PoP 133 | What grad students can do to launch their careers, co-hosted by Thomas J. Olsen

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What do graduate students need to know? How can you prepare for a career while in graduate school? Today’s podcast answers those questions, as Thomas J. Olsen interviews Joe Sanok all about what to do in grad school.

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PoP Culture Meet Thomas J. Olsen

What can grad students do for their career with Thomas J. OlsenAfter spending the earlier part of my career working for a small business wearing a lot of different hats, I decided to make a career change to counseling. I loved working for a small business and always dreamed of having my own one day, but I never felt like I was in the right industry. I always had a passion for people and helping to rebuild relationships and overcome great emotional struggles. After finishing my bachelors degree in communication and business I worked doing sales training and HR. While I enjoyed my job I never felt like it was the right fit. So after a lot praying, research, and some self-discovery, I realized that I needed to go back to school to become a counselor. I am now currently enrolled in a Professional Counseling masters program and I’m so excited for this new career path. I want to eventually open my own practice and combine my passions for small business and counseling together. I want to focus on distant marriages, sexual addictions, trauma, and career coaching. You can read more about me and my thoughts on counseling at fallingwithpurposeblog.wordpress.com.

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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 133 | What Grad Students Can Do To Launch Their Careers, Co-Hosted By Thomas J. Olsen

[0:00] Music.

[0:08] Is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sandbox session number one thirty three.

[0:13] Music.

[0:27] Welcome to the practice of the practice podcast i’m jokes and act live here in the radio center to building in beautiful downtown traverse city michigan.
Practice of the practice world domination headquarters glad you’re joining me today i hope you are doing an awesome.
First one to think simple practice they are the sponsor today’s show simple practice makes,
the most easy user-friendly electronic medical records that are out there for therapists so head over to simplepractice.com/joe howard actually put together some great,
it’s to help you grow in your private practice there just there so awesome over there and so the scheduling the billing clients can access their super bill,
it’s a really incredible way to save you a whole bunch of time and actually in a little bit here and be interviewing howard,
and if it’s next week or the week after his tokyo really big picture things that you’re talking about his product is gonna be really really awesome i’m super excited about it,
so yeah check it out in a couple of weeks in the last couple weeks with some amazing gas if you miss them we had the guy that adam something about.

[1:36] Adam this re bread perhaps three million guess brad he’s the world record for nintendo in completing the super mario brothers in old school and sees the world record fess we talked about speed we talked about.
Deficiency we talked about business it was it was a really unique episode of you missed that,
go back and check it out and then last week and would remus simon who is he for thirty years to that hollywood producing and now she’s a therapist says she’s making this amazing documentary,
telling stories of veterans from five different wars to go back and check those out if you haven’t checked out they just phenomenal,
well today is a really interesting day of tommy j olson on the show and after spending,
the early part of his career working for a small business when lots of different hats you decide to change careers in into counseling and he actually reached out to me let me look at these e-mails it was.
Back in early january two thousand sixteen inches ask some questions answered talking and at the time of giving a ton of questions from people in grad school and i put together a resource practiceofthepractice.com/grad-school that has a training video and infographic that walks grad students through exactly what they can be doing while during grad school,
tell brother creon brother private practice there’s a million things you could be doing before your licensed all that ethical that’s building as ceo of your website that eventually can redirect.
And just a bunch of other things and not working.
Set point in terms that we can keep talking back and forth and realize that you are really smart guy and he’s focusing and distant marriages sexual addiction trauma career coaching.

[3:15] And i thought will would be interesting cuz i’m getting all these questions from grad students to have him do a.
So without any further ado i give you tommy j also and interviewing go santa.
Justin are welcome to the practice of the practice podcast great to have it all things tammy it’s an honor to be here i’m so excited doctor today.
Yeah yeah thanks for have me and interview me also world war gonna do today is go below the different we’re gonna i’m gonna be interviewing you and.

