PoP 129 | Scaling a Business with Perry Rosenbloom

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Perry Rosenbloom podcast

How did a small website design business grow into the leading website design company (2 months free)for therapists? What can we discover for our own businesses? On today’s podcast, you’ll find out.

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PoP Culture Meet Perry Rosenbloom

Perry and his team at Brighter Vision have done an amazing job of creating low cost websites for therapists. Also, he’s generously giving away two months for free when you sign up today!

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perry-rosenbloomFounder & CEO

Perry is the founder of Brighter Vision and bootstrapped the business from day one.

Before founding Brighter Vision, Perry built a number of outdoor-oriented, Internet based businesses that currently send over $1,000,000 in annual sales to REI, Backcountry, Amazon and other major brands.

Like every good startup story, Brighter Vision begins in a coffee shop.

Pekoe Sip House, at 1225 Alpine Ave in Boulder, CO to be exact.

It was the Summer of 2008 and founder, Perry Rosenbloom, had just received his $300 stimulus check via George Bush’s stimulus check. Using that money, he bought 1 year of very expensive hosting and started a website on Glacier National Park, where he spent 2 summers working in a pizza shop through college.

Years later, it is the largest and must trusted independent website on Glacier National Park. The $300 stimulus check turned into a 5 figure website, which was used to bootstrap Brighter Vision. But before they were Brighter Vision…

They Were SEOSherpas

SEOSherpas was officially founded in the fall of 2011. An SEO company by name and trade, we burst onto the scene and helped businesses from around the world dominate their market online.

As the years progressed, SEOSherpas began growing up, expanding into website development, PPC, reputation monitoring and social media marketing.

It was clear that a change was needed to better reflect who the company was and what we were becoming.

And Brighter Vision Was Born

With over 6 years of expertise and of being thought leaders in Internet Marketing, Perry Rosenbloom and Brighter Vision were able to develop economical, tangible web solutions that enable every business to successfully invest in growing their business online.

Brighter Vision logoWe have worked with every business you can imagine, from local chiropractics to Venture Capital funded startups.

One of those solutions was a custom, professional website for a fraction of the cost of standard web designers. This product took off with health professionals. After a few months, we read the writing on the wall and, yet again, re-tooled our business to solely build custom websites for health professionals.

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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 129 | Scaling A Business With Perry Rosenbloom

[0:00] Music.

[0:08] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok accession number one twenty nine.

[0:14] Music.

[0:27] Welcome to practice but practice podcast i’m joe and i live here in the radio center to building.
In downtown traverse city at practice of the practice headquarters,
which some of you are gonna get to hang out and soon for the event coming up in august piano and practice where.
Read using small group consulting and then go on-line two hours for two days so i’ll tell you more about that just a minute,
the first one i think simple practice for being our sponsor today simple practice is the best management system,
or your electronic medical records runs your whole practiced easy to set up you all the details of a glance with the dashboard.
As well you streamline your billing your accounting and one calendar for your whole life and in just a few,
he’s here there be releasing group practice group of the group practice what people been waiting for wanting and now they offer group practices so,
head on over to simplepractice.com/joe and actually have a whole bunch of private practice tips that we worked on together and you get a thirty day free trial to tested out set it up give it a whirl,
check it out so head on over to simplepractice.com/joe and you can check a simple practice their.
And is awesome this week i had some tweets that came through and people saying wow this is really awesome that you know something simple practice and i’m just blown away by it so it’s fun to see,
can people just trying it and talking about and line hope your weeks going well my week has been great.

[2:02] My wife and i get a little stay cation with some friends hear there’s a winery in town they had winter discount and stayed there for two nights is the first two nights we had away from our daughters,
and it was awesome so much fun we played some games and learn this new game what is it called,
dad of winter and it was a zombie apocalypse game and it was really interesting and complicated,
with this other game say and wine which i have learned with.
Kelly hagan she taught it to me when she and i are out at the rob bell event in los angeles and.

