PoP 130 | Top 100 Entrepreneur and Social Media with Laura Roeder

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Laura founded B-School with Marie Forleo, has run successful courses of her own like Creating Fame, and was named a Top 100 Entrepreneur in America Under 30. As the owner of Edgar, the top social media scheduling platform, she reveals top social media nad business tips on today’s podcast.

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PoP Culture Meet Laura Roeder

Edgar founder Laura Laura began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22, when she quit a design job and decided to launch her first business. Since then, she founded B-School with Marie Forleo, has run successful courses of her own like Creating Fame, and was named a Top 100 Entrepreneur in America Under 30.

Edgar was created out of a need Laura had in her own business to more effectively manage social media – and so in 2014 Laura pivoted her business to dive into the SaaS world. Since Edgar’s launch in mid-2014, our remote team has grown to more than a dozen people, we’ve hit more than $150,000 in monthly recurring revenue, AND we’ve bootstrapped the entire way. Edgar is now happily providing social solutions to more than 3,000 customers.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 130 | Top 100 Entrepreneur And Social Media With Laura Roeder

[0:00] Music.

[0:28] So glad you are with me today we’re live here in practice of the,
practice world headquarters in the radio center to building in downtown traverse city i hope you are doing fabulous today,
well first i wanna just think greater vision for being a sponsor of today’s podcast greater vision is the complete,
web solution for therapists they’ve incorporate some of the best features from leading providers creating just amazing websites that would take,
thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars for fifteen bucks a month you get as ceo support,
you get design get updates you get all of your professional pictures in there so stock photos and you get live web support.
I have limited spots of your website goes down they get right back up without having to pay anything extra so,
headed over to brightervision.com/joe and you can get three months just to check amount ceo is going to get website up so damn quick it’s just it’s so amazing.
Help your week is really going well so i thought that i had my little bio about laura let me pull that back up.

[1:36] Laura is joining us use from the website meet at burger and it’s just she’s awesome give me just so i can hear,
podcast interview search for that boom right here go.

[1:50] Carburetor good and then output the weather be like you guys are hanging out with me the we’re just you know,
here i am hangout with you are you going for a walk here and hang out with you driving your car here am sitting shotgun with you,
i hope you’re doing well today i’m interviewing laura who is she is the founder shits floor rotor,
from meet edgar dot com’s edgar is this she’s going into can all the details of it but let me tell you before sir using meet at your,
what was like for me and social media i would have to schedule out all of my posts i would have to just make sure i was engaging every day to kinda keep everything going but then i signed up for me and your,
it is not a sponsorship pay for this actually reset music though it if i would have on the podcast and is such a good product that has saved me so much time there was paying a virtual assistant for in the past that i just couldn’t.
Could not have from the podcast so let me taylor about laura,
so she began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of twenty two which equity design job and decide to launch your first business since then she founded,
the school where three for leo.
Has run successful courses in her own like reading fame was name the top one hundred amp entrepreneurs in america under thirty.
Add your was created out of the need that laura found in her own business to more of actively manage social media and two thousand fourteen she pivoted her business to dive into.

[3:23] Yes sass world which is where is at stanford software as a service yeah.

[3:31] Thing and other stuff of the sits at your lunch in mid two thousand fourteen her remote team has more than doesn’t people and hit more than a hundred and fifty grand in monthly,
recurring revenue in the bootstrap the hallway which is what i love because.
The way i had your looks you would think that was this huge company with like hundreds and hundreds of employees but it’s not it’s a smaller company,
that has got the attention of so many just amazing podcasters and bloggers that.
Who is just unreal so she is gonna talk with after the service she’s gonna talk about social media and she’s gonna talk about best practices.
Just so many.