[3:51] No grafton should be doing to kinda get ready for practice so you open your own practice while they’re still in grad school.
Yeah yeah i’m super excited that we’re doing this reverse interview maybe tommy,
like i don’t know a whole lot about you and a certain grad school a little bit ago and said listen to the podcast tell me a little bit about yourself first before we dive into my interview.
Church so i started my blog i’m working on my masters in professional counseling right now and i start back in aug.
Ans my background is not in ky counseling psychology anything like that i will i lose them under grad in communication the business i was working in marketing i worked so i finished my bathroom back in two thousand fourteen and i was.
Where can you marketing for about a year when i just i always wanted to counseling but for some reason i don’t ever feel like i could make.
So i’m living i have this in this false idea of what kind of counselors could you and.
I certainly more about you know we hope your practice is like that i realized that there was.
A lot of really cool things i can apply for my experience working in marketing your business and also the passion always had to.
To work and people wonder overcome emotional struggles and things like that so.

[5:08] Last spring i decided to quit my job and ss i was leaving you talk the time my for my wife and i are back there is on and i’m.
Go to grad school down here in my plan is to eventually want to work with people with sexual addictions.
Trauma and also couples distant couples you know couples of kinda grow apart that’s the kitchen kinda working right now but you know they could balls or something.
All my second mr grad school right now so we’ll see won’t we are talking a second ago about how like i wish that the information that now i have i have grad school and there’s a hole like cohort of grad school listeners out there that.
I just like really planning ahead and when they when they become professionals they’re gonna be a force to be reckoned with can they just.
Put in so much hard work like even while in grad school so that’s super exciting to see this cohort of people there really putting that time right now.
Right now i’m ice i when i started my masters i found your podcast and i was super excited because.
It was right where i know i wanted to do in private practice you hopefully soon as i can once again to school at least know what to expect when i get to school because and school is most people i talk to.
Yeah there’s no working a master don’t really there’s not a whole lot of talk about your going private practice to the business side of a counseling and that’s why i love you podcast is it.
How’s is giving me a lot of lot of things to learn to look for two what to do things think so what questions you have to we can cover for grad students.

[6:47] Sure so the first question i had was kinda once aggressive once we get done with school and where.
You know we gonna internship everything and we’re looking for a place to start our first real job is as a counselor.
Do you recommend working for a large incision see when you finish school or would you recommend just jumping in and trying to work with.
Small practice to get that private practice going and what might be the pros and cons of doing either one of those.
Yeah i didn’t even some pros and cons because i think there are pros and cons to each and when you’re in grad school there’s a lot you can do to help can launch your career even before you graduate.

[7:28] In a lot of ways like you’re graduating since the very beginning of that next phase and a lot of thing grad students think like once i,
that like first license even if it’s like a pretty license are some states column in turn lights and there in michigan to limited license.
It’s like the very beginning of your career and so often times you have supervision and often times you have certain clinical hours before you can practice autonomously.
Send the very first apt either way is to look like what’s your state requirements because,
you know florida vs california vs arizona vs michigan like they’re all gonna have a very different requirements and so right,
one thing i look for people that wanna join my practice is people that have really networked well in so if you can get a job even if it’s a part-time job where you get paid to network that’s like,
best case scenario because of practice takes some time to really get going you know people that are fresh out of grad school,
often times i can be slow moving initially so few of a part-time job that can make up some of that money a little bit,
that you get paid to network that’s the best case scenario so don’t get some part-time job are you just sitting office all day doing clinical work,
get a job reset and the poverty reduction committee good job are you set on like some housing committees we are out there not working so that people know.
You know who tom is and so that,
you’re really like able to me a lot of people and even if you never talk about your private practice when you’re in those meetings once you do lunch or practice or even if it quietly being built.

[9:00] They’re gonna know who you are and you’re gonna be here a member of society that they said all hours i am really work hard on the housing committee are really work hard on that,
your suicide prevention committee it is full when the best things that you can do early on so if you have a job for an agency,
destiny pro is that you’re getting paid to not work if you get the right kind of job also,
you know to have some of your health insurance a basic benefits covered while your building your practice when you have that part-time or full-time job fresh out of grad school while your building your private practice,
you can then take risks that you can take when your solely responsible for bringing in the money for that practice jumps every month that i’ve had my practice i’ve mean and made money off of it,
i’m there’s never been a month that we lost money next cuz i structured it to slowly can grow over time as i grew my clients and so read beginning rather than to rent a place at five or six hundred bucks a month.
I worked with a landlord to say that to pay twenty percent of what i bring in up to this certain amount that’s above market rent and so.
You know as i grew he knew he could get more money and there is a point where i was paying almost double market rent but to that point nothing can you get like my office now.

