PoP 128 | How to Have Less Stress in Business an interview with Jamie Sussel Turner

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How to manage employees and contractors without losing your mind. Today’s podcast is all about advanced techniques for managing teams, getting teams to thrive, and focusing on having a business with less stress!

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PoP Culture Meet Jamie Sussel-Turner

Jamie Turner 2015.SueJamie Sussel Turner, M.Ed, PCC, is an author, speaker, and professional coach. She works with leaders and individuals who are stressed and want to achieve more. She helps them become clear and confident leaders who build dedicated teams so their businesses are more successful and they have more of a life. Her client list includes a wide range of leaders in a variety of fields including; insurance, real estate, healthcare, wellness, hospitality, and education. Jamie is passionate about helping her clients build a strong foundation of vision, mission, and core values.

Jamie’s coaching is results-oriented, deeply thoughtful, provocative, and proven to reduce her clients’ stress by up to 75 percent. Her book, Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching, and Leading Great Employees is the culmination of the strategies and mind-altering thinking that has helped her clients gain access to a new way of being and leading so they can create the businesses and lives of their dreams.

Jamie served in educational leadership positions for twenty years, the last twelve as a school principal. It was in that position that she recognized how the stress of her job was interfering with her ability to help her school community reach their goals. Her journey to coaching was sparked during a first-time meeting with a neighbor during a New Jersey beach clean-up in 2002.

When she asked, “What do you do?” and the neighbor replied, “I’m a coach,” the light bulbs started flashing in Jamie’s mind with immediate recognition that coaching would be her post-education career shift. Jamie launched her coaching business in 2009. She serves on the executive board and professional development committee of ICF-NJ (International Coach Federation of New Jersey).

Jamie has earned dual masters degrees in educational leadership and elementary education, and her leadership approach has been featured in professional journals and newspaper articles including The New York Times.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 128 | How To Have Less Stress In Business An Interview With Jamie Sussel Turner

[0:00] Music.

[0:29] How are you doing today you doing awesome.

[0:34] Well you for the northern michigan per usual i don’t know if there’s ever bad days here mean if you if you like weather this is the place to be.
Between winter spring summer and fall we got it all.
Look at that can rhyme pulling didn’t even know me and you guys didn’t sign up for this she’s if you wanted that you would’ve come to piano and practice.
So as you guys probably know from last time that in the time before that i’m launching a really fun event we’re doing some group consulting.
And we’re gonna go wine tasting together here in northern michigan gonna get c practice the practice headquarters in the radio center to building in downtown traverse city.
We’re gonna go wine tasting we’re gonna go food trucking it’s gonna be awesome i’m trying to,
work out some details to get you guys a discount on stand up paddle board yoga we’ve got we got a lot of really fun things here in the summer so it’s gonna be,
august tenth and eleventh here in traverse city,
in the show not you can that there’s a link to the application or you can head on over to practiceofthepractice.com and type in,
pino it’s going to the first thing the comes up should be on the main page two but depending on how many blocks i have come up and make in the second page,
so that’s coming up and then also don’t forget in asheville north carolina i am exploring putting on a conference with Allison per year,
and jane carter cold brew your practice and we’re looking into the idea,
of doing a two day event we have your morning cuppa joe with me and then we have beverages in the evening.

[2:07] And learn all about private practice it’s gonna be awesome but we know what kind of exploring we don’t want to put in a ton of effort into it if there’s nine interest,
but the on the east coast in particular and you wanna hang out in asheville north carolina with three of us,
we are putting in some effort into that so awesome cool things on the horizon before we get too far,
i want to tell us we’ll practice so simple practice is the best electronic medical records system it was just working with a consulting client.
And he was talking about his paperwork is in voicing,
all these different things that were going on me and i just saw this guy get a parking ticket and he just do it was literally like ten seconds ago he just walked is kinda parking guys still there he’s so mad.
Oh man he is so mad all look at him oh here comes another parking person.