[4:14] Awesome i just can’t see how excited i am about this interview so without any further ado i give you the one the only the never replicated.
Lol rotor lol rotor welcome to the practice for the practice podcast how you doing today.
Excellent thank you joe i am very happy to be here i’m happy to have you here i’m so glad cuz me and your such a cool product and,
it’s one of those things that he came along and your clients we think of this before now is so.
What is served with me and your and we can talk with that and i wanna hear your story cuz you launch this from um was it like a content marketing can a standpoint before in the switch the software will get into that so tell me a meter,
after izzy social media scheduling recycling tool so it’s really different about actor from other jewels is that you load all your content to categorize library,
then i girl handles scheduling at and sending the content and,
and we got like a he instead of at all okay he has forgotten he actually cycles through four years so what a lot of people live vicariously cold blood plus you know you spend all this time the right,
writing posts and especially for counselors i would think that ninety nine percent of the posts you write are,
relevant years later oh yeah up six of depression or anxiety or yeah for sure it,
it is not select problem that doesn’t exist for everybody right of the last year and see spent so much time writing this great content and so many people you know send it out once or a few times when its new.

[5:50] And then never again and if you just set up either it’s just send out your back library of your blog posts i mean you wouldn’t be you do your money’s worth just from,
yeah i know there for me when i thought about how much of your costly is it worth and i thought if he even saves me like half an hour a month like jack and the bean well worth it.
I know for me when i first signed up there’s a couple of things that i did totally wrong and she has some other things that people do wrong and social media but is set up for a group that i ran to ask like these questions but i only have like,
four questions and like every like few days it was like so how are things going my peeps and like you just ask that we today are eligible,
what are other things that you see may be just in social media in general that people are doing wrong and maybe we can springboard from there,
yeah it actually brought up something interesting and,
no i’d like ideas like we can do and you know even better job educating our customers on these things so thank you for that sir here to serve just here to serve yes it,
different space on social media can be very different especially the frequency of what people see so on twitter.
Twitter is very much like a parade you sign on twitter the parade passes you by any leaves so if something was at the beginning or the end of the parade,
you in seattle right it’s still as a content creator like you have to be tweeting at,
the same little window that your audience is on other residency at we’re so it so it makes sense repeat things more frequently and we’re as a group people are much more engaged.

[7:27] Sometimes people can subscribe to groups to get notified on facebook that every single message in the group you know we’ll give them a little alert interface that notification bar so yeah with the group if you’re repeating things it’s often more like,
hi you know okay its like share this friday everyone post share on friday and it’s kind of expected that would be the exact same.

[7:47] Post more than once so yeah it’s really smart to be aware of like what will what’s going on a different social spaces in an,
yes sir i love that idea of twitter be like a parade cuz that really captures that idea quickly other best practices around twitter cuz i know that like i was and,
then in a few podcasts and it seems like when i’m tagged on things like i see my gosh this person did this eleven times today but to people that are following them,
they may not see it eleven times like what the hell what’s the frequency that has to work in twitter,
yeah not something we hear from our customers alot ceo in my life trickier i feel like i’m repeating myself so much is because you see everything but you said that,
and that’s why i love people are scared turkey content because it will feel like a lot to you soon i just said this i just solace but the stats show us that on twitter was never lets is around like,
ten to fifteen percent of your followers see any given thing each week,
so you’re treating and thinking that everyone seeing where is out,
fifty percent of your audience to sing an eighty five percent is not see at so do you send it again it usually people have not seen or if they have seen it’s no big deal wears like,
you know you’re mentioning getting tags on a podcast that shows up in your mentions to eat a hundred percent of your entrance so,
can i notice that you are his people his order up podcast all my gosh rain i can’t tell with such something up and i’d there to see and i see every time to visit their sending a lot,
there is nothing every time yeah so i got on facebook what what’s working on facebook for people.