[10:15] Every single month i was paying a percentage of what i brought in so you can do that by negotiating with a counselor that you may be doesn’t use office on a saturday or,
all these different can other ways to build a private practice on the side.
Setting the benefit of an agency is that you right away can have your financial needs met you can paid to not work you can build a practice on the side not have to take out any debt.
On on the flip side if we slows things down i mean if you have the,
savings or if you have no maybe a spouse that works or there’s other things you may wanna jump right into private practice because you’re every month you’re not putting your hundred percent into that practice is slowing you down in so,
things like blogging i mean imagine if you are blocking three times a week for says one time a week that you’re gonna have three times more content you know over that first year then if you weren’t doing that so.
Really if you put your whole self into it you’re gonna move for faster reply be able to add clinicians faster you’ve been on the community faster and so,
and it really kinda depends on your financial situation it also depends i’m in are you self motivated individual do you need to have to someone the first initially launches you into your career.
There’s a lot of self-doubt sometimes when you leave your internship were you century i’ve all the you don’t know that there’s this huge world of knowledge that you’re really your grad school program just touch the cat tip of the iceberg of so.
All those factors are playing for you to make the best decision for your own career.
I live in alex recording out about the you know the networking why you hate it when you’re working for an agency is something i hadn’t really thought of.

[11:49] Why i can’t see other work to do so with vintage.
Well that’s something that i mean even when you’re in grad school you can have some job that needs just like a bachelors level that your you’re not working i know for my even my undergraduate with my graduate.
The internship is my graduate internship,
my directly hours i didn’t get paid for but i was able to use the job that i had which was running a youth summer program that was for at risk kids those count as the indirect hours so i get paid for part of my internship,
so a lot of times having those jobs that,
you’re more than just be a bartender during grad school which may pay well but not for furthering your career and can really be a good career move while in grad school to.
Right for sure it’s so kind of following up with that when your.

[12:38] Yeah i for talk about networking the especially in grad school so great opportunity.
When asked what time what are good questions to ask people networking sick as i just first wanted to check with experience i have to go i.
I want to this is kind of like seminar thing where this guy that it works in the communities accounts are here and he’s.
You know i think i think i would like to do a lot of work to the type of clients i would like to work with this after the winners use myself i told them what i was doing i wanted to work with.
You know the sex and demographics everything in and he was excited thought that was great but there wasn’t really much more to that.
And i feel like a kind of blue that opportunity with him.
So i wanted to ask you like what’s that weather soon so good waste some good questions asked to kind of get yourself more in the in the door of the soap of people that we do.
You wanna work with or how can we utilize those not working option is better yet so i think start with.
We all blow it sometimes tom you’re not the first person you not the legs of gumbo so you know there been yo.
Really important people that i want to network with and i said some really dumb things and it didn’t work out because of those dumb things in this is how it happens you know i think starting with the,
you don’t want that person to feel used but you’re trying to get something out of them that you’re going to get a job your trying to get there like you know blessing in the community or whatever it is that,
really you’re just trying to get to know them so the as you grow into a professional you know how to refer to them you can i know what they do.

[14:16] So just start with like trying not to be one of those people that just like he uses people i mean i’ve ran into the grad students result right away you get that like spider sense like this person wants something,
i’m in clinicians i mean psychologists social workers counselors like the pickup on that really quick so i would say with that.
I think that me and this person that you talked to like me even to just drop them an email and to say hair love your talk here’s the take away that i took from and here’s what i’m putting in the action as a result of what you said who must most speakers,
are just the real that someone was listening and that someone taking action because of it in so you know i mean if someone send me an email after presentation this said pull,
thing about websites this i tory changed my front page based on what you said like i did it right away i’m ss yeah i’d love to buy you a cup of coffee is awake just like thank you for your knowledge,
it goes from i was listening i took action too than almost like let’s go on a date so,
yeah and like maybe you invite him to get lunch and buying lunch or by a cup of coffee and as grass union often times don’t have money to do that i don’t have as much money basically that’s probably one of the best uses of your money is to,
goodbye people lunch have them know who you are follow up with them.
And then when you’re in that launcher that cup of coffee or you may be there so busy that you bring you know a cup of coffee or,
i’m gucci over to their office and you meet them for half an hour in their office like whatever works for them cuz they’re probably pretty busy.