[3:05] To get to parking people this guy’s have yelling from his car she has a bright orange they have never seen the bright orange thing.
This is what’s cool about having a little corner office here in downtown traverse city,
the wildlife of the city life sorry i totally forgot what i was talking about oh simple practice or sponsor my gosh this simple practice,
i was working this consulting client who’s doing all this invoicing and paperwork and billing.
And his practice is killing it i mean it’s going so great research consulting together about a year ago.
And he went from doing okay to just me and he is so full his adding people.
And what’s really cool is we talked about simple practice as a way to just automate so much of that and i said you know,
it’s only like and i think depending on the time the meathead a deal but because it’s seventy bucks a month there i should pull up their website just to make sure it’s where we at with that.
Where they at the salon professional but that’s why use listen because i’m just myself so forget pricing all you know.

[4:15] We have a thirteen month option now okay what the heck thirty dollars month forty nine or forty nine and holy crud.
The prices are so good anyway um so he was like i would pay almost anything just to save the time to do all this on my gosh.
And so you know for thirty nine forty nine bucks a month he’s gonna easily be able to fit in two or three more clients into a schedule so.
Some practice that come force is joe they’ve been great in reverse the sponsors here and sponsors for most awesome conference.

[4:50] So i was a supervisor is foster supervisor i had to.
Look at reports and micro manage people i have to micro manage them but the team that i had i had to micro manage me and things that were so out of compliance with our contract in fact.
After i left the agency was put on probation with the state for their contract i come in and it was just such a cluster of problems and.

[5:18] By the way my supervisor told me you know you’re being too hard on your staff they need to have some more compassion i’m like there complains of their contract we’re gonna getting for this.
So that person retired and discovery how many things wrong,
with just the team and the team dynamics and following contracts and the basics of employees and professionalism whose all over the place i hated it i got this like,
i twitched wouldn’t go away and night at the massage my eyelid because they just keep twitching and i was drinking more they’re probably should’ve and i was just frustrated and i would vent forget our when i got home.

[5:55] And i just didn’t really like it and use a stepping stone but i was ready to be out and i mean i loved the work with the foster kids i love the work with.
With the actual like foster parents boy that management stuff like the w two employee model for me if it was tough i just didn’t like it.
But today we have.
The one the only jamie stossel turner she it was a principal for years and she’s the author of less stress business and guide for hiring coaching and leading great employees.
It’s an award-winning book,
and was a finalist in the in the book of the act the in the book of excellence awards to the side after speaker,
engages artist memorable stories and practical tips shut the coaching class reduce their stress spec to seventy five percent she’s gonna talk about how she does that.
And her kids include helping business owners and executives from a ton of different fields to just reduce their stress and engage with their employees more so,
if you plan on having employees if you have virtual assistance if you have ten ninety-nine contractors today.
We’re moving a little out of the start up phase of a private practice and deeper into the growth phase and so we’ve been creating tons of content re starting practice but now let’s talk a little bit deeper,
about growing practice in the types of things that are gonna really help you.
Manage a team of actively so without any further ado i give you jamie sauce all turner.

[7:29] Jamie says alternator welcome to the practice the practice podcast.

[7:34] Welcome packages of i’m happy to be here today yeah and yeah this is awesome i’m so excited to have you today cuz we’ve been putting a lot of effort into people that are starting a private practice and,
today we’re going to talk about some more advanced things around having employees and how to reduce your stress around that so we just start with who is jamie.

[7:55] I am a business coach and also i do personal coaching as well and i am an author and the book that i’ve written is gone less stress business.
A guide to hiring coaching and leading great employees.
Hey girls one that i’m a former school principal i was an educator for thirty seven years and the last one that.
I was happily employed as a school principal and i learned a lot,
during that time that i bring into my coaching oh that’s wonderful i there’s a handful of principles that i worked with when i was school based counselor.
That i just thought mean they need to be teaching well be on just the schools cuz i still remember this one principle that he gave his whole staff the book good to great and they’re talking about is really like business type concepts that were just.
So good someone principles are out there leading our kids and teachers that it’s awesome to to hear that you have that background so i imagine that set you up for us and stress and then maybe some of the inspiration for the book at some point our gas.
Yes there a lot of hard learned lessons through that experience by it.
I think one of the cornerstones of my life not only as an educator buy as a human being is it’s all about growth and learning.
So i look at all of those hard experiences that has as opportunities to learn and.
I never thought i read a book so it kinda surprise me that after writing a blog for two years i recognized it was writing mostly about.
Challenges with employees and managing and leading a team and a group from that time leading stephen seventy five which was.