[2:40] Thanks to that training from kelly again i dominated it goes on my second time we played the google game contain and had no many of you play that game but.
You know once when i like some good board games so life is really good right now here in northern michigan you were less than,
two months away from the most awesome conference so i tell you a couple of vents that i have coming up this year i’m trying to do a lot more speaking and just get out to me all of you know we have this top ranking podcast and.
I only get a handful of you so i want to make it more of that happen,
so i have three events right now they’re scheduled train the also books more so i’m applying for some different conferences or if you’re hosting a conference drop me an email.
But three that i have coming up in may nineteen to twenty first in la jolla california.
I have the most awesome conference and then august tenth and eleventh here in traverse city michigan,
traverse city it’s been ranked one of the top ten beach towns in america top ten wine countries we often make the list.
Being the only non california section.
Of the country so it’s all really fun area to visit ran the water i’m looking out for my office we’re gonna be doing piano and practice.
Or we spend the morning portion,
hang at work and your practice really diving in for two days and we’re gonna walk over to the food trucks get some food there you got a little time to walk around downtown.
Then we can have this wine bus pick us up and take us wine tasting one day and that will mission commence line one day and the leaving opulence la.

[4:15] Are they it’s from lake michigan can it comes in these two pigments listed because of the way the water is really,
helps for making good quality wine so if this sounds fun you also forgot about asheville how can we forget about asheville,
then september jane carter allison free myself for putting in an event called through your practice and to all those events if you go to practiceofthepractice.com,
and yes you read the top events and speaking there’s a drop down where you can click on each of those and some of them you have to apply for some of them you can just sign up for,
and that’s where you can see all future events or if you wanna book me in the speaker.

[4:54] Looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of you people in asheville la jolla in here in tc so today.
Me and got it needs no introduction pay rosenblum from greater vision he has been on the podcast before he is also,
excuse me that english muffin almost care up there has also been on the podcast with the website round table a couple weeks ago if you didn’t check that out,
you have got to check out websiterountable.com we talked,
for five days straight and zachary how to build a website for bootstrapping as ceo all that sort of stuff.
I’m telling you it’s so much good content and then we have a fifty page book that you can download for free over website round table that come.
So paying part of that he’s been an amazing sponsor of the show the part of the most awesome conference as a consultant to the people that come,
and this guy he knows websites he knows their purpose he is building an amazing business and streamlining so much of.
His business to make it easy to get a website up quickly and affordably so without any further ado i give the one the only perry rosenblum is.
Will perry rosenblum and the brighter vision team welcome to the practice of the practice podcast great beer joe.
Yeah well we love greater vision over here at practice the practice and so that you and your team are joining us today,
hurry would you mind having everybody maybe like introduce themselves what they do and then maybe one thing about you that the general public doesn’t know one thing about me that.

[6:30] Alright i’ll be going in for him up here.

[6:35] I am essential basking on the director of customer happiness over here for a reason one thing that the general public might not know about perry’s that he is an avid fan of the grateful dead.

[6:48] I’m into action i’m actually the lead developer here at greater vision and fun fact perry’s dog’s name is landon in.

[7:00] Hi there is such a montgomery and your director of customer support and one thing you probably don’t know about harry is that he hasn’t had a good nights sleep in over a month because of things out there,
i am a full-time summer we don’t albrecht brighter vision and one thing you probably don’t know about pays me only jinxes coffee black or with,
sorry i will pour this is one of the developers here as well but he stepped out for lunch so i figure people lunch with good practice that we are with you trying feed them,
awesome cool things turned it in a new seventeen to us and let them share some things about you,
so lemon tell me about is that john lennon or what was he named after it still the same way but we just really like the name of,
and when my wife alison was pregnant with our first son we also really loved the name harris said.
And we really want need him her said it but thought it would,
if we had a dog named atlanta and and a child person rear ending go the fish and you like the beatles but we were just really like the names of his middle name is harris instead,
cool very cool have you always been a black coffee guy i have i mean since college,
when the surgeon coffee you know we were in college park it was just a mess and i don’t think i had any money to even buy creamer so i just started my coffee black and that’s.

[8:34] How i got started yeah i went to the dentist a number of years ago and,
i used to put sugar in a number of years ago i go regularly but a number of years ago i was the dentist i do go every six months but,
he had said you know you got a cavity that you have sugar in your coffee and i was like yeah until morning he’s a,
netflix wishing sugar on your mouth all morning long in self after that got rid of the sugar but i’m still like i love cream or like.
Full whipping cream like it so bad for you but it’s just delicious once in a while so your child putting butter in your coffee you know i hear that all the bulletproof coffee people that are all about butter in their coffee do you do that,
you know i’ve tried a few times and is our i mean it will premiere but it’s not the manuel thing to regularly by any means yet like.
And then this had to as a kid of putting butter whenever i have a sloppy joe putting butter on the bun and is just really delicious and so i’ve kept up that butter but not my coffee,
switch off the late heavy whipping cream justice trial of butter two or a year ago so let’s talk about websites system food and stuff for into talk,
food all day jealous of your part of going to conferences is going out to restaurants afterwards okay tell me something that you’ve had lately.
Oh gosh and good food i’ve had lately it starts off with in my house actually my wife and my we love to cook and,
one of our favorite ways to cook is actually using a suv.

