a lot more than maybe past generations of an.
Yeah they’re cool one question i always ends with is if every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want them to.
So you’re saying earlier i think it’s really important for counselors to.
You gotta stick with the status lol you there so many ways that people near,
the insurance companies i think it is the xbox so we can do you know like you only get one repaired today and the stenosis and.

[39:06] If you know the rest of it and i think that.

[39:10] Yeah livingroom ways to help is because i think in your heart and.

[39:18] I think we drizzles there is gonna change yeah awesome thanks change has absolutely,
so are thousands and what’s the best way for you to get a hold of you want to connect more shit my inlet seat is moved will word lancaster.com.
My email is allison one and all that new for easter come off so lovely today channels.
Well and all the resources coverage think so much for me and the show today awesome thank you.

[39:52] Music.

[40:06] You may have noticed the difference in sound between my microphone there and allison.
If i could not figure out for the life of me i thought i was gonna get a new microphone and then i was tinkering around my settings and i saw this for some reason.
I input and output volume has been turned down,
all for like a long time and i’ve been getting emails from people is your voice so quiet like after turning up and then it annoying during the interview and.
So fear not i think i figured it out i think we’re back to something relatively normal so some of the past interviews that audio mic for me to just pay someone to go through and do all that i think it’s not too annoying so.
Hopefully it every possible on my phone because every single little that there that like reasonable reason it was so.
Maybe what i should check that like my podcast there’s too much cost.

[41:03] But we’ve only got a couple of podcast interviews were that’s off so thanks so much for letting me in two years into your brain head over to brighter vision.
Org slash jo thirty nine bucks a month for a website in two thousand sixteen they are incredible.
Just checked them out even if you liked are quite in the market yet like getting that process started and i know that you’re gonna just find them to be a huge value add.

[41:28] Have an awesome week and i’ll talk to you next year.

[41:31] Music.

[41:45] Move in silence and sexy and sweet flavor like you music in this podcast design right after thirty that information in regard to this,
it is not understanding me that the host publisher of the guests are running legal accounting clinical professional information,
if you need a professional you should find one and come to the most awesome conference www.mostawesomeconference.com.

[42:08] If you don’t do it by display january first you are missing out on the opportunity to pay in three installments.

[42:16] Chunk of money to me that jump on it today use.

[42:21] Music.

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