[9:35] Both challenging and inspiring time in my life message me back to when you launched your blog and what was the inspiration for what were some of the things you learned really early and when you started blogging.

[9:47] Well i resisted writing a blog for a long time because,
i am laying under pressure is really challenging for me i’m not that kind of a writer takes awhile to really mounting my thoughts and put them together to have something that i’m willing to share with the world,
but i was in a networking group and young coach in the group she was in her twenties she sent me all you have to be blocking.
And i was just so resistant to it and then another person in the group said well.
Why don’t you just write about compliance and not feel that pressure she heard that the pressure where.
Was what was holding me back and so i did that i wrote a bank of block so that i didn’t feel that i had to be pressure to produce something on a weekly basis which is when i started writing.
But i found that reading a blog help to number of ways it helped future clients to connect with me.
And i understand who i was and what i stood for and also now has become a resource that i can use,
to share with my clients of a if they’re having a particular challenge and i read about it,
i have a ready made tool to share with them so when you me that bank of blogs did you have a number in mind or a certain number of weeks you wanted to have a contact for you publishers with just the right.
It was really just the right to write and capture when i was learning from the clients i was working with at the time.
And also it’s funny because i am writing this long for everybody and put it out there will help who ever can be held in.

[11:21] When always send and i’m looked back a few years later i realized.
I was reading for me this brain to process and learn the lesson but i was learning to solidify them.
And what is the time so i encourage your listeners to consider writing a blog it was.
Therapeutic it was instructive it was.
And it led to a book from may so it was helpful in many ways so frequently from people that through blogging and writing a book it really helps them process through their experience cuz so frequently.
We we know in intuitively what we’re gonna do and how we make decisions but we haven’t can formalize it teach someone also eggs are mutual friends maybe from the third was talking on the podcast about how.
For him to really figure out what was it help him scale his business he had really gone through what works and that i can of revealing what are the inside of you has to be pretty fascinating experience to go through.

[12:26] Yes it is and its icon for it takes about ten grass and then.
About the tenth draft i’m thinking oh that’s what this is about and.
Kind of like the big ideas reveal to me you would think i would have known it with the first draft but the more i rate insurance i guess that’s my writing process it becomes clear so.
Yes that’s really interesting yeah seniors plug for two years and it for the book did you think.
Okay i am creating a content getting the same questions i want to do a book to someone approach you how did the book come out of the blog.
I just looked at the blog one day and i realized how much i had written volume all the rating done.
And you know i have this idea of the back of my head that.
I would like to read books and day and i just realized that we had already written it’s the and then i just needed to package a different way and find a way to unify what i have written so i did contact writing coach.
And give a shout out to henry degrees it was my first writing coach and he was awesome and he helped me see what the focus of my blog was,
and how to work with me over a few sessions to c and relay how to take the pen with the xbox so.
It is so exciting to work on it that way so what percent of the book when you say was can a previous contact and how much of it was new content that you added to.

[13:57] To say probably.
Seventy five percent was previous content but it was all really heavily revised.
And need i have to write a chapter one and chapter eight which were brand new content and then the middle chapters.
Well taken from the alarms and a lot of additional rating was added so that they.
Flow together and had were unifying idea with them so need to revise that is a fifty one i think it’s really important to note because so frequently.
I’m here for my consulting clients that,
the write a blog post and then it just kinda sits there and they its this what kind of one and done idea but the idea of re using content if you’re gonna be on the radio if you’re writing for the newspaper,
to look at what’s it worked and you know can revise it to make it relevant to that audience but that you’re not starting from scratch every single time i imagine that for you jamie certain themes just kept merging with your with your coaching clients that.
Everybody needs to hear it so funny that you say that because i realize sometimes i go to start a new blog about something.
And i realize i’ve already written about and i didn’t remember it so my latest blog is about cleaning.
And is i hear about his mom being comes offense comes up so often and it really is kind of the cornerstone in my book an ocean that as employers.