[10:04] It’s a french style of cooking and the use to typically only be using commercial kitchens but technology has brought down to the point that you can get a personal sue the in your house for a hundred fifty dollars,
and the pictures up of what it looks so it’s suv is.
Basically the way of preparing food sue the style is you cook it in water so it’s really good for is cooking steaks,
so you can set this up what does this circulate the water and it keeps it at a specific temperature within one tenth of a degree so you could cook a steak,
for a few hours and a hundred thirty two degrees it will never get over cooking will come out perfectly medium rare single time however now heard of this it’s the most amazing thing ever,
i can’t eat steak any i will go to steakhouse ever again like its i can get better stay in my own house this up,
what’s like my wife has this rib recipe that is just so good that we tried ribs a couple of times and.
It’s just it’s a let down but now i’m just like every other christina just like the real think it’s just so good cell you guys smoke number,
no that she has this like really like great but rub that she makes and then just like cook some super slow in the oven and then just the very and does to some bar b queuing it’s just,
it’s amazing so yeah let’s do this into a food park and sleep in this new margarita recipe to that i’m gonna be talking about excel i have podcasting to be doing it’s called margaret is in pajamas and.

[11:39] Glad you had this opportunity to find out what exactly are is that the real,
yeah for sure i hope i get upset it has with private practice so little reveal right there you know what that’s awesome,
yeah after going to cali again and i went to this rob bell today on business planning creativity workshop on la.
And just like in talking with rob more than just letting my own creativity come out more in the podcast i’m definitely gonna be trying to do more of so.
Margarita is in pajamas is going to be one of my episodes in the future here also i love that joe yeah.
So perry me you’ve been on the show almost i think maybe with the website roundtable you might now be beating everybody that’s ever been on the tracks to practice park so congratulations you got to ward now,
what an honor that and how much you can you has been just huge supporters of the podcast as any listeners you guys been sponsors and i’d have you on whether or not your sponsor but,
you know this use your you guys make such great websites and just wanted to talk today more about like.
The personal side running greater vision like how is a manager talk a little bit about your podcast you have coming out soon which sounds like it’s me really awesome.
I’m being so we settled with meeting your team there let’s just the growth of your team cuz i’m not pay started with that many people like holiday headed to grow how do you know when to hire people in,
what are you learning as is so open your can turn into like now like you know you’re ceo cashion there.

[13:12] Managing is not anything that’s ever come naturally to me it’s always been so it’s been a major struggle for me,
i am going back to years ago when we use the more of like a search engine optimization marketing company.
When that business started to grow well i i brought on an employer to her an employee one at a time and.

[13:37] Be
where the first three employees ever brought on quit within three to five weeks now what the fuck yeah so it was a little challenging you know it wasn’t anything i had any experience with it wasn’t anything i was ever any,
good at.

[13:56] And it was really challenging thing for me to understand and learn from and start getting good at and require a lot of patience a lot of effort on my end and it wasn’t until.
We hired keeping sax,
produce a little more this years ago and unfortunately ones no longer with us he operator vision she moved on about a month or so ago,
to start her own independent company and it wasn’t so i hired caitlin that i really made a conscious effort towards,
yo being a great manager at and learning and learning how to manage and i was the mastermind group at the time,
and so recommended to me that every week we sit down for thirty to forty five minutes and have a one on one where i would ask the same questions every time to kaitlyn and they were things such as.

[14:50] Tell me about your week tell me about the struggles you’ve encountered.
Tell me about some major wins into it how i can help you through the struggles it allowed me to get inside of kaitlyn’s had a little more and.

[15:04] See things from a different perspective which is always been.
A challenge for me cuz it was in one building my business i okay will i know what i’m doing i do million one things.