[9:23] Having faith is one of the trickiest platforms you know talking about pages not groups like we were earlier because facebook has some of the lowest,
which was actually sort of motivation and creating order some people just complain about the slicks reach well,
zuckerberg’s care of about your complaints about this let’s reach and make sense inside to see a pay what can i do to maximize the people,
that’s the my post which is why it repeated post is really smart instead of spending time riding it until,
four percent see that and then it never goes out again so yeah facebook is one where you can repeat the most facebook it’s really good to mix up things like images and videos with your posts and,
on all the networks is important ago and engage in facebook especially if you just set up that will actor,
his and update you never actually go into your page and you know engage with people reply to the comments and like their comments and whatever,
this but no usually well tank your reach so it’s in her,
atleast actively engage when you bring that up cuz i like to say to people that it’s social media and so you can do the media side or something like edgar but you need to be social and people are on their,
for reason i see pictures of the grand kids they wanna engage with people catch up and so if you just kinda blasting all the stuff at them all the time without actually engaging i feel like that’s where people just totally missed mark.
Yeah not that suddenly well what we believe this lie and say i love a divided into the social media because.

[10:55] Yeah how is that no one knows where they care whether you to send a tweet from an app on your phone on your desk top or it will,
what does it matter so you shouldn’t software to handle that part of the software can do it and not take up your time with software cannot do is for relationships right so that’s what you and the other doing.
Yeah absolutely so tell me little bit about your story of getting to add your off the ground cuz i love how much you guys bootstrapped i’m like,
no that logan that can a guy and bootstrapping since the beginning of my practice and has been here story i’m bootstrapping,
yes i have been running a social media training company healthcare social media teaching small businesses about social media marketing and we had a,
program basically top people to do manually but i could do automatically.
Which is what we were doing our company we have this giant spreadsheet with difference social categories and then it cycles through the spread sheet copy and paste every update individually,
to social media schedule and it was really cumbersome and really messy but it was are the best you could do that,
that was at the time and people are paying for this process rape you were do i get and so i will.
Okay will people learn just if people will pay just learned then it seems like the likely pad tap-tap software do it right and not spend all this time so we started the company,
using funds from the training business and it really wasn’t that sort of makes it sound more formal.

[12:28] Business does has really transitioned and software as that’s taken off so it’s not like i shut down one company and started another you know i just took,
the team and resources that are already had we bill and ger.
Okay hopefully someone will buy the software we cannot i can do both like what the trading side the software side by side hope.
Well maybe of the software really takes off i just got this is because i like that business model better and that’s what happened and or just really,
eclipsed the training business and,
it’s always on bootstrapped we’ve hired you know get more customers get money hire more people get customers where money hire more people so it’s gonna very organically,
yeah so what were some of the first bite we hope to get ten customers are able to get a hundred what were some of your first numbers you’re shooting for.

[13:17] Yeah i mean i remember hoping to get so like i thought like.

[13:23] Email five thousand in monthly revenue would be like okay this could be a part,
what were doing this is was a multiple six figure business was and it wasn’t a small business that’s it okay five thousand will feel like a good start and then,
someday we’ll get to you and million a year and now that will be in business is really stylish and we ended up having a million eleven months after watch gosh.

[13:51] So when you’re younger hotly how do you do this so quickly like at the a lot of people me and i’ve been,
can’t even break six figures like what are the secrets honey is a business not alright so a software re occurring muscle running software company is very different model than a one on one practice,
and is it in one on one practice you either are going to have to raise your rates really high are you going to have to add more practitioners tour bus pass that’s just.

[14:22] That’s the fuck yeah it is not as scale of all right if it’s not to scale on the one thing that’s important to be mindful as like if you’ve chosen to counseling because you love it don’t,
worry that maybe not scale business model like that’s not the only thing that matters in any.
And i have to let it is very skilled like that,
it is great but yeah i mean i’ve always put a lot of effort and growth a lot i think a lot of my secret to success is isn’t hiring in building a really strong team and,
i mean kinda fun facts about under i was pregnant with me lunch and i took three months maternity leave with and,
six months of launching so i had to be very deliberate in building a company that can thrive and grow without me.
Yeah i love hearing that when i was working full-time job and lunch my private practice on the side and then over time like that became my full-time job and equipment.