[15:31] Employers challenges with employees are very often blaming the employees.
And they’re like all i can get on please life would be so i can just get rid of these people who are not serving me and her frustrating me and offering challenges to my leadership i could just i could just be flying.
And they realize that when they if they were to get employees they still have to challenges that they have been leaving them.
So a lot about that were between employers and employees and claim and that’s a shame that keeps coming up.
Yeah so what are some tips that you have for people around that theme of blame.

[16:13] I think the biggest idea that i’ve learned over time in this is just as important in my personal life maybe more important as it is with my clients.
Is to look at how do i have contributed to a particular situation.
And sometimes i started out thinking i had nothing to do with that the other person is all the other person.
And is that with my clients as well it’s the employee the employee isn’t doing master they’re not doing that right when we look at ourselves.
And think about how we might be contributing to the situation is i don’t think i have ever found time.
When my cell or the client i’m coaching hasn’t contributed in some significant way.
And that’s a big for me and realization that when we look within ourselves to what we are doing or not doing.

[17:11] How we have more to do with creating a situation that we want and blaming people.
Is just not productive in a good way to spend our time and energy it leaks is it wears us down.
And it doesn’t lead to growth and learning so i know i’m at the house so what else do you find the people that have employees are doing that.
We are called traps or mindsets that are productive so there’s blaming what other things do you find that are those common.
Ways that they keep stress on themselves and owning a business.

[17:50] Probably one of their biggest areas of stress is how they communicate with their employees.
Or how they don’t communicate with their employees cell there couple of challenges there i think the first one is not creating enough time and space.
For regular conversations with their employees so.

[18:11] They find you know when they take time to talk things can be so much better and when.
Dear past me indicating the email if that’s a virtual employee actually i do have a blog post i’m working with virtual assistants rich a lot of people are doing now so that communication tends to be so much.
The our tax messaging and what can get lost in that type of communication.
So i think knowing when to pick up the phone and have a conversation with an in person employee went to sit down and talk.
And i encourage people to have regular one on ones whether it’s with a virtual employee or person employee to do that on a regular schedule basis.
Because you can avoid a lot of problems i having this ongoing conversations other structures for those conversations you recommend.
Yes that is correct i’ve written several blog posts about that as well and i think,
what are command is that you start by asking the employee what they wanna talk about what’s most important to them let them go first as the employer you’re gonna have your agenda items and hold on to this for the emperor really listen,
to the employee because as a leader as an employer charge to help the employee be successful and we don’t hear with their challenge with an.
What they are working on and really listen we’re not gonna be as able to support that.

[19:40] And also work with some goals that you set from previous one on ones and check in with how those girls are going very often employers.
You know what place to do this and that but then they don’t check in and follow up and see how it’s going and then it and make sure that you read this conversation with a plan.

[20:04] In my coaching and that’s the most overlooked element in having one on one is you talk about stuff and then you don’t.
Did the leader fails to kinda tied together in the end so that there’s a specific plan moving forward so that you both know really what the next seven expectations are on today.

[20:26] No will you find when owner is doing and a regular basis with their employees working a shift hs u c happen.

[20:37] My favorite shirt is that the owner has significantly less stress which is why my book is called less stress business i found that was one of the key ways that employers learns.
To make it happen this it reduce their stress completely because they were being proactive.
And stay in touch with their employee and addressing challenges before they became problems so that created so much less stress in their lives i.
Started doing surveying and i went back and serving all my clients when i wrote the book and found that.
Yes just a very simple ten point scale of how much stress they were experiencing around leaving their employees.

[21:21] And i find that most of the people hired me were between i’m st eight nine or ten level of stress and after six months of coaching they were down to about three or four lol it was just.
I was hearing often for my clients they would say is much less stress since we’ve been working together and.
Really that’s one of the themes of my book and looked at what was contributing to them having less stress where was that coming from and these regular conversations where he stone.
And helping them feel less stressed and building better relationships with other employees because we know it’s all about having.
A good relationship are you can have an honest dialogue where you’re communicating both people are feeling heard and both people are listening and communicating honestly.