[15:54] Just get to know them say you know i love how you work with angry kids went to your website am amazed at your really,
nothing just had the outer ego but show that you’ve done some work like don’t waste that person’s time someone just shows up and like,
things were on my website is what they’re asking it’s kinda annoying because you like in there’s a reason i promise time and my website so people don’t have all these questions and so.
So i would say make sure the reference things that there are people working to and then really just ask them about themselves people love talking about themselves they love talking about their growth their struggles what help them.

[16:31] And then id are gonna be people that on the flip side that they don’t wanna collaborate euro.
You are a person that you know they don’t see that they’re gonna get anything from like washer waste my time with you and i could be seeing paying clients and,
one just recognize that there’s those people out there that don’t have that can spread the love mentality and don’t take it personal just move on from there and realize that there’s other people out there that would want to collaborate.
Okay and would you ever.
Whenever be appropriate to ask someone directly if they have internet god is like someone you think that my work was how would you.
How do you how would you feel is someone was to come up to you and grass and sage in god have any intern opportunities.
I mean i those e-mails in a couple of times a semester that come out of the blue and i’m fine with those i think all usually sit down with the person if i if i have an internship opportunity.
Blunt if i had known somebody or if like you knew okay in two thousand seventeen or two thousand eighteen i really wanna work at this practice i feel like that person i wanna work under.
Figure out where the speaking now figure out like they have an email list together blog posts or do they write for your local paper.
Until you start following them little bit so that you can you know kind of reference some of that and you don’t just come out of the blue and it’s internship time been status.
Oh yeah remember we met back when you are speaking over the public library and there’s only six people and maybe a point that out so that you building that relationship over time of death can increase your chances.

[18:06] If you’re at a time to get your internship like i think that’s a very normal request for people to get on the blue.
Okay yeah i think you know i i’d like to mention i have that one kinda bad experience.
But i did have a really good experience recently where we had a guest speaker coming to my cases and.
He he works and something ii feel like you would be so i would wanna learn from where at least.

[18:32] That’s the summer capital to go down and i afterwards you know them after.
Just i just thank him for his presentation and ask a couple of questions and it since then he sent me emails about things that he feels i might be interested in or,
or she told me about a conference in on the phoenix area coming up and so that was that’s been really helpful need out we have a sty like going back and forth where.
We have been you in person since then by he’s actually said the guys lady email me about a few things that you think might be interested so that’s awesome are officially app.
And i mean like those of the things that.
I have for me whenever i go to a conference and then some grad students like all of your podcast we can talk you for minute like i love that because it’s someone that is a passionate listener,
they’re excited about they just wanna glean as much information and so.
If people go out of their way to have a conversation with me like i wanna go out of my way and reciprocate that like,
you know if someone’s on their high horse they wanna conversation with a grad student like move on from me like so what.
Move it people that that really are willing to have those kind of conversations.

[19:44] Right exactly and when i didn’t save when sending a thank you note it is so under utilized that just writing a quick note to someone after you know you’ve had lunch with them thinking them for their time and you know little pizza with,
that really goes a long way yeah i agree that something and that’s something i’ve been trying you guys that’s what really help me get that.
Do i connection with this the guy i guess spoken my class was really of moses the thinking out so yeah.
How soon can i go and sticking with the internet area what would you looks what kind of qualities would you look for in someone.
An intern well in a mental illness concerns a little bit different,
because we’re private pay so we don’t we outta insurance and the flow we def ago for quality over quantity for adding are ninths clinician kinda coming weeks here,
wrapping up for on boarding so you know the amount of the clinical time that someone can get here.
For me i wanna be very upfront and say clinically.
Probably i would see you doing your clinical work at a different practice and then if you wanted to learn very specific ceramic blogging marketing that side of a practice maybe get those hours here.
Oh so because we don’t have this huge flood of people coming in that wants free counseling we have people that are high and folks we’ve kind of,
focused on for a cracked it’s tough to have an internet so i need to have a certain number of hours so i would start with saying hey look how you think we should solve this.