[15:16] But i want more than one things any other people do it and i was expected them to know,
how to do it and know my process of doing things and obviously nobody knows the process and everybody approaches their work in a different way of love is to stop either cuz i love that point you just said that,
he is i thought they would know how i would wanna do it and i think that’s something that so many especially counselors on private practice is the start adding staff so that might be,
clinicians therapists and maybe a virtual assistant might be you know an administrative assistant that the person that we have so much upstairs our brain,
but then to like say will but how do i do this yeah you can say,
really depend on what you expect and it’s amazing how we just don’t even realize that we were told that the soul open or,
i agree entirely joe and it’s hard to.

[16:12] We just wrap your head around and except the fact but the more you do and the more you get exposed to it the easier it becomes and it’s gone to the point now that you know.
We have cash for at six employees i believe went six noise is cuz pages starting on monday with us and.
It’s gone to the point of that i think i’m pretty decent managing you know and you every single employee here has been with us we haven’t had any employee,
any way leave us this is killing where was with us for over two years and now we’re gonna great phone call to hear a great from team we are really emphasizing trying to size the culture here now of our company is being this,
do we have a lot of only worked really hard to do some great work but we really strive to have a lot of fun here as well and what were some things that during that time between like i’m not that great of a manager and,
fine culturally with their books were there podcast with what are some resources that we can give the audience they are just that you have to read these five closer to books or,
i can tell you the number one book that she’s my wife and she’s my approach to business it is called and i want this right,
making money is killing your business.

[17:30] And it is written by chuck blakeman and making money is killing your business is basically saying that its early that they even if the entrepreneur myth you know.
Actually never read that book i think it’s the same approach basely talk about systems and processes and how to develop systems so that way you can remove yourself from the day-to-day,
of your business and focus on.
Other areas of your business that can grow and putting people in place to successfully do that for you to successfully operate those processes.

[18:07] And so i read that book right around the time we shifted it from is your company to web design company for therapists and.
Focused very heavily and was a firstly developer came in and other time it would take us to or three days to build a website and we really focus engine is on figuring out our systems figurine our process he’s so that way.
When you developer comes on they know how to build a brighter vision website right away and follow instructions on how you build a greater vision website and it’s to the point now and you can build a website sometimes in ninety minutes.
Holy cow it’s ridiculous on average are developers put in about four hours of time per website between building a,
between talking with clients with revisions and that includes you know sometimes in our phone call going over things but we have really.

[19:01] On him not me because it’s all manual but we’ve really been retired since guess it’s all it’s all processes all system is,
so we can build a website that is beautiful and completely unique to your practice no-no to websites are ever the same here and focus on marketing you and your practice.
But it only were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time which is why we’re able to charge to.
Really amazing rate for kind of work that you get the kind of quality you get here,
well i know that but the whole system thing for me like right after you actually avenue clinician coming on its are seventh clinician joining that’s awesome show yeah it’s crazy likes and now we have,
eight people they’re all private pay private practice in northern michigan this counselor saturated area is just crazy but use poly like,
person number three or four that i brought and i was just like.
Like i didn’t have a checklist of yours all the things like getting the key in on set up as healthy as think how did they create a checklist for myself because if you do just a few times a year you bring someone on,
like you don’t remember everything i don’t wanna miss anything i want to copy the liability insurance on a cap you all that stuff in so it’s like by having that,
oh my gosh it’s just so much easier to just plow through the on boarding process and then on the other side him so he my virtual assistant she’s down in texas so she’s,
answering the phone for us you scheduling for us and i just kinda made frequently asked questions pdf or no it’s in google docs for her sucking up the it.
And that’s how would i answer questions like why didn’t take insurance like how to each essays work so that she can speak in the same way i can but it’s not my actual time that i’m doing it so.

[20:41] Yep so the same here either both coming from but just app applying at your business is a little differently,
with the other glass were there other books or resources to really helpful that time to become a manager yeah so another movie was hoping to become a manager but a podcast that i listen to regularly that,
i really it should be to a lot of brighter vision success is sweet little-known podcast the only get about thirty episodes are so it’s called marketing for founders,
and it’s all about how to.

[21:14] Market bootstrapped business and there are some really great ideas in there that to live your,
your listeners can take to heart to scroll through the marketingforfounders.com scroll through their episode i’m sure there are a few in there that you would find really helpful in growing your private practice especially if he,
if you’re trying to get new clients and you can work nationally and yo,
how’s the weather in ours and they give you really great process for hosting weapon ours and generating leads and marketing your business,
as i said those two things really help and then the terms are just getting better as a manager it was just trial by fire if you know.