[22:14] It really helps so let’s was taken like your typical counselor.
So let’s name her phyllis so phyllis as a private practice and in overtime she’s added people to it as employees as counselors she may have some administrative assistants.
For most of us i think it has to be that.

[22:35] We are used to we wouldn’t going to counseling to become the owner of a business and we didn’t often have even have management classes let alone running a business glasses.
So for philips she’s can in this situation that has she has maybe three or four people she supervising.
Within her practice and handful of administrative assistants where should she start,
in regards to reducing her stress and her business and having more productivity or more profit or whatever the goals are that you tend to work with a coaching client.

[23:11] Well if you look at the employee side probably one of the first things i would encourage tell us to do.
I know a lot of moses in the head your sister’s counselors black yes both of my sisters are lc sw therapists and i’m really proud of both of them.
No one has a private practice and the other works in wilderness therapy so they really,
steve jobs yeah i did wilderness there for a while to look at it will do mr peterson do she works for pacific quest in hawaii she works and it.
You nice article i started the therapeutic sailing program we took kids that were at risk of failing to thirty in the sailboat and i love experience approaches to therapy i feel like especially for the team population that the tender resonate.
Really well with that approach super cool yeah yes ow yes i know a lot of therapists and.
I am bursting with managing the employees and leaving them is to have clear expectations.
Sometimes we just jump and we don’t spend enough time on boarding a new employee we make a lot of assumptions and i have happened to me as the principle as well so.
More clarity we have about what we value,
and how we communicate that to our employees really can’t set the stage very much smoother sailing let me put it in your terms smoother sailing.

[24:42] If so would be to use your selling metaphor and joe would be like preparing the boat before you take off and say you wanna make sure that.
Everything is in working order and your you know you roll that one person is gonna be at the helm was controlling myself and you’re really clear about that before you set sail and sometimes we know we don’t do that enough.
Yeah and i think a lot of.
Counselors there out sailing and they realize we have i didn’t really tell everybody what i want them to do and then you know your,
your entrance and when’s that you’re not expecting and so that kind of adjusting as they go learning new skills like at the.
Frequently i hear people that they are binge listening to the podcast because this type of material this isn’t hot in grad school degree absolutely but let me have one more for today and it’s,
it’s not just telling people what to do it’s way more than that it really gets to the heart of what.
We bought we so for example if we believe that we want employees and we would have it trusting relationship with employees which i think is the key.
What do we do at the beginning to communicate that that’s a high value of cars so for example of why we’re hiring someone now i will let them know that.
Well i value trust more than anything in our relationship.
And here’s how we will build trust by being honest with each other and not holding back and withholding information and how we’re feeling by you know letting each other know if there’s a problem.

[26:21] I’m following through on commitments that we have all of those things that build trust i would put down on the table for conversation beginning.
I am not clear about what i value it at really can help build the foundation for a great employee employer relationship yeah.
So i know for me one thing that i’ve kinda shifted over the last couple years is popping figure out.
With the counselors that work with me what they enjoy and what they really don’t enjoy and so programs extreme finder or selling hogs heads how the world sees you.
Can can help with some of those things.
What recommendations you have in regards to matching people’s personality or interests with what they do in their in their role.

[27:09] It’s interesting because.

[27:13] I’m familiar with that work as well and we all have streaks and i think it’s important to know those strengths.
And either hire someone to help you with the areas that are not stronger areas that you don’t enjoy.

[27:29] And i also think it’s helpful to strengthen those areas that are just honest.
I am going sometimes and this may be running say next i think people might disagree with.
Right like it but i find sometimes with this movement of strangers and focus on strange that some clients.