[21:23] But after that i would look for somebody that really understands that they should be bringing value that if,
if they’re working here and there taking up my time that’s all i pompous them that’s how i am not like doing clinical work it’s time but i’m not doing consulting work some and not working on my businesses have them investing into you,
but you should be able to,
in some way provide something to the practice so you gonna blog once a week are you gonna grow in your blogging skills are gonna grow in your marketing skills are you gonna go,
meet with somebody every week to try to promote the practice of what is it that you’re gonna do that’s gonna go beyond just clinical work,
and to show me that it’s really worth my time to invest into you that’s what i would look for in somebody that wants to do an internship with me.
Yeah okay thanks i think that’s good to know that.

[22:14] It sounds like for you got specific things you notice specific goals you offer your practice i feel like.
As in tray be bible for you know were looking for internships blessings to find out the goals of practice are yeah or the mission of the practice and really see if there is something that,
but where passion week old you know we have skills that contribute to that one even just by listening to the practice the practice podcast most.
Grab since are gonna head of owners of private practices which is kind of shocking that you know eighty to ninety percent of practices,
aren’t regularly blocking they’re not putting time into marketing or social media and so if you show up and say tell me about your blogging schedule like in half of the owners and the what’s a blog so as long as you do that no way that’s not.
Super divisive where it and we’ll our generation is smarter than your generation i mean if you come in and say well here’s some ways we can help your website ranked higher in offer really good clinical information i’d be happy to,
can go through the process of setting up your wordpress blog and,
learning show you how to do it and after the next and turn and it’ll probably help you guys rank higher in google and get mark.
That would be really helpful to someone that doesn’t understand blogs websites social media marketing is long as it’s done in a way that’s not i know everything in you business owner don’t know anything.
Right like i pushed you cuz you are coming in and tell them they’re there are you just you’re helping them identify a solution to a problem and.

[23:47] And something that they don’t have to worry about as much honestly that you can you come and say hey i’ll help you do this for your work to help you grow your,
practice will integrate question so you probably gonna go to an interview and almost always at the end of the interview is would you have any questions for us.
A great question to ask is what do you think my first thirty days with look like.
Because they’re probably gonna reverse the question to you and say well is there anything in the thirty days that doesn’t line up and you could say well i noticed there was anything about round plugging helping you grow your practice,
would that be something you’d be interested in me taking as a portion of my project as an intern and then they may say what’s a blog and then you can say oh it’s just a way of,
it’s like articles on-line and you can i have to know how are you gonna explain something that’s on me not even know what a blog is on but then it’s a great way for you to demonstrate some expertise before you even get that internship.

[24:41] Yeah not like a lot for so you can move in switches but i wanted to ask you about.

[24:50] Yo grad school so i mentioned before i am i kinda know a few things i would like to work with you i mentioned working sexual addictions on couples trauma that is it.
Really why would you say is important to have those bitches down were you wanna work by the time you finish grad school.

[25:11] I don’t think so i think if anything i would encourage you grab seems to go the opposite direction of where they just really.
Do their best to open themselves to a lot of different population so we go to speeches by professors about,
things you think you don’t want to work like maybe you think you don’t want to work with people eating disorders maybe you think that you don’t want to work with kids,
how many but my wife she’s occupational therapist.
And she thought that she wants to do you wheelchair fittings over mary free bed which is a hospital in michigan that’s like believing wheelchair fetters and there just amazing.
And she did her internship there she really liked it but then she didn’t internship working with kids and she always said like i do not want to work with kids like no way no how,
she was like totally against it she likes kids but she just didn’t wanna do in ot capacity yeah but she was required to have one internship they had three different internships.
And one of them had with kids.
And she get and low and behold she’s opening an occupational therapy business for families and kids lol so she loved it so much and so i think that when you have a very narrow focus of what you think you wanna do,
that’s good cuz you can mail on your papers are due some blog posts around that.
But within that process i really think being open to a variety of different things is gonna really help you land different jobs because,
you private practice yes it’s really smart to have a specialty but a lot of times what non profits are looking for um what other jobs are looking for is more of a general list and see you and be able to speak to whatever the individual.

[26:47] Agency might be looking for one of your first jobs but with that said you can still have an interest the rail your papers about like,
all my papers in grad school about experiential education and my backpack and therapy and group backpacking therapy and all these different ways of,
experiential approaches to therapy because like to me it was super interesting something i thought i wanted to do at the time.
Yeah that’s i appreciate that because i kind of i was always under the impression that.
Get your bitch mailed out of i’ve heard anything school to figure out what type of clients you work with like is a lot of things right kind of been like.