[15:22] Full time job and it was when my wife was pregnant that i was like i gotta raise my rates like for it to be worth it for me to like show up and do this in my counseling.
Appointments or to do my consulting.
I knew that i’d read raise my rates because i just didn’t want to be away from her away from this new baby and be wasting my time in the office and,
amazing how those life transitions often just make it like you have to be so efficient and so clear on what you want to get out of it.
Absolutely i can really be a wake up call in for me and i didn’t wanna business like i had created a business that could kind of,
alright survive without me you know where i can take off a month of my things to be okay but it wasn’t really moving forward and i was still a big part of a sound like,
i am having a wanna be able to spend as much time as i want like maybe i wanna be a stay at home mom for longer or maybe i’ll just wanted to be able to take a two month summer vacation with our family and not worry about where.
So i’m really gonna set things up so that can happen.

[16:23] That’s awesome and so require some people that you follow that you feel.
I can be there some people that even counselors with a one on one business could learn a lot from in regards to their own businesses,
and the one day i actually have a friend that recently got her license and was like interested starter on practice like i wanna give you so much of is over and in the,
at first but then i recommended for her was michael ports book yourself solid yes.
Such a good but has i started out as a freelancer as a web designer and for any sort of service business that is just like it’s it,
it’s like you said about raising the rates about you not really choosing who you work with the instead of just letting anyone in the horrible clients that stuff away,
that’s probably my favorite yet you said you wish your friend you know what it might ask my bicep what would you give her advice on if she is like just learned tell me everything about lunch my practice yeah i mean i think.
Bing it try to think of how to summon up i would like be.

[17:31] Be specialize and be deliberate i think if you can be specialize like she was interested in working with people that were changing their gender which,
was it such a great specialization because if that’s what you’re going through and their someone who’s like yeah i have a new experience you’re customers like why would you not,
don’t let him right now,
so if you do have something like that that’s calling to and it could just be you know working with a few people going through a divorce and like has very specific for that was interesting her,
but i think whatever you can have a special station like it just helps you talk about what you do and,
people get very worried about limiting themselves and that doesn’t mean that you can never accept any other had a client but when you explain if you what you do instead of just saying i’m a therapist if you can say,
you know i really love working wed is women who if their kids of last the home another empty nesters like,
it just gets peoples wheels turning like i have a friend who’s going through a lot right now and if and you know telling me that they wanted some help with that are going threw out so.

[18:35] You don’t have the station that really helps yes susi there someone’s focussing in moms are empty nesters and they start blogging,
what would you recommend that they start blogging and then we can maybe talk about hollywood integrate into edgar,
yeah i mean the same thing as you really have to try really hard to get customers,
alright which is in a few shots of the especially counselors the rain in any of that grad school,
ryan you know people go out of their own thinking that they’re going to get to cancel that but actually you have to sign a lease have your time money this is,
which is it said the noise was the next hour hopefully can find a way to enjoy this part right,
and yeah i mean blogging is really great for getting your message and your philosophy out and,
either way i’d helps is like clear blood cousin under another little nugget c share nagar and then i purchase handle sending the nazi don’t have to be actively doing social media all day like we said you can just,
and gave people and also it’s important is going past plugging it to actually,
close the cell am should accounts are like friend jake and hearing me say that but,
a lot of people are scared to take that next step like a blog all day to create continental daily don’t tell estimates there they’re happy sharing all of content that they’re very scared of actually talking to someone and saying,
okay do you wanna work together or when you want to start working together and,
especially when you’re starting out you really can’t just wait for people to come to you have to be more proactive and doing things like maybe you have an email list you know maybe to caller personally reach out to every person that.

[20:15] On your lips and say hey are you interested in talking with some in there was where they just wanted to read the blog you know i do a little,
fifteen min session to just see if we might be a good match for each other and here’s the times do you wanna get on the phone,
it has to do the pro active part of yeah i think the in getting referrals from doctors or pastors or principles like the more that you put in that extra effort.
It definitely pays off later on.
And people can do get worried about that money conversation so when someone says why you’re rates twice with the going rate is to know like what you gonna say they prepare for those,
responses if you don’t then you’re just gonna freeze and via at i don’t know the is here she really even worth it like if they can’t even respond back by.