[27:52] Who took that so much to heart that they just kinda threw up their hands and say.
Well forget and i’m not the back and never gonna be good at feedback and on here where people have to tell me and so for dinner and i’m just.
I’m not gonna do it so i can be a cop out for people.
Exactly and i think that’s concerns so i think there’s a balance between recognizing and knowing ourselves,
and then compensating for i’m getting support or maybe even getting coaching to help with the areas that are weak share which i have done myself i hire coaches for example when i started as a coach.
I don’t know anything about marketing so i hired a marketing coach to help me.
Do that and so what’s like i said well i’m just bad at that and through my hands and i’m not gonna do it i found a way to get support but i also educated myself on the process.
So i can empower myself to do some of that down the road.

[28:55] And what about employees and trying to match their skills or interests with their rules that is that important or is that something that you just wanna train them on what you need done or what advice you around that.
Yeah great question i think knowing arm sleeves and know what they’re knowing what their strengths are and when we delegate as a leader i have a whole chapter in my book on delegation.
It’s called delegated i’m trying because it’s so challenging for all of us but to delegate and match.

[29:27] I have the right skills to the right people i know you mention joe that you have a number of the eighties and i would guess that you know which liaison are our best of different things and you match the jobs that you have with those the days and.
Again you know that doesn’t mean you wanna play off the hook because they’re not good at something you certainly want to grow their skills but absolutely matching.
The tasks that are delegated to the best estate employee definitely makes sense right but i think about hector who he does the podcast transcriptions.
For me and if i listening right now so hello hector thinks for to transcribing this,
but he’s done i’ve tried to push him to learn new skills so for example and betting the transcriptions right into the show notes and teach him how to do that making video walk through so that you can see exactly step by step how to do that.
And it’s been really great to see him grow his skills and then there’s other times that maybe i push him to try something new in,
he says you know i give it a shot but i am just not interested in doing this which is great to be able to have that kinda conversation,
where she then can say here’s the kinds of things that i’m really enjoying about the throw here’s the thing that i prefer not to do,
and then i can find someone else that is passionate about that new set of skills that i need.

[30:43] I love that example joann you just also proven why an ongoing conversation is important.
Because of you are talking with actor in the way that you’re talking with him how would you even know any other race.
So it sounds like you’re really doing a wonderful job of keeping an ongoing communication so that goes hand in hand with matching.
The right skills to your best employee if you’re not having those conversations and truly listening and being open to hearing what your employees are liking and finding frustrating about the job.
You’ll never be able to really remedy that if you’re not open to hearing that feedback yeah i agree it feels like also.
If you can look for hector for example he’s then leveling up his skills to make himself more marketable outside of even working for me.
So for him to be able to grow beyond just compensation that is growing in skills he’s growing in,
i’m being able to over see more of practice of the practice that’s also gonna help his career be on just transcribing which i think is value in that beyond just the compensation side.

[31:54] Read that speaks to another important ingredient in conversation between an employer and employee and that’s the power of why.
They’re doing something so that’s one of the things that i find my clients often overlook is helping their employee understand.
Really what is at the heart of why this job is so important what matters is that not just for business but what’s in it for them,
sorry you have tech sector see what’s in it for him and was also in it for your business and that’s a win-win for both of you right,
right so what would advice you have for people that are working with virtual assistance cuz there are there are some differences because they are often a contractor more project based.
They make up through a website like up work what from your blog post or from your own experience what can be on just your typical employee advice you have for working specifically with virtual assistants.

[32:56] Well i think the clear communication.
And should be as specific as you can be about the expectations and especially timelines for things.
I think that’s another big mistake and i’m mission people make when they’re delegating task is not having a clear timeline and so they might say yes run with this but they don’t say when the deliverable should be back to them by.
And so that often causes a lot of conflict and so it’s about clarity right at the outset with the virtual employee to be clear about that.
And also being clear that they truly understand what you want them to do and sometimes communicating that.
The email or sometime type of text messaging isn’t effective.
And so make sure you take the time in the beginning like it sounds like you’re doing with actor to build that share an understanding of what the expectations are.
I think a lot of success flows from that share an understanding at the outset yeah i feel it using quicktime if you have a mac,
just you screen recordings is so much faster than even typing an email and it’s so much more clear i mean i just plug in my headphones a click through and say okay you’re gonna drop this here you gonna do a new blog post you can embed the html here.
And then i just do as unlisted video on you tube and it while they’re learning that skill than they’re able to step by step go back to the video and watch it over and over to make sure they do it exactly right.