[21:54] Trying to yuma i think that the more i remove myself sometimes the better i can be i’m just letting people you we’ve.
We have amazing people here,
we will not be anywhere near the point where it without such talented developers and support teams and.
By hiring the right people and just letting them body our systems work and wedding or teamwork.

[22:25] It’s allowed us about me to be a better manager as well just step aside and trust everybody trust them to do a great job and they all do such a phenomenal job.
Well i think that you and i are similar in that like we’re both like were courses like will put our head down like nose to grindstone build the business but like.
Oftentimes when you’re so focused on building the business that the human side of running a business like i don’t know if this is a challenge but i know i sometimes do where,
it’s like you’re awesome pops into my office and i’m in the middle of something i might like i want to finish this project but the thing with the second light is a business is based on counselors,
not doing well counselors if they’re not feeling a connection with me or with the business like that’s just as important if not more than whatever project if i need to work on,
exactly you need to add you take time to get to talk to people and to know them and know what motivates them and one thing i found it really helpful as we have quarterly reviews here and.
I want to know what each of our employees wants to do.
Tell me what they want to hear i mean what they wanted you in two and one two three five years what do they want to take from me.

[23:41] What do they want like i know engine frances wants to work at google.
How can i put him in a position to teach him and give him opportunities that will make that dream become,
sam i know wants to open up his own marketing and digital agency one day,
how can i empower him to learn and take as much from me as possible so that way he can go and accomplish his goals from this cuz this is this job and some people wanna be here for,
make a career provision that’s awesome i want to enable them to make a career here but there are some people here who.
Just wanna be here for your two if they want to all my intellectual capital and learn everything they can awesome i want them to take all of my knowledge and all the intellectual capital.
And go do whatever they want afterwards and be do to know what people want from this job be on just the job itself.
Allows me to put them in a position to succeed at long-term with those goals by a,
educating them the way they want the educated by giving them tasks and new projects that will excite and motivate them to allow them to obtain those goals and so that’s and it really helped me,
as a manager need to empathize with my employees more and know what they want and how i can help them achieve those goals.

[25:04] Yeah i think that’s it’s really embracing what’s happening anyway you know in our world people don’t typically stay at a job forever and so if we know that then it’s like why,
expect them to stay forever instead let’s make the time that there with you,
it’s productive for them and so that when they leave brighter vision or the mental illness counseling they really feel like oh my gosh like that was such a good launch pad for me and they speak so highly of you,
i just feel like that’s just is the way the world is and what works anyway so why push back against it.
Yeah i most certainly as you got embrace it i embrace the way that the world and in the employment sector is and you’ll.
If your people were spinning their entire careers and one location you don’t know where they wanna be.

[25:52] Ten years from now if you were in new entry-level employee at four thirty years ago.
Where do you wanna be in ten twenty years where the company do you wanna climb to if you were their manager you want to work with them to help them accomplish that goal give them the tools and education they need to get to that position in fort,
yeah that’s one reason that my contract with the contractors that commandment once counseling i don’t have a non compete clause.
It’s a lot of counselors will say like after the this practice you can’t working you know within a hundred miles of traverse city fifty miles for two years and.
I don’t know if someone doesn’t want to be in my practice i don’t wanna hear like to hear that happy and they want to do something also please go to some,
else and i want them to feel like they can refer back here and not leave with a bad taste in the mouth area if i’m like,
you know what actually like you and c is fine credit but you can’t really work within twenty miles of here,
i didn’t seem like a oh yeah like some people are jealous and back so and cuz if you had a non compete as well you’re not gonna be able to attract,
the talent to make your business successful um so yeah not a fan on competes we don’t have them for any of our employees yeah.
Cold months about this podcast us have coming on so it’s a to hear more about it you guys doing like this kinda season model and trying to shake up the podcast worldly and love it anymore awesomely i love to go to were.
Podcast is it i been passionate about for years now the microphone speaking to you through actually bought before breaker fishing with leaving a company i.

[27:30] I had it as i have my own network of personal websites and i had a someone to create podcasts for them but.
It’s much easier during began to actually act on things so it’s out gathering dust gathering dust for about three years and we just recorded our first for,
episodes of the podcast is called the therapist experience,
you can access it the therapistexperiencecom or just that brightervision.com/podcast.

[28:02] Um it has not been launch though it probably will be by the time this heirs and basically what we’re focusing on is the entrepreneurial journey.