[21:00] So is someone than go it has to go beyond just blogging just social media successful companies that you see,
what also they doing to get new clients in the evening so the therapy space like what you see them doing to get clients,
yeah i mean it so what i got a lot with my business is.

[21:21] Go to where people are re good people are already buying.
Which i think is a big mistake people often try to find people like in the social media space tubal off on someone who’s not using a tool,
because they need a social media tall that’s a big mistake you actually wanna find someone who’s already using a social media told because there is heat sold on the idea,
so as a counselor someone is receives counseling before it’s actually much more likely to sign on as a client because they don’t have all those fears is like,
does it make me a weirdo you know what help me like will it be worth it because if they’ve gone to the process they know,
so i think a lot of people make the mistake of like,
sometimes even discounting those people made me think to have someone else over to the florida probably just go to them again,
and if you can find spaces where you can find people who are involved accounts they have higher cancers before those are gonna be your best prospects,
so would be some tech tools to help people can a safe and out who’s been in counseling there are there any kind of.
I don’t always of people to figure that out of interesting questions i mean i have to like research a little more accounting in particular but a general thing you can do is say if you’re doing facebook ads for example you can look at.

[22:33] Based on other pages organizations that the flight so i don’t have the supplies to counseling and use my ss like it security and confidentiality so i think that probably like there wouldn’t be a way that.
They would know for sure if they dining counseling but and you play piece together based on your specialty of people are looking at certain types of pages the party more likely to be open to counseling,
right there could be some sort of like,
i need a visitor specialization of there some sort of non-profit run issue that may be the most like their page or of course there are things like if you are specializing in divorce for example if it’s that does show yo,
the marital side and says changes right right we can go in on a demographics of you help.
Well i was thinking about premarital counseling like when status changes for in front to engagement that’s that bs on the focusing on as well.
Yeah yeah so more gas when we think about counselors and social media like i think there’s,
a group of counselors are super like set like social media savvy people who are almost raised on social media and.
Then there’s a whole cold war there then like i don’t think this social media things gonna take off who are already know is there like i just don’t wanna do it.
Of the second group that’s just really averse to social media.
But what are your thoughts on that should they get involved should just stick with what they know any advice on that.
Yeah i’m images aren’t are you happy with the outcome so social media your casio it’s not the only way to marquette however if you want more clients you have to do something different.

[24:10] May,
what you’re doing now is getting him out of plants you have now if you want more you have to do something differently time especially if your counseling like over skype or over the phone social media is just incredible because it’s,
just the three to handle for reaching people,
all of a country and all over the world just by connecting with one now sharing about your philosophy about what you believe that how you help people on your blog for example and putting out there it.

[24:42] It’s not a very powerful it’s very powerful and it’s not easy.

[24:46] Take it for granted and you just have to do it with the words free are you don’t have to be on every single social network twitter’s a great place to start because you can still,
connect to people one on one and have conversations with people one on one which can be difficult to do in on facebook for example,
so yes as in your user id since i have the founder and owner,
here i’ve got some questions so one thing i’ve heard is that people are looking for a like a shuffle function,
i love you guys of explore that all but maybe could you talk about like where is at your had any can you things coming the feel like revealing.
Bruh shuffles live in what the palliative keep up with your you believe that the great but still plenty of have you considered actually did it stopped,
complaining about one of our top customer requests now actually that little interaction i just had is a great example of why you have to quit in hope other people along the.

[25:40] You know because like we did send out an email about it but people read every they don’t very nice and are not reading every detail so it’s just a good reminder like,
business is often like larry told them about gonna be bothered but you have to tell people several times yes and me like i have a wedding on,
coming up and then i’ll post it again on social media thing coming is really bothering people and then i get all these new sign ups like,
oh my gosh yes me and other person that like i’m,
pro and your i use it i interact with looking for shop all and then i had to get a skype call with laura to find out of life,
okay so what are other things that you guys are hearing from people that they wanna see and that you guys are working on having.
A lot of it is really boring the biggest thing working on his is making a tool faster which doesn’t sound very exciting but,
makes for a much better user experience and we’re always just a reading things like improving the calendar we totally changed how we display your social media schedule and making some updates to how we display like,
your cue the next two weeks of update so a lot of it,
is it like big was bank features but just improving the experience and they had her just even easier to sf when i think that’s this just.
How life is you put something out there that you think is your best counted shot at it and then you tweak as you go so many people.
Get paralyzed by perfection and just wanted to perfect the first time but people’s needs change people’s ideas change their expectations change and so.