[34:27] For me that’s van just changed entirely how i work with my virtual assistants.

[34:32] Well i just give me and idea just so long for my clients oh it’s a great i love that so agree i actually even pursue my consulting clients like if they have a new website going up there working with a web designer,
i’ll review it and rather than just send bullet points of feedback i’ll go through actually just.
Before this call i was going through a when i consulting client is launching some amazing website that is ready to be revealed yet but,
it’s a pretty isn’t working out for several months with legendary lion and,
to go through in for twenty minutes just have this video that says i move this over here in this over here is like alive consulting session but it’s just me sitting at my computer rather than having to schedule an get on the phone and coordinate all that.
That’s brilliant.
Well thank you oh yeah i’d be the best guest call the hose brilliant well done jamie well done that’s awesome wd out here little bit more about your process for writing the book because i think a lot of people,
weather they own solo practice of the of the group practice,
a lot of my consulting clients say that they eventually want to write a book about their specialty area what tips do you have for people that are or maybe even blocking so there in the habit of writing,
but they aren’t sure where to go next in regards to even want to consider in publishing a book.

[35:51] That’s a really good question and answer the question because i find it’s really different for everyone.

[35:58] I think finding something that’s unique about what you do.
And my writing coach tell me there’s really nothing new out there so it’s really a matter of writing your own spin on what you do.
And i really didn’t realize when it was for me until he said to me this question is can help you.
He asked me what is it you hear most often from your clients that they say to enter really thought about that.
When i responded to him what came out was all of my clients tell me they have so much less stress since we’ve been working together.
And that’s what set me on the path of figuring out.

[36:40] What was contributing to them having less stress because he doesn’t want less stress and you know when you can leave your business and have less stress in the process.
It gives you more time for life you know you have more energy are healthier happier and all of the things that come with that.
So i just read encourage people to figure out what it is that they hear from the people they are working with.
That makes them special and unique and really build on that and come up with.
I usually get all that would help and present themselves in the world based on that but they hear.
Yeah so if they have clients that are in marriage there be in the frequently.
Getting in fights over the dishes are whether at my home inns manny’s vs generic mayonnaise which i use that example because that was my wife and my very first fight in our marriage we are in the condiment aisle,
if one is generic and she wanted home inns and,
i was like we’re on a budget she’s like but we need to be able to eat delicious managing but so they having those conversations of maybe symbols within marriage that we magnify so they then go deeper into what that would look like in a book.
So the defy that and then.
Like where do i go from there in regards to not even just the writing side cuz i think that side most counselors would be able to can identify pay you have your kind of big questions are answered through the book.

[38:09] How do you get published so so do you put in all that time to build the book first and then try to find a publisher or self publish.

[38:18] Give us a technical side okay so yeah so those are questions that i was faced with and when i did was i created the book first and then i look for publishers and had a couple of publishers that were very interested.
I will learn from them as my following wasn’t quite large and they said you needed.
I’m following at least ten thousand two get a publisher interested so how do they define ten thousand.

[38:45] Is that ten thousand twitter followers ten thousand in your email or.

[38:50] I didn’t get that far to give you say okay i’m out i’m out of the.
So i have a different so i decided that rather than spending my energy’s looking for a publisher i was just published a book myself and.
I’ve been in touch with a lot of coaches who have gone i had lots of conversations with coaches on both remotes and i think that self publishing route.
Is a really viable option these days and makes a lot of sense i have complete control every aspect of my book.
I’m able to come up and all the ways that i want to promoted it’s been really successful process for me i hired.
I have work control hire the editor’s i wanted to work with i hired a graphic designers who i found and wanted to work with when you work with a publisher.
You have lost control i know people who publish books and they had titles changed on them and you know content changed on them and.
By self publishing.
I was able to control that so for me that worked really well but every members when i a self publish the practice of the practice book and.
I had a friend that had been picked up by a publisher that had a similar size audiences i had,
and every weekend he would be doing book readings are book signings and he be sitting there.
You always feel that lonely writer sitting in a box starting book signing from the solid one or two and ls are some really big name usually.