[27:26] Checked off my list you know i don’t want to do that but i think it’s that i’m kind of seeing have a change of heart now one maybe.
There are many reasons looking to experiment or like you said you go to like a seminar.
Or take a class on something that might not be what you want to work with just a can i get a feel for them and understand it better doesn’t have to be a whole semester but i mean ride college and grad school is a very unique time when.
You can’t sit in on people sessions you can sit in and do you lectures you can ask questions and you know it’s like i’m just aggressors maybe this is a dumb question,
you know the rest your career you usually seen as like the professional exposed away and no everything so it’s a great time to just explore and like,
like i’m a blank slate and i wanna check out a,
yeah maybe do say i hate working with this population and never i work with this population okay well least you and her lecture about it,
you’re bored out of your mind and you know you never wanna do that okay it’s just not based on what you assume is what you want.
Right right awesome thank you so kind of to the back with that question so i just got done fishing glass about.
Counseling theories modality summary about card to behavior therapy solution focused therapy airlines.

[28:45] No i can’t i can’t wait for that class will we that cost was an overview of almost every counseling theory not as accounts or.
Is that something that has a when your working private practice do you advertise origin promote that you were you do a certain type of.
Theory that you and your work are behavior therapy is that something that.

[29:10] Your pigeonhole yourself into one theory or as important to always cover have a ride spectrum of working the bottom of the text is i think it’s important.
For you to find your own like what is it you feel most comfortable with so for some people it’s gonna be,
what i need to talk to the behavior therapy and i need to get the t and get a ton of training in that for other people they feel that they want to do more holistic approaches were they trying a few different modalities.
I think the average client,
doesn’t know the difference between nor do they care often the difference between different theories,
if you can put in to have a layman’s terms and say okay this is what psychoanalysis like this what kind of behavioral is like this was solution focused is like.
And say here’s kinda one sentence version so yeah solution focused we tend to take,
you for sessions really work in-depth where we try to take some quick action and ask very specific questions or.
I do kind of behavior therapy where i hope you understand the link between your thoughts and the kind of behavior and consequences happen in your world.
Like that’s where it becomes more important to say this is what this means to us the client.
And usually that can happen more on the phone than it is going to be.
But when someone says you know calling to figure out if you’re the best fit or if you’re gonna virtual assistance talking that person if they are like what is with thirty like.
That you are virtual assistant can say well joe takes cognitive behavior approach which means.

[30:43] No you try to link the thoughts between what can actually happen in your world positive or negative than the black hole that makes sense vs,
the city only just be like the they won’t even do a follow-up question can somebody by the acronym.

[30:59] Right now is that when.
Just let me tackle today and need a small and its like we memorize all the stuff in grad school and then it’s like,
we all have books you can re friend since sky white wage while we spend all the time residents.

[31:15] Awesome thanks so i wanna directions that again so.
I watched your video you put out about whatever grad students should know which is awesome things and so.
I want to go to that little that and you mentioned in the box of the first thing you talk about is.
Utilizing yeah we write our papers grass and said you lied and then start transitioning some newspapers in the black hose.
And someone asked about starting with the block so.

[31:47] My right now i just started my blog cuz i want to be like you start buying one they are saying i did a little bit you know why i was like yo i need to make this more something specific and focus so.
What what is as a grassroots would you recommend cuz i’m just using a free template from wordpress.
Just because of you know the grass in i get budget and i want to stick to that so is that.
As the grass soon is that okay or should reach trying to get you know just what you thought of as aggressive we need to,
use go either free templates of wordpress or blogspot or what’s your thoughts yeah i need everyone to go with wordpress because it’s easier to transition into just like a regular website,
suddenly say if you’re looking for your free version do in word press and get it going in can the act of doing something is better than dreaming of doing something perfect.
And then later on you can your website person can transition into your full website or you can do it yourself it’s not that hard.
So mr with that and the fact that your blogging is just such a step ahead of so many people so like what was the focus of your blog and what are some like term papers you’ve written that you’re gonna transition into a blog.
My my focus is the title of the blog is called falling with purpose and basically it’s just about.
The idea that we are we are we all make mistakes we all have failures in our lives and it’s learning to.

[33:16] Where you want to have a come away from the stairs learning trying to learn from our fears and making.