[27:17] I love seeing for companies that are really trying to figure out okay what’s the next step and yeah you can expect to see changes the goes,
okay so laura it every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want to know,
i want you to know that you are doing great work and you have to tell people about it,
you know i know that this is one of those industries that people can be really nervous about the business part and the sales part but if you’ve chosen to work for yourself.

[27:47] You have to reset it that’s the path they are on and start reading books about,
business leaders inspire your entrepreneur’s can inspire you but has you’re in this because you love what you do and you love to make people’s lives better,
can you do if you have any customers because you’re too scared to tell anyone about what you do it’s so good for counselors to hear led,
they’re just version the word marketing so often but it’s just telling people what you do it s at explaining what you’re good at without being pompous about it so,
thank you for saying that we need to hear that more.
Also if you listeners need to realign that listen to laura say again you totally should because we need to hear about cell or if people wanna connect with you are connected and with the best way for them to.

[28:29] Awesome will laura rotor thank you so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast and have a wonderful day.

[28:43] Music.

[29:19] It’s so inspiring to see people go after their ideas and specially when they work isn’t it amazing.
One of my big take away is to just make sure that i’m telling people the story of why i am a counselor.
Can you think that i think are valuable in counseling and to not fear marketing and to make sure i’m telling people the story of crack.
I’d love to know what you got in this podcast and it would be great for you to tag.
At me header on twitter or facebook to review our hanging out on the social media.

[29:57] As well once he got a couple of events coming up make sure that you are keeping up with this i’m trying to find ways to connect with as many of you as i can,
and so does far three different places and going we’re gonna be also scheduling a lot more events around the country in two thousand sixteen.

[30:14] So i’ll be down in asheville north carolina in september we’re working out those dates based on the applicants as well may nineteen to twenty first maybe a play california love to hang out you’re the most awesome conference and.
Than up here in traverse city and doing piano and practice singing practice is going to be a half day.
But we spend doing business consulting about your private practice and it’s a great group party are we have six people signed up for six more spots total one to fill it up if we can,
it is not it’s still gonna be a great group of people and then in the afternoons were gonna wine tasting we’re gonna go up the old mission peninsula.
One side of west bay and then we’re gonna go up to leave enough that’s love the next day and book these can influence me and they have like fifteen twenty one days of the chancellor.
It is going to be awesome try to get some sweet deals from these places and give you guys a bunch of once flag as well.

[31:11] It’s gonna be so much fun so head over to practiceofthepractice.com in you’ll see events and speaking insecure and book me to speak if you it has become clear that.
We can chat about what might look like in santa really think greater vision they’ve been such a strong supporter of this podcast.
And they got their new therapist experience podcasts that just came out.
And with your tongue therapists stories it’s really awesome so head over to brightervision.com/joe.
They might let us test out see if you like it and then it’s only fifteen bucks per month after that he unlimited support as seo it’s incredible.
So have an awesome day and i’ll talk to you soon excellent cheers an inch of rain.

[31:57] Music.

[33:09] Special thanks vance ounces sexy and pro leader we like music that sounds actually called april showers that was applicable for it being april,
right now in this podcast is designed,
printer provide accurate and thirty two information in regard to the subject matter covered his game with the understanding that the host,
the publisher or the gas surrendering legal accounting clerical or other professional information if you need a professional.
You should find one laura rotor welcome the practice of the practice podcast how you doing today,
thank you jess i am excited to be all things really glad you hear you gonna go everybody does but so i’m so glad you’re here me and your is approx.
Yeah i need just start over and now i have to do that oh my gosh to serve your name this washer told i usually tell people that shows up is joseph there i never anything that made us leave this in any way to get.