[28:12] Successful therapists in private practice,
we want to hear the stories of therapists an interview successful therapists and find out how they got to be so successful so that our audience can learn from them,
i’m really trying to condense it into just a thirty five minute episode max we have a lighting round of questions,
and we also have set questions that we try and follow each time but it depends on where the conversation flows so we get a sense of predictability we listen to the therapist experience what the episode is gonna be about,
you know you what you’re going to learn or at least what format it’s going to be an,
at least season one or the first year we’re gonna just interview successful therapists in season one and we have some cool ideas for season to the following year how are gonna turn on its head and,
and nana really quiet for season three which are not gonna shower just yet will let me do another record another podcast app so that i can you back on the prax the practice,
truth is your season three but the psychology of food made the that’s really the approach we’re taking,
i’ve listened you so much joe trying to learn from you all is such a great job posting gosh i was sharing when the of the,
the episode of my wife and he just like to it sounds really great and everything but.

[29:38] Yeah let’s little more don’t union unseat every single word so clearly people,
people can hear you fine then it was nerves coming through so i’m sure get these years ago on it does it does and you know your why your wife or husband or partner who ever like,
they are they are able to help you grow in the school so much a c a ton of public speaking earlier like in like two thousand four two thousand five where,
my wife would often come and she just nailed it like it was hard to hear but she was she would say when you get nervous you talk fast you need to slow down,
or you use this like,
funny emphasis voice like gotta listen right now and she is weird it’s like three pm so you know you its have to hear that feedback from someone you love but it’s almost always got so it,
definitely your partner knows you better than anybody else in the world yeah she do you sounded weird that wasn’t joe apologies.
But i be over time you get better and its practice makes perfect right yeah i haven’t gone back to listen to episode one or two which i don’t think i will but i’m sure if i did i’d be somewhat mortified but.
You know i forgot who said it but the the said that if you are not ashamed of the first product you make you waited too long it was the founder of linton think that okay yeah what’s is it,
yeah back in ross i believe are rough something yeah so i think that’s just so smart you know just give it a whirl like hard knot set.

[31:08] Hoffman alright cool yeah thanks i’m glad you knew that would be wonderful susan trillion out of school when it’s so true caution if i were to show you some of the first.

[31:19] Site that we built for brighter vision clients i mean we launches will i have.

[31:26] With this is it approach things from a ready fire aim perspective and so you know we just,
i still remember the very first call i got from an ad words and you’re running when somebody wanted a website for e-commerce store to sell lipstick again of course and jeffrey of course you will do it will do it,
and this is before you’re focusing just on therapists and the website came out,
awful it the first twenty websites we built came out,
pretty bad over all and they start getting better over time and would actually read number website for some of our original customers for them to get a more modern more the brighter fishing style now but you were just,
learning as we are going we had no idea what we’re doing,
we do what we’re doing things a web site design but we had no set procedures that standards for style set standards for.
What colors and things of that nature and it is taking a while to get to where we are but we finally really feel like over the last you know eight months are so we’ve master develop,
product and service that we think is hands down the best in the industry,
well i me and you know this but when i first launched practice the practice i was selling myself as there be website creator who else i know that there’s a reason you don’t know that because,
for one i realized that there are people out there that would be a much better job than i was also i realize i just didn’t really like it i mean.

[33:01] There is so much went into it i had no idea people get over this image over here and here and i’m like i don’t know how to do code like giving me like this i’m just a web site design in to,
i just do it so yeah that was short-lived and he is just reconnected with one of my old website clients and.
He wanted an update on life yeah i’m not your guy public consulting but so six hundred little bit about like i’m wondering,
with greater vision did it start with like the like we pay a certain amount per month or did that shift over time.
Yeah that was always my idea behind it we serve.
When i read it from internet marketing company to brighter fishing when we offer to you for website models one where you just like,
prepay and get fully on and one which is more of like a lease model the subscription service and actually started off we’re not offering any support.
I was just website and hosting and.

[34:04] Over time we learned that support was needed and we should just include interest enterprise packages of post charging extra for its now we i mean we learn that pretty quickly.
So now i’m already vision size include unlimited technical support and there was always this sort of monthly recurring.
Idea i like that as a business strategy overall because.
If one cell to predictability you can budget better you can market yourself better know better but it is,
more predictable fashion if you know of a hundred clients paying fifteen bucks a month or thousand clients are ten thousand like that’s gonna change how you.
Bring on staff how you add infrastructure in there’s just and it seems like it be a lot easier than you that,
i’m wondering with counselors that i don’t think that would work to say like for four hundred dollars a month you can you come to counseling as much as you want but me like i think the,
can a shifting a little bit to say in my average client comes ten times so excited to look at some of those numbers as a clinician,
so if i know that the average client comes ten times and do they pay a hundred bucks a month.
That means i have this many people on my case load so i can predict about this much i should put a little bit more in to advertising,
i think someone’s numbers a lot of clinicians just don’t take the time to know and i would wonder if they can it took some bread risen mindset of the financial side.