[33:24] Yo come try to make a difference from the stairs so my idle in one post so far and it was about.
Just here in general on the setting is a mens rea of their life and that’s okay that doesn’t mean that we are stealers.
But i do have experience we all have in two years.

[33:41] In our life but we are we are actually of the other side i was kind of hoping explanation that that’s good so then like what’s a paper that you have do that you could turn into some blog posts.

[33:53] So i have i have a paper coming up about some in i’m taking a group counseling class right now.
Fans so it the way i’m glad i’m thinking of wine to turn on my parter papers and black puss is that is we have to choose like a demographic of.

[34:13] What type of good counsel we want to do and so i think our come up with how to.
Do you always find ways to deal with trauma and.

[34:26] And so that’s kinda what i’m thinking right now it’s still kinda rough idea of sure so we can you ready that you know about what kinda group you’d like to create or five ways to work with chao in a group setting.
To think about okay falling with purpose and how could that be part of those five things so,
each of those five things might be it’s on blog post and so say this papers to be ten pages long or whatever,
we will be to the five things is maybe a page and a half can pull that out of the paper so you may be number one is how to deal with child sexual abuse.
Well what how do you say that’s falling with purpose most people would say like oh yeah the fall but.

[35:10] To see their purpose and sexual abuse and how do you do that seven mean your challenge than as a writer is to,
you’ll find the link between say child sexual abuse and creating purpose in your life and so you may have some story in your life that has to do with,
cotton candy a stapler and no hot air balloon in ca tell that story about hot air balloons cotton candy and stay players,
in the context of child sexual abuse and you gonna have some that data from your paper be it’s gonna be entertaining you’re gonna have a lot more of yourself than that,
and then you gonna pull outs and take away so here’s what this might look like in a group setting but here’s what you could do in your own life to take these concepts and with your friends or family or people that you trust.
And then you’re gonna come back to me that story,
and your tablet that cotton candy hot air balloon and stapler incident and told just making up those things it so that it’s an interesting blog post the and just like this post my term paper.
I lost my phone if i do have a snows ya feeling how did you know that we also i appreciate that cuz that’s i think that’s out of the way they connect oven all.

[36:26] And what i wanted asked you and i work our run long time but i want to ask is.
Show me photos of china building in west as well we’re doing this yeah you know i really thought through that.
I’m usually when you lots of love you wanna be capturing that you molest but i think that can the main focus in grad school is just building your as ceo i’m really learning the process of blocking in the habit of blocking.

[36:54] And so often counselors have email us but it’s like they don’t know why they have the email list or like an email us designs for seven mls but like.
Most people are counting websites on it constant claimants i would say i don’t think it’s worth the expense that you’re gonna do it right you wanna do something like a weber where it has some automation too so you not taking up a ton of time.
What’s the pricing grad school i would be okay with you not caption is many emails with that said depending on like or your phone with purpose if you want to some.
You consulting around that or do like you know life coaching around that you can do you outside of your states allow your stay or watch a podcast.
You definitely of that’s gonna be one of your longer term goals with say you wanna be getting an email list together for sure okay.
There’s a door handle your eventual call to action may be in if there’s even a hint that someday you might wanna be doing some,
consulting be i just can’t in person counseling that is the york after smells okay it’s awesome thanks so much.
From sara and let this finish up that’s our ask you now.
If every counselor was listening right now what would you want them to know from this you know i think it.

[38:10] I would want them to know not even maybe even just that every counseling grad student willison rightness of asking about our team wahab it counseling grad students.
Can do so much before they graduate that will help them launch their career they could be getting jobs that reflect what they want to do in the future that can be blocking they can be making those connections that.
There’s so much that you can do to not just have a really strong runway before you take off but to really actually take off,
before you graduate so yeah i wouldn’t wait i would just start doing all the things that tommy and i have been talking about today.

[38:49] Awesome thank you so much john that could be it for interview today thank you so much for allowing me come in asks questions i know i.
I learned a lot been through the why hope.
All the rest is out there but i’ll take ways much as i have some thank you so much yeah no problem and tomi olson hall,
look at those interview skills folks like us to launch a podcast sunday and my put himself out there even more cuz,
that was a guide my do to expect from this reverse interview and tommy nailed it so all you guys watch tomi olson he’s gonna be making some,
some waves here in the future self off think so much time for interviewing me that was awesome to our i have yesterday,
did you.

[39:31] Music.

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