[40:25] And i just thought you know he can’t be making that much more based on the cost of his book.
When i heard the percentage you got i was just blown away and said we’re gonna probably make about the same amount of money except i have every weekend free and you don’t turn your traveling all over the country not being with your family.
Some should go ahead go ahead and the present is actually much more from self publishing.
The authors who i know who have used a publisher are earning a fraction of what i earned or book from self publishing.

[41:00] So
So i am yeah i imagine there’s times that may be going with the publisher would make sense if you’re looking to expand your audience and you’re not as much concerned about the actual finances side but.
I think the more and more that self publishing approaches is one where you can get your product out there quicker and also what i love is that if i find an error in the book for a one update something,
i can get it right away and then you know the next orders are gonna have that update and i have to go to somebody else stopped it.
I agree and i think that’s a wonderful benefit is well absolutely well house to jim we’ve covered a lot of ground it every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want to know.

[41:44] Oh that’s a really tough question just a free quick response from the gas is.

[41:51] I guess in terms of since we talked mostly about employees i would want them to know that.
It’s important to have and maintain increase the best possible relationship they have.
With employees through ongoing conversation through our next in line through listening to feedback.
True delegating with clarity and confidence in the best way that they can and to maintain those relationships because.
Your business will thrive when you have a great team working with you notice i didn’t say great team behind you eighteen working with you so.
Really working on creating back great team and.
Only thing your role in june that it’s not only up to your employees to deliver when you’re asking them.
But it’s also just as important for you to leave your employees in your best way.
So it’s a mutual experience and experience with them and you build a great relationship.
So awesome junior feel like we could talk for so long and.
Oh man especially people that are growing a practice adding employees be a is contractors however your growing,
make sure you check out the book less stress business a genie sauce alternator will have links to that the show notes,
jamie you have a three amazing gift for our audience at home a little bit about that and how they can connect with you more.

[43:25] Sure joe would love for your listeners to reach out to me for a complimentary thirty minute coaching session.
And they can do that by contacting me via my website at lessstressbusiness.com.
There are a lot of gas and there’s the watchers pill.
It’s just those three words lessstressbusiness.com and there’s a link on my website to contact me for a complimentary thirty minute conversation,
and during the conversation i would love to help your listeners identify,
the challenges they’re having with their employees or any other challenges they might be having and i just love talking with people and seeing where i can help them gain some insight and some strategies to reduce their stress.
Around the eighteen that’s wonderful so if you have a team for growing your team if your.
Having issues with your team or just want to improve it contact me all the links that the showing us to give you that lean in just a minute.
Jamie says alternator thank you so much for being the practice of.

[44:30] Thank you so much for having me go was really a pleasure to talk with you today yeah have a great day yeah right he.

[44:38] Music.

[44:55] So head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/128,
and we’ll have links for you there are things like her blog posts and blaming working with virtual assistant structuring your one on ones all these different ideas and a link to her website how to get a complimentary session.
From her individual coaching that’s awesome i can’t believe she that way.
So again if your interested in piano and practice if you’re interested in brew your practice if you’re interested in any of those things head on over to practice the practice that will be in the show notes as well.
And thanks again simple practice you do such a great job with electronic medical records and,
in just a little bit here there gonna have group practice as an option it’s just so excited so many people i know have been just waiting for that and,
it’s time the time is now.
So head on over to simplepractice.com/joe and would be happy to hear walk you through that process so that you can get on the electronic medical records bandwagon.
Thanks let me in two years into your brain you guys rock keep up the good work and i’ll talk to six.

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[46:17] Special thanks in advance ounces sexy and sweet play like music in this podcast is designed to provide accurate thirty two information in regard to the subject matter covered,
is good with the understanding that the host the publisher or the guest surrendering legal hunting clinical or other professional information professional is fine when.

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