[35:37] And applied if they would be able to then make different decisions for their marketing that’s a great point joe and i are both.

[35:46] There’s a term business called l tv or your lifetime value so something then it encourage all of us years to do after this.
Is it look at the last year and look at all of your clients that you seen.
Anything figure out what is the overall lifetime value of my clients have come and start to see me how many sessions do people typically stay for.
How long must i earn from each session for them and they’ll give you an idea of how much you can spend the marketing so taking your example of going further if your example if you have a,
if you say that most clients see me on average ten times and they’re paying a hundred dollars a session,
so that means that my wife time value of a client a thousand dollars and it i know its hard to put dollar signs.

[36:40] On counseling services but you have to remember that you are running a business here and you’re going to help more people if you understand your numbers so you’re saying that my lifetime value of a new claim is about a thousand dollars.

[36:54] Then you can start figuring out how much i need to spend to acquire them if you say your average lifetime value for a nucleus of thousand dollars you can easily spend three hundred dollars to acquire them and make a very nice profit.
I hear from people all the time to read this at the newspaper and it was three hundred dollars and i only have one client and it’s like.

[37:15] What has become of hershey okay you yeah i think is ten times and they pay a hundred bucks each time you came out seven hundred dollars a head.
Exactly it’s predictable and then okay wanna run the ad in the newspaper every single month right and because that way you know you’re gonna get one clean out on average,
and figure out okay where’s another area where i can advertise.

[37:37] Let me try advertising there and see how many clients i get out of it and it works i can add it to my recurring marketing budget.
And grow from there and then we can get to a full case load and if you want to then add another condition under you.

[37:52] You know you can do that you can increase how much your spending per month in certain areas and you know you’re gonna get new clients and,
at a certain price point and you know they will be possible for you it’s predictable and that’s the,
more or less just wanted so key to running a business whether it’s a private practice whether it’s consulting whether to software as a service like brighter vision you gotta know your numbers at so in so few people do,
remember i read the book gorilla marketing it was in two thousand nine my wife and i were on the six week road trip out west like going to national park side,
just quit my job and we’re moving back to traverse city and like had nothing set up and i’m like well you know i wanna have a private practice someday so i just read this book while i’m on vacation and.
It was one thing that really stood out to me if you like figure out how much you think the average business like yours is spending on marketing,
and what would happen if you spent two or three times more than those people on that heating and i still remember he said that say somebody was playing spending three percent of their budget on marketing you spent eleven percent like what would happen.
It’s so interesting how the seeds of when you read these books and you may find this in your own reading,
then i found all these goals i wrote down in two thousand nine as to what i wanted to be doing bad things to,
and i never went back to those goals but when i found them in two thousand eight was fourteen i the jealous all the goals that i had written down when i was just you know of this.
This random road trip doesn’t that was so awesome to do yeah yeah.

[39:24] But i think back to your point about knowing your numbers all actually in the show notes and i give us you guys there listening in a minute so you don’t have to write this down.
Um i had a bro i calculator created that all in bed in sue the show notes where you can put in,
your clients how much they come how much you charge at all of your rent to figure out how much the worth is of your client and then you can figure out right there,
i’m like when it would be good to invest in how many plates you have to get out of that investment to make it worth it so,
that’s great i wanna see that i never seen before yet x if you just head over to practice the practice of taking are like calculator it’ll to,
the page where it says it is and then i just have a short code that i have that i can drop into the shouts.
So yeah i found some random guy and up work he’s in eastern europe and i said,
here’s a pdf of the math can you make this and then aaron from legendary lion cleaned it up a little bit and threw it on to the website for me and,
for like fifty bucks i got this amazing made us if i wanted to touch and slightly reduce the number four with recurring revenue and how your was your skin in,
get some sort of recurring revenue into their business is,
so brighter vision claim was also just recorded on the therapist experience a diane linger,
show me all day and yeah she she’s really done it such a tremendous job at building a unique brand of building her business up,
and some she does is she said that she and i’m probably not one hundred percent correct on this she says that she sees in.

[41:01] She was a diameter of the action of mercedes harley not anything to do sorry anyway that i ordered it on the loan can the most often conference last year so,
dr season found that parents generally make big leaps in their parent is and us works exclusively with parents and as a parent coach in about four sessions so she will only sell them for sessions.
And it might be three sessions i forget which on the numbers exactly but basically people can sign up for.

[41:33] Packages of for so bee’s off of their initial consultation exam for four seconds after an exam for twelve and get a reduce fee for them or they sign up for and that sort of,
as more predictability for use if you can bundle your service or bundle your packages into to,
bunches of hours or additional kinds of services idea and a lot more predictability to your business and get that kind of recurring revenue that you might be missing in your business right now,
awesome advice thanks for so many ideas today wow you just like to,
throwing so many good cops out there so hopefully guys are either taking notes or think you on my gosh i got implement some of these things the perry if every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want to know.

[42:21] Oh my gosh pressure there children knew about what anything i mean just like what is it that was one thing the us feel like you know if counselors new this like,
it would be way easier for them in private practice in attract the clients that anything i think that.
If counselors.

[42:43] You are and where that what a how to treat their practice like a business.
I think it’s your lot less stress overall.
Come in by treating your practice like a business it doesn’t mean that you need to grow into this big massive,
massive group practice it can’t just be you,
the figuring out ways to remove yourself from the day-to-day i figure out ways to market yourself effectively and marketing please it’s not a bad word it’s a really really great word is telling people what you do really well,
is it and make sure that your message gets out there making sure people know who you are so.
Yo that would be one really big saying it occurs and the counselors out there listening to us to start considering how to make your practice more like a business as opposed to a job.
And then the second thing is i know you ask for one but when the chips i thought it says we’re done is the importance of new chamber nishi down.
Knowing who you want to work with and actively targeting them and actively working almost exclusively with them.

[44:02] Contrary to popular belief it’s gonna make.

[44:07] Your business stronger it’s going to make it easier for people to refer you.

[44:13] It’s gonna make it easier for you to reach your target market and market to them and i being a specialist in a certain area as opposed to a general list you’re going to be able to charge more per hour than your competitors are.
So you know when brighter vision was,
doing websites for everyone and anyone under the sun before we start specializing in therapists he was a thirty second pitch.

[44:40] Or produced in fifteen.
Brighter vision is a website design company where you can get a website that looks like you spent thousands of dollars but instead cost you fifty nine dollars a month.
You know pretty decent pitch their left here is now.
Brighter vision is the worldwide leader in custom therapists website design for only fifty nine dollars a month you get a website that’s as unique as your practice,
unlimited technical support so you never have to deal with those headaches and complimentary seos people can find you online clear to,
what is the meaning of the.
So perry with the best way for people to connect with you if they want to hear more operator vision three wanna just do,
talk with a grateful dead show her so people can connect with us over at brightervision.com obviously you can always just shoot me email as well as my a direct email address is perry,
p e r r y @brightervision.com right mean i got a question do my best response within one or two business days i do get a few hundred emails,
day right now so it might be a little as you remove yourself from your business where i try and talk to every single customer,
i am not involved in the sales process i still reach out every single customer care three safety signed up,
to make sure that they are having a fantastic experience so you know if you have a question if you want connect to order more about brighter vision or.

[46:12] Do you wanna go see that show sometimes you know reach out to me i’d be more than happy to chat the other thing as well you can connected us over with the therapist experience podcasts over brightervision.com/podcast.
We’re at the therapyexperience.com faucet leaks all the things in the show notes as well as the books and podcasts you recommended.
Okay thanks so much for being on the show was so fun having you here,
always a pleasure joined as one last thing we always want to give your us there’s a free month so if you head over to brightervision.com/joe will give you guys a free month they tell me that too bunco go but if you go to brightervision.com/joe,
reach out to us through the form there will no where you came from and be able to get your free month awesome thanks for giving free stuff away my people like that,
alright let go to let you be here thank you again get super.

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He’s awesome are you guys are awesome you guys all home you all are awesome thanks for letting me in two years and into your brain.
You know what a life changing experiences podcast and doing more consulting with you and helping you grow your practices has been for me.
I am so grateful everyday for you and you take time to let me into your brain so a great week rock it out and we’ll talk soon